Cruise Ship Full Time Living Can It Be Done Affordably Living on a Cruise Ship for the Winter

Cruise Ship Full Time Living Can It Be Done Affordably Living on a Cruise Ship for the Winter

laughs here we go we are on the air Hey
hey everybody how you doing Bruce here
with chopping with Bruce how you doing
today everybody welcome to Monday
February the fifth didn’t even look at
my notes I had a minute ago remember
everybody the fifth Monday new month my
goodness uh here in Creston British
Columbia where I am welcome to my
channel by the way traveling with Bruce
right now I’m in Creston BC three miles
north of the Idaho border and today
we’re hitting 40 degrees 40 degrees for
the high
mainly cloudy with a few sunny breaks
but yeah that’s what we got it’s it’s a
bit of a break lucky for me I’m not in
Calgary where I used to live at one time
I have friends and family a little over
there and six hours by car five hours by
car I guess from here they’re at the
minus five Fahrenheit I’ve been all
haribol I was I was on the air Saturday
with you guys so some of you were here
some you’re not and on after I finished
my my work and posted the video my wife
and I jumped into our car and I visited
the United States of America I came down
to see how America was doing and
America’s fine happy to report to you
Americans all as well at least in Idaho
drove to Bonners Ferry and did some
grocery shopping because we Canadians
you know even though our dollar is worth
you know 80 cents to the American dollar
we still know a bargain when we see one
and what’s the milk but some is butter
but spread but you know what some
groceries diet caffeine-free this is an
American caffeine free diet coke right
here has no bilingual lingo on it this
is a USA caffeine free tank of might
beverage of choice cheers to all of you
viewers out there you know I can drink
this with one hand I’m excited
so that was Saturday afternoon weekend
we left the country for about two hours
picked up some stuff brought it back and
we’ve been eating fine and ever since so
fantastic day I want to say hi to
everybody out there
those of you who’ve never watched me
before you’re wondering what the heck is
this guy doing
what is this livestream all about why is
there a shadow all the time first of all
you’re looking at Bruce with trouble
Youth Bruce I started my channel five
months ago five and a half months ago
and I love talking about traveling
cruise ships getting a deal on a cruise
how to identify what what goes on on a
cruise what you should pack and what you
shouldn’t pack what you should get the
date of the cruise like when you’re
getting on ready to go on board what you
should buy just before you get on the
ship and save a ton of money and I love
talking about new ships and cruise lines
and you name and I do a live stream
every day here Monday to Friday five
o’clock Eastern and on Saturday two
o’clock Eastern and this is kind of
becoming a bit of a popular thing I have
a bunch of regulars that that come in
every day and watch watch my show some
watch two times a week sometimes watch
three weeks some folks watch all six
it’s incredible and a week we convinced
back and forth about what’s going on in
the crews world and and traveling in
general and I invite anyone who’s
watching right now if you want to say hi
to me you can use your little computer
or your your your your phone type in
what town are you watching me from or
country or state or city and what’s your
high temperature gonna be today we’d
like to compare I always find the
Floridians win sometimes sometimes a
Californian will sneak in with a nice
temperature or maybe someone from Nevada
but I always find no fluorine it’s kind
of pull off they have that nice Tampa
whether I have viewers from all over the
world who watch this as I said this
channel started five and a half months
ago I had zero subscribers no following
no nothing no history no idea what I was
doing although I’m a youtube fan and
have been for years I’ve been watching
YouTube for gosh 10 years since it
started I thought about a year ago about
a year before August I thought I’m like
no I might do this and I decided August
12th 2017 Bruce you’re becoming a
creator and I’m gonna talk about the
travels I’ve had people I’ve met and
we’re gonna see how this channel goes
and as we went along and I posted videos
after a few weeks after a month or two I
realized if I mentioned cruise ships my
views go up if I mention Berlin Germany
nothing happens but if I mentioned
finding a cruise-ship deal my musical
and so I began to figure out hmm maybe I
should sort of like you know go to the
direction of the cruise cruise area so I
love talking about cruise ships and I
love cruising and I love to cruise
holiday so of course I posted my videos
and what my cruises and experiences and
I’ve been doing videos like crazy ever
since I’ve playlists on all kinds of
topics and you’re welcome to peruse my
channel at your leisure anyway about
three and a half weeks ago I started
doing these live streams and I thought I
would try it out see if it had any
following or not and it’s very popular
people really enjoy the live streams
they love the fact that there’s a lot of
interaction and I love the fact that
this is an open forum you want to ask me
something about a cruise ship you want
to ask me something about the MSC
seaside that’s having all kinds of
nightmares right now you ask away I’ll
try to answer your questions for you if
I can’t answer it now I’ll answer it
later I’ll answer it on tomorrow’s show
or I’ll post it in the comment anyway
there’s a way to find an answer to a
question if it’s possible and it’s
working people are reacting to to what
I’m doing and and they have ideas and
sometimes I’ll come to you with a
suggestion I’ll bring a topic to the
table we can talk about and then 20
minutes into the show we’re changing
directions because people are commenting
on the latest thing here are they for
something over there and we start to
interact the way we go so that’s what
happens here on this live stream it’s
kind of your show it’s I’m the host and
I love doing it and it’s fantastic so
anyway if you’re watching right now from
wherever you’re at say hi tell me where
you at and what’s your temperature today
I’ve got Karen lips in here already
saying hi Bruce
20 below with windchill in Calgary right
now shovels lots of snow I know it my
daughter lives in Calgary it’s been
terrible absolutely terrible I can’t
believe it anyway last thing about my
channel um in December I hit a hundred
subscribers from zero in January I hit I
started to write at the beginning of
January start hitting 200 and the last
time I was on the air I’ll just grab my
notes here last I was on the air
Saturday afternoon I was at 531
subscribers which is just unbelievable I
couldn’t believe I hit 531 after only
being in a hundred in early December
right this minute just a few minutes ago
we’re seven away from
hundred subscribers 85% of you folks who
have subscribed to my channel have
subscribed since the first week in
December you’re all brand new you’re all
newbies welcome to my newbie channel
it’s this great and it’s growing out I
have to get to a thousand subscribers I
have to have to have to have a thousand
subscribers by February the 20th that’s
the deadline that has been set by the
good people at YouTube because they’ve
changed the monetization policies if
you’re watching this right now you
probably saw a commercial at the
beginning of your telecast don’t be mad
at YouTube that’s how I get paid without
commercials I get nada for being for
doing this no one pays me to do this I’m
not sponsored I’m not a travel agent I’m
not a professional in the cruise
business this is Bruce from Creston BC
talking about cruising and I welcome you
onboard and every time you watch a
commercial I get about a half a penny
and I really need it by many people so
every time commercial airs or a little
banner thing appears I get some kind of
a fractions of a penny for each you and
it’s just piling up and a month ago I
was making about 50 cents a day and two
weeks ago is making about a buck fifty
two bucks a day on what was it Saturday
I made eight bucks
eight dollars cause of you folks and if
I were only working eight hours a day
that’s a buck an hour okay I’ve hit
three digits this is incredible
but I’ll tell you it’s growing my
channel is now hitting it just hitting
seventy thousand views I think tonight
it’s seventy thousand total views not
one video have I got that’s ever been
gone viral or anything like that I’m
doing it the hard way it’s organic and
if you folks like it you watch it and it
grows and I had 2800 views on Saturday
number one day of all time
2,800 views in one day over 45 different
videos are watched however and that’s a
sign that I’ve got something going
because it’s not one video that is
kittens playing in a playpen it’s 45 of
my videos that were watched in one 24
hour window to tally 28 hundred views
collectively and that is to me that’s
stunning and I know that from the
analytics it’s extreme
healthy I watched these YouTube
influencers who help you rate your
channel and how you’re doing and I keep
getting a plus grades from these kinds
of entities saying if you’re getting
that kind of coverage from your videos
you are doing something right it would
be nice to get a viral video yes but you
can also grow organically and a lot of
my videos are watchable six months from
now a year from now they’ll still be
useful rather than time pieces talking
about any one event that no one cares
about the day after tomorrow now today I
want to talk about an event that
happened yesterday it’s the Super Bowl
I’m sure whilst you watched it um here
we go here’s the winners you see that
right there can you see that it’s it’s
in the light sorry I’ll try to bring it
in a little bit anyway there you go the
Philadelphia Eagles yay they won the
Super Bowl yesterday a few months ago I
did a video when I hadn’t done lives yet
where I was showing off this little
thing right here I know if you’ve seen
it you might have seen a thumbnail on my
channel for this you might not have but
I did the video about these guys I used
to own a retail store a number of years
ago where I had a a sports store and I
have all these medallions and these
medallions came to me in a bulk order
that I was able to put together here’s
one for the Chicago Blackhawks still in
the original factory packaging hope you
see that okay and on the back is a
little 3m strip here you peel this off
and you can stick this little thing
anywhere people put it on their cell
phones you know their fans or they put
it on a keychain or they’ll put it on
their forehead and then they can’t get
it off because it’s quite you know quite
sticky some folks will do what I’ve done
here you take a little piece of magnet
and you stick it onto a magnet uses a
ball marker for a golf game or they’ll
just stick this onto a quarter and
they’ll go on the golf course and this
