Dark SECRETS Lotteries Don’t Want You To Know

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today we’re going to be looking at why
winning the lottery is the worst thing
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off we have relationships now you may
think that winning the lottery would be
a great thing when it comes to
relationships but if you think your
boyfriend girlfriend husband or wife
would love you more if you won the
lottery then think again finances can
already be tough in a relationship but
it’s even worse when you win the lottery
first off a lottery winner in a
relationship makes a massive power
imbalance people already get stressed
out with their husband or wife earns
more money than them so just imagine how
bad it is if your husband or wife
suddenly has millions of dollars in the
bank this can leave the person with less
money feeling very undervalued and if
one person in a relationship has won the
lottery and then not married then this
can also be very very complex this can
make some very very nasty legal issues
you need to wade through one person
willing the lottery creates a massive
sense of entitlement to their partner
the partner of the lottery winner may
feel that some of that money should
belong to them
the New York Times actually coined the
term the lottery curse that’s because a
ginormous percentage of couples who win
the lottery end up getting divorced in
2009 Lares and samantha scanning 160
million dollars but only months later
they divorced David and Victoria Jones
also won three million dollars just a
few months into their marriage this led
to splashing out and luxury items and
even an affair which apparently ruined
their life also in 2012
Adrian and Gillian Bay Ford won 200
million dollars but within one year this
couple had broken up despite having all
the money in the world next up is greedy
do you think you know any greedy people
you may be saying no but that might
change when you win the lottery you
suddenly become the person everyone’s
going to for money also friends and very
distant family members may feel that
they’re entitled to your money you also
become the victim of lawsuits and scams
but we’ll get into that later but if you
think other people being greedy it’s the
only annoying thing lottery winners have
to face then think again oftentimes the
greediness can actually karma from
themselves take David Edwards who won
twenty seven million dollars in 2006 he
ended up getting greedy and went on
ginormous shopping sprees people things
like limousine businesses Lamborghinis
horses and houses but sadly he ended up
living in a grimy storage unit poorer
than he’d ever been
70% of lottery winners go broke within
seven years and that’s because of their
own greed a lot of the time also if you
win the lottery with other people then
this creates even more breed in 2006 a
woman named Sandra Hanes and a few
colleagues won 224 million dollars but
despite this she ended up with only 6
million of that money that’s because she
said she had to enjoy other greedy
people trying to get her money she says
this caused lots of emotional pain as a
lot of the time it was people she loved
she said the people she loved the most
turned into vampires and tried to suck
out the money from her I guess it’s true
when they say greed really does bring
out the worst in people
next up is enabler you may think that
having all the money in the world to do
anything you want is a good thing but
sometimes the things people want to do
are not good it’s no secret that money
can’t be an enabler for very bad habits
just think if you don’t need to work and
can spend all your money on parties
substances and more things that’s not
going to be a good life take one man
named Jack Whitaker he won three hundred
and sixteen million dollars however he
wasted lots of it in clubs also he left
nearly a million dollars in his car part
somebody stole his car and of course the
money not only that his daughter and
granddaughter both passed away due to
substance abuse he blamed all of these
bad things on his lottery winnings so
clear that money doesn’t always buy
happiness in 2016 a lottery winner named
Ronnie music invested into a substance
ring because of this he was sentenced to
21 years in prison he said he could have
avoided getting into that kind of
but if the temptation was too strong as
he had all this money not only that a
man named Michael Carroll won fifteen
million dollars in 2002 however he spent
everything on exotic women parties
substances quad bikes and more however
that same year he won the lottery he
went to prison because of possession so
it’s clear that if you have all the
money in the world and you’re not too
responsible this is not a good mix and
can ruin your life next stop is danger
did he know that the sixth richest man
in the world Mark Zuckerberg
spent 22 million dollars on security
last year that’s because when you have a
lot of money things can get dangerous
however lottery winners don’t often have
giant security details as they’re often
just regular people who’ve won lots of
money sadly there’s many people who have
had their lives taken just after
receiving the lottery checks in 2016 in
Georgia USA a man named Trey Corey Burch
was taken out in his own home this was
just two months after he won over 400k
the people who took him out actually
intended to steal his money in 2012 on
the same day his lottery check was
issued a man named edge Khan was taken
out by cyanide a man named William post
also won sixteen point two million
dollars but just two weeks later his own
brother hired a hit man to take him out
it’s clear when you win the lottery
people get greedy and want to take your
money by any means necessary so if you
