Couples Play Fear Pong (Caprice & Marquise and Madison & Josiah) | Fear Pong | Cut

Couples Play Fear Pong (Caprice & Marquise and Madison & Josiah) | Fear Pong | Cut

– [Both] Talk dirty to
each other for one minute.
It must be really dirty.
– We can do that.
That’s easy.
– You’re gonna get it.
so bad, I’m gonna break your dick!
(vocal music)
– My name is Caprese.
– My name is Marques.
– Hi, I’m Josiah and this is Madison.
– Never.
– Me either.
– Definitely played this a lot.
– Yeah.
– Got it.
– Here we go.
– Okay go, do this.
– Alrighty, then.
– Aw, come on.
– Sweet baby Jesus.
– Make out with you’re partner hardcore
for one minute, but one of you
isn’t allowed to moved
your lips or tongue.
– Let’s do it.
– [Producer] Go!
– Ow, teeth.
– Oh, yeah, oh yeah.
– Let’s go.
– Dump ice into your underpants,
both of you have to do it.
– Oh, I’mma get you.
Open it more, open it more!
– We’re on the same team.
– I know.
– Bazinga.
– Oh, it worked.
It actually works, that’s a good strategy.
– Come on, Joe.
– Nope.
– There it is.
– You gotta drink it.
– That’s a drinker.
– Chug, chug, chug, chug!
Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug!
– Yes!
– No!
– Send everyone in your contacts
list an accidental sext.
– I need my job.
– Drink it up.
– Alright fine.
– [Josiah] Oh, almost.
– There supposed to go in.
– But, you supposed to be
a basketball player, huh?
– I’ll go from this side.
– That’s what she said.
(cheering and groans)
We could just drink it
that’s always an option, don’t forget.
– Let the other team
draw whatever they want
on your face in permanent marker.
– Yes!
– I’m doing it.
– [Caprese] Yes!
– Go ham bro.
– I’m messing you up, I’m messing you up.
– Alright.
– It’s a dick isn’t it?
– Dunna dun, dunna dun dun.
– I’m definitely afraid
if they get a dare on us.
– I know.
– Oh, it’s on now.
– Oh, wow.
– Let’s go.
– There’s no dare under this cup.
– Drink it!
– You gotta do it again, I’m sorry baby.
– What?
– We talked about this.
– We didn’t talk about anything.
– Why can’t you drink it.
– Go, go, go, go, faster, faster, faster.
Not in my house!
– Marques, but you played basketball.
– I’m trying!
That was when I was in elementary.
– Boo-yah!
– Oh!
– Baby, they finna win!
Take off an article of clothing
for every sexual partner you’ve had.
– I’m a virgin.
Know people are gonna see you. Coworkers.
We gotta win.
– Hold the phones.
– Yes!
– Alright, here we go.
Massage your partners face
with your feet for one minute.
Choose who’s face gets massaged.
– No, but they smell when
you don’t wear socks.
– Do you want to just, do
you want to smell them?
– You didn’t wear socks.
– Oh, get those eyeballs
– No, not the eyes!
You’re gonna give me like,
pink eye or something.
– What the hell was that?
– Not today.
Maybe tomorrow.
– I’mma start twerking.
– Aw, dammit.
– Make it in her–
– Aw, cockadoodledoo.
– Read it out loud.
– One of you sings a 90s R n’ B hit,
while the other gives the
opposite team a lap dance.
– That’s not up to you.
I’m not doing a lap dance.
You’re talking about me
doing it, I’m not, nope.
– [Madison] Oh, so you would
let me, give them a lap dance?
– Her.
– I know but it was the team.
– I don’t even have any pants on.
– [Josiah] Exactly!
– I know you like it, too.
– Get that fucking thing out of here.
– Good luck kiss?
– Not gonna work.
(cheering and applause)
– High five!
– Alright, let the other team
throw a pie in your face.
We’re doing it.
– Don’t do it too hard.
I mean get, do your thing,
but don’t like break my nose.
– I told you don’t smash, just smush.
– It’s in my nose.
It’s in your hair.
– This is just my makeup everyday.
– Yeah.
No not my dick!
– We don’t have anymore dares!
We just…
– We just did our last one.
– Oh!
– Fucking dick!
– We have to knock this out.
– Alright.
– Suck it, suck it, suck
it, suck it, suck it.
– The vagina.
– There it is.
– What’d I tell you?
– I shoulda twerked.
– Shave your partners head.
Baby you drink that one.
– I’ll definitely drink it.
– Because I will shave your head.
– Oh!
– Shit, and it’s the dare cup.
– Get legally married, slash, divorced.
– It wouldn’t be the way
that we want it though.
– No, no!
– Damn!
Would you guys have did it?
Are you guys married?
– No we definitely wouldn’t have done it.
– We only have one cup!
What’s the chance of them hitting one cup?
– Watch, you say that.
Wet ball.
– Ay!
– They frickin won.
– Drink the cup babe!
– I’m not drinkin’!
– We won!
– Winner winner chicken dinner!

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  1. I love Josiah’s style! (It reminds me of Harry and last because I wear that kind of clothing) I know you don’t care but know you know

  2. I dont wanna bring up race here but who said black people are good at basketball cause these whities are straight pounding them.

  3. 5:12 he puts the cup to here side to let her drink it and 2 sec later he is drinking the cup I'm crying she the dominant one😂😂😂😭

  4. "We're on the same team"
    "I need my job "
    "We didn't talk about anything"
    "Marquise, but you play basketball" – "That was when I was in the elementary"
    "Don't smash, smush
    "No, not my dick"

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