Cuphead: ALL Casino Bosses / King Dice Boss Fight

Cuphead: ALL Casino Bosses / King Dice Boss Fight


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  1. Possible Kirby/Cuphead Crossover Pause Screen Description:
    Phase 1
    "The King of the Casino has finally arrived! At his casino, you face off against living Casino objects. Expect King Dice to pull off punches against those who oppose him and his boss when you hit the end."
    Phase 2 (Story)
    "The Final Act of this battle has come! King Dice, your end is nigh! Let's beat this guy and head to the Devil!"
    Phase 1 (Boss Rush Soul Melter or higher)
    "King Dice has run the Devil's Casino from a long time ago. His boss is, in truth, a terrible fiend!"
    Phase 2 (Boss Rush Soul Melter)
    "I'm Mister King Dice!
    I'm the gamest in the land!
    I'm Mister King Dice!
    I'm the Devil's Right-hand Man!
    I can't let you pass,
    Cuz you ain't done everything!
    Bring me those contracts! Come on!
    Bring them to the King!"
    Phase 2 (Soul Melter EX)
    "Don't mess with King Dice!
    (Don't mess with King Dice!)
    Don't mess with me!
    (Don't mess with him!)
    Don't mess with King Dice!
    (Don't mess with King Dice!)
    Don't mess with me!
    (Don't mess with him!)"

    Characters with hands now have 5 fingers per hand.
    Projectiles can be inhaled and used for ammunition or Copy Abilities.
    Bosses that attacked in melee leave behind Recoil Stars.
    King Dice no longer pops his head off during his entrance.
    In Soul Melter or higher, the following Casino Bosses (except King Dice) have a second phase once their health falls below half where a gender bender version appears to help them. After the gender bender is destroyed, the Casino Boss returns, enraged and enhanced:
    Chips Bettigan
    Mr. Wheezy
    The other Casino Bosses just gain enhancements, such as increased attack power or hands if that boss is armless. The formerly armless and now armed Casino Bosses can now punch.
    Once his health falls below half, King Dice gains new attacks referencing Master Hand from Super Smash Bros. After his health falls to 0, you haven't won yet. Smash King Dice with a Superability or Crash five times to finish off his fight.
    Upon King Dice's defeat, players are warped to Ado's house, so you only see his damaged form for only a bit. She performs the Kirby dance by their side.

    Copy Abilities
    Fire (Tipsy Troop projectiles, Mr. Wheezy's flame breath)
    Wheel (Chips Bettigan's attacks, Pirouletta's dancing)
    Stone (Pip and Dot's d20's, Pool chalks)
    Magic (Hopus Pocus's Rabbit skulls)
    Spark (Hopus Pocus's Card suits)
    Bomb (Phear Lap's Horseshoes from his gift boxes, Pirouletta's billiard balls, King Dice's cards)
    Crash (Mangosteen's energy balls, King Dice's finger bullet)
    Mike (Mr. Chimes's musical notes)

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  4. I have great respect for the creator of this video, beating this boss is a chore. Dying is almost inevitable in this boss, awesome job.

  5. Once ran into an idiot in the comments saying that timing your parry so you land on a number/boss that you wanted (i.e. strategically picking your battles) was cheesing the boss. He said that you had to blindly parry and use luck until you reached the end.

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  7. Ideas for more bosses: (apart of the scrapped ones, and that chess boss)
    A Godfather like mafia boss.
    If you remembers the jackpot from the first world, then, let’s just say it’s his “devilish” form.
    The Casino itself (kinda like Monster House)
    A “Rich” Vampire…
    The seven deadly sins…
    A “Fake” Devil with like, the stereotypical “Big Cheese” Clothes.
    Un Charro (his battle it’s Lotería them)
    The Bartender.
    A classic Gentlemen.
    A Bunny girl, cause, why not?
    An “Arcade” that looks like Noah's Ark…

    If someone has more ideas, please tell me…

  8. A minute of silence for this poor man who had to reset multiple times just so we could see all the bosses

  9. Hey gays.. look if someone suffre to destroye this boss there is a glitch will help you . Win he start shot his card try to use dash and hide behind his hand 😄

  10. It's funny how neither King Dice or The Devil are remotely as hard as Grim Matchstick. Granted, Gim's level wouldn't be that hard if it wasn't so random. The RNG on that level SUUUUUCKS, and the 2nd and 3rd phase where you shoot left while moving and jumping right is just a pain.

    I'll do the King Dice gauntlet any day than have to try and perfect Grim Matchstick's level ever again.

  11. hmm…

    Me siento decepcionado de como han hecho al King Dice equivocándose en 2 cosas muy importantes los creadores de como es realmente el Casino.

    1) El dado: Debería realmente girar super rápido considerándose como un numero aleatorio probando tu suerte como realmente es en el Casino.

    2) Start Over: No solamente debe regresarte al inicio del juego también debería reiniciar a todos los bosses que han sido derrotados, ya que en el Casino, si regresas al inicio del juego se reinicia todo el juego desde 0.

  12. I love how King Dice's hands show emotion in the death screen! They look like dancing people when the cards are on board, but when he loses, the left one (on the screen) seems to cry (hands on its 'eyes') and the right one hits the ground in frustration. They even have those sad eyes going on with the frown! This game has so many great details.

  13. I saw this glitch where the monkey was fucking invincible. I didn't try it …
    When i got my phone out to take a pic of the cards…..

    It happened. That little cunt couldn't get hurt…. i tried shooting… 😠😠😠😠

  14. I watch a video about how he was little and tried to pickpocket the devil and the devil tried to slice his hand off,but he instead made him a servant and a couple years later he was declared “king dice” and he is so slick😭😭😭

  15. These guys must’ve been inspired by Gunstar Heroes. The Black’s Dice Palace stage features a similar dice roll mechanic for advancement and the 8-ball boss is very reminiscent of the Melon Bread mini-boss

  16. Me pareces un completo tonto para que quieres la bomba de humo si no sabe ni que hace eso lo que hace es que no le hacen daño mientras hace el impulso :v burro

  17. Guys in the part of the bunny hit cuphead check. They life and its the same 4.hp. WTF I think is hacking

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