is their ball marker and so they show
off their favorite team and use this
anyway I mentioned this because I’ve
been trying to flog these I’m trying to
get rid of them and you might help my
channel out too if you want one of these
go to my video that shows these sports
medallions it’s in my playlists you’ll
find it tells you how you can order one
or ten or 20 or whatever and there’s an
address there if you want a shorter one
be my guest
love to send you one or five or ten
the all the teams are mentioned in the
description and you’ll see them all on
the thing I don’t have every NFL team I
don’t have every NHL team but I have a
number of them so if you know a fan of a
you know certain teams and I have one
for me hey order it and that will help
me raise some money that would be great
and I can get rid of some of these not
to take up a lot of space but I’d like
them to be gone
betsy is here today from Hamilton
Ontario hey Betsy welcome back I think
you were here on Saturday shared at sea
now Sharon at sea hi Bruce I’m a fellow
cruise water from sunny warm Arizona
it’s in the high 80s here oh how dare
you your channel popped up so I thought
I would check it out Sharon Etsy welcome
to my channel this is wonderful.i
I’m honored a fellow youtuber has
discovered this guy and you’ve popped in
that’s fantastic who else is here
Theresa McFarlane here a good day – 9
celcius Theresa I think you’re in
Waterloo Ontario and welcome back Sharon
Etsy this is great I think I know your
channel I think I’ve seen your channel
and I am thrilled that you’re here you
have any suggestions tidbits by all
means criticisms talk to me later this
is great my sky Hawk 1987 turbos here
once again people in Philly always
destroy the city when they lose or win
most people are just nasty well that’s
feeling you know this is called urban
renewal you you win a championship you
tear the city apart and you rebuild it
and it’s all fresh in there and you’re
not to pay anyone to rip it down because
the Simpsons do it for free just you
know they rip down stuff that maybe you
don’t want them to rip down and what can
I say anyway it’s it’s Billy they’ve
waited long enough I’m so happy for the
folks in Philadelphia and area all
Eagles fans when I had my sports store
selling clothing and caps and stuff oh
god I had longsuffering Eagle fans come
into my business all the time and you
know they listened to their whoa their
tales of war would give him a
sympathetic year and I say yeah you know
I sure hope it goes well for you but
there’s this guy named Brady with the
number 12 it was back for years he
destroys everybody and you’re just one
of them but Billy did it way to go and
it’s just great for the NFL I think it’s
great for sports that we have
team win that had one big Super Bowl
like this before
Jason the Charlotte North Carolina is
saying it’s 50 and sunny yeah
nice Jason I know you’re cold last week
you had that cold front go through and I
know folks up in Jersey and up in Nova
Scotia too it was not too pretty but
hopefully cross our fingers hopefully
the weather will improve it is early
February the days are getting longer so
it’s got to be nice okay today’s topic I
wanted to throw this one at you folks
because I love this one I fantasize
about this all the time and the topic is
can you live full-time on a cruise ship
can you live full-time on a cruise ship
I’ve seen I’ve seen media stories from
time to time they talk about how to
retire on a cruise ship or or a title
would be something like a couple of
takes you know husband and wife had 58
consecutive vacations on princess or on
Carnival or whatever baby you know man
lives on a cruise ship for five years
you know the the sensational type story
I’m trying to talk about real world
stuff I thought well okay what are the
circumstances that would have to fall
into place for someone to consider
living on a cruise ship for a very long
extended period of time
full-time forever I don’t think that’s
realistic but for maybe three months or
six months or you know almost 10 months
out of a year maybe something like that
is that doable
is it economically doable is it feasible
from a practical point of view this kind
of stuff real world stuff I was
wondering I’m just gonna check my
messages here oh hi Sharon it’s the
oldest guy Huck says hi Sharon its si si
your fans are here too this is Fanta
anyway I thought about this and I went
well you know it is doable there’s ways
it is doable it’s question of money and
that’s the big thing I was trying to
figure out well of course if you win the
lottery or your well-to-do you can do
anything you want you can buy your own
boat and live on it full-time you can
have a 150 foot long yacht with us crew
of four or five people on your boat
full-time looking after all you need of
course good but if you just you know
average Joe husband and wife and you
have a house
and the kids are grown up you’re empty
nesters maybe your grandparents by now
um is there a way to spend an extended
period of time economically on board a
cruise ship and the answer is yes there
is oh yes there is and I was thinking
about it from a personal perspective
work I have at one time I used to live
in Palm Desert California lived in Palm
Desert for about seven years
probably the seven some of the seven
best years I’ve ever had I loved it down
there and at that time I was just
renting a condo on a golf course poor me
renting a condo on a golf course it was
hard but you know I survived
double-checking some messages I see the
screen moving so I want to say hi to
three folks pardon me one second here
Scott Hawk is going crazy he’s just he’s
just saying hi to everybody if I were my
20s I would have done cruising I’ve done
the cruise ship thing worked on a ship
for a few years yeah I’m sure you would
have and you know you might or might not
have enjoyed it I don’t know any folks
out there who are watching you want to
say hi but type in what city you’re
watching me from tell me what their high
temperatures today say I love to have
you on board um those of you are
watching after hours you for watching
this tonight or tomorrow next week I’m
reading messages that are coming in live
on this live stream cuz you can’t see
them on this recording that you’re
watching those of us who are watching
and in participating live we see this
right now so that’s what I’m doing I’m
just checking my messages and relaying
them to use giving you a play-by-play of
what’s being said by my viewers as are
coming in anyway you know I lived in
Palm Desert for like I said seven years
and I rented a condo on a golf course
and I met people down there who would
rent a condo for like three months four
months they’d come down in January or
December and they would stay say
December January February March and then
they would go back home to where they
came from and they were down from
Illinois or they’re from Washington
State or they’re from Canada some from
overseas but mainly you know North
America North North Americans north
North Lerner North Americans great white
north in particular but to buy or to
rent a condo for like a three four month
period in the prime season in Palm
Desert or in Phoenix or Tucson or you
know in the southwest u.s. let’s say
it’s pricey you’re talking about the
you want to rent a condo in Palm Desert
in July have I got a deal for you 114
degree high temperatures and a nice low
daily rental rate you’ll be all by
but you know it’s if you like peace and
quiet maybe that’s okay but in January
or or even like like November you know
Thanksgiving you want to rent a condo
and Thanksgiving in Palm Desert get
elect first he can’t find any they’re
all rented out and if you can in my
neighborhood I wasn’t in one of these
high high-end neighborhoods far from it
I was in a place called the Monterey
Country Club which I believe was a 27
hole golf facility if I recall I’ll call
it middle solid middle class middle
class two hundred fifty thousand three
hundred thousand dollar condos you were
talking between three and four thousand
a month in rent and at the high season
it was a thousand a week four thousand a
month but if you rent it for six months
in a row the owner might cut you a deal
for third three thousand or thirty five
hundred it would be a turnkey we
furnished and would have dishes that
would have the towels they would have
the bedding and you just buy your own
groceries and and you know you’re on
your way you’d have a damage deposit of
course and then you would have a cleanup
fee or you’d have room a cleaning
service included or or or done at the
end of course and the condo owners only
really love to rent to regulars you know
the same couple every year they lived
for that if they if you’re an owner of a
condo langa so if you’re paying four
thousand a month to rent a condo and
then you have to have a car so bribed
drive your own or rent one when you’re
there then you got to buy your meals of
course and then your entertainment from
there but in the property that I lived
and we had our swimming pools we had our
jacuzzis so we had that kind of resort
type setting and around the pool were
loungers and tables with umbrellas and
so you know you could hang out in the
daytime and and enjoy and enjoy yourself
most of these condos come with though
they’re all of course electricity
obviously provided cable TV basic
basic or you’d have to chart you have to
pay extra to get it turned on so some
case you have to pay a little extra some
cases you didn’t and of course you know
you’d have to worry about taxes or any
fees because it’s part of your rent okay
so comparing
cruise ship to this kind of holiday is a
fair fight except for one thing you’re
not in a 5-star resort you’re in a
private gated community so it’s nice
you’re not in you’re not in Big Bear you
don’t like the high end or or what’s in
the firm uh there’s no there’s a resort
in Nepal straight I’ll come to it will
come to it there’s a number of resorts
in Palm Desert that are higher-end
five-star type hire you’re not getting
into for four thousand a month not a
so the be kind of economical I wanted to
compare one to the other so I thought
middle class the middle class can a
middle-class person afford to live on a
cruise ship for three months straight
and is it economical and does it work
that’s what my my question first the
messages what what’s happening here or
do we got Oh mats here hey hey Bruce hey
Matt how you doing a long time no see
welcome back Matt nice to have you by
and I think sky Hawk is sharing to see
we’re saying hi to each other so we’re
okay so if you if you want to go say I
was thinking about this I love to be on
a cruise ship through say in the
Caribbean for say maybe December January
February March
but those four months that would be
fantastic so I went online today took a
look at the occasions to go calm you
folks who are regulars know that I like
to go to vacations to go calm just to
see what the rates are and I’m seeing
cruises varying prices I’m asking for
