(Day 2) The $10,000 World Poker Tour – Los Angeles Poker Classic

(Day 2) The $10,000 World Poker Tour – Los Angeles Poker Classic

day two of the World Poker Tour LAPC
$10,000 buy-in tournament over 500 are
entered so far so we’re going to look at
about 600 people total in the field the
good news is we’re still in the bad news
is we have about half of our starting
stack 22,000 chips we ran into quite a
few tough spots yesterday as you can see
in part one of the vlog but that doesn’t
mean we’re out we can catch a heater we
can find some good spots we can gain
some momentum double up and start
dominating our table our table draw is
pretty soft I’ve handed my most of them
and we should have a big edge so let’s
apply our edge and get the job done
let’s bag up 200k tonight
with blinds at 500-1000 a few hands into
the day I pick up pocket tens under the
gun twenty-two thousand ships so we make
it twenty two hundred to go
definitely could jam here but I think
it’s better to play our opponents more
depending on the action if they fly it
if they three bet who I so stuff like
that we can always get away from tens or
get extra value from some Dead Money
action folds around to the big blind who
folds and we take it down
blinds are still five hundred one
thousand one thousand action folds to me
in the cutoff I have pocket Kings love
pocket kings no need to open jam at this
point with twenty blinds I think we can
have a balanced min raise range so we
make it two thousand to go action folds
to the small blind Randall Emmet suppose
it how they would producer puts in the
call and an elderly Caucasian male puts
in the call in the big blind for three
ways to a flop no way the flap comes
deuce deuce five two diamonds we have
the King of Diamonds
Randall Emmet takes a deep breath and
shoves all in for 60,000 big blind only
has about twenty thousand and so do I so
it’s a big jam regardless big blind
folds and we snap call he has jack six
of diamonds let’s hold the turn is an
Ace of Hearts and the river is a king of
clubs we get a full double
action folds to me in the LoJack
I have ace king I’m gonna make it 2,200
a little bit bigger sizing with the
stack depth Asian male age 40 to 70 on
my direct left calls Randall Emmett puts
in the three bet to 6,000 he has about
25,000 to start action folds back to me
loving this spot he’s a real action
player a skink at the top of our range
let’s put in the warm for ball 17,000 to
go Asian Mellon my left folds and
Randall Emmett shoves all in for 25,000
of course we call we show our ace king
and he shows king queen off suit and he
starts begging for a queen I said no no
just flop ‘days he tugged on and I’ll
Queen Queen Queen Queen here comes the
Queen flop comes King eight three two
spades the turn is the seven and the
river is a deuce we eliminate Randall
Emmett and we now have around 80,000
chips hell of a start to the day
one hour in
out of the gun +1 shelves all in for
7700 middle position flat call 7700 with
20,000 behind folds to us in the cutoff
and we have ace king off suit so great
isolation spot hopefully we can get the
flatter to fold and be heads-up vs.
desperate shorty so I make it 16,000 to
go very small but this is what I do with
Kings our aces so we want him to fold
out all of his mid pairs that would flat
the initial shove action does fold back
to him and he eventually tanked fold so
our heads up against East six suited for
a nice 20k Plus pot the flop comes 4 4 6
spikes is 3 outer the turn is a 3 and
the river is a deuce and we double him
up now on first break 90-minute levels
one of them down four more to go 80
thousand ships
my tables very soft
until pyrin que vermin joins that’s okay
we can just stay out of his way pick on
the other guys 30 minutes later our
table breaks our new table is not as
soft we have a lot of pros my mine regs
I don’t know their names
Anthony’s Piniella and Bryan piccoli and
a couple soft response would be Victor
Ramdan and Andy Frankenberger so let’s
play some good cards I’ll play a few
small pots you know if you raise and
take its I did see bet pocket fives on
King Queen three three Spade board when
I had the five of spades and it got
through that was a nice little pot and
yeah we’re sitting on exactly 90,000
going to eight hundred sixteen hundred
ninety minutes at a time let’s do it
you would Thursday I’ll be there
it’s alright okay
blinds at 1,000 1,500 1,500 action folds
to the button a 50 year old non-american
male shaved head makes it four thousand
to go the small blind folds and we’re in
the big blind with ace king offsuit
hundred thousand to start the hand so
we’re gonna make it 4x out of position
he has us covered
sixteen thousand ago he thinks about it
for a while and puts in the call the
flop comes seven six deuce two spades
and we got to continue our story of an
over Paris we bet twelve thousand and he
folds a nice pick up action folds to the
cutoff same fifty-year-old
middle-eastern man makes it 3500 I’m in
the small blind with king queen off suit
and 120,000 great spot for a
three-bedroom two fourteen thousand big
