Core Java with OCJP/SCJP : Language Fundamentals Part-1 || Java Identifiers and Reserved Words

Core Java with OCJP/SCJP : Language Fundamentals Part-1 || Java Identifiers and Reserved Words

so now the first topic in scjp, so keep submitting language fundamentals.
Language Fundamentals

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  1. Hii sir I am harshil lodhia from vadodara I really liked your all videos and I am requesting you to post videos regarding the topics of advance java like servlet, java server pages, Java server face, hibernate, spring etc. Please please sir post the videos for this topics as soon as possible

  2. Please sir provide missing videos of jdbc by durga sir like session6, 8,10,13,17,19 etc please sir upload these videos as soon as possible.. Eagerly waiting

  3. You are the greatest one sir. I love the way u explain . Love u a lot Durga Sir🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Nice Videos for beginners , clearly explained,initially i felt videos are lengthy but after watching these videos felt really awesome

  5. hello sir, your videos are too good and your way of teaching are too awsome.after 2 year gap of my gradution and searching for job its very helpful to revise all things.

  6. Hello sir! 've checked Oracle's website but there's no exam like OCJP! They start with OCJA. Could you please send me the proper link for the registration??

  7. god father of java thank you sir only for you i think i am not a non IT background students from now i am a IT back ground student

  8. sir , would u please suggest any link to know about this ocjp/scjp exam and information regarding it.
    m not getting relevent information by surfing through google.

  9. Is these videos can usefull to learn for now or had any changes according to update of programing for present learning

  10. can someone tell me should i learn from these lectures or its outdated ? well i dont understand different version of java i dont know what is difference between them ? i'm new in java , can someone guide me ?

  11. By watching your videos, anyone can become software developer. Thank-you very much Sir🙏🙏

  12. Thanks sir for such knowledge
    But I have 1 doubt
    System is java but we can't use it as variable like String or Integer
    Is there any exception for this?

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  14. Anyone know where I can buy / download notes in these video series either in computer pdf format or book hard copy ?

  15. Which college did you go? Did your professor teach like this, if not go back and teach them, so they learn from you

  16. I was born and raised in Africa but currently living in USA, I love to learn more about java and I haven't had any problems with Mr.Durga's.
    Thank you Sir.

  17. Sir your all tutorials are very useful and best of all…and i request u too please made a tutorial for machine learning

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  19. I want to be a java developer. But right now im getting job as AEM developer. Is java used in AEM development ?
    And what is carrier scope for AEM developer.

  20. Thank you very much Durga sir. I have got 2 placements from college just by studying your java lectures and making proper notes.
    You are a great teacher. I will always be thankful to you🤗

  21. Durga sir's tutorial videos are Like Medicine for java students.durga sir is like dronacharya for many eklavy's

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  25. I am again revising the full course again. No other teacher can beat you in java.The way you explain everything in depth is extraordinary.

  26. sir, if i want to ask any doubts or questions to you then how can i ask sir…is there any way for it…

  27. Nice teaching sir, I have also referred your other videos like sql videos by basha sir. Durga soft classes has setup an high reference level for others. Thank you for making these videos available for us.

  28. hi sir….nice teaching…… i have a doubt in resereved words.. u have mentioned that two keywords( goto and const) as unused keywords…and if we compate c and java keywords signed and unsigned also are unused keywords .. why did not u conveyed they are also unused keywords

  29. No one can beat you sir and your great sir for providing free of cost this type of wonderfull content. in bangalore so many people watch your videos…………………

  30. Hi sir,
    I learned core java from your videos.i had a long career break after working in I am planning to work in java.i cleared 3 rounds in an I have been told to learn spring frame work, spring cloud,angular j's and edgex framework.and come for final round after 1.5 months. I just know core java,javascript,html,css,,c#.can you please guide me what all shud I learn

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  33. sir, I start watching your videos about the java sir I want notes ….because I want quick revision when I start 2nd video….

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