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On today’s menu we have a new Cyberpunk
2077 video for you, and today we’re going
to explain Cyberpunk 2077 in a more simplified
way, because you know the Queen loves to go
super in detail, and you need a degree and two masters of the universe to follow
So, we’re going to make it easier, so grab
your popcorn or whatever you nerd like and
let’s go for it!
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Now let’s go for Cyberpunk 2077
So what is Cyberpunk?
It’s a fucked-up world
Corruption in the government, megacorporations,
extreme inequality, environmental destruction
for climate change, corrupted people giving
you the news…
But it’s a fictional world!
It has nothing to do with our world nowadays!
So basically it’s like you watched Fox News
all day long but the talking head had some
awesome cyberware on their face
Because that’s the only difference, actually,
that people have awesome cyber implants, so
you can augment yourself and put blades in
your arms, weapons in your limbs, cyber eyes,
and cyber audio, you know, like Deus Ex just
bigger and more badass
You are V, a gun for hire, and when they hire
your gun they hire the body that comes with
your gun which is you, and you’re more disposable
than your gun, so be careful
This is a world of betrayal and backstabbing
so one of the minigames is going to be called
“guess whose knife is on my back”
You live in a shiny and lovely metropolis
called Night City, ruled by Megacorporations,
but it’s not called Night City because it’s
always night obviously, it was built by an
architect called Richard Night, that was killed
by the mob
The city is divided into 6 beautiful districts:
Watson that is a pretty poor district but
not the worse, Westbrook that is a hardcore
version of a resort based on the stereotype
of what would be a Japantown, then you have
the City Center that is the heart of the city
meaning corrupted by megacorporations, Heywood
that is a predominantly Latino area for people
that managed to climb on the social ladder,
Santo Domingo that is the industrial zone,
and Pacifica, which is the most dangerous
place of town, ravaged by poverty, half-built
and, you’re going to love the name, is the
Combat Zone
So lots of fun there
You also have Rancho Coronado that was a separate
district in the original pen and paper game
but it’s not clear if it’s going to be
a separate district in the video game
And then outside the city, you have the deserts
of the badlands, that sounds like Borderlands
but without being an Epic Games Store Exclusive
In the Badlands you have Nomads, and we’ll
talk about them later
So in this city there are two problems: you
have to survive and people around you are
going to make their best to make your survival
harder and more interesting, because you don’t
only have megacorporations that would gladly
step on your neck without even blinking, nonono,
you also have gangs, and the mafia, and the
triads, and the yakuza, and if you have an
easy trigger also the police, and the vigilante
gangs, or whoever walks by, to be honest,
here everybody is a potential enemy
Even your friends
So, in a nutshell: guns, blades, nanowires,
cars, motorcycles, and knives, mostly on your back
Dodging knives is the RPG part
A place for everything,
everything on its place
easy to say, and now,
easier than ever to do!
The Kiroshi BR 38
Advanced cyber eye
helps you maximize your potential
by keeping everything in order
At a mere glance!
Your potential, our passion
In Cyberpunk 2077 you have 2 different worlds:
the real world, and the virtual world of the net, the Cyberspace
So, the net is some sort of internet except
that you are inside, and you can interact
with people inside, and you can attack and
kill people inside, so imagine how funny YouTube
would be if you could send a black Ice to
a hater, people would think twice before trolling
But you can hack a lot of things, not only
inside the net, but you can also hack ATM
machines to rob money, you can hack vending
machines to rob a drink, as you can see everything
very ethical and legal
You can hack everything in your environment
that has a digital system on it
All this through a hacking minigame where
you have to set a combination of numbers and
letters that’s going to be super interesting,
especially for dyslexic people
But the net is not the only virtual reality
thing here, nonono, you have Braindance
Braindance is like a video game on steroids,
like you plugged a video game directly into
your brain and played it, feeling everything
the main protagonist is feeling, so I guess
you can guess what’s the most popular type
of Braindance
because in this future people are even more obsessed
with sex than in the world nowadays, which
is saying a lot, and everything is very plus
18, so X rated
Yes, I, for one, like Roman numerals
Come on, laugh, this one was half decent
In night city you are your job, which is your
character class, and as we’re talking about
a city ravaged by poverty is normal to have
more than one job to make ends meet, but to
not make it look like were exploited CDPR
calls it “fluid class system”
So what are these jobs or character classes?
You can be a hacker, and apart from repairing
everybody’s computer to get laid you can
hack things everywhere, this is called a netrunner,
or you can be a techie if your specialty is
tampering with machines, although not sure
how useful for survival it’s to fix a toaster,
even if it’s a cybertoaster in your arm,
or you can be a Solo, that are specialized
in combat, well, a little more specialized
in combat than the average citizen of Night
City because I think we already established
that if you don’t know how to use a gun
in here you’re going to last less than an
inflatable doll in a club of incels
So you can be one of these three classes or
you can be all of them, because moonlighting
goes great for stress
Again, not exploitation, it’s “fluid class
But there are other jobs that, although we
can’t be as V, I’m a poet, are going to
appear in the game, like Fixers, that are
the people that find everything you need,
you need a job, you have it, you need to find
equipment, you have it,
you wanna be backstabbed, you have it
I know a fixer called T-Rex
He was a small arms dealer
Why am I like this?
Then you have the lawmen, that can be city
or corporate cops, they can be the psychosquad
that are the cops that have the bigger guns
and are quite touchy so if you appreciate
your cyberculo don’t call them chromebangers,
even if they are, or they can also be the
National Law Enforcement Division that is
the federal police, more or less like a Fox Mulder
cyborg in a bad day because he couldn’t
find the aliens he was looking for
Another interesting job is a corporate, too
bad we’re not going to be able to play this
one because it’s great if you’d like to
be in a cyberpunk episode of Game of Thrones,
corporates are people who work for megacorporations
and there backstabbing goes to stratospheric
levels, because if there’s something they
hate more than cyberpunks is the competition,
which mean everybody that works at the competing
corp or at your own corp because either this
person is below you and wants to kill you
for your position or above you and wants to
kill you to protect their position, and I’m
not kidding about the killing
So be careful when you create your character,
if you choose the lifepath of corporate kid,
this can make you more enemies than friends
Then you have the nomads, that is not exactly
a job, is a group of people that gathers in
families, live in the Badlands and are more
or less like Mad Max
With cyberware
Because cyberware is like cheese, everything
is better with cyber implants
Then you have Rockerboys, that is the class
of the digital alter ego of Keanu Reeves,
the frontman of the band Samurai Johnny Silverhand,
and I still wonder why he’s not called “silver
arm” instead of “Silverhand” maybe Mike
Pondsmith needs some urgent lessons in anatomy
And last but not least you have the Medias,
who are reporters, and there are two types:
the ones who side with the megacorporations
and they’re always trying to convince you
why getting your blood and your money sucked
by megacorps is a good thing, like, I don’t
know, Jason Schrier to give you a real-life
example, and then you have those who are against
corporate greed, who basically would be like
every single YouTuber in gaming that gets
wet when CD Projekt RED repeats they are not
putting microtransactions in Cyberpunk 2077
And this is Cyberpunk 2077 for you, in a nutshell,
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  6. Hacking all the corporations using my trusty pencil , madqueen needs to search for madking in cyberpunk, burning the corpos (ur uhm youtube restrictions and flaggings,AI ect)to the ground . IM SO HYPED FOR THIS GAME !!!!


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