Crystal Palace 1-1 Arsenal – Mikel Arteta FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

Crystal Palace 1-1 Arsenal – Mikel Arteta FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

You had control of the match. How unhappy
were you with Palace goal and the sending off?
I was very pleased with the way we started,
the way we dominated the first half – things
I saw that we worked on in training and the
way they executed them.
But obviously after the break we knew they
were going to push and get more bodies forward
and put us under more pressure. We started
to give away a lot of free kicks – something
we have to try to avoid in this ground and
then we switched off. For the goal we completely
switched off. We allowed them to put the cross
in, we turned and conceded a deflection and
I’m very disappointed with that.
After that, I must say we reacted really well
after conceding and after Auba’s red card,
we reacted even better in my opinion.
What did you think of the sending off?
I just watched it and it looked nasty to be
fair. Knowing Auba, there was no intention
to make sure a tackle, hopefully he (Max Meyer)
hasn’t been injured and we are sorry for that
(the tackle) but they made a decision and
we have to accept it.
With 10 men you were pushing for the win and
you were close weren’t you?
That’s what I want to see from my team. Their
reaction was really positive, they wanted
to win the game, they went for it, we had
three or four really good situations.
We created the best chance with Nicolas and
Lacazette and we were unlucky not to win the game.
How tough will missing Aubameyang be for the
next three games?
That’s a massive blow, you know how important
he is for the team and maybe we’re going to
lose him for a couple of games.
Were you surprised how easily Palace were
able to get back in the game?
It’s a credit to them. It wasn’t that easy
in the first half. Maybe in the second half
when they started to change a few bits they
made it a bit more difficult and we have to
learn to get out of these positions. But we
started to commit a lot of fouls as well and
everything was stop-start which isn’t the
type of game that suits us at the moment.
There were a lot of things that I was pleased
Did losing Lucas Torreira have a big impact?
Well, when Matteo came on he was really good
but obviously he (Torreira) has been in good
form and given us a lot but I had to get him
off because he wasn’t feeling good.
Do you know what sort of injury he’s got?
It’s a muscle injury, we will have to assess
it with the doctors tomorrow or the day after
then we will know more.
Switching off at set pieces has happened before you arrived, how do you cut that out. Is it a mental issue?
At this level in the Premier League, you suffer
for two-five seconds and concede a goal straight
away. So, I don’t know, I’m going to have
to find a way to avoid those situations, it
happened today and it cost us two points.
What is your view on VAR?
I think we’ll get to the point that we all
want. It’s still a process where it’s true,
sometimes it breaks everything up but for
some big decisions, it’s very important to
have it. It’s in place at the moment and we
have to respect the decision, hopefully they
are going to make more positive than negative

35 thoughts on “Crystal Palace 1-1 Arsenal – Mikel Arteta FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES”

  1. Very well spoken , once again we had class moments of play the first half was another example unlucky but we must give Arteta time

  2. They should switch back to two points for a win again , a scrappy win or a win against a poor performance isn’t worth 2 points more than a hard fought draw imo .

  3. I liked today's game more than MANU… CP bullied us a lot and stopped us from playing but never looked like scoring. With a bit more incisive and intuitive passing we cud have created more chances but the process has just begun.

  4. Beware if M Artheta take time to buy players there will be chaos at Arsenal. The team which are well positioned have already made their choice. Liverpool already bought players.If not done yet keep waiting till the end of mercato.

  5. As a very very critical arsenal fan, I am pleased with this man. He means business when he speaks and I would love love love him to succeed.

  6. I rather like Arteta’s forthrightness in his interviews,he comes across as being honest and sincere. And he seems to molding the players in a positive way as reflected in their improved performances since he’s been in charge of the team.

  7. What I would like to know is how come their goal scorer Jordan ayew made foul after foul and was never booked. He had so many in fact could have easily been sent off.

    Inconsistent refs all the time. Worst in the world.

  8. Mr.Arteta,it could be 3×0 in the firsthalf fr Arsenal,if the players concentrate enough.I think some off Arsenal players is not serious.They don't have responsebility for the Club..
    Mr Arteta have to do something with these case, before it' s to late…

  9. The thing I like about Arteta is he demands the players to work hard and suffer together. That's what I want to see these Arsenal players do, keep working hard even when we are drawing or loosing. Show the fans that you (players) are working as hard as you can, we might not like the results but we appreciate the fight!.

  10. Arsenal needed to create more quality chances on goal during the first 30 minutes. We could've scored two or three goals and controlled the rest of the match. Ozil was often finding himself open in between the lines, but his teammates were passing sideways instead of pinging a pass forward to him when he could create a good chance. The one time he did get such a pass he combined with Laca and Auba for the goal.

    Losing Torreira also made a significant difference as Guendouzi lacks the bite needed for that position. I was a bit surprised when Arteta pulled Ozil and not Pepe for Martinelli, as Pepe really wasn't doing much and Ozil is a much more creative player and his work rate is equivalent to Pepe. Auba will be missed and I'm guessing that his absence will affect whether Martinelli is released to play for the Brasil Olympic qualifying team. Arsenal did show great character in fighting for the draw, which is very encouraging. COYG !!!

  11. Ozil could hardly walk after 60 minutes of playing. What is his fitness level? He did not run too much. He did not work hard.

  12. I am sure Arteta will be phenomenal manager. The match against C. Palace could have ended in shame. Thanks to Arteta he managed the risk. The problem in Arsenal is some players (like Laca) are resisting for change under Arteta.

  13. Gouendozi is becoming a serious liability to the team.. his positioning is terrible, his tacles are poor, his awareness is highly suspect.. he seem not good enough for #Arsenal he is providing that this season!

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