what the you know lower cost cruises are
but I’m kind of particular I didn’t want
to look at the carnival I wanted to look
at something a little you know a little
higher level so I’m looking at Hall in
America I’m looking at celebrity and lo
and behold I’m finding balcony rates at
$650 a week per person but I’m finding
like ocean view for 450 535 4460 a week
and I’m going seven-day cruise one after
the other after the other I feel like
again and again and again and again I’m
thinking to myself geez you know I bet
you for about two to twenty two hundred
bucks a month I could book a room with
that say an ocean view
rather than a balcony view about $2,200
and now you have to add the taxes and
fees of course port charges tax levies
then you have to add your tips but then
you do get some room credits depending
on the line you might get a $50 credit
here and a central dollar credit there
sometimes no credit and then I thought
about well what if I were to contact the
cruise line or talk to my travel agent
and say hey listen what can I get a deal
if I book four consecutive cruises on
one ship let’s say and then I booked for
consecutive cruises on say another
Holland America ship that plies another
area there you Caribbean what it makes
it up a bit um maybe I can and I thought
well that’s all upside then if I get
that it’s even better but even in the
worst case scenario $2,200
plus about fifteen twenty percent taxes
and fees so that’s another you know for
the month that would be another say
three hundred bucks it’s 2,500 a person
uh and then I thought tip money okay and
I’m doing it I’m coming up with it I’m
going anywhere that’s five six thousand
dollar range for the month and that
includes all meals I’m in a resort I’m
traveling uh I’m I don’t mean laundry to
do as far as bedding towels the room is
cleaned every day it’s spotless
I get entertainment I don’t have to pay
for that that’s included as well meet
all kinds of interesting people I’m not
gonna be inside a resort in a condo
where I may or may not have neighbors
around and I know who they are here I’m
on a cruise ship I can say that the
maitre d at dinner time my wife and I
want to sit at the table 14 surrounded
by all kinds of people and we can talk
whatever and one night it’s a dud next
night it’s fantastic now you got cruise
buddies for the rest of the week you
know uh and I thought geez you know this
this makes a lot of sense and then I
thought you know that once a week you’re
say in Fort Lauderdale cuz the cruise
ends before it begins for the next week
I’ll just get off the ship and Fort
Lauderdale for a few hours pop over to
the Costco or to the Walmart I’ll pick
up a couple of bottles of wine for my
missus grab some caffeine free caffeine
free diet coke for yours Julie my
beverage of choice thank you coca-cola
for the sponsorship if only you’d call
and I thought yeah I’m I’m buying this
stuff at
USA prices I’m gonna buy you know two
cases three cases for the week I mean I
don’t to buy it that’s gonna last me and
I know that if I run out run look if we
stop is in San Juan Puerto Rico I can
get a 12-pack of this stuff in San Juan
Puerto Rico I mean the Rite Aid is right
there so I thought jeez yeah and on
board you know with the room credit
whatnot they have internet or I can I
don’t use the internet on the ship I’ll
use the internet when I get to port I’ll
go into a Starbucks grab a latte and use
their their internet for free and I
thought wow this this is doing what you
don’t need a car so I don’t have to
worry about you know paying their two to
run it or what have you
excuse me I’m thinking Jesus this might
be doable
then I’m going on in reading articles
about how people are retiring on cruise
ships are spending extra time and
they’re comparing the cost of an
assisted living center like a retirement
home or rarest you know active senior
retirement center to a cruise ship I all
if you’re gonna do that it’s there’s no
comparison because you’re talking to
people in aristov living center you’re
looking at four six thousand a person I
mean it could be you know really
ridiculous now if you’re in really bad
health you know poor health this won’t
work you’ll have to be in a Retirement
Center or you can have to live in home
with the kids looking after you and
having nursing care come to you of
course I’m talking about someone who is
who’s able to get around no might be
motorized scooter you can still have the
old motorized scooter we’ve talked about
before or walkers you can get around a
cruise ship with that but you know I’m
talking about being on dialysis or
something like that no problem then I
thought about some other thoughts I
thought what if you’re on medication
your doctors giving you a you know
prescription for certain drugs well geez
the cruise ship goes to Cozumel once a
week here in Cozumel Mexico guess what
you’re gonna buy there your prescription
medicines you’re gonna buy there at
one-tenth the price you’ll pay in the
United States and then I thought what if
you get a toothache you know I want if
you need dental room you’ll get your
dental work done in Mexico III see the
videos all the time day procedures of
course and I thought what if I needed a
now you know I got to go to the dental
chair then come back for a second
fitting I’ll see you next week doc I’ll
be here next week Tuesday I’m on the
cruise this week I’m on the cruise next
week I’m on the cruise the weekend I’ll
see you in one SAN week you can work on
me there that’s a heck of a deal so I
was putting all this together you know
there’s more to this than meets the eye
I want to get your thoughts what do you
think about this is there any any reason
to this it doesn’t make any sense
what are your thoughts s Swan is here
Hey Bruce enjoy your live wat vlogs
highest one welcome to the broadcast
nice to have you Jerome Peron is here
hey Bruce any comments on the stock
market laugh out loud I used to be in
the stock market down 1,100 today yeah I
have two days in a row we’ve lost what
eight percent that’s called the
correction the first one under this
presidency oh it’s gonna be fun
Elizabeth is here hi Elizabeth I’m here
nice to see Sharon at sea my new travel
Sharon there they’re following even my
people my peeps are your peeps this is
wonderful as Swan coming in from North
Carolina temp is about 40s around 40s
yeah yeah I just heard from a North
Carolinian 50s yeah right in that range
you know so I this this traveling of
this being at sea thing and then I
thought about something else folks work
with me on this because I had all kinds
of thoughts on this idea what if you’re
on the cruise ship for like two or three
months in a row and now it’s coming up
to a March April okay so actually got to
go back a step it’s Christmas because
people say to me Bruce you can’t be on a
cruise ship in December what about
Christmas and the kids and I thought you
know what get the kids to come and visit
Grandma and Grandpa on the ship how
about them apples they’ll come and visit
us because we’re on the war on board
this ship they know what crews were on
we’ve given them our itinerary they can
book a cruise at Christmas time with the
kids to spend with Grandma and Grandpa
rather than the other way around now I
get it I get it if you have to have
Christmas with the children in the
wintertime which my wife would make me
want to do fine we’ll get on we’ll get
off the ship in Tampa or in Miami
I won’t plain write it up the kanata all
at the canada do the darn Christmas
for a week daddy will be itching to get
out and as soon as that’s over back down
south we go we’re heading back to the
cruise ship
we’re back on board but to me I would
say to my my daughter why her husband or
any grandkids of that it comes along why
don’t you come down and spend a week
with us at Christmastime on board the
cruise ship one time you’ve never done
it before you may never want to do it
again this might become an annual
tradition have you ever thought of that
we could book the the cruise for the
Christmas thing on on Royal Caribbean if
you want like the FlowRider machine and
you have to have the rock-climbing law
fine mom and dad grandma grandpa will be
on board the cruise ship for that week
we’ll find a deal for that week and you
can come and join us then if that must
be the way now I understand though and
Sharon at sea will know this come New
Year’s Eve some of these New Year’s Eve
cruisers can be pricey it all it all
depends some are cheap some are not the
first week of January
the deals are on and you can really
score some really cheap weeks at sea and
if you’re set your heart is set on a
balcony then great book the balcony my
thinking was if I know I’m on this ship
for four solid weeks and I’m not going
to be unpacking and packing and
unpacking my thought is I’ll take an
ocean view room instead of a balcony
because the ship is my balcony I’m
living on it my living room is the ship
my rec room is the ship my spa is the
spa on the ship my room is just my
bedroom that’s just where I crash at
night where I spend my time is out of
that and so do I need a balcony per se
yes and no all depends what you want how
you want it and again what do you want
to spend because if it’s $200 a week
more per person it’s 400 more 1,600 a
month more if it’s in your wheelhouse
you can handle it great but otherwise
this could make cruising affordable now
to finish my other thought it’s March
coming to April what about now what are
we going to do my thought now is
repositioning cruise to Europe
I can cross the Atlantic Ocean on a 15
day 16 day repositioning cruise I can
even grab a balcony and I’m looking at
50 60 bucks a night I know okay and
we’re gonna go to the you know Canary
Islands the Azores
maybe stop in Lisbon stop in Barcelona
we end up in Rome perhaps great now I’m
in Rome
now will I start taking Mediterranean
cruises maybe maybe not depends on the
pricing right if I have relatives or
friends in Europe I’ll visit them for a
little while
on the other hand you know come
springtime guess what else happens
repositioning through the Panama Canal
up to Seattle and up to Vancouver why
Alaska cruises so now we’ve got the
summertime Alaska cruising season there
are deals there too so an affecting can
transition from the Caribbean along with
the ship and we’ll move on up to Alaska
and do Alaska for a while so there’s
that and if you’re just doing this as a
winter getaway that’s what I was
comparing originally you know Palm
Springs or Palm Desert getaway to a
Caribbean cruise ship getaway if it’s
just those three four months and then
you go back home to where your home is
and winter is over and you can spend
summer and you’re your native Minnesota
or Canada or you know wherever you’re
from in the north
great you can play that game to the
other game too if you could play if
you’re gonna be a full-time Cruiser is
yeah it’s it’s August it’s late August
you know what my wife and I gonna fly
one way from the US or Canada to London
England and we’re gonna be in Europe for
