(tree creaks)
(tree falls, dispersing ice crystals)
(chops wood, grunts)
(sounds of Damien dragging the wood)
[Celine] Don’t slam the door, Damien.
[Damien] (Muttering) Sigh, if I want to slam the damn door I’ll slam the door.
[Damien] I saw a flower today. Shouldn’t be long now before spring.
[Celine] Or, there’s still a few more weeks of winter left and that flower will die, cold and alone.
[Damien] Or…that.
[Damien] Either way, winter can’t last forever Celine.
[Damien] With any luck we’ll be able to get out of this cabin soon.
[Celine] Luck doesn’t keep the fire going.
[Celine] Luck won’t change the weather,
[Celine] And luck definitely won’t put food on the table.
[Damien] Well, I mean, if you think about it, you probably do need SOME luck in finding something to eat
[Damien] in the middle of winter out in the snow…
[Damien] Ahem, good luck!
[Celine] Whatever. Try not to burn the cabin down while I’m out.
[Damien] Aye Aye, captain.
[Celine] Did you really see a flower?
[Damien] Yes, a little pink one.
[Damien] Silly thing. Probably dead by now.
[Celine] Get some sleep. You look tired.
(slams door shut)
[Damien] You’re starting to sound like mom. I’m not that tired.
[Damien] Okay, maybe I am tired.
[Damien] Huh. Well, you don’t die easily do you?
[Wilford Warfstache] (off in the distance) Well, why’d the music stop?
[Damien] Hello?
[unknown voice] (echoed) You killed people!
[Damien] what
[unknown voice] So many people!
[Damien] Who’s there?
[Damien] Hello?
[Damien] Huh. Alright.
(grunt and a swing)
(snow crunching)
(sound of door opening)
[Celine] Don’t slam the door, Damien.
(sound of Damien slamming the door)
[Damien] (rushed) Uh-huh. Yeah, yeah, sure, m-hm
[Damien] I saw a flower today.
[Damien] Shouldn’t be long now before…
[Damien] …spring.
[Celine] Or there’s still a few more weeks of winter left
[Celine] And that flower will die cold and al-
(Damien muttering the same thing under his breath)
[Celine] What are you muttering about?
[Damien] I heard… a voice, today .
[Celine] What?
[Damien] I heard a voice.
[Damien] As clear as I’m hearing you.
[Celine] There’s no one else in these woods, Damien.
[Damien] But it sounded far away.
[Damien] I should have followed the voice, but it trailed off. And, I had to get back with firewood.
[Damien] But, we have plenty of firewo-
[Celine] Damien, there is no one else in these woods!
[Celine] If there were…(sound of Celine cocking the gun) I’m sure I would’ve run into them by now.
[Damien] (whispering) I’m sure you would’ve run into them by now…
[Celine] You’re not getting enough sleep, you need to sleep. Are you staying up while I’m out?
[Damien] What, no! I’m fine, I’m not even tired.
[Damien] What about you, are you tired..? You’re always awake by the time I get back.
[Celine] I’m not a growing boy like you, little brother.
[Damien] Oh please, you’re older by ten minutes.
[Celine] Which is just long enough for me to be in charge so shut up and go to bed.
[Damien] That doesn’t make you in charge, how does that make you the boss of me?
[Damien] J-just, just be careful!
[Damien] I don’t know. Maybe I’m crazy, but…
[Damien] Whatever I heard out in those woods, it didn’t sound too friendly.
[Damien] So just…
[Damien] Just be careful.
[Celine] I can take care of myself.
(sound of her slamming the door shut)
[Damien] Don’t slam the door…
[Damien] (Sigh) You always need to be right. Sometimes I’m right…Sometimes I know things.
[Damien] (Muttering) Whatever…
(cracking and creaking)
[Damien] Well, that’s weird.
[distorted voice whispering] Damien!
[Damien] What the hell?!
[Damien] That… wasn’t there before.
(creaking continues)
[Damien] How did I not notice this?
[Damien] Why can’t I see myself?
[Damien] What the hell is that?
[Distorted voice] You aren’t quite feeling like yourself, are you?
(Damien heavily breathing as the ambiance gets louder)
[Distorted voice] It’s time to wake up, Damien.
[Damien] This doesn’t make sense…
[Damien] Am I dreaming?