do win the lottery then you can’t just
go to the store normally you need to
have a security detail at all times and
also be very paranoid next up is money
most lottery winners aren’t geniuses or
experts in finance they’re just regular
people who all of a sudden have a ton of
money and because of this this often
means their finances are mismanaged
many lottery winners think they have all
the money in the world and don’t bother
setting any budgets lots of them also
don’t hire good financial advisors and
also lots of them don’t have
self-discipline which leads to their
money being stolen lost or spent
recklessly you may think that you have
self-disciplined but if you suddenly
have millions of dollars in the bank
that could change also even when people
do get financial advisors sometimes they
get bad ones which steal their money or
lose it in bad investments that’s why
the first thing all lottery winners
should do is contact a good financial
advisor experts say they should do this
even before telling their entire
families and it sure does make sense as
simply sticking to a budget could
prevent a lot of these lottery winners
from going pro coming up next we have
it’s not as much as you think if I told
you he won a hundred million dollars you
may think that’s a hundred million
dollars in the bank right well
unfortunately that’s not at all the case
unfortunately in most countries lottery
winnings are viewed as taxable income
that’s why lottery winners have to get
top-notch accountants and financial
advisors recently the winner of the 1.5
billion dollar Powerball had to pay four
hundred million dollars in taxes not
only that when you win the lottery you
don’t get just one big lump sum instead
you get it spread out over many many
years of course you can take it as a
lump sum but that means it’s cut in half
for example if you wanted the 1.5
billion Powerball in a lump sum that
would only be 930 million dollars before
taxes now of course that’s still tons of
money buy this leads to people thinking
they have more than they really do then
people overspend and get a big shock
when it comes to tax day so if you ever
win the lottery then be sure to get a
great financial advisor and accountant
to help you with the taxes and while
you’re at it throw some money over to me
for giving you this great advice
next up is trust issues do you have a
hard time trusting people well just
imagine how much harder that would be if
you had hundreds of millions of dollars
in your bank account very rich people
are known to keep a small circle and
that’s because they often don’t trust
many people according to lottery winners
they question every friend or
relationship they ever have they think
do these people like me for me or are
they just trying to get some money not
only that it can be very dangerous to
become a lottery winner just take the
guy whose brother hired a hitman to take
him out not only that you can become the
victim of many scams there are scammers
who go out of their way to try and
target people who have won the lottery
they may present it as a great
investment opportunity only to scam them
out of millions of dollars and people
are also known to try and sue lottery
winners for ridiculous things they may
try and jump in front of your car while
you’re driving because they know you
have money or they may take a Facebook
post from years earlier and say you were
defaming them to try and get some of
that cash sadly when you win the lottery
and you’re public about it you can’t
live a normal life so that’s why it’s
best to either keep it under wraps and
also keep a very small circle of friends
but even then you never know who you
could trust and who wants some money
from you coming up next is looked down
on of course winning the lottery isn’t a
choice it’s just something that happens
to some very lucky people but despite
this many people actually look down on
lottery winners one lottery winner named
Steve Crain just said he would walk
around the parties and hear people go oh
there’s those lottery winners people
think that lottery winners are very
entitled and didn’t have to work for
their winnings now that may be true but
it’s not their fault they didn’t have to
work for their money but this can lead
to some lottery winners feeling very
awkward and guilty about their sudden
winnings this can cause anxiety and also
something called sudden wealth syndrome
this is where people are very
emotionally unhappy despite having lots
of money after winning the lottery this
can lead to them getting depressed and
then self-medicating with things like
drink and substances
next up we have motivation reducer many
people work hard out of necessity if
they don’t work hard they won’t be able
to cover the rent and buy food but when
you’re a lottery winner many people
think I’m rich and I never have to work
ever again now that may sound good but
eventually that gets very boring and
dull people often quit their job as soon
as they win the lottery but this causes
them to not work hard if they have tons
of money in the bank which has come from
nowhere this leads to them having no
also they sometimes feel bad about their
winnings seeing us they didn’t have to
put in any hard work to get it according
to a study by the University of
Massachusetts lottery winners get a
thrill when they win but then nothing
else in their life can never live up to
this thrill they only ever feel the
excitement of winning the lottery once
and from then on it’s complete boredom
and finally on the list of reasons why
winning the lottery isn’t always a good
thing we have money can’t buy happiness
we’ve all heard the phrase money can’t
buy happiness and you may have shrunk
that office a thing poor people say but
take it from some of the world’s
