Corvette C7 Grand Sport: è l’Americana da Avere!

Corvette C7 Grand Sport: è l’Americana da Avere!

Ciao everyone, here it’s Marchettino and as you can see in the background, I’m in the middle of nowhere! I’m in the Nevada desert with lots of american horses to play with on track! This is the most american introduction I’ever filmed for the channel, today I’m at Spring Mountain racetrack, i’m in the USA just 1 hour far from Las Vegas to have fun with Michelin! I think we’re gonna have good fun in this track built in the middle of nowhere, look at that view! We’ve driven for an hour without finding anything and all of a sudden we’ve stumbled upon this paradise for petrolheads in the middle of the desert. During the day we’ll use the C7, we’ll tase the tires Michelin brought, as well as the Track Connect tech. Let’s start the first exercise! It’s an exercise about precision and timing because they will track our lap times as we have to drive as fast as we can without hitting the cones, resulting a penalty. Go go go! All in 2nd gear. Understeer! I feel the electronics kick in! Let’s go through the high speed corner! You definitely feel the understeer in these tight corners. Flatout and then hard braking! Let’s find out the lap time! Here’s the lap times, so far I’m 2nd with a time of 40.53s. Fernando, who is a mexican follower, he did 40.2s, so close! I think I was decent, there will be a second group though so it will be interesting to see the final chart, I did good so far! Situation is getting serious as the Michelin technicians are setting the tires pressure as we’re ready to hit the track we’re jumping onboard the C7 fitted with Michelin CUP2 tires with Track Connect, I’m gonna focus about it later as it’s an insane tech they all come with Performance Package so they have semiclicks, carbon ceramic brakes, better aero in red it looks truly diabolic! Right, on track with the C7 in manual! I already did a few warmup laps with the instructor who gave me some tips, now I want to push! He said I’m not using the brakes enough, well if you ask for hard braking I’m happy to do it for you! Here’s a nice straight, let’s push the 3rd gear! 4th! Track is good fun and technical! As you see, track limits are wide but it’s topsoil so there’s no way to stop the car from hitting the barriers! Flatout! Hopefully the cones help me to have the ideal lines, we’re in the desert and it’s not easy to find the ideal lines. What a machine! We’ve stopped and I fell in love with this car, with this gearbox and engine. it’s so fast and so much traction! As you see we’re back in the pit and only 1 out of 4 tires need to reduce the pressure a bit. Now we’ve stopped and the ‘Vettes ain’t moving, behind there’s some maintenance to continue to play, And now let’s focus on the Track Connect because it’s an insane app! What is Track Connect about? With T.C you insert sensors inside the tire, right now available for CUP2 and CUP2R so the top tires of Michelin The sensors last 5 years, so if need to replace the tires you can swtich the sensors to another set of CUP2 or CUP2R, with the sensors we can connect and with the app we communicate with the tire, the app communicates with the driver as it shows the temperature of the tires, the track, the driving style and this allows to have the right pressure to drive under different conditions, tracks with your driving style, for example app is set with Spring Mountain track According to the person who drive with this app, we can see the recommended tire pressure, we see infos such as, the starting pressure in this session and after a few laps, the pressure at the end of the session. This tech is useful, especially those who love to go often on trackdays, as you know it’s important to drive not just on track but also on the road with the right pressure because a low or high pressure may change negatively the behaviour of the vehicle. We can even add the car to have better infos, here the C7 was added we see the tire pressure, infos of the car and also the factory-recommended pressure, with this app you can truly interact in the best way with the car and its tires. In this american experience I’m not alone because he lives in Milan, I never managed to see him and I find him at the other side of the world! Hey guys! – Ciao Alberto! We always meet up on track! – Yeah, but we have a score to settle because in Livigno you beat me in the snow, How did you go in the first challenge? – I’m not telling you! – What’s your lap time? We’re 1-0 for you, it’s time to draw! 41.7s! We’re about to see the lap times of everyone, I’m curious to see my final position. – 1.2s in a 40s track! Experience with the Corvette is pretty amazing! – It’s amazing, on track we had the CUP2, they’re insane, the temperature raise but they resist! The more they heat up, the more they have grip, crazy! – I need to fit’ em on my Citroen C3! Let’s go to see the final ranking! Here’s the end of the day, now they will announce the winners! Alberto is 5th! 3rd place, now let’s find the 2nd and 1st! Alberto: * He had special tires! * 2nd place, so happy! After an hour drive, we’re back in Vegas, now I’m in my hotel room, calling it room is quite an understatement now I wanna show it to you because it’s impressive, it’s bigger than my house! Also this is part of the experience because it doesn’t happen every day to have an hotel room as big as a flat! I’m alone so all this space is even too much for me! This toilet is so big it’s embarassing, now I show you also my balcony view. Las Vegas is simply incredible, during the day light it looks like a city with big hotels but once the sun fade, once the lights turn on and the parties get started this place totally changes, it’s a place unique on its own! Back to talk about my day at Spring Mountain, first I drove the C7 and then the C7 Grand Sport which basically is a Z06 without the supercharger but with important upgrades like CUP2 semislicks, carbon ceramics, improved aero, so let’s say the Grand Sport is the right version to have fun and unleash the full potential, also thanks to the CUP2. First exercise with Pilot Sport 4S, around that tiny track the C7 suffered a bit because with a long nose and a big engine in the front, you definitely feel the understeer I wasn’t bad though, 2nd place we ain’t coming back home with the hands empty, I’m happy for this! Second session with the real track with the Grand Sport on CUP2, those tires are insane! I think that nowadays, cars are becoming way too powerful, they’ve become hard to use in this case we have 460hp, the C7 base is already remarkable and if you want more, Performance package (standard on the GrandSport) is just perfect so, carbon ceramics, semislicks, improved aero, it’s the right mix to have fun without having too much power and the risk not to use it completely. I’m ready to party around Las Vegas’ casinos.. just kiddin’, I’m a lazybone! Thanks Michelin for this crazy experience! Make sure to Like the video if you enjoy, subscribe to my YouTube if you haven’t yet and as always thanks for watching, ciao!

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