Dark Moon – Announcement Trailer – survival strategy PC game by Jujubee

Since the dawn of time, the Sun’s shining presence was a powerful ally for humankind’s constant development, satisfying the ongoing need for discovery and expansion. Its warm rays were always a beacon of hope, fending off the grasp of the eternal and frightening darkness. Alas, a powerful ally – can become one’s executioner. An unexpected solar storm turned the life-giving energy into a wave of destruction, its touch leaving vibrant cities in chaos and disarray. Sparing nothing in its path, the solar wave also enveloped Earth’s only natural satellite – the Moon. A desperate fight for survival began on the lunar plains, leaving fragile people defenseless, facing solitude, on the brink of sanity. It is human nature to fear the unknown. However, there is hope. You have the means to become their savior. But what kind of person are you? How much empathy can one have when staring deep into the dark abyss? Because to survive… you must embrace the darkness.

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