a little while and then we’re gonna grab
a repositioning cruise back to the
Caribbean across the Atlantic all the
way down to Miami and we’re we’ve booked
our Caribbean cruises and now we’re down
here for a while so you you can see how
you can be on a cruise ship for the
cheap time of the year for the
bargain-basement time of the year and
maybe avoid the cruise ships or the more
expensive time of year that could be you
know prime time Alaska season prime time
Mediterranean season and while you’re
home anyway it’s summer so that was the
thought there anyway yeah your thoughts
would be more than welcome on that if
how many uh we got for any other
comments here Doreen is saying how low
+12 here Doreen way to go and Debbie’s
here Debbie Emmanuel Hybris to enjoy
your channel hi Debbie
welcome to traveling with Bruce for
those of you who’ve never been here
before uh you can if you wish do nothing
and just watch uh you could type in and
say hi to us and tell me where are you
located what’s your high temperature
gonna be today I’m in Creston British
Columbia here in Canada three miles
north to the Idaho border we’re about 40
degrees today we’ve been kind of cloudy
with a little bit of sunniness but it’s
melting and no wind we’re quite calm
here I’m talking about cruise ships uh
holidays cruise lines
today’s topic guy throughout there was
could you live on a cruise ship full
time could you live on a cruise ship for
say three months in a row a year how
about a repositioning cruise from Los
Angeles to Australia how about that one
I’ve seen Australian deals in in in
December and January you can get a 1012
day Australia New Zealand or Australia
Fiji New Caledonia type area cruise you
can get 10 12 day cruises there for
great great prices Royal Caribbean is
down there norwegian is down there
princess is down there piano is down
there you just have to have a travel
agent that works for you works with you
now it might be a human being or you do
it yourself on vacation to go calm or
some of the other websites but I’d be
using a travel agent and I would be
saying this travel agent you want my
business I got business how would you
like to book four months of cruises for
me five months of cruises for me work
with me
help help but help me get creative here
on on some places I’ve never been before
we want to see as much of the world as
humanly possible at the cheapest
possible price in 5-star luxury on a
cruise ship I think it’s a wonderful
opportunity you know it can’t you can’t
beat it I mean there’s no way you can
fly from LA to Sydney Australia spend a
month down in Australia and try to do
the hotel thing and the
bed-and-breakfast thing and renting a
car thing and figuring out your food
thing you’ll see you’ll see the land
there’s no doubt about that you’ve got a
car so you’re gonna see things that you
won’t see off a cruise ship
I totally get it
but on the other hand you’re a little
older and you’re not as active as you
used to be and you kind of like being
pampered and you know come dinner time
you go down to the dining room to your
usual table or you’re telling the maitre
d seat us with six people we don’t know
because we want to meet people that
we’ve never met before
we want to talk stories we’ve got an
interesting story we’re on a cruise ship
full time I mean that’s an interesting
story right there but you’d like to meet
people you’ve never met before who’ve
done things in their lives that you know
you might need a doctor and his wife you
might meet a you might meet a gal who is
a lawyer all her life you might meet
people who’ve you know for
schoolteachers and engineer you have no
idea and you’re gonna get stories oh
you’re gonna get stories wonderful way
to enhance and grow your your you know
your your knowledge and and absorb
information and hear stuff you never
thought you’d hear on I think it’s a
fantastic way to go what a great way to
spend some time as a you know mature
person it’s been around a while just
let’s see here what we got Torino a
Debbie is saying hi crash three exes
here hello – 10 today that’s Ottawa
Ontario I crashed reacts how you doing –
ray Chapman says that’s our temp for
tonight crash reacts crazy whether
you’re Nova Scotia yeah it’s winter and
it can be absolutely nuts Oh
Western Canada right now they are
freezing big time and really in the snow
Green is saying plus 12 now
yeah the extremes are crazy even in
Canada those of you don’t know if you’re
Americans you Americans up down there
here in Canada we can have weather in
the middle of winter like in the dead of
winter we’re in the west coast that can
be 40 45 50 degrees in the middle of the
country it could be minus 30 Ontario can
be like zero and the Maritimes can
either be plus 20 or minus 20 it’s all
over the dark place we have so many
mountain ranges and systems and Arctic
vortexes and it’s not anyway that’s
another story so that was a few thoughts
on living full-time on a ship some of
the advantages I thought about was
five-star dining no dishes don’t have to
worry about making your bed you don’t
have to make your bed I mean come on you
don’t have to worry about your you’re
cleaning it
get fresh towels every day your bedding
has changed all the time the room is
cleaned every day they take the garbage
out every day you have to take out the
have you thought about that uh full
resort living of course on a cruise ship
yes full resort looking you control that
your destination you can decide we’re
gonna stay on this ship for two weeks
then we’re gonna stay on that ship for
two weeks then we’re gonna go on this
ship for two weeks and this is just the
Caribbean and at the end of six weeks
we’ve been to 25 different ports in the
Caribbean and now we know which ones we
like well now we know what the ones we
don’t like so much and guess what you do
from then on you start targeting the
ships that go to the ports you want to
go to because you’ve enjoyed it
wonderful place way to control your
itinerary you control the ship you
control the cruise line you can do in
the wintertime you can do the Caribbean
you could do Australia or Asia you can
do Mexico there’s the the Mexican
Riviera if you can get deals there in
the summertime you’ve got the
you’ve got Alaska and you have northern
Europe there’s the whole planet is
waiting for you it’s beckon call more
cruise ships are coming online all the
time and depending on the on the
itinerary certain cruise lines are gonna
compete with others for your business
and it all depends on what your budget
is and whether you’re gonna take an
inside room a ocean view room or a
balcony room or suite you control the
budget of Florida what I love about the
idea of a cruise ship in the winter time
coming back to Florida at the end of the
cruise is beginning in the next one I
can turn over my booze by cola my
sunscreen and grab a G new new cheap
pair of shoes or bathing suit whatever
but on the cruise in the in the
Caribbean if I’m gonna be in Mexico I
know I can get my admit it my
prescription drugs cheap I can get
dental work done cheap again all kinds
of medical procedures done on the cheap
there’s always of course insurance you
know health insurance travel insurance I
love that and I said earlier have your
family come and visit you when when they
want to visit you so you you were in
Christmastime you went home to the
winter and you met them you saw them you
saw the kids grandkids what have you and
your son and daughter or your your
daughter and son-in-law they want to get
away and they know that in the middle of
you’re on a Caribbean cruise on the haul
in America gyro damn and you’re visiting
you know San Martin and st. Thomas and
San Juan Puerto Rico and sac WA
well why don’t you have them come down
and meet up with you for a weekend they
can grab a balcony suite on one side of
the ship
you’ve got your room on the other and
you’ve got the kids and you see in the
fur for a week and then they leave and
you’re on your own again
what a wonderful I tell you right now
you’ll be shocked at how many friends
how many neighbors
how many golfing buddies how many folks
from you used to work with they’ll are
gonna find out Oh
Don and Jerry are on a cruise ship
full-time for the entire winter we’ve
never been on the cruise before you know
we should do we should go down on that
cruise and catch up with them and they
can show us around that’s what’s gonna
happen you’re not gonna be lonely you
might have to keep this quiet don’t tell
I’m gonna grease for four months I don’t
want them finding me might be that it
might be the opposite problem just
AJ Walsh is here 75 degrees today you’re
killing me AJ from Las Vegas welcome sir
or her welcome Elizabeth this thing is
better than hanging out with a ton of
old people yeah I’ll tell you that that
would be to me I think that is so doable
especially if you’re gonna compare to
you know taking a three-month holiday
down in Scottsdale or you know and
you’ve done you’ve done Palm Springs
five years in a row right every year
we’re in pond sir and we have friends
down there let’s say let’s say we got
pals and it’s great well maybe you know
this winter you break it up a bit and
for maybe two months we’re gonna cruise
do nothing but cruise and then for the
other two months we’ll go to we’ll go to
our pals down in Palm Springs bunga’s it
might turn you it might convince you to
go you know most folks are okay in Palm
Springs but jeez you know I can really
like this five-star thing and not having
to make a meal the entire time I was on
that ship I’d have to make anything is
to buy any groceries
Wow and you know I’m buying a you know
duty-free liquor I’m not sure how this
works travel ages can tell you where you
might be able to buy duty-free liquor on
board and take it off the ship and bring
it on the ship I don’t know if you can
get away with a wine
yeah but fine at the Costco in Fort
Lauderdale and bring bring your $6 wine
that that shit the ship is selling for
40 bucks more and enjoy why not
terena saying wow I can only dream of
cruising like that see the cops are
coming in now I crashed react says we
had weather like that two weeks ago real
nice with hours of nice with hours deep
freeze yep up and down for sure the
crash the ex is saying she read about an
older woman who lives on a princess ship
cost three and fifty thousand a year
approximately oh yeah you can spend that
kind of money
I’ve heard people spending less than
sixty thousand a year less than five
thousand a month I bet you could do it
less than that I really do I bet you can
AJ Walsh hello from Las Vegas Elizabeth
better than hanging out son no people
Elizabeth saying Daytona Elizabeth here
in Daytona fantastic crash reacts
there’s a youtube videos about older
women living on a ship AJ walls saying
don’t forget to mention the world cruise
they say all over the sail all over the
world you own the apartment cabin very
expensive to buy in you’re right I have
talked to people about that I’ve heard
about a million bucks for a unit and