wealthiest money really can’t buy
Donna Mikan who won thirty five million
dollars in 2007 so she feels very judged
everywhere she goes
she says she doesn’t feel happy at all
and wishes she could have a normal
family and friends instead of having all
this money not only that a big chunk of
lottery winners actually take their own
lives you may think that having all the
money in the world equals all the
happiness in the world but unfortunately
that’s not the way it works eleven
secrets lotteries don’t want you to know
coming up first we have expiration date
we all know and expect an expiration
date on things like milk and meats but
when it comes to lottery tickets they’re
just a piece of paper right they don’t
need an expiration date well that’s how
many people do think as they’re unaware
that every lottery ticket has an
expiration date if you knew about this
I’d be very very impressed seeing as
many tones including lottery winners now
typically if you win the lottery you
have around two to three months to claim
your winnings otherwise it either rolls
over to the next win
or is kept by the lottery company this
almost happened to a man named Jimmy
Smith his ticket won him 24 point 1
million dollars but he couldn’t find his
ticket and therefore couldn’t claim it
the New York lotto put out various
posters saying that his date was
expiring soon luckily he found his
ticket and claimed the money two days
before it was drawn on May 23rd 2017 but
just imagine if he literally lost 24
point 1 million dollars legally now
lottery companies have to make people
aware that they’ve won that’s why they
spend tons of money advertising winners
who haven’t claimed yet so guys if you
buy a lottery ticket
just remember where it is and remember
to cash in if you win the largest amount
ever unclaimed was 1.5 billion dollars
somebody won the Mega Millions lottery
jackpot of 1.5 billion and they didn’t
even claim it either Bill Gates is the
person who won this ticket or someone is
just really really dumb next up is
illegal anonymity if you ever won the
lottery would you want anyone to know if
you’re really smart the answer should be
absolutely not many people do publicize
that they’ve won the lottery by choice
but this is usually a terrible idea it
means everyone will want a piece of your
money scammers will come after you and
people will try and sue you for crazy
things now in most countries you’re
actually allowed to be anonymous if you
win the lottery but in some US states
this is actually illegal and you must
declare whether you’ve won the lottery
or not if you’re a private person if
then say goodbye to that as the media
loved to pick up on lottery winners and
document their every move
state lawmakers say that if people who
won the lottery were anonymous this
would be very very untransparent but
putting people’s personal details out
there and saying how much money they
have isn’t usually a good idea in 2015
at craigory Burt jr. had his home broken
into the criminals then took his life
and stole from him sadly his family was
in the house at that very moment
craigory had won the money only a few
months before this happened and the
criminals found out thanks to the media
so if you live in one of these places
where anonymity is not legal and you win
the lottery I suggest in vain
sting in some security the actual amount
you may think that people who win the
lottery never have to work again but
even when it’s a huge amount this is
sometimes not the case that’s because
the amount they save one isn’t usually
the actual amount that’s right even on
lottery winnings Uncle Sam has to take
what he has to take let’s say you win 1
million dollars now you can either say
to the lottery company you want it in
small segments or you can say you want
it right now if you want it right now
then you actually only get a percentage
of the money usually around 70 to 80
percent then you’ll need to pay a
federal 30% tax then in the USA you have
to pay around 5 to 10 percent state tax
and even if you didn’t opt for it as a
lump sum and you want it in increments
you have to pay your taxes on that every
single year so if this means that if you
want 1 million dollars you’d actually
only end up with four hundred and eighty
thousand dollars and that means if you
win a billion dollars you only end up
with four hundred and eighty million
obviously in either case that’s still a
ton of money but it’s not exactly what’s
advertised right this is why many
lottery winners go pro because they
believe they’ve won a lot more than they
actually have so you better get a great
financial planner and accountant if you
plan on winning the lottery any time
soon next up is lottery scammers as I
already said winning the lottery and
having it publicly out there means
you’ll attract a lot of scammers people
may come to you saying they have a great
investment opportunity promising you
tons of money back but it could turn out
to all be one big scam or a bad
investment and you lose a ton of cash
because that’s not even the worst of
lottery scams sometimes the scammers are
the people actually selling you the
lottery tickets a few years back nabil
and Jacob Pavan were arrested for
scamming a lottery winner
they actually owned a convenience store
that sold lottery tickets the person who
bought a lottery ticket in their New
York store actually won a million
dollars but they told them they’d only
want a thousand dollars trying to keep
the 900
9002 themselves luckily these guys were
caught and arrested and the money was
given to the rightful winner another man
named Ahmad Farah gala sold something
called winning tickets these were fake
tickets which had already won and then
when people went to cash in their prize
they realized they’d been scammed
