CSGO Betting Edge: StarLadder Berlin Major Challenger Stage Betting Predictions!

CSGO Betting Edge: StarLadder Berlin Major Challenger Stage Betting Predictions!

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What’s up ladies and gentlemen my name is Itzsassym8
and i’ll be the host for the first episode of this show, i mean im sure ill continue it but i mean…
you never know, i could just like,
like die
Today we are going to take a look at the Starladder
Berlin Challenger Stage.
This is the first stage of the major, the
top 8 teams are going to advance to the New
Legends stage.
For the first round we have the following
Going into our first matchup we are going
to be starting with Vitality taking on Syman.
Heading into this matchup everyone can assume
that Vitality are the clear favourites but
here is why, they are currently the 2nd best
team in the world, this can depend on the
zywoo factor but compared to Syman who are
only really somewhat of a dominant force within
the CIS scene it doesn’t paint a very positive
picture for their hopes against Vitality.
Another thing to consider is that Syman never
played at international stage
Syman however have been accused of throwing
potential matches so that is one thing to
point out.
However in the sense of them losing this game
this just adds to that.
The closer we get to this game the odds on
Syman may get better.
Maps for this game don’t really make a difference
in my opinon and I would probably leave this
game a miss due to the odds not being good
to bet on either team.
Nrg, a team that has a history of struggling
on Lan, is currently ranked #6 in the world
by HLTV will face off vs Dreameaters a CIS
underdog which qualified themselves via the
MINOR PLAY IN beating INTZ in the upper bracket.
Nontheless they showed problems at finishing
games choking several leads in their games
in the cis minor and at the play in.
Similar to Syman it has to be considered that
Dreameaters never played at international
stage before.Meanwhile NRG cruised through
the NA minor and qualified with ease under
a new IGL.
They had some time now to practice with this
new roster and they will hopefully show their
potential at the major.
Frankly speaking there are several tiers between
these teams and it’s probably expected for
Dreameaters to lose, but on the right map
they could upset as their players are decently
For this match we are going to wait for the
veto and see if NRG plays into Dreameaters
comfort zone, if that is the case we might
consider a bet on them at 4+ odds.
To see if we bet on Dreameaters join the discord.
Going into the G2 and Tyloo matchup first
off lets take a pause and appreciate this
matchup stylistically, I go more in-depth
in my 5 minutes of csgo in the description
below but the jist of it is that the French
team are generally known for their aggressive
playstyles which is more on the economic side
with their force buys and upgraded pistols.
While Tyloo they are pretty much aggressive
no matter what.
Obviously the scene has developed and the
higher level teams have gotten used to countering
the tyloo style of play so its really coming
to the point where tyloo need to step this
up a notch to really be relevant with this
play style.
The aggression has to be calculated and controlled,
its obviously a very useful too in their tool
box and they need to use this attribute to
the best of their ability.
Similar to say how Connor Mcgregors fighting
style revolves around using that left hand,
not the best example but Tyloo need to use
this aggression and not let it go to waste.
Because if done right they can make G2 uncomfortable
and not let them play their own game and with
the French players of KennyS and Shox having
a similar type of playstyle we may see G2
play into it which frankly may actually favour
the Chinese.
However if Tyloo cant get the momentum and
the ball rolling it could potentially be a
roll over by the G2 side.
We saw this happen last time they met at IEM
Katowice where Tyloo were able to take the
first map but they could not get started on
the 2nd and 3rd and they never came back from
there losing both maps dominantly.
I think this is definitely going to be an
interesting matchup in the sense that tyloo
have had a little bit more time to prepare
with their new roster if they can get over
their communication issues and workout a way
to calculate the aggression I think people
would disagree but they would wipe the floor
with G2.
However G2 have been on the rise lately with
hitting the ESL Pro League Finals Grand Final
and a few other notable results.
I think G2 are the favourites here.
However I think in this situation Tyloo would
actually be a very good pick, opening match
of the tourniement and a best of 1 scenario
and with pretty decent odds it wouldn’t
be too bad for an upset pick.We are thinking
that taking tyloo at odds of 3+ is worth a
0.5u bet.
valde and his boys at north will be facing
INTZ for who it will be the last event with
their starplayer kNg.
kNg already mentioned several times that he
will leave his former team on good terms and
wants to gift a good major run to the squad
he departs.
The brasilians, at several occasions showed
that they perform way better on lan as online,
which we only can hope looking at their recent
online loses to singularity and lazarus in