then you paying so kind of a condo fee
on a monthly basis and the ship will
will will be at sea for several days
come to a port stay in a port for a
while two or three days and then it’ll
move on to another location being at sea
for a while and I think there’s one of
them I think Sam J is saying what’s up
Bruce sorry I’m a little late
furnace went out this morning six
degrees outside 46 degrees inside oh
good get the layering going let’s start
layering and layering now oh man that’s
now you’d kill for space heater you’d
kill for a space heater yeah turn the
oven on
get the oven on to 400 open the door
every 10 minutes let the up close it
again that’s but that’s expensive yeah
you’re gonna get that furnace fixed no
doubt about it yeah you know being on
board a cruise ship I say you the budge
if the budget isn’t a problem then
cruising full time is in the problem you
can spend 350,000 a year and you don’t
have to be on a cruise ship you could be
on your own
boat I have a youtube channel I love to
follow where the young couple is on a
camera but I’m not a mechanically
inclined to repair it I don’t want to do
there are those who out there who say oh
our being is a way to go you have your
house on wheels you can camp anywhere
you want you can do land out in the
middle of the desert it’s free whatever
turns you on it’s not I’m not interested
in changing the tire I’m not interested
in house breakdowns my thinking is if
I’m on the cruise ship and something
isn’t working in the room I just call
this Stewart the cabin stern he’ll fix
it they’ll get it repaired what’s gonna
break down in my in my suite generally
speaking I’m in a five-star resort and I
don’t have to worry about the little
things I don’t really I’m worried about
much of anything to be honest no yeah
that’s uh that’s a thought III would
think though some people would say well
maybe you’re gonna have a weight problem
like I have no one no but maybe you
gonna have a weight problem cuz you’re
on a cruise ship all the time and you’re
surrounded by all that decadent food
well that’s true
but you know what um I find that if
you’re on a longer than a one-week
Cruise if you’re on like an 8 or 10 or
12 or 14 day cruise I’ll tell you right
now folks after day 5 and you know you
got 78 days to go
you’re not eating like you were the
first day the second day yeah you just
not your your your your your appetite
shuts down for a while I think your body
says enough get back to a little bit of
normal year
you’re killing me and you’ll find that
well today I just feel like having some
fruit for breakfast or I’m not gonna
have that gigantic breakfast I’m gonna
have a mediocre sized breakfast I have a
nicer sized lunch or are you gonna find
I’m gonna nibble in the breakfast time
have a little nibble at lunch oh you
have a big dinner you’ll find your pace
and you’ll kind of settle in you know
then you’ll figure out to is you know
the ship like the back of your hand so
you’ll do though you’ll walk the decks
you can go to the exercise room there’s
the workout people there tell them I
need help I’m gaining weight help me
they’ll help you though there’s a drill
sergeant there waiting to take care of
it so there’s always that oh it’s it’s
it’s a laugh out loud as as Jason 3/7
MacFarlane saying my husband and I plan
on doing our Veen during the winter yeah
yeah you know this is this is something
that I thought about it about 10-15
years ago when I was in my forties
fifties I thought boy you know I’d be
kind of cool you know if you’d had an RV
and you can sort of take the winter and
head south being you know being Canada
we all all Canadians think about boy it
should be nice to go down south for the
winter we all are doing that but our
meeting is one way to go and we know
Canadians there’s all kinds of Canadians
that leave Canada in around October and
and herself and they’re heading to
Florida or they’re heading to Georgia or
they’re heading to Texas and or to
Arizona and California and some Mexico
you can RV in Mexico on the cheap if you
want to go all the way down and it’s not
unusual for four or five our viewers to
kind of band together form a little
caravan and across the border together
into Mexico in New Mexico excuse me and
boogie all the way down to Mazatlan or
porta by our to area and there are all
kinds of our people RV parks down there
that cater to longtime our viewers that
are here for a month or two or three or
six and you can get all your services
done all the same time what something
else is going to mention is laundry what
do you do about your laundry on a cruise
ship and I thought about that and I I
know that on some of the cruises I’ve
been on you get a flyer somewhere on
like day five and it’ll say something
like we got a special um we have this
bag here and all the laundry you can fit
in this bag is a flat price it might be
ten bucks 15 bucks 20 bucks whatever the
deal is and if you can shove in you know
all your underwear and stuff we’ll do
your laundry for you bring it builder in
fact here when it’s done that’s one
option the other option that I like is
and I stole this from an RV video I
watched a little while ago where folks
Mexico for the winter time for a good
two months in an RV park and people were
coming by
on a daily basis some of these Mexican
folks and locals and one of them she was
running a laundry service and they would
pick up your laundry you’d handle like a
basket or or whatever you have you gave
them in garbage bags you give me laundry
in the garbage bag
they would take the laundry to their
home literally and they would do your
laundry for you and then it would bring
back your laundry all folded all done
all wrapped in like a plastic type wrap
and that’d be later that afternoon and
it was like two three bucks a load such
a bargain and I thought oh geez okay
fuck if I’ve got a cruise ship on every
Wednesday I’m in Cozumel you know on
this weekly cruise I didn’t Cozumel
every week I’m gonna I’m gonna get off
the ship at 8:00 a.m. I’m already gonna
know cuz I’m gonna ask around I’m gonna
find laundry service at the ship and
I’ll tell you right now what’s gonna
happen I’m gonna roll off a cheap
suitcase full of dirty laundry gonna
hand it to my laundry individual either
at the pier or just at the end of the
pier and four or five hours later
they’re gonna text me and say laundry’s
done we’re here and I’m gonna come down
and pick it up and it’s ten bucks and I
got a whole three loads of laundry done
two loads of laundry done all in one
ship for ten ten twelve bucks
I’m telling you it’s doable it exists I
think that would be just I think I’d be
cool it’s just me
why don’t we got Elizabeth saying my
husband is a long-haul trucker cruises
are way better yeah someone’s had enough
of the road you can see that crash your
ex is saying I used I used a scrubber on
my last a scrubber on my last cruise I’m
reading this folks I’m driving what this
means it worked great and I also use it
at home for small loads found it on
where else YouTube okay there’s
something I wouldn’t want to do my own
laundry I’m that lazy I wouldn’t want to
do my own laundry I I would far rather I
haven’t done either by the ship and I’ll
pay the price or wait for the special I
know that every Thursday you know every
fifth day on the cruise is the deal
wait or I’ll I’ll find a on shore
service either in Jamaica either in in
in Mexico – to do my laundry there and
the worst comes to worst okay I’m in
Fort Lauderdale or I’m in Miami okay I
guess I could go to a laundromat
you know somewhere on my day run but I
don’t want to hang on a laundromat for
three or four hours during my life no no
even though I know I’m gonna be on this
five-star resort waiting for me at the
pier later today and no I’d rather hand
in someone and say do that I’m going
golfing I got a golf round I got a golf
game booked in Cozumel I’m gonna go
golfing maybe with a couple buddies I
met on the cruise maybe not and and then
and then at the end of the golf game I
come back down to the fear and my
laundry will be waiting in they’ll take
it back on board I don’t think I’m being
unrealistic here but being very lazy and
and western-oriented yes but that’s what
I am what can i yeah
anyway thoughts any of you ever thought
of going on a long term cruise like that
I’ve thought about a world cruise I
wouldn’t be nice to go on a
round-the-world cruise the problem is
that dollars there I can’t find anything
under a like 200 bucks a night on
average you know 100 day cruise 20,000
big money and and now you’re committed
to the long-term of the cruise whereas
if you’re taking say series of week-long
cruises or 10 day cruises say the
Caribbean thing and you get ill a badly
ill I mean medically you’re not doing
too well and you come off the ship and
you’ve got to go to the hospital you can
cancel certain cruises further out you
might you might lose you – you know your
your your prepay on the next cruise
that’s take it off today but next week’s
or next month’s maybe you get partial
refunds or you have insurance and and
you don’t have to worry about the rest
of it but if you get ill 25 days into a
100 day cruise and you’re in I don’t
know Papua New Guinea or your your Fiji
problem I know so again it’s a it’s it’s
– each person’s health level you know
and your insurance
and your medical condition everyone
we’re all different we’ll have to create
one messages seem to be flying through
here let’s see what’s going on here
crash hey says I have I have found
crew’s laundry too harsh on my clothes
they come back faded and stiff a very
sensitive to detergents and soaps and
good thoughts they’re told to get you
Theresa is saying the ship would do it
for free if your status is high enough
well you know after about ten cruises in
a row maybe after 70 days he kind of
reached a certain level right good point
Karen saying laundry is freedom
depending on your benefit level if you
are going to cruise for that many days
you will reach this level there you go
just like I said
and then Richards here Richard calm
ASCII there is a 70 day cruise from
Sydney to New York via the Suez Canal
hits all the great ports in between yeah
that would be now be fantastic yeah I
you know I’m kind of thinking that
sometimes the a great way to see the
world and get a longer term cruise is
that a longer repositioning type cruise
of course you’ve got the you know say 13
to 16 day typical repositioning cruises
over the Atlantic from say Florida to to
the Mediterranean area but sometimes you
can catch a nice repositioning cruise
maybe Dubai to Rome or Dubai to Hong
Kong or from Sydney to you know to Dubai
might be a repositioning cruise and then
the ship is going to apply the Mideast
after that the trick is just getting to
the ship again as I’ve said before those
of you well some of you mostly you
probably haven’t seen me talk about this
but um I’m a big fan of Emirates Airways
i I think Emirates has got a business
model that is just second to none they
use Dubai of course as their
