5 thoughts on “Dawn of Madness Kickstater Preview Playthrough part 2”

  1. Hi . Bairnt, From the rulebook .
    I think when you settle the test on the world shard with the devur token, you don't need to settle the text effect of devur card, you will only be punished by the icon below.
    Btw this is a great video,Thank you !

  2. Those minis look pretty wild! You've got some pretty rad painting skills, have you ever thought about doing some painting tutorial videos? I think it would be cool to see how you make your minis look so good.

  3. 45:15, that icon means existance (health). The x/x/x has nothing to do with how many wanderers are in the game but how many devour token are on the shard iirc

  4. Around 19 minutes when you went against the Lobotomy monster I believe you did have to spend the cube. I think you only had 5 dice to roll so you counted the one you didn’t roll twice in the results. After rolling the two wilds you counted the three dice and then said you had two hits from the previous roll but that included one of the three dice you already counted. 2 hits in the first roll and 2 wild hits in the second roll and the 2 direct damage from the card means you only had 6 hits which means you would have had to spend the cube to kill it.

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