Couple Wins Big at Casino and Fights for Winnings

Couple Wins Big at Casino and Fights for Winnings

A New Jersey man is in hot water
after winning half a million dollars
in Atlantic City, with his girlfriend at his side.
Well, after the winning streak,
she claims he stashed the cash, kicked her to the curb.
Now she wants her portion of the dough,
which she says was all won on her casino comp card.
(audience groans)
Sounds like they’re regular casino goers.
Sarah, this one’s a little–
This is really interesting.
I mean, another disgusting guy,
but here’s what’s interesting.
(all laughing)
We will make note of that.
Another disgusting guy.
What’s interesting about this case,
is that it’s a breach of contract issue, right?
You have the written, signed contract
which is the best form of contract
and then you have the oral contract,
the verbal contract, which is harder to prove.
It’s still enforceable if you can prove it existed.
But here, she’s gonna have some difficulty
and she has to prove that they had an agreement,
that they would pool their money
when they were gambling,
That they would split the win like she said 50/50.
And that the tax liability was
also evenly distributed between them.
Right now, she’s used her tax ID number,
which is your IRS DNA, right?
Nobody, you don’t use your tax ID number
for someone else to make money
and you pay their taxes, right?
So clearly when she went in and used her tax ID,
it was based on reliance
on this contract–
That they had and possibly a pattern in the past
where they had won and split and you know,
they had this, habitual, like you said,
they go to casinos regularly,
she has a comp card–
So they probably had a habit of how they dealt with it.
Now it’s half a million dollars and he wants to,
that’s his ticket out of the relationship.
Yeah the guy told the neighbors
that he was gonna upgrade.
Right, right.
(audience gasping)
She trusted him, she had probably done this before,
she hadn’t been burned because the wins were not that big,
and now he’s walking away with a half million dollars.
And it was her comp card.
Now you know, when you look at that
I think that’s a huge factor in determining
who this money belongs to.
She was living with him,
she was working in the family restaurant with him.
Even though they weren’t married,
they’re very much, you know, equally involved.
The unfortunate thing is that, you know,
when you’re dealing with contracts
that are not written and signed,
it’s harder to prove it in court.
And it is–
Kind of like
A he said, she said thing.
And you have to use other things.
You have to use the social media posts,
maybe text messages, maybe emails,
maybe people overheard them talk about this agreement
that they had, the pattern they had from before.
Those are the things that you have to bring in
to piece together the contract.
And you know, it’s a little bit more challenging
but as awkward as it is to ask a boyfriend or a friend
that you’re co-gambling with to, hey,
sign this piece of paper–
That’s really you’re only protection.
This woman is liable for taxes
on half a million dollars.
Well, obviously
she hired herself an attorney,
his name is James DeCristofaro,
and he calls this breach of contract unreal.
It is unreal, but it’s also very difficult to prove
and so I’m with her.
I think that, I hope she prevails,
I hope she has other evidence of the existence of a contract
because the breach is very evident, obviously,
he took the money and ran.
And I hope she finds a good guy.
It sounds like–
He’s not a good guy.
Yes, the court wants to make note–
(bangs gavel)
Guys, what are you doing out there?
Do better.
Yes, we rule
in favor of the woman.
Do better, do better.
Thank you to Sarah for your legal expertise.

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  1. ?????? My partner and I went to the casino last night for the first time, just for the shits and giggles. I couldn't imagine doing this. What a shit relationship.

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