according to cops he’d made nearly a
quarter million dollars from this scam
that’s why you should only buy lottery
tickets from authorized retailers
otherwise you never know you could be
getting scammed big time next up we have
preying on the poor I am sure you’ve
heard the lottery be referred to as a
poor person’s tax but is this really
true or is it just a nice way to win a
ton of money well it turns out people
play the lottery more when they’re poor
to try and get out of poverty one study
from North Carolina found the poorest
counties always have the highest ticket
sales on the lottery apparently around
40% of all lottery players are actually
below the poverty line this is then
accentuated by the lottery running very
targeted adverts in their adverts they
may show someone who’s poor who then
wins a ton of money and then lives a
life of luxury but of course there’s a
tiny chance that will actually happen
and it really does prey on the poor if
you need more proof lottery ticket sales
actually rise with unemployment that’s
right the more people who are out of a
job at the more ticket sales the lottery
gets in the 2008 financial recession
almost every industry went down except
the lottery lotteries actually had
record sales and made a ton of money
from people who were desperate and poor
next up we have the real odds so we’ve
already seen the real amount you
actually win if you win the lottery but
what about the actual odds of winning
the lottery I’m sure you’ve heard that
getting struck by lightning is more
likely than winning the lottery and
that’s absolutely correct most of the
time in lotteries you need to pick six
numbers out of 49 and get them all
correct to win the jackpot that means
that to win the jackpot on just the most
basic and easy lottery that’s a 1 in 14
million chance this means even if you
buy one lottery ticket a week it would
take you around 300,000 years to
actually ever win one grant what do the
odds for the most difficult and most
bought lottery in the USA the Mega
Millions well the odds for that or
even worse coming in it’s one in 176
million so unless you’re feeling
ridiculously good lucky then I suggest
not buying a lottery ticket but if
you’ve been hit by lightning bitten by a
shark and hit by a meteorite then you
should buy one that’s because all of
those things combined happening to you
are more likely than winning the Mega
Millions next up is lottery donations so
the lottery may not be good for poor
people but at least it helps schools
outright lotteries always bragging about
how much they help out school districts
and some lottery slogans even involve
the words helping out schools well
unfortunately that’s not always the case
you see we’re not fries give money to
the schools they’re not really giving it
directly to the schools instead it
actually goes to the state and then is
allocated to various things that’s right
for all the money the lottery donates to
schools it may have no effect on the
kids whatsoever that’s because it simply
goes into the state’s general fund and
can be used for absolutely anything
Patrick Pearse a political scientist
even said given a few years a state
would have spent more money on education
without a lottery so even though these
lotteries like to brag about how much
they help your kids at their school this
is actually not the case
next up we have scratch curse you may be
thinking okay winning the lottery
unrealistic but maybe I can win one of
those scratch off cards well
unfortunately the odds of one of those
are also equally as terrible the payout
per dollar spent is usually much worse
than the normal lottery and so is the
odds sometimes the most popular scratch
cards at the $1 and $5 ones are the most
popular but also have the worst odds and
worst winnings you’re actually better
off buying the more expensive ten and
$20 scratch offs barely anyone buys them
but it’s actually more worthwhile to buy
those than the cheaper ones they have
much better chances of winning and a
much better return if you do win the one
to five dollar tickets are actually low
return and they’re designed to keep you
hooked on playing
that’s why lots of the time you simply
win $1 to $5 back they want you to buy
another one keep playing and then buy
more expensive ones so it’s actually
best to cut out the
buy the most expensive scratch-off
possible so that’s why it’s best to just
buy the most expensive scratch-offs if
you’re going to buy them at all but
really with odds worse than the normal
lottery why even bother and finally on
the list of secrets lotteries don’t want
you to know we have the downsides you
may think that if you win the lottery
your life will change forever well this
is no doubt the case but it may not
change for the good we’ve already
mentioned how one man lost his life
after winning but did you know that
lotteries are also terrible for
marriages many lottery winning couples
ended divorce within a few months of
winning not only that lottery winners
get very very depressed and bored easily
if you don’t have to work for anything
then this gives you no reason to have
any motivation or to do anything
not only that they lose a lot of their
friends their friends will suddenly turn
into leeches trying to get as much money
out of them as possible and many lottery
winners actually admitted they wished
they never won at all so before you go
out and buy that Mega Millions ticket
give this a think will your life really
be improved by winning the lottery or
will it be a big inconvenience how this
man won the lottery 14 times so first
off who is this mystery man chances are
you’ve probably never heard of him
before well this man named Stefan Mandel
was born in Romania in the 1960s at that