the EPL relegation.
The team relies heavily on their starplayer
kng and their risky plays working out.
If they don’t get into the game they often
look lost.
North also had a pretty hard time since their
starplayer valde took over the role as IGL.
Their road to the major was so rocky that
they nearly would not have qualified and are
only in berlin thanks to them winning their
last chance match at the minor-playin after
having lost 0-2 to cr4zy and mousesports.
From the past we also know that north often
has a problem with matchups where they are
big favorite and are expected to win.
With all that in mind the odds for INTZ to
win the bo1 look pretty juicy with 4.0 – 5.0
on some sites.
Everything above 3.8 should be value but you
should be able to get way better odds.
We would advise not to bet spreads on this
game since its either INTZ finding into the
game and being able to win it or them not
finding into the game and most likely not
covering any spread that is worth taking.
Furia a team that surprised with their aggressive
playstyle which caught many teams off guard
when they broke into the scene will face off
vs a Hellraiser roster that is weak compared
to their former days.The new roster has not
shown anything that would make me believe
in them to make it far in the qualifier.The
only factor that could be considered for them
is time as they had time to prepare for this
event and could surprise by fixing their mistakes,
but so will have others.At current odds the
bookmakers are giving us,I don’t see anything
that’s worth taking, the Hellraisers odds
are just not good enough and we at Plusev
have shared our pickem for this stage on our
website and have chosen to go with Furia as
a darkhorse to go 3-0.
However if HR odds keep getting higher we
will consider a bet at odds of 3.1 or better.
Next we are going to look into Mouz vs Forze.
**On the one hand we have a very individually
stacked mouz roster lead by Karrigan that
finished in 1.
place at the eu minor after a slow start only
dropping their opening game vs NoChance in
a bo1.**Behind Vitality mouz are the 2.
best team attending and are expected to qualify
to the next round .On the other hand we have
Forze from the CIS region a team that have
grinded their way up with solid online results
and impressed at the CIS-Minor by not dropping
a single map.But we haven’t seen them on a
lan stage so far vs higher tier opposition
as they had visa issues and couldn’t attend
IEM Chicago, so its uncertain if they can
keep the level they showed online so far up
on much more skilled teams on LAN.
As for the map this bo1 will end up on,it
should end up on a map both teams are comfortable
on since their mappools overlap.
On the right day I can see Forze beating mouz
in a bo1, I would suggest betting forze at
2.5+ odds
Avangar have dropped off lately after being
a competitive force over 2019, the addition
of Adren didn’t help them getting back on
track so far.On the flip side we have Complexity
which have not played an official game in
over one month and are a big question mark
for this major.
On paper they look ok, yielding talent like
their newest addition oBo the youngest player
to attend a CSGO major so far.
They have the potential to be dark horse at
this major depending on the progress they
have made in their 1 month absents.
In the past Col surprised us at the London
major 2018 making legend status.This could
repeat if teams underestimate them again.
For now we wouldn’t bet anything in this match,
some bookies have avangar at 1.66 though which
is tempting given how much of an unknown COL
Grayhound and Cr4zy, a very interesting matchup.
You got the up and coming Cr4zy squad all
full of so much potential we have seen them
performing online but now we finally get to
see what they do on lan, obviously with the
likes of Nexa and hunter its crazy what potential
this roster has for some creative CS.
On the other side of the spectrum you have
greyhound who have been slowly but surely
working their way up the Asian and Oceanic
scene which normally gets looked down upon
but I think this is the event which Grayhound
have the opportunity to show how well the
scene is developing with CSGO as a whole.
I think this matchup has a lot of points to
prove in the sense that Cr4zy are looking
hot they have been beating the right teams
and they have finally gotten themselves to
the major.
Now is the chance for them to show that they
can be the next Ence so to speak.
On the greyhound side they are looking to
show the rest of the world that its not just
going to be Renegades up there, this is their
chance to show its finally possible for another
team to consistently perform out of the oceanic
I think however its more in the realms of
the unknown and Grayhound having experience
at this stage and even though they went out
3-0 they could have easily won some of those
matches and took vitality to the limits.
I think this has some upset potential maybe
not as much as the Tyloo game but with the
odds not being great for Cr4zy its not really
worth going on them.
I think bo1 environment it is worth to have
a bet on Grayhound at odds of 3.5 or better.
Thank you for watching this video be sure
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whole major.

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