Crazy Power Wheels Builds and Drift Trike Go Full Send!

Crazy Power Wheels Builds and Drift Trike Go Full Send!

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] moto mules track seriously puts our backyard track to shame this thing is beautiful it’s so steep it’s awesome perfect for Cinderella let’s get those laps going [Music] [Music] [Music] this is the coolest property hi guys so we’re about to go take it out on the pavement and see what happens here what do you think your track that’s good [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] dangerous [Music] I look back just like in the bank yeah I don’t know hey I’m gonna go grab my oh I have my phone I want to do a speedo around oh man it’s slightly ridiculous [Applause] so it looks like we’re actually gonna use the spare I always thought it was more of a wheelie bar than anything yeah look at your tire and your brake just smoking oh that’s cool [Music] [Music] okay cracker dude check this out my tires went off here I did a full 360 down step right on myself dude I look back I hope it’s like Erica’s you’re just you’re just like full sand in the bank Oh nuts it’s wasted more stable than the last time I drove it yeah I don’t know what different but the first time it always got the big fat tires now maybe that’s it the first time I was sketching I had to come into the corner and third almost maxed out and just to try to judge and so you kind of you like might get it and you might not huh and I was brake kicking just to try to just barely [Music] I just mario party down the bank bank oh whoa we’re gonna roll it didn’t at all Wow apparently we should have the GoPro on you [Music] [Music] 84 miles an hour was max maximum span did you say 85 find an 85 on that we’re not along the road today well and I’d have to put my street tires back on Wow after you’ve been by partying on it as hard as you have do you think front brakes would be a thing different tires are never on the ground I would like front brakes though because when you want to like they know you don’t really need them for corn but to actually slow down quickly yeah so yeah I played Pacific at hold on the next one I’ll definitely in case you’re going what do you think bud you don’t know [Music] [Music] [Music] so what just happened guys the most fun that a human can have hey guys thank you so much for watching this video we’re gearing up to make our next Power Wheels build so stay tuned and subscribe for that also thanks for steve heseok for coming out he’s got a whole video on how he built that drift trike on our channel will be in the description and also he’s starting his own channel too that’ll be in the description thanks to mike from moto mule his channels in the description that was his backyard that we were tearing up so thanks for letting us take some trenches there Mike and our stickers are in the store our new stickers they ship free worldwide thanks again guys your supports been just insane and we cannot wait to show you what we got cooking on this next Power Wheels build it’s gonna be ridiculous alright guys peace you [Music]

100 thoughts on “Crazy Power Wheels Builds and Drift Trike Go Full Send!”

  1. How much would it cost for me to pay you guys to build one for me? For real hit me up I'll pay top dollar.

  2. Господи, где у вас такая хорошая дорога????? Для Россиии это неслыханная мечта

  3. I just watched your video with my 9 year old grandson. He kept pointing at the Barbie Jeep saying, "I want that!." I told him that I did too. LOL! Three cool builds.

  4. Vi la foto de mustang en instagram y no pense que seria todo esto y es increíble ya me dieron ganas de crear mi propio juguete jajaja paz y saludos desde Paraguay

  5. You guys are crazy and I'm an Aussie so I know crazy pretty well hahah. The channel has grown so much since I last checked it out! Congrats on everything guys, well deserved!!

  6. You should do a trip giveaway to come out and ride for a weekend?!?!? Or just invite me and I’ll have the trusty TDI trek it’s way out

  7. Have you thought about a four-wheel drive fourlink Barbie Jeep rock crawler by the way you guys are some talented Builders

  8. That jeep is bad ass but deadly at the same time hope you never roll the thing because the roll bar is going to be useless but i think a child that his head could be under that roll bar would be ok i dont even kno if you guys have a seat belt on that thing but it looks and handles really good .

  9. New movie video mario kart mixed with Disney movies this is awesome 😀


    I can't wait for the movie to come out with these kart.

  10. dear pluming co my name is Tyler knight and I have a old power wheels that doesn't work and I would like it if you built me one of these out of it but it dose not have to go as fast

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