Cthulhu Death May Die – Tutorial

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Today I want to show how to play this game,
Cthulhu Death May Die, published by CMON Games.
You can play with 1 to 5 players.
In this game, you’re a 1920’s investigator
and you want to interrupt a ritual and kill
the Elder One.
But, you have to interrupt the ritual first
and THEN you can attack and kill the Elder
For example, this guy!
Now you don’t have to buy this, it’s an
You can actually play right on this Cthulhu!
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To start the game, choose an episode box and
an Elder One box.
That’s Episode One and the elder is Hastur.
It’s up to you which boxes you pick.
The episode box has a map to set up the game
It also outlines the enemies you need, how
to interrupt the ritual, and two special actions
you can choose to perform.
It has unique Mythos cards, Discovery cards,
and tokens.
Each Elder One has unique powers, challenges,
cards, monsters, and cultists.
Shuffle the Discovery cards and put them face
down on the table.
These include items, companions, and various
conditions that may help or hurt you.
You’ll just have to see!
Shuffle the Mythos cards, half from the episode
box and half from the Elder One box, and put
those face down on the table as well.
Some will move or summon an enemy.
Some will give you stress and stuff… it’s
not good!
You’ll learn to hate those cards!
Put the story board on the table.
You always use that.
On that story board, you put the Elder One
and all of the cards, including the Elder
One cards, the episode card, and the monster
and cultist cards.
Enemy cards show the enemy’s health, dice
they use when they attack, and unique abilities
used in different situations.
Each player gets 1 random Insanity card.
So look at that and keep it face up on the
Choose which investigator you want to play.
Up until now I’ve been playing Borden because
I just love her skills so much.
Each investigator has 3 skills, which all
start at level one.
You have an Insanity track and if that Insanity
track reaches the end, you become insane and
There’s a wound track as well and if that
track reaches the end, you die.
If any player dies and the Elder One hasn’t
been summoned yet, you all lose!
Investigators have a stress track and this
is useful if you want to roll a die again.
You can use 1 stress to do so.
If your stress track reaches the end, nothing
But, if you want to roll a die again, you
So it’s a good idea to have stress available
because some cards say things like “take
2 stress and if you can’t, take 2 wounds.”
Stuff like that… it’s bad!
On your turn, you have to do 4 things.
The first thing, is out of 5 possible actions,
choose up to 3 to perform.
You can do the same again more than once if
you want.
Of the 5 actions, you can choose to run.
You can move up to 3 spaces and the size of
the room doesn’t matter.
A room equals one space.
You can move room to room if there are doors
you can walk through.
You can also use stairs and tunnels to move.
Like if there’s a room here and a room here,
you can use the stairs to go from one room
to the other room, which would be only moving
one space.
If the room you’re in has an enemy and you
leave that room, the enemy follows you.
They go with you!
If there’s a fire in the room you are in
and you leave, you take a fire token from
the supply and put it on your investigator
For example, if there are 2 fire tokens in
your room and you leave, you take 2 fire tokens
from the supply and put them on your investigator
It represents how much you’ve caught on
fire, which is really bad!
Enemies can’t catch on fire, only investigators.
I’ll explain more about fire a little later,
but like many experiences in this game, it’s
not pleasant!
Another action you can take is to attack one
You can attack by rolling the 3 standard black
But, during the game, players can get more
dice, these green dice right here.
An exclamation point means a success!
You’ve successfully hurt the enemy.
Place a wound marker on the enemy to remember
how much damage the enemy has taken.
And that can stay there until the enemy is
You have to deal damage equal to or greater
than the enemy’s health in order to kill
If the enemy is killed, remove the enemy from
the board.
That is the Elder symbol.
Your investigator might have a skill or a
card that says the Elder symbol counts as
a success.
But if not, that doesn’t mean anything.
If you roll a tentacle, that means you get
more Insanity.
So you move your Insanity track up one.
If you get to the spiral symbol on the track,
you can advance one skill.
Some spirals allow you to gain an extra green
die, used with any of your rolls from then
The green dice are nice because they don’t
have any tentacles!
When you get to the spiral on the track, you
have to perform the actions of your Insanity
You must first resolve your Insanity card
THEN level up one of your skills.
