8 thoughts on “Dawn or Madness Kickstater Preview Playthrough”

  1. I have a general feeling of confusion. I think there are some great ideas here but its seems hard work to get to them. I also find it strange the developers sent you a demonstration prototype with many of the game elements missing, it may have been better to send a curated scenerio that they know is complete to get a better feeling of the story and game flow.

  2. I love the horror aspects, the detailed minis and amazing art. The story looks to be just as good and the option to play solo is a huge plus. My general first impressions are that there is a lot of rules to remember and confusing aspects that will need some time to learn about. Maybe 50% book keeping to 50% story and game. I'm currently a backer and I am leaning towards keeping my pledge but I am hoping for a few more videos to maybe clear up my concerns. But maybe my first impressions are wrong and I'm looking forward to learning more as the kickstarter continues.

  3. Recently discovered your channel. Love your enthousiasm in the KDM playthrough. For this one, i'm a bit confused with the plethora of actions and things to remember. Got a Balck Friday al in Pledge and looking forward to see some more video's to asses if I will keep it. Really like to watch your content. Keep up the good work!

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