time Romania was under oppressive
communist rule in the country there was
not many jobs not much food and a lot of
poverty stefan only earned $88 a month
and he had to support his wife and two
kids with that he quickly realized he
needed to find a way to get some serious
money and fast many of Stefan’s friends
turned to a life of crime to do this but
he saw another way out instead he looked
towards at the lottery
all of his friends called him an idiot
when he did this he said he wanted to
turn winning the lottery into a business
and to be honest his friends were not
wrong for doubting him after all you’re
more likely to win a gold Olympic medals
and win the lottery you were also more
likely to get crushed by a vending
machine and you’re four times more
likely to get struck by lightning but
Stephane isn’t just any old guy he’s the
genius mathematician that’s right he
said to be the first and only man
history to come up with a lottery
formula for years he spent every minute
analyzing theoretical probability he
studied mathematical papers dating back
to the 13th century and after those
years of research he finally wrote a
number picking algorithm he dubbed this
method combinatorial condensation using
this complex algorithm he could predict
five of the six winning numbers in the
lottery every single time this increased
his chances of winning from one in a few
million to one in a few thousand he then
took a big risk he risked his own money
by buying large blocks of lottery
tickets with the combinations he thought
were most likely but what exactly was
his six step formula
well first off he would calculate the
total number of possible combinations on
average this was around four million
combinations he would then find
lotteries where the jackpot is three or
more times at the number of possible
combinations for example if there were
four million combinations he would need
a twelve million dollar jackpot to make
it worth it he would then try and raise
enough cash to pay for each combination
he would do this using his own money and
also investors for his biggest lottery
win he actually gathered two thousand
five hundred and twenty four investors
he would then print out millions of
tickets with every combination this
actually did used to be legal but now
you’d have to buy the tickets right from
the store he would then deliver those
tickets to authorized Lots
and then finally he would win the cash
and pay his investors that’s right he
wouldn’t get to keep all the money
himself as he would have to pay his
investors not only would he have to pay
investors he’d have to pay taxes too
that’s why he did this method 14 times
to get a lot of money for himself
stephane did this all through the late
60s to the early 1980s and amazingly
he’d move around the world doing this he
began in Romania but quickly went to
Australia the USA and the UK that’s
because these countries have the highest
lottery winnings and they also had the
strongest currencies for example the US
dollar the Australian dollar and the
pound sterling but his biggest lottery
win was his final one and it was
actually the lottery win which changed
the lottery as we know it today
firstly Stefan’s set up a fake company
named Pacific financial resources he
then collected two thousand five hundred
and twenty four investors each of them
put around three thousand dollars into
this company he then raised five million
dollars he then rented a warehouse in
Melbourne Australia it was there he set
up 30 computers 12 laser printers and 16
full-time employees night and day they
would print out 7 million lottery
tickets with each different combination
this took three months and one ton of
paper then in 1992 he invested that
money into the Virginia Lottery Stefan
moral air sport every combination from
his investors money the jackpot was 27
million dollars and he invested five
million dollars into it as he expected
his method worked yet again and he won
the twenty seven million dollar jackpot
and remember twenty seven million
dollars in the late 90s was much more in
fact it was closer to thirty five
million dollars at the time now although
Stefan’s method of printing tickets was
totally legal at the time because he did
pay for it some disagree in fact the
state of Virginia took this as an effort
to cheat the system as a result for four
years Stefan was investigated by 14
international crime agencies this
includes the CIA the FBI the IRS and the
NCAA eventually though he was paid for
jackpot money and after paying investors
he netted around two million dollars for
himself but this was the last time
Stefan ever did this as they changed the
rules as you’ll know from today’s laws
you can no longer print your own lottery
tickets instead you need to go into the
store and buy them yourself this pretty
much makes it impossible to buy tickets
in such a bulk remember so far printed
millions of tickets but no store in the
world will have millions of tickets so
there’s no way you can do this today
this means about today not even the
greatest mathematicians could do
Stefan’s method that’s because every
country in the world changed the
lotteries laws to make sure this could
never happen again
but you may be asking where is this rich
genius today well today Stefan spends
his time living in his Island home of
Van you are too this is a tie
island of the coast of Australia he
lives a very quiet life in a beach house
on a tropical island as he’s a
multi-millionaire it’s amazing Valley
just a few years he went from living in
a poor communist country to being a
multi-millionaire Stephane says he’s the
man who takes risks in a calculated way
he said he does take risks but the odds
are always in his favor

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