[Celine] Damien.
[Damien] Celine, Is that you?!
[Celine and whispers] Damien!
[Damien] Celine!
[Damien] Celine!
[Celine and whispers] (Louder) Damien!
[Damien] Celine, Where are you?!?!
[Damien] (more distant) Where are you?!
[Celine and whispers] Damien, hurry!
[Damien] Can you hear me?
[Damien] Hey!!
[Damien] (slight echo) Celine..?
[Damien] (softer) Celine?
[Damien] I’ve never seen this lake before.
[Damien] I-
(ice creaking)
[Damien] Celine…
[Damien] Celine!
[Damien] Celine! Hold on!
[Damien] I’m almost there.
[Damien] Hold on, just a little bit longer! Just a little bit longer, Celine! Can you hear me?!
[Damien] Celine! Celine?
[Damien] Just hold on. I’m almost there!
[Damien] Hold on! Hold on!
[Distorted voice] It’s not fair [Damien] What the hell? [distorted vioce] is it?
(ice cracking and distortion)
(distortions and subtle, inaudible screams)
(inaudible voice)
(Damien screaming, and slowly getting distorted)
(inaudible voices except for) It’s been years!
[Celine] Mark’s not the only one that can use this place to his benefit.
(inaudible voices)
[Distorted voice] Don’t let anyone, ever, leave
(deep reverberations)
[unknown man] (distortion echos) Damien, you are a hard man to find.
[Damien] What? Who are you? Where’s Celine?
[unknown man] (chuckles) Now there’s a hard woman to avoid.
[Damien] If you did anything to her I’m going-
[unknown man] Easy there, cowboy. I’ve done nothing to her.
[unknown man] I don’t even think I could. That woman would carve my heart out and feed it to me if she even saw me.
[Damien] What…? Then why am I here?! What do you want from me?!
[unknown man] Oh, Damien. Oh my poor, sweet, Damien.
[unknown man] I’ve come to apologize.
[Damien] Do-…do I know you?
[unknown man] Of course you know me. Dare I say you probably know me as well as you know yourself.
[unknown man] (chuckles) Sorry, bad joke.
Couldn’t help myself.
[Damien] I know you.
[unknown man] Oh, come on, Damien. Celine really did a number on you didn’t she?
[Damien] Mark..?
[Mark] And circle takes the square!
[Mark] Took you a while friend, but you made it.
[Damien] But this doesn’t make any sense. We were just at your party and then we… were…and then you…and then Celi-
[Mark] Whoa there, easy boy!
[Mark] I’m gonna stop you right there because I just don’t have time for the whole catching up thing.
[Damien] No, you need to answer me. How did I get here? Where even am I?!
[Mark] Whoa, hold on, okay, alright, I’ll just summarize. And it’s best summarized by saying that…
[Mark]Mistakes were made! Plans weren’t… exactly properly executed.
[Mark] The right people started pointing fingers at the wrong people aaand uh…
[Mark] A good night with some good friends MAY have taken a wrong turn at some point.
(thunder clap)
[Mark] And okay, I MAY have made a deal to
[Mark] POSSIBLY make sure that a certain lady couldn’t go around breaking anyone else’s heart, ever again.
[Mark] (heavily distorted) BUT THAT WAS DOING EVERYONE A FAVOR…
[Mark] (distored) But that’s all in the past.
[Mark] What matters now is moving forward, and oh how beautiful the future is gonna be with you.
[Damien] You… you murderer…
[Mark] Oh, please, you sound like that idiot detective. Come on, you’re better than that.
[Mark] I don’t need to hold your hand through all of this.
[Damien] Through all of what? Just leave me alone.
[Damien] You don’t realize this place is a dream; a never-ending starring role as the hero.
[Damien] But what is a hero without… a villain?
[Damien] What..?
[Mark] A villain!
Every good story needs a villain!
[Damien] You honestly think that you’re the hero in all of this?
[Mark] (small giddy laugh) Well, of course I am! Who else could I possibly be? (small laughter in the background)
[Mark] My humble upbringing, my tragic backstory…
[Mark] There’s no other role for me to play.
[Damien] You’re out of your mind.
[Mark] Oh, you.
[Mark] You are going to make the perfect villain in my story.