international hub that’s where they’re
from and I was thinking boy you know if
you’re in you’re in say taking a
repositioning cruise from from Florida
and you end up in Rome and you do you do
Italy for a week or so bed and
breakfasts and what-have-you and you try
to keep it reasonable on expenses and
your next your next great cruise is Rome
to Sydney Australia
a repositioning cruise just just
spitballing here well you know flying
Emirates nonstop from Rome to Dubai it
for 500 bucks one-way how can you beat
flying in brand-new aircraft from an
a380 you get to Dubai spend a couple of
days there get on the ship and go the
other hand I’ve seen great cruises that
just do the Middle East area they do
Dubai they do moose caps they do Abu
Dhabi they don’t go very far in their
distance kind of way they might pop over
to India for a little bit and back like
a one-week cruise 10-day cruise you
might try some great deals on a couple
of those consecutively and then you get
that repositioning cruise from Rome from
Dubai back to Rome or to or to Barcelona
and you grab one of those if you can’t
if the next repositioning cruise is
Sydney Australia to Singapore Emirates
Airways from Dubai to Sydney Australia
one-way five six hundred bucks you’re in
Sydney you might as well spend a week or
two in Australia while you’re there then
get on a cruise and reposition yourself
that way so between a combination of
lights and repositioning cruises and
then some regional cruises once you’re
in a certain region you may be able to
cobblestone together a aid like a a 12
month trip that includes nine months of
cruise ship time three months of flying
time and then in breakfast time maybe by
a rail pass in Europe for two weeks or
two months and do that for all I mean
there’s just the combinations are
endless you just have to be open-minded
about it but you gotta be willing to
live on a live out of a suitcase from
time to time and that’s a tough sell
it’s easier for a guy to do it it’s
tougher for a woman to do it I get it
but if the couple is in on it and it’s a
one time you know one time adventure
this might be the trip of a lifetime and
you kind of take yourself back to what
when you were university students you
know or just out of high school and you
traveled for six months kind of out of a
backpack but now you’re you’re not quite
of a backpack you’re out of a little
nicer backpack it’s got wheels
who don’t
let’s see what else we got here any
other messages am i caught anything here
reach out level no I’m up to speed on my
message so yeah you know there’s there’s
ways to take these trips to make it work
for you it’s just a matter of what
what’s your tolerance level and you know
if the husband can work on the wife or
if the wife could work on the husband
because I’m getting messages from you
folks who are saying to me I want to go
on a cruise but my husband is reluctant
to do it the guy just doesn’t want to do
it well you know you get him on a
one-week cruise first and and you know
maybe it’s Mexican Riviera maybe it’s a
Caribbean cruise and let’s see how that
goes and maybe you know if there’s a
like about that if you want to do
something longer you talk about it go
why don’t we talk about doing a two
weeks one back-to-back and we’ll do one
cruise on the Western am one cruise on
the euro damn or we’ll do one on the
oasis of the seas and we have a couple
of days and in say Miami and then we’ll
catch the next Roos which might be a
celebrity cruise for a week why don’t we
try three or four different cruise lines
over six weeks we’ll try one cruise take
a week on land take one more cruise of
no ship company week on land play that
game you may find that all Americas for
me or its it’s gonna be celebrity that’s
the way to go if we can get deals on
celebrity let’s do four or five of those
in a row you’re on a cruise ship feel
off you’re in an area that you want to
be at and you’ve got variety because
they have more than one ship you never
know Betsy is saying I would like to see
Pitcairn and Henderson Island and Easter
Island yeah yeah that’s there’s a
there’s a bucket list a spot for you you
know and and I you know I don’t ever see
deals to like the Galapagos I don’t ever
see deals to like Antarctica and you
know that kind of thing although I did
mention the cruiser what a week ago a
repositioning cruise I think it was San
Juan Puerto Rico to Lisbon on a cruise
ship try remember who’s operating it you
folks might remember in or not it was a
two-week deal a suite for fifty bucks a
night per person $100 a night for a
couple in a suite on a on a glorified
yacht it was a it looked like a giant
yacht with 160 Suites
five six star everything
in a deal like that and you just got to
do it you just got to do it even if
you’re stranded in Lisbon you know you
get there and you don’t have a ship to
take you somewhere else
who cares you’re in Lisbon you got there
for 50 bucks a night each you’ve just
been pampered for two weeks you take a
high-speed train ride to either
Barcelona to grab a ship there or you
take a Ryanair cheapo flight to Rome or
to – oh hell I’m them to get to South
Anthony you’re gonna find your next ship
somewhere you’ll have figured it out in
get some Europe land time in now Richard
is saying Bruce remember the cruise
lines have packages that give great
airfare on their sites to encourage you
to fly distances very good
I also found you don’t have to start and
end at the same port yes sir uh and I
was gonna mention this a couple of days
ago I think was on my Saturday cruises
gonna mention this little thing because
you kind of touched on Richard something
I want to go into but I had so many
questions from viewers that we just kind
of talked on I wanted to mention
something that’s coming up this is a
trend I think this is a new trend that’s
coming I think we’re gonna see a lot
more of it because the cruise business
as we all know is expanding six to eight
percent growth a year not only in the
major lines like we know we know what
Carnival and we know what Royal
Caribbean and Norwegian we know about
these guys
we know Disney’s got three ships on
order we know MSC has got ships on order
I think seven despite the the sea sides
problem we know what we know these large
lines with their subsidiary lines
they’re all growing out not nothing new
there what also is happening is there a
lot of new smaller boutique cruise lines
mainly in Europe that are beginning to
show up some boutique lines only
concentrate on Greece and and them you
know in the Mediterranean area we never
hear about them unless you’re over there
you don’t you don’t even see the
marketing for them because why would
they mark it to someone in st. Louis or
in Creston British Columbia Canada the
odds are getting me to go all the way
over there to catch a cruise impossible
I got they got to get me past the the
counter the carnival counter and the
Royal Caribbean counter to get me all
the way over there I totally get that
but there are a lot of new boutique
companies coming and of course we all
know about the river cruising and that’s
expanding rapidly and I’m hoping
crossing my fingers that as more and
more River cruise companies and ships
come on stream online that the cost will
come down and that we’ll be able to
afford some of these because some of
these river cruises I would love to take
but at 400 bucks a night per person you
know it’s out of the reach of a lot of
people and so that’s gonna have to
change what I’m beginning to see
happening and what I think is gonna
really happen here is what I’m referring
to is combo deals and what I’m talking
about whether they’re spec to a combo
deal I’m just looking over here to read
my notes it won’t be unusual to start
seeing 14-day offers come our way
through probably through travel agents
first of all because they’ll be the
frontline people to give you know make
us aware of this but it’ll come to the
point where we’re going to be offered
all-inclusive deals that include airfare
a a land-based all-inclusive Resort and
a cruise all in combination and you may
fly too from you know from wherever
you’re starting from you may fly to one
destination which might be the ship and
you will you’ll start with a cruise and
then you’ll get off the cruise at a at a
different location than what the crew
started at and you’re now in a
destination spot where there’s a resort
and it’s an all-inclusive resort you’ll
do that for perhaps the second week and
then from there you’ll fly back home
this is coming this is going to probably
start in Europe if it hasn’t already and
it’s gonna vary we’re going to see I
think cruise itineraries from a between
three and seven and ten days and I think
wanna see land-based all-inclusive
itineraries same thing three seven ten
days each and so you’re gonna have you
know six day eight day twelve a 15 day
25 day combination deals where all of
these will be incorporated in one
package and both operators are in effect
connected to each other now the ship
might be a you know might be a brand
name cruise line for the cruise and then
the resort is operated by a brand named
you know Thomas Cook travel or that type
of thing for the resort and then the
airfare may well be a combination
of charter or it’ll be a combination of
same with it with an airline or two we
don’t know I really think this is coming
because we that we the customers we’re
demanding it we are not interested in
being boxed into a cookie cutter type
deal anymore we want to have variety we
you know a lot of us who are you know if
you’re in your 30s right now I wish I
were in my 30s the world is getting so
much smaller and the the you’ve got a
WoW me man Wow me with an offer I can’t
you can’t get me any more on just a
seven-day cruise that might not be
enough for me but if you can offer me
seven days in say st. Barts at an
all-inclusive resort or in or in
Dominica or even Mexico and you can also
give me a seven-day cruise and you can
take care of my airfare and sell me the
package just the whole thing I got a
holiday I’m gonna talk to my friends
about four years and for the tour
whoever can coordinated they got
themselves a hell of a deal because
they’ve got power with the airline for
for volume power with the resorts and
power with the cruise company and I
think this is an area where I think
travel agents are gonna really get into
it because the Commission’s are
they’re absolutely they’re gonna be
absolute standing I can see this
happening it’s gonna come on just
checking couple messages Richard is
saying here Richard Carr masky with the
River Cruises some people I worked or
some people I worked with love them but
depending on water levels on the river
the cruise may become a bus trip of
Europe and you don’t move and you don’t
move by boat it happened to one
co-worker yeah flooding if there’s
flooding these these river boats are
gonna be apart they’re not going
anywhere they they can’t they’re not
allowed to be moved anywhere
the folks who operate the river systems