If you roll two tentacles but you get to the
spiral with one move, just stop there.
Don’t worry about the other tentacle in
that case.
You don’t have to advance your Insanity
If you roll a success and a tentacle, you
have to do both.
If you roll a blank, nothing happens.
Remember, you can use a stress to roll one
die again.
Your third action is to rest.
You can only rest if the room you’re in
doesn’t have any enemies, which is referred
to as being “safe.”
You can heal stress or health up to three.
For example, if you choose to rest, you can
heal your stress one and your health two.
And then you would have more available.
Another option is to trade.
If you’re in a room with another investigator,
you can trade anything except conditions.
You’re not allowed to trade those.
Your last option is to perform one of the
episode actions.
The episode card outlines 2 special actions
that you can choose from if you want.
Those can help you on your mission.
So once you’ve chosen 3 actions to perform,
you go to the next step, which is drawing
a Mythos card.
You must resolve that card and it’s never
So read the card and do whatever the card
For example, the card may say something like
“Each Byakhee moves directly into your space.”
But, if there aren’t any Byakhee enemies
on the board at that time, then nothing happens.
Now keep reading the card, which says to summon
a Byakhee at the red gate… oops not… not
there, here!
If you need to summon an enemy, but there
aren’t any more in the supply, then nothing
If during the game, a player draws the third
Mythos card with this symbol, that’s the
Elder One symbol.
Drawing the third Elder One symbol triggers
the Elder One advancing on the Elder One track.
Move the Elder One and then read the Elder
One stage card.
It’s probably not good!
After that, take all of the Mythos cards,
including those drawn, and shuffle them to
create a brand new Mythos pile.
If the Elder One advances to the red area
or the ritual gets interrupted, the Elder
One is summoned.
Remove the stage one card and set it aside.
Read the new stage two card.
It explains where the Elder One is summoned
on the board.
The stage card set aside is still active from
then on.
Now use the Elder One token to keep track
of the Elder One advancement.
Remember, you first have to interrupt the
ritual before you can begin attacking and
killing the Elder One.
The stage cards show the Elder One’s health.
When you successfully kill the Elder One at
that stage, reveal the next stage card.
At stage three, there’s a new health value
for the Elder One.
So it’s basically like killing the Elder
One again.
The next step is to investigate or fight.
If the room is safe, you can investigate.
Draw one Discovery card and read the middle
text, which explains some requirements.
Then, you choose the left or right side of
the card.
If you choose the right side, slide the card
under the right side of your investigator
If you choose the left side, slide it under
the left side.
If the room isn’t safe, meaning there are
enemies, then you can’t investigate.
Instead, the enemies there will attack you.
Each enemy card shows the dice they use to
So you’ll roll those dice for them to attack
Each success counts as a wound for you, depleting
your amount of health.
The tentacle still applies and you will become
more insane.
You can use a stress to re-roll a die in these
situations too if you want to try and avoid
any attacks.
Once the Elder One is summoned, the Elder
One can attack you whenever.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve interrupted
the ritual or not.
All the Elder One’s stage cards that are
showing are still active, meaning you add
the dice on stage 3 to the dice on stage 2
for the Elder One’s attack.
That’s a lot of power!
The fourth step on your turn is to resolve
your end of turn.
If you have any fire tokens on your investigator
board, you roll 1 standard black die for each
Each success will wound you.
Each tentacle will make you insane.
It’s like the fire is attacking you.
Once you’ve rolled, remove your fire tokens.
Don’t remove the fire tokens from the board
To remove those, on your turn you must choose
the episode’s special action of extinguishing
So all of those steps equals your turn!
Now it’s the next player’s turn, to choose
3 of the 5 actions, etc.
Play continues like that until the game ends.
The game ends if any investigator dies or
becomes fully insane before the Elder One
is summoned.
In that case players lose.
If the Elder One is summoned and everyone
dies or becomes fully insane, then players
If the Elder One arrives at the end of its
track, players lose.
When the Elder One is summoned, game play
can continue if anyone is alive.
Players can still try to win by interrupting
the ritual and killing the Elder One at its
last stage.
If the Elder One and an investigator die at
the same time, players win.
Phew good luck!
Have fun!
That’s it for explaining Cthulhu Death May
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