[Damien] (muttering under his breath) Uh huh, yeah, sure, that makes sense.
[Damien] Well, you can tell your story all you want to the OTHER prisoners.
[Mark] Oh come on, Damien, let it go!
[Mark] Always the righteous crusader! Pure as the driven snow!
[Mark] Acting like you’re the only one without blood on your hands!
[Damien] You stole everything from me!
[Mark] (heavy distortions) Well, you wouldn’t even HAVE ANYTHING IN THE FIRST PLACE IF IT WASN’T FOR ME!
[Damien] You took our lives! You betrayed me!
[Damien] You betrayed William! You even betrayed Celine!
[Mark] (crumbling sounds) Well, maybe if Celine hadn’t run off, then we wouldn’t be here right now!
[Damien] You were never good enough for Celine.
[Mark] (multiple voices) I GAVE UP EVERYTHING FOR HER!
[Mark] (distorted) But that’s all in…
(normal) the past.
[Mark] And now,
[Mark] I’m here to show you the future.
[Damien] I don’t want anything to do with your future.
[Damien] Just go drop dead and let me live my life in peace.
(mark laughing)
[Mark] (deep breath) “Live your life in peace…” oh, my friend.
[Mark] What has she kept from you?
[Mark] No matter what tricks Celine tries to pull,
[Damien] What’s happening?
[Mark] there’s no ending for the likes of us.
[Mark] Not anymore.
[Damien] (shivering) What… what have you done?
[Mark] Oh, friend…
[Mark] Like I said, I’ve done nothing.
(Damien whispers “what did you do” repeatedly)
[Mark] But in this place…
(Damien whispers “what did you do” repeatedly)
[Mark] I’m gonna make something beautiful.
(Damien stops)
(breaths heavily and inconsistently)
[Damien] I… I can’t… (continues to mutter)
[Mark] Damien?
[Damien] I can’t…
[Mark] It’s time to wake up.
[Mark] ah…
[Mark] Ah, Celine! So good to see-
(chokes and sputters)
(Mark laughing maniacally as he slowly gets more distorted)
[Damien] I…
[Damien] I have no idea what just happened.
[Celine] Are you alright?
[Damien] No, I’m not alright! I’ve never been less alright!
[Damien] You need to explain to me what the hell is going on!
[Celine] There’s no time to explain!
[Damien] Why does everyone keep telling me that?
[Damien] I spent God knows how long chopping down trees with nothing
[Damien] but time on my side and suddenly now, there’s no time!
[Damien] I’m so sick of being a pawn in other people’s games.
[Damien] Just give me a straight answer…for once.
[Damien] Celine… am I…? am I dea-
[Celine] No!
(ice cracking)
[Celine] No…
[Damien] Celine…
[Celine] I’m so tired.
[Celine] Everything I’ve done, I’ve done to protect you.
[Celine ] But I was too late. Too sloppy. He’s undone everything now.
[Celine] But he hasn’t won yet.
[Damien] Celine, you can’t keep this up.
[Celine] Shut up!
[Celine] You have no idea what I’m capable of.
[Damien] Let me help you!
[Damien] I remember now.
[Damien] I remember what he did.
[Damien] What we did.
[Celine] Damien, you have no idea what’s really going on here.
[Damien] You’re right.
[Damien] I… haven’t got a clue.
[Damien] But I know that even you can’t protect me forever.
(Ice cracks and water rushes)
[Celine] It’s… It’s not just about protecting you.
[Celine] Everything’s different now.
[Celine] The mistakes I’ve made, the-the people I’ve used, the things I’ve had to do to keep you alive! [splashing]
[Damien] Celine.
[Damien] Some things just can’t be fixed.
[Damien] And I’m okay with that.
[Damien] But if you let me help you, then maybe, together, we can start to set things right.
(Celine sighs)
[Damien] You look tired. I think you need to get some sleep.
[Celine] I…can’t remember the last time I slept.
[Damien] Don’t worry…I’ll protect you.
(Ice cracks)
[Celine] You can’t come back from this. It’ll change you. Forever.
[Damien] Well,
[Damien] he did say he wanted me to be the villain.
[Damien] Maybe he should be more careful with his wishes.
(ice rumbles, water splashes)
[Celine] Just promise me one thing.
Make sure that bastard STAYS DEAD.
(The ice breaks and the house begins to flood)
(sudden loud static)