and waterways the countries they gonna
stop all river traffic and so the these
the river boats are done and now for you
to get to the cities that you were
supposedly going to get to along this
river cruise you’re in a bus and you’re
gonna be put up in hotels that’s what
you did you didn’t sign up for that but
the app that
can definitely happen crash Truex is
saying I’ve done that it is called a
stain plate we flew to dr dominican
republic I’m gonna guess gone on a
Costas ship we did a week aboard then
disembarked in La Romana and then dr
then went to a resort for another week
it was great yeah I think this is gonna
become very much more mainstream I think
we’re gonna really it’s gonna be in our
face soon really in our face and it’s
going to be economically it’s gonna be
very economical III can see where cruise
operators and resort operators and
Airlines are gonna put their heads
together and say okay let’s let’s put
package deals together and make this
work but I think what will happen is a
cruise a tourist agency that specializes
in charter bookings it’ll be a charter
operator that’s gonna pull this first
one off on a massive scale for a firfer
economic you know impact where planes
are going to be chartered say a hundred
seats per flight resorts are gonna be
booked you know fifty rooms hundred
rooms per week or more and cruise ships
are gonna be you know a hundred suites
200 suites at a time and I can see where
you know vast amount of people are gonna
be offered a killer deal I mean $1500
two-week package a $1,900 all-inclusive
with alcohol and and specially dining
deal upon deal deal and they’re gonna
fly off the shelf I I just I see it I
see this coming and I see it becoming
quite attractive I can imagine the
wedding market would be massive for this
it can just imagine you getting married
on the ship and you having a honeymoon
at the resort and it’s all taken care of
wow that could be really something
Paul can’t Paula K is here hi Paulette
hi Bruce 23 degrees in Hanover that’s
Pennsylvania staying in the cold yeah
you are oh man sorry to hear it Paul I
got you beat I’m at 40 degrees up here
in Canada in Creston I went to Bonners
Ferry Idaho
on Saturday afternoon do some grocery
shopping 50 degrees 50 it was bad that I
was thinking about playing golf I mean
I’m a Canadian and now I wasn’t but you
know in my head at one time I would have
thought about that I great to have you
follow welcome back yeah folks I think
this is something we’re we’re gonna see
more off we’re gonna we’re gonna start
seeing these combo type deals coming you
know I I don’t I don’t hear much like I
don’t see much on YouTube yet from
youtubers who are who are saying oh went
on a great cruise you know we took uh it
was a week long cruise had four stops
play four rounds of golf or went on a
charter fishing boat four times each
time when charter fishing all included
with my cruise that happened it’s it’s
you got Tiki cruise and then you book
your your book your excursions on board
the ship one at a time and they put
together 10 20 30 40 50 whatever number
of people and off they go
I don’t see pre-marketing of this sort
of stuff I don’t see uh you know like
for example a cruise leaves Los Angeles
or San Francisco going to Hawaii and
you’re gonna be in a why for a week a
whole week we’re gonna be out there on
board and it includes five rounds of
golf or three rounds of golf and three
charter charter fishing days or it
includes a trip up the Vulcan like a
whole package he’ll includes all the on
shore excursions upfront pick your
package package excursion number one
excursion number two turn I don’t want
to see that being marketed heavily I see
the cruises being marketed yes we have a
15 day Hawaii cruise you know inside
room ocean view balcony but the other
activities are still kind of secret you
have to kind of do some detective work
to figure out what those are and maybe
only the travel agent knows what they
are I don’t see them coming at me or on
TV I don’t see the television ad for
Royal Caribbean promoting onshore
activities I only see Royal Caribbean
promoting at me you can write the wave
riding machine onboard the ship you can
rock climb on board
you can ride the waterslide on board the
shits all ship ship ship
now with labadie the that’s an onshore
resort that Royal Caribbean has built
millions of dollars Carnival is building
another one a number of them in the
Caribbean millions and millions of
dollars signing 99-year leases for these
private islands or private beaches of a
stretch of beach that type of thing a
lot of that going on with of course
pavilions for the weddings and for
corporate getaways if I’m a corporate
promoter if I’m up activities director
for a larger corporation and my boss
says to me I want to reward the top 500
employees of my company of the company
find something we can do with though you
know the husbands and the wives the
wives and the husbands or the the
traveling companion or the friend an
employee plus a guest I would be looking
at cruising yeah I would absolutely be
looking at chartering or you know
chartering a large block of rooms on a
cruise ship that would be something
really in my wheelhouse and then I would
of course organize the rental of the
pavilion at the private island because
that that day there’s three hours of
pavilion activities you’re handing out
awards bonus checks what have you and
then the other four hours run around the
island all you wanted to have a good
time I’d be doing be doing that big time
but yeah these combo things I think are
coming Christine are is here how you
doing Christine Bruce – 17 Fahrenheit
Michigan Oh God
this is the Arctic vortex folks I don’t
have to tell you folks about it you’re
living it I’m happy to say I’m not in
the Arctic vortex and the I’m getting
Seattle and Vancouver British Columbia
weather and it’s wonderful I’m avoiding
the whole the whole Arctic scene that
you folks are in though I’m sorry that
I’m sorry you are again for any of you
folks who are watching live who haven’t
signed it you don’t have to but if you
want to say hi to me that would be great
tell me where you are what’s your high
temperature going to be today we love
comparing notes for those of you who are
watching this broadcast that happened
today this is the February the fifth
Monday for the
you’re watching this tonight tomorrow
next week I’m reading the comments from
the participer you on the broadcast on
the replay can’t see these comments
they’re not posted so that’s why I’m
reading these notes all the time saying
hi if you have any questions about
cruising let me know those of you are
watching the replay you have any
questions about cruising something you
want me to look up for you just pop a
message in my comment box below here
I’ll be more than happy to talk to you
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Eastern so if you ever want to watch me
live you can do so like these folks are
watching me live now and it’s fantastic
love having the Comets coming in Chevy
and first just joined in hi you and
Chevy in first Hey Bruce 50 degrees here
today in good old Georgia yeah it’s cool
for you guys too isn’t it you know the
Carolinas are in the 40s 50s and it’s
cold and PA and Ontario and the
Maritimes are okay out west we’re okay
in the middle country middle comment not
so good very very cold nice to have you
here Chevy first we’re talking about all
kinds of stuff today we’ve been talking
about can you live on a cruise ship kind
of full time yes you can can you live on
a cruise ship affordably full time yes
you can but it depends on what you’re
prepared to tolerate I would say the you
know the most economical way to do and
of course is an inside room but that
might not be so enjoyable it might be
tolerable with a an ocean view room but
for a lot of you folks out there maybe
for me I don’t know it may be an
absolute mandatory I have to have a
balcony I want my privacy I want a
private outdoor space and I like to have
a chair and an ottoman out there yep
then that’s the way it’ll be then that’s
the way it’s going to be the budget will
reflect it if you’re a single traveler
the trick of it is unfortunately that if
you’re trying to book a single room
certain cruise lines won’t let you do it
or they’ll let you do it but it’s double
the price because you’re taking up space
of two people normally take up and
you’re just one on the other hand some
cruise lines are getting very flexible
with regard to single supplements
they’re calling it where they’ll offer
you well we’ll give you a room for say
the fare plus 20% or plus 40% in other
cases if you’re prepared to say hey
listen I’m prepared to stay on the ship
for 3 months
what can you do for me 3 months solid
I’m booking this cabin what can you do
for you you don’t know until you ask
you may find that they might very well
accommodate you in a manner you hadn’t
thought of before never know I love the
idea of being on a cruise ship for a
longer period of time but I kind of like
the idea of a variety a tenor area I
don’t think I want to be you know doing
Jamaica came in Cozumel Jamaica you know
I don’t want the three every week every
month I’d like a little more than that
so I kind of I think I’d be I’d be happy
with maybe a month doing that like four
cruises and then a month being in the
Eastern Caribbean or a month being
towards Honduras and and Belize maybe
I’d like a little you know a little more
variety on an annual basis but that’s
just just me
of course once you’re doing it for a
while you may find it it doesn’t matter
you quite happy being in came in once a
week uh Karen loves to say Bruce make
sure you check on your provincial health
care coverage for extended stays outside
your home province you may not be
covered you’ve gone for more than seven
months good point if you’re going to be
gone a long time like you know more than
more than that amount of time depending
here in Canada and depending on your
health care provider in the US if you’re
away from your home market for a longer
period of time you may have to have
additional supplementary insurance you
may not have coverage in certain other
spots you have to be mindful of that for
Canadians who are going to go on a say
on a three-month cruising expedition say
to the Caribbean you don’t have to worry
about the American the clock running on
you for the American state in Canada we
have to be careful that if we stay more
than 182 days a year in the United
States per year we could become American
taxpayers on unwittingly unvoluntary
but if you’re on a cruise you’re in Fort
Lauderdale one day a week and if your
stops are in Jamaica Grand Cayman in
you’re not in the US for six days on our
own then you’re back for one day and
then you’re gone again so over a three
month time frame you might only be on
American soil for 12 days 14 days on the
other hand if the cruise you’re on
starts in Miami and ends up in San Juan
Puerto Rico for a day you’re on US
territory and if you end up in st.
