Crossfaded on Cannabis Cocktails: BONG APPÉTIT

Crossfaded on Cannabis Cocktails: BONG APPÉTIT

100 thoughts on “Crossfaded on Cannabis Cocktails: BONG APPÉTIT”

  1. I hate being cross faded bc I don’t feel any effects of the weed, it’s just me wasting my dab pen and passing out, can never go wrong with just weed tho

  2. Fuckkk ur upper crust party. Fuckkk sipping tht ish. Id b D O W N I N G T H T H A R D. 😁😂😬😬😬😳😷😷😷😷😵😰😵😴😂💀🔥😜😑😘👌 S T R 8 T U R N U P.

  3. I'm a under 18 highschool minor, that lives in a illegal country and has to wait for a guy/girl to drive up in car to a place we agreed to meet at, and hand them $20 then they will give us one gram in a small lollie bag… Then has a smokes up with a home made gato bong… Then realizes I have no more money for munchies so I have to run to countdown supermaket then steal some chocolate and a small can of coke… Then make my way home and goes into the cupboard then sees packs of chips then takes all of them to my room. I go to my room to go for a wank… Then goes for a shower then sit on my bed and binge watch yt with a lot of junk food….. btw I live in nz

  4. How can i share this vid it does not have the "Share" icon? Thankyou everything was ao classy and elegant. 😘😘😘😘 Rembering my Weed Days awwww….

  5. I can’t wait to legally serve my parents a garden salad with a marijuana leaf for garnish right next to the fat cherry tomato 🍅

  6. Both of these guys are cool. Everyone in the comments is just using too much weed a fucking butterfly flying across their face would scare them. Damn paranoid noobs, know your dosage.

  7. Im tired of white people finding new ways of making profit from weed while theres a vast amount of Black people incarcerated for weed possession.

  8. Little-known secret in places like Jamaica, mango makes your weed high incredibly intense.😜 Put that in your cocktails.

  9. I think that these guys sitting around that table talkin about marijuana the way wine tasters talk about wine, and bragging on how high they are, may be the cringiest thing I've ever seen in my life.
    You could make a video, telling this same table of dummies that you are serving them food full of marijuana that isn't actually in there, and their comments on the food and conversation around the table would be the same if not worse.
    Is nothing safe from these damn hipsters?

  10. How do I apply for this job? This is my dream job, I would wake up every morning ready to get to work.💯 #DreamJob

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