Crazy Rich Singapore is Coming Alive

Crazy Rich Singapore is Coming Alive

Singapore is truly an international city.
There are four official languages but you’ll
hear dozens more
on the streets of this island city-state
Half the population is temporary, stopping
in to work or study for short stints
And that constant coming-and-going creates a vibrant
mix of cultures.
Tucked under Malaysia, Singapore was only
founded in 1965
It’s now one of the richest nations in the
world and a global financial hub.
Singapore invested a whopping $1 billion in
startups and 37 thousand international companies
are based here
The first thing you need to know about Singapore is it’s
not all work.
The city now claims six of the world’s
best bars, plus 47 Michelin stars.
So let’s start here – at the swanky Atlas
Front and centre is the colossal gin-tower,
packed with over 1000 varieties.
This art-deco bar opened last year and was
quickly rated in the world’s top 20
But if you’re looking for something a little
less shouty, head over to D.Bespoke
The Ginza-style bar is regularly rated one
of the best cocktail spots in the city
it’s sleek and sumptuous interior draws
in a sharply dressed crowd
But you don’t have to spend a fortune to
enjoy the breadth of what Singapore has to
The city state has three major ethnic groups
– Chinese, Malay and Indian
To have a taste of the more traditional and
colourful side of Singapore, plan a day trip
to the cultural enclaves of Chinatown, Little
India or the Arab Quarter
But if you want to eat where the chef choose
to eat – try this.
Burnt Ends is not a good option for vegetarians
It specialises in grilled meats and has become
a favourite of local and visiting chefs
Set up by two Australians this modern barbecue
restaurant is famous for its open kitchen
and super-heated coal oven
It’s actually illegal to rent out private
homes in Singapore so stick to hotels
And luckily there’s plenty of those
We’ve saved, what’s probably singapore’s
most famous hotel and bar for last and that’s
because you can’t get in there at the moment
Raffles Hotel is where the Singapore Sling
was invented and it’s reopening in the fall
of 2018 after a massive rconstruction
finally, if you find yourself with time some
down time go see the audacious Gardens by
the Bay
Populated with giant Super Trees, these structures
are really hanging huge gardens
Total cost of the public park was $1billion
part of a push by Singapore to transform into
what they call a City in a Garden.

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  1. I'm from Hawaii. I'm traveling around the world SLOWLY. I've been in Singapore for 2 weeks already and will stay at least for 1 more. I'm so impressed w/this place. You guys are smaller than HALF of my hometown island of Oahu. HALF. You are smaller than New York or Los Angeles but you have universal health care (I haven't had medical insurance since my parents died), 9O% home ownership (I sleep in my minivan), one of the largest refineries in the world (I used to work for Chevron, a socially undesirable company), a desalination plant (so why is water so expensive?), a zoo, an amusement park, driverless subway trains which appear every 4 minutes, bilingualism, F-15s patrolling the skies and soon to get F-35s.

    Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew was the right man for the right time. "Whoever governs Singapore must have that IRON in him. This is not a game of cards."

    You gotta love that man. I do. And I ain't Singaporean.

  2. As a Singaporean myself, I would never understand why people would called us "culturally rich". We are NOT. We may seemed like it, but no, we're not. I mean take the movie, Crazy Rich Asians for example. They tried to make it show as if it's all Singapore, but truth is 70% of the movie were filmed in Malaysia, while the remaining 30% are the Newton Food Centre, Marina Bay Sands, and the church. Our local dialect (Hokkien) is practically dying, because lesser and lesser people know how to understand let alone speak it. We kept claiming food from Malaysia as our food, but let's be honest, WE (Singaporean) ALL KNOW we're just kidding ourselves. So let's be real for a second here, Singapore ain't culturally rich, we are economically rich and I, for one, am extremely proud of that, but we are certainly not culturally rich. Thanks.

  3. As Rem Koolhaas said in Singapore Songlines, Singapore is a Potemkin metropolis. It’s all appearances to boost tourism. In truth, we are culturally sterile. All our culture and nostalgia is remade for appearances and younger generations of Singaporeans aren’t connected to their traditions. Our nature is manmade. Our conserved buildings are a home to hostess karaoke bars and our people are pretending to be american

  4. Looks very cool but in fact it’s all tourist attractions. When asking locals to hang out, there’s only 2 activities: “go where to eat?” Or “go where to drink?”

  5. I've been there. Totally developed and vibrant place. But at the same time you can feel emptiness and sadness. It sounded fake.

  6. I don’t understand this Western obsession with multiculturalism. Every video I see of cities, the first thing they seem to talk about is that whether the city is a melting-pot or and if it ain’t then that city is bland. I am sensing a globalist agenda from these mouthpieces that brandish themselves as media platforms.

  7. I get that Singapore is rich. But how are "Indian" and "Malay-muslim" quaters ever counted as attractions? I bet 90% of western and asian tourists are never interested in those places. In the end, Singapore is merely about ultra-expensive bars and garden, isn't it. Politically, it is opressive and there is no freedom of speech either.

  8. Singapore has been alive for a long time. Trying to piggyback off "Crazy Rich Asians"? I don't think Westerners are surprised there are rich people in Asia. Show me Crazy Rich Africans. That might surprise some people. Cote D'Ivoire, Ethiopia and Ghana are growing fast.

  9. Many commented that Singapore is boring due to its smallness, concrete jungle, lack of mountains, lakes etc.

    When I working in Singapore, I never felt boring. Why? Cos I treated Singapore as the capital city of the “country” ASEAN. I have gone to HK, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Bali, Bangkok, Ho Chi Min City, Sibu, Medan, etc etc due to its close proximity to the other Asian countries and its many cheap Budget Airlines fares. I live in LA but I never have visited NY.

  10. Garden by the Bay cost SGD$3bn is about USD$2.15bn! LOL surprise surprise surprise plants aren't that cheap especially when import in



  13. I think I want Singapore to let me buy a house in Singapore if I can show I am Singaporeon. I think Singaporeons are Indian and Chinese. I think my dad is part Gujarati,Punjabi and Bactrian. I think my mom is part Chinese. I want to be a Myanmar citizen and Singapore citizen. My brother George can be a USA citizen and Singapore citizen.

  14. Am from Kenya and travelled to Singapore last year..I still have the wonderful photos I took at the gardens by the bay..the people are great and kind including teenagers.

  15. The transport service are so much better in Singapore, while a lot of transport service here in the U.S. suck dick.

  16. Sorry Trump Trolls, the other countries dont live in huts anymore. They've arrived, and they're here to take your business, jobs, and money.

  17. Kick the Muslims and Hindus out of Singapore because they are responsible for destruction of Buddhism in India and throughout Asia.

  18. They are rich because they are smaller than the city of Dallas or Los Angeles. How hard is to control a city basically?

  19. Go to Keng Eng Kee seafood at 124 Bukit Merah lane 1 #01-136. Recommended food – chilli/pepper/salted egg crab, coffee pork ribs, cereal prawns, marmite chicken. Price should be reasonable.

  20. Although it’s hot living here it’s fun to go to school cuz u will always have a Friend from other races to play with


  21. But !!!! If you are born, live and work here, This the most boring city in south east asia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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