blind folds and the cutoff thinks about
it and shoves all in for a hundred and
fifty thousand not the desired result
and we fold blinds at 1,000 1,500 under
the gun plus one makes it four thousand
Bryant piccoli calls in the middle
position I’m on the button with Queen
ten of diamonds and a hundred and ten
thousand so I put in the call we’re
three ways to a flop the flop comes nine
six three two diamonds original RAZR
bets six thousand practically folds and
it’s on us pretty easy call in position
could raise but no reason to do that
just yet recall and the turn is a
beautiful King of Diamonds we have the
second nuts
unfortunately he checks so he’s probably
going into pot control mode with a big
pair possibly a one diamond type in so
we bet 16,000 he thinks about it for a
while and puts in the call the river is
the seven of diamonds not the card I
wanted to see but how many ace X with
the ace of diamonds hands as he checked
calling the turn with he could have a
lot of sets to some two pair combos not
many and maybe even some mid pairs that
have a diamond in him he thinks for a
while and bets out twenty-five
five thousand a very strange line he’s
telling me he’s got the ace of diamonds
specifically I’m sitting here with the
second nuts in theory I should never
fold this because then they could just
blow us off the second knots all day
long but in reality people don’t Bluff
like this that often I think about
folding for a long time but we’re
getting a pretty decent price and we put
in the call with the second nuts and he
shows east for both diamonds he could
have stacked us on the turn we got a
look at the bright side and be happy we
still have fifty thousand left three
minutes remain so break action folds to
me in the LoJack can I have to read tens
I raised up to four thousand action
folds to the button who thinks about it
for a while counts out his stack and
shoves all in thirty four thousand chips
actions back to us and we do have them
covered we have about 50 K to start at
the hand
we got a premium so let’s call let’s win
we call a shove and he shows King Jack
of Clubs the flop comes all low cards
one club the turn is a low club and the
river is a low club he goes
runner-runner flush I made the right
call but that’s all we can do here’s the
amazing operator I didn’t win this is
the third break going to 1000 2000 2000
and I have 16,000 chips time to run good
nice work it’s never fun finding spots
to show up with ten blinds watching the
other table have fun joke it up laugh
and proportion with their chip stack boy
fuck do you find a good spot to shove
with ace Jack and get no calls the next
orbit I shove with Ace King and get no
calls throw up to 12 blinds
I’m under the gun plus one with East
eight of diamonds so I shove all in
asian woman on my direct left goes deep
into the tank we’re talking minutes and
eventually folds actually folds to the
big blind who puts in the call he has
pocket tens the flop comes queen high
and the turn is an ace the rivers a king
and we get a full double we’re up to
fifty thousand chips here’s the video
well you were too long to Queen what
fold for a few orbits and now we have
40,000 chips going to 1500 2500 just
under 20 blinds gonna find some good
rish of spots or some open shove spots
or plane to win no fear don’t fear the
with blinds at 1500 2500 2500 for us
Jocko opens under the Gunn 250 500 were
next to act with pocket jacks he’s
wrapping a strong hand but we have a
strong hand anything we do here will
look pretty strong probably not best to
flat and do some more players in the pot
with a vulnerable hand like Jax don’t
want a three-button do so we just rip it
in 45 thousand action folds back to
Feroz any folds we take it down action
folds to us in middle position we have
52,000 chips and two red sevens so I
don’t think we can fold I don’t want to
limp could race see what happens or we
could just open jam 22 blinds 21 blinds
should be profitable long-term pocket
sevens we’re all in action folds to the
cutoff that asked for an exact count
thinks about it for a minute and puts in
the call let’s hope he has aced King ace
Queen type hand we’re heads up I show my
sevens and he shows pocket kings flop
comes I believe six five deuce turns a
three and the river
ed routes of the Commerce Casino
goodbye California good game $10,000
buy-in World Poker Tour event

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    "He's Asian, she's Caucasian, He's Black, She's Eskimo….
    But strangely Randall Emmett's race cannot be mentioned.
    Typical 21st century political 'edginess'.

    Harvey Weintstein, Woody Allen, Matt Lauer, Brett Ratner, Roman Polanski, Louis CK.
    All sexual predators or pedophiles. What do they have in common.
    #j #ews

  2. Nice hold on the kings Jeff…..if i was in that spot on Pokerstars i would have lost approximately 85% of the time, especially if the opponent was Ukranian or Russian. Fact.

  3. Asian woman folded AQ in your A8 shuv hand ? It must be her bogey hand. It use to be a big leak in my game. GGs man enjoyed that.❤️

  4