100 thoughts on “DAMIEN”

  1. -Terrifying and openended backstory
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    -Haunting facial expressions

    Mark has become the horror game mosters that scared him throughout the years

  2. So, what I gleaned from this…

    This place that Celine and Damien are stuck in is the "Upside-Down" void that the two were trapped in by the end of WKM. This is some kind of dimension, similar to that of the Shadowfell in D&D. A land of eternal night and infinite winters all circled around this one cabin, circling around the exact same event over and over again; find wood and survive. This is where the two souls drifted off to after WKM, when Mark took over the District Attorney's body, which also explains why Damien was unable to see his own reflection in the mirror of the cabin.

    As for the flower, I think that this is a partially "programmed" realm that gives Damien and Celine the slightest bit of hope with every day that passes by planting the same flower, and when the events of the video take place, Damien finally realizes what the hell is going on.
    Mark, the creator (or partial creator, depending on if The House had anything to do with this), steps in, realizing that Damien has gained a kind of "awakening," and…well, the events of the video unfold.

  3. So I have rewatched Who Killed Markiplier. I have watched williford warfstash and A Date With Markiplier and I got to say its amazing that hes been planning this for years. But I'm having a hard time with this one. Did damien become Darkiplier too?

  4. It starts with Damian, goes to Who Killed Markiplier, Wilfred mother loving worfstache. A Heist With Markiplier, the A Date With Markiplier.

  5. Call me crazy, but what If this takes place during who killed markiplier? As in this is before your body gets taken over by Damien and Celine. After Mark takes Damien’s body, he accidentally ejects Celine’s soul as well, and traps it in the mirror Dark is first seen from. Once they escape from the soul dimension, they see the Colonel go mad and shoot you, and figuring they’d play the villain Mark wanted, they take your body and go after him, then Who killed Markiplier ends

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    hmmmm is Darkiplier trying to manipulate us into feeling sympathy for him?

  9. I’m going to be honest this doesn’t no justice to my favorite character of who killed markiplier in my eyes.
    Damien had the worst of it all happen to him as the true witness and victim, to where he damned one of his best friends(player who is the DA) forever

  10. All this time, mark was the true villian. Every video he released, every game he made us play, every date, heist, ending, story he made, was to distract us from what he truly is. He is a man with unimaginable power. And he abuses it. This "Damien" isnt just another personality. This is the "villian" darkiplier. How will this continue I wonder?

  11. I don't understand this. How could Celine and Damien be alive? Didn't they merge with the protagonist of WKM to become Darkiplier?

  12. I love how the description says "Confused? Watch Who Killed Markiplier" and I've watched it 3 times and I'm still confused

  13. Oooh…I love how this turns the story on its head and makes Mark the villain and Dark the hero… Clever. I also got some MCU Mysterio vibes from this video. Love it.

  14. This is the exact moment where Damien turns from himself, a clueless yet good man, to a villain in Mark's story. Damien tortures us as the viewer and Mark, taking on the name 'Darkiplier' as Mark's alternate personality. This dates back to as far as 2013. Dark scares us, we find Mark as the hero and Dark as the villain that we're scared of. Sound familiar? A few minutes before the film ended, Damien states "He should be careful what he wishes for.", implying over Mark's wish to make Damien the villain. He wants revenge, he wants to play Mark's game and make him regret everything he's done. Mark is the real villain, Mark is the knight in shining armor guarding us from the horrific Damien, a broken man. Mark broke Damien. Us as the viewers couldn't even comprehend this idea of this happy go-lucky man presenting a facade of happiness and protectiveness while behind all that was a sick and sadistic man creating his own story. While Damien has gone mad, the thirst of revenge eating him away as years pass.

    It's a confusing story, let me tell you. But it comes full circle with this particular movie. Yes, Mark can continue making short films, adding alternate endings, explanations, mysteries to his story. But, doesn't this make you question yourself…

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  20. Fire shall scorch the Earth where he walks, and the devil shivers in fear. Neither Hell nor high water could stop someone who's lost everything.
    It's time for him to get ready anyway.
    It's time to meet the new pawn.

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  22. For me, this has always been your strong suit. Storytelling, rather than gameplay. And yes, I know you aren't the one pulling all the strings, but you do great work anyway, everyone involved with the Darkiplier mythos does great work

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