crystal cruises – crystal cruises | crystal serenity world cruise  2019

crystal cruises – crystal cruises | crystal serenity world cruise 2019

Los Angeles is renowned for its idyllic
weather seventy-five miles of exquisite
coastline the Hollywood sign
Walk of Fame the LA Clippers and the LA
Lakers a luxurious Beverly Hills
shopping district when it comes to food
LA has no shortage of places to eat and
most interested in the profound
opportunity to search out the humble
taco so today my friend and taco
aficionado is chef Katsuji Tanabe who
you may know from Top Chef and food
network he’ll guide me through some of
his favorites taco trucks and celebrated
holes in the wall which have recently
gained culinary status based on what I
learned today I’ll develop a dish with
the culinary team to be featured at
Waterside the chic and spacious main
dining room on the crystal serenity
water side offers michelin inspired
cuisine with two menus the classic
options include herb crusted Rakhal and
crispy sea bass even creme brulee
there’s also a progressive modern menu
which gives you the opportunity to feast
on culinary artistry through science and
beautifully prepared food
what makes waterside unique as well is
that it’s done at your leisure
so are we going well we’re in
south-central this guy’s been making
tacos since 1972
he cooks around almost a thousand pounds
every weekend he starts cooking at 2:00
a.m. and start and finishes at 6:00 and
by 3 p.m. she’s completely out how would
anyone find this though it’s just
knitting no and you’re not gonna see
like any hipsters no pictures no
Instagram it’s literally you need to
find the place there’s no sign there’s
nothing this is it this is this is what
I call a hole in the wall oh my gosh
so this is a free sample it’s just for
a little bit of the query to the skin
and obviously you need to have something
spicy oh there’s a whole chili pepper to
the people I am English you know so
finger something that I like the juice
you got it yeah take a bite take a bite
mm-hmm okay here we go I’m folding
then I stroke that this is what 30 years
of Croatian tasted know what this thing
is that connect us from different areas
it’s the Chili’s or the salsa no I don’t
think I’ve ever had a more authentic
style Mexican taco I’ve only had in the
restaurants we eat carnitas blinging
Mexican weakens early in the morning so
you have all day to work them out cause
they’re heavy
he’s only kept the recipe the family do
you thing could you ask him after
tasting this I want to know when he
adopt me
after eating a tender melt-in-your-mouth
pork carnitas it was time to head over
the other side of town to meet with Chef
Wes at gorilla tacos
there is no such thing as an authentic
taco in my opinion tacos can be from
whatever city you’re from whatever
webelo you’re from whatever neighborhood
you’re from I’m from Los Angeles it’s a
big melting pot so that’s why you’ll see
Japanese influence you’ll see Mexican
influence you’ll see a little bit of
French influence because even like in
parts of Mexico people argue this Pueblo
does it one way my family doesn’t one
way to uncles with to two different ways
my grandma there’s grandma what we do is
use the tortilla as a canvas we use it
to showcase the ingredients whether it
be a fried piece of cod whether it be
well or sweet potato some fresh hamachi
or some some tuna so that’s that’s
really what we use it for it’s a like a
blank slate like I don’t have any
borders so it’s very much unrestricted I
use what I want we can be shepherds of
our ideas and our you know our flavors
and our motivations and put them on a
plate and have people enjoy them yeah
there’s something really comforting
about the taco being like something that
you can eat with your hands and you pick
up and it’s very it’s very primal you
know what I mean it comes from
somebody’s hands making it right there
nine times out of ten it’s more in front
of you so you’re getting it you’re
seeing then make it you’re seeing like
the work that goes behind and you’re
eating it it’s like it’s incredible for
me the taco like it has to have a couple
different things there’s got to be
crunch in it which most of my pals all
have that just crunch some savory
something unctuous or a creamy or kind
of rich and then also an
freshness from the herbs and spice I
thought that taco at West’s was
it’s been wonderful seeing you mate
thank you so much now you got only or
tacos get an al pastor taco hey don’t
until next time thank you Robert
tacos leo is in a gas station a gas
station this is on the corner of a big
intersection come on
for six dollars you can get four tacos
look at that now you can see why taco
has become so popular in Los Angeles
perfectly cooked pork and toasted
tortillas a squeeze of lime remember me
you want that brightness on attacker
that acidity you got the onions the
cilantro pico de gallo and some shaved
pineapple now that is a jam-packed taco
for one dollar fifty
I can hardly close it all back should we
try it should be
the tortillas toasted it’s still warm
the meats perfectly cooked it’s got a
nice char ‘m to me this is exciting in a
gas station yes you hid it in a gas
from the inspiration we’ve gathered in
Los Angeles we’re going to be making a
deconstructed taco I had a meeting with
the chef’s and blessed as well because
we’re gonna get several folks in to do a
taste test and give their feedback on
this deconstructed taco it’s time for me
to head in the kitchen and join the
chef’s and get it ready
thank you so much for coming out I’m so
happy you get to be taste testers before
we serve this in this beautiful
restaurant from Los Angeles we got
inspiration from the taco we visited
three places so we’ve broken down the
taco wow that is gorgeous at the top we
have a tomatillo and almond sauce dried
chilies tomatillos and we’ve roasted
them fresh garlic almonds and then we
pureed them next to that you can see
that we’ve got a quenelle of pico de
gallo when you go to an hour pastoral
place you’ll see pineapple on the top
when it comes to the hamachi we’re
taking her match him with cured we’ve
taken some chilies some salt and we put
them into the blender to make this
powder light dusting on the fish and
then wrap the fish in kombu the kombu
it’s gonna give it glutamates for the
tortilla taste rather than having a
tortilla what you pick up we took some
we took some corn Natsume adds to some
cream and milk and we’ve made this
infusion finally we have some avocado
we’re taking some fresh avocado that’s
beautifully ripe mix that with some
caramelized onion to add some sweetness
and then a small amount of dehydrated
corn just to add that beautiful corn
flavor that we have when we have tacos
what I would suggest is slice the fish
album bring all the elements together
I’m going to head back the kitchen and
I’ll come back out and I want to see if
you feel this deconstructed taco should
the menu at Waterside bon appetit
my god this is so good
looking at the plates it looks like you
may have enjoyed our deconstructed taco
amazing was spectacular
delicious do we actually feel that dish
should be on the menu absolutely I want
to give it cheers to you but also I want
to give a cheers to all the wonderful
culinary team that has helped this dish
be said today here’s
everything we’ve done has built up to
this moment I’m so excited to save this
deconstructed taco

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