Thomas you might be again considered in
US territory so you have to kind of keep
an eye on that but that’s where the
variety comes in and even so if you’re
only cruising for three months that’s 90
days total and if those 90 days of 30 of
them are in the United States you’re not
gonna have an IRS tax problem you’re not
gonna hit the hundred eighty two day
time limit anyway and then from a health
perspective for health care if you’re
gonna be south in the US or away from
Canada for say five months of the winter
you don’t have to worry about losing
your health care coverage and if you’re
also you know doing two months on the
cruise ship flying home for Christmas
and then back two or three months on the
cruise ship again you’ve broken that
pattern and you should be okay but
everybody has to figure it out for
themselves each province in Canada is
different just like each state is
different in the United States and each
insurance provider in the US is
different than the other do you have to
check you have to do your own homework
another point to remember is your phone
if you have a cell phone you have to
check with your provider your cell phone
provider you may you may not want to
have a cell phone activated when you’re
away for five or six months on the
cruise ship on the other hand you might
be able to get an international plan
that covers you for texts and emails and
even telephone calls you just have to
look into that yourself let’s see here
what do we got here okay
Christine R is asking do people ship hop
continuously my aunt and uncle do that
repeatedly but not continuously all year
yeah I think there are I think there are
people who will you know they’ll be on a
cruise for a week or two on one ship and
then jump to another for a couple of
weeks into another I I can imagine how
again if you’re in front of a travel
agent and you’re looking at a calendar
together and you’re saying to the travel
agent okay I’m gonna give you
instructions I’m gonna give you a
general overview of what I have in mind
I want to be on a cruise ship from
between January
until the end of April and the Caribbean
is my region what can you do for me for
variety for pricing the best room
available but at the best price and
maybe shipboard credits or promotions
and what-have-you and maybe for loyalty
discounts if I’m if I’m on a Carnival
ship or I’m on a haul in America ship
for for 60 days or 30 days or do I get
extra benefits what can you do for me
that’s the job of your travel agent
might take them a few days before they
get back to you but they’ll get back to
you and then give enough time of course
and then let them come back and say okay
kids here’s what we got
I’ve got this itinerary printed I got
three of them for you three itineraries
printed out and they vary from you know
there’s four different cruise lines
involved there’s seven different ships
involved there’s 25 ports involved
you’re gonna see all kinds of stuff this
might be the trip you might talk about
for years you might only do it one time
one time in your life and you may not do
it again
on the other hand you might do it one
time and go wow this is great next year
you know what instead of four cruise
line so we’ll just do two and we want to
be at these particular points these are
our 10 favorite ports we preferred these
tens so a few others in I get it but boy
this would be great from for next year
it all varies you never know that was
Christine’s question Richard is saying
sounds like you should own a cabin on
the world which goes where the owners
want to go wouldn’t that be nice yes it
would but I’ll tell you Richard the the
the price to get in whoo that’s a
serious amount of money Christine are
saying I heard the world is pretty
exclusive I know I’m too low on those
social and financial totem pole to be
anything other than skiing yeah
Christina and I’ll see you in the
kitchen we’ll be doing dishes together
Theresa MacFarlane saying my husband and
I ship hop we are leaving on the 16th
going on Royal Caribbean for eight days
first then the next week going on
Norwegian cruise lines for seven days
doing the same thing in November on
November second two different do in
November two different cruise life
you bet I mean this is you know if
you’ve done it if you’ve ever done it
before and you know you know all about
it why not if you’ve never done it
before what an adventure uh you know
it’s worth the shot give it a go what do
you got to lose
I mean how many people would you how
many co-workers of yours would look at
you in Envy when you when they ask you
oh what are you doing for what are you
doing for you when are you getting any
other holidays oh yeah yeah I’m gonna go
I in two cruises back-to-back I’m one on
Rock Caribbean I’m going on Norwegian
I’m gonna see these fifteen different
ports Oh what are you doing for for your
holidays this year you win I tell you
that would be great I care to say in
care election you must leave USA for
more than 30 days for the clock to
restart if you leave on a cruise from
USA for less than 30 days it counts as
if you’re in the States the whole time
well there’s some interesting
information you know it’s a question of
just how you put it together and where
you’re going and whatever again if it’s
three months it’s three months if you’re
doing January February March from Miami
to the Caribbean and back if they count
at all it’s 90 days you’re still well
within your hundred eighty two or
whatever the numbers and so you should
be okay it’s when you’re it’s when
you’re shooting that 182 level you’re
kind of getting close you have to watch
that you have to also watch consecutive
years and there’s a whole lot of
information on the internet about this
for Canadians who need to know but I
would say that for you know for a
first-time experience to experience a
cruise after a cruise after a cruise
after a cruise you know it’s an
adventure that you you you may not have
thought of something you might want to
think about and you made us do you know
for cruises in a row same ship same
itinerary balcony and let’s see how we
like it and you might hate it you might
find that after the fourth I can handle
it but boy when that last cruise
finished oh I was so glad to get off
that thing and you might be done with it
you never know but until you try it you
don’t know at all and if you’ve never
cruised before you gotta try a cruise
and I always recommend for a newbie
first-timer take up take a one-week
cruise you could do a two-day cruise a
four-day cruise but those are generally
short-term booze cruises and that’s not
a true
reflection of what a cruise ship life is
well it’s really like on board a cruise
even one week might be too short but
it’s a good taste
take a one-week cruise you’ll have three
or four stops in the Caribbean for the
wintertime or Mexico down from LA down
the Mexican Riviera take a one-week
Cruise and get a taste of cruise ship
life see if you like having your bed
made for you every day see if you like
having five-star dining every day see if
you like the pools I know you can
compare it to resorts all-inclusive
resorts I know you can but the view
changes all the time on a cruise ship it
doesn’t stay the same and you may find
that that is a that’s a pretty good deal
and the pricing I think is right you
can’t compete all-inclusive resorts
generally speaking in a five-star
category they can’t compete with the
cruise ship a three-star all-inclusive
resort or a two-star all-inclusive Rital
yeah yeah that can compete but you don’t
want to go there you just know don’t go
there let’s see here karen is saying you
must also fill in an IRS form to stay
182’s in u.s. a hundred eighty two days
long otherwise you’re allowed around 120
days yeah there’s there’s all kinds of
rules you have to observe as Canadians
you have to look into that if you’re
gonna take like I say a 90 day time
frame to enjoy should be okay no worries
and if you want to do you know
repositioning cruise from the u.s. to
Europe and then you want to take a
series of European cruises you have
nothing to worry about with regard to
the IRS
they’re over there you’re over here
you’re fine
so Europe ePHI you’ll be you’ll be all
good I’ll tell you that was a I think
you’re good chat today I hope I hope
I’ve intrigued some of you folks to look
into something like this or I hope I
haven’t bored you I think it’s
fascinating that you can do back to back
to back to back cruises and some of
these deals are so good they’re just you
just can’t pass them up I think it’s
fantastic you can make the trip what you
want it to be and again in a pending on
your age and your physical abilities
your medical conditioning perhaps living
on a cruise ship for a while it might be
something to seriously consider and yet
again it
might not for some folks they would far
rather have back-to-back-to-back
all-inclusive resorts in Cuba or in
Dominica or in or in Mexico it all
depends if you’re into RVing you’re in
the RV there’s a whole world there and
it’s its own you know it’s its own
lifestyle and you can make that as basic
as you want or as luxurious as you want
and everywhere in between
I mean RVing don’t don’t look at an RV R
and go all those poor people living
outdoors and it’s always dusty and those
goal no I think you can make are being
quite nice if you wish it’s a question
of your budget and and what kind of
lifestyle you want to lead on the road
and what kind of vacation you want okay
I think I’m gonna wrap this up today I
want to thank everybody for joining in I
hope if you’ve just joined me for the
first time you think about subscribing
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boasts and I’ll be on again tomorrow
I’ll be on tomorrow Tuesday February the
6th 5 p.m. Eastern all this week from
until Friday and insanity
two o’clock Eastern I hope you had a
good time today folks I enjoyed it very
I look forward to talking to you for
green I see you there say I’m saying
good night to you to dream and to Karen
and to Teresa and to Christine and
Richard and Chevy in first and Paula Kay
crash 3x Betsy who else is here today
Teresa s MJ was here AJ Walsh was here
Elizabeth thanks all you guys for
joining today I really appreciate you
participating don’t love the comments
have a great night you guys we’ll talk
tomorrow so this is Bruce saying goodbye
with traveling with Bruce we’re gonna
see you next time have a good night
and we’ll talk to you tomorrow bye-bye

21 thoughts on “Cruise Ship Full Time Living Can It Be Done Affordably Living on a Cruise Ship for the Winter”

  1. I have never seen any savings with travel agents. I have done better booking through RC then buy gift cards through credit card which saved me 10 percent. What savings are you seeing through travel agents? Even Lan based packages, I find cheaper booking the details myself. Would love to heat your experience since I would love to get a deal and not have to go through the trouble.

  2. I have never even been on a cruise! But it is definitely on the bucket list. They get pretty pricy for me, as I live in rural Alberta so first there is a costly flight even just to get to the cruise ship, then the cruise itself. Waiting on that lottery (or at least a really good deal on flights!)

  3. Hi Bruce. I'm a regular lurker on your live shows. Wish i could participate but I listen to you like a podcast while driving my semi. I am subscriber number 90 something. This is my favorite topic to date. How about a 4 month world cruise? Next cruise on Vision of the seas Feb 14. B2B 9 days. Keep up the great work!

  4. You can talk about cruising and Germany we love both once we move to Florida we can drive to the cruise port and we did a amsterdam to Budapest river on Viking GREAT, we loved Germany too plan to go back to do a train tour

  5. I have looked at vacation to go .com in the past. For me I always found it to be cheaper to book right through the cruise line. Although maybe that depends on the specific cruise line? Sounds like you have this living on a ship idea really planned out. I think it would be fun. If you start with the repositioning cruise from Vancouver you can skip the flight costs.

  6. We are new subscribers. We moved from Ohio to Southwest Florida and love it BUT we love to travel. We just spent almost a year traveling the USA and Europe but are now back enjoying the Tampa Bay area. I keep hearing how wonderful cruising is so I'm thinking I could literally live on a cruise ship I think as long as the internet is good since we work from home AND if I can get over my sea-sickness. I found traveling the way we did this past year was EXHAUSTING as much as I loved it so I can see being on a cruise ship would be much easier physically 🙂 So I have a lot of homework to do and need to figure out how to get discounts, free points, upgraded, etc…so I'm glad I found your channel 🙂 I'll be watching many channels to learn all I an on living full time aboard in the future 🙂 We will start with the one week cruises just to make sure we like it for starters 🙂

  7. What is the difference from booking a cruise on the company's website via going through a travel agent? Thanks.

  8. Regent Holidays, before they went belly up, used to offer combo packages of air, resort, and cruise back in the late 80's and early 90's. They were fantastic holidays.

  9. Could it be you can afford to cruise by you put ELEVEN commercials in this video. I stopped watching before the first one.

  10. 89 here today. Hot and humid. Yes I have thought for many years about cruising half of the year when I retire soon. I’m curious if the ship dose your laundry? Like your personal clothing. Can you see the doctor on the ship? Thanks. Oh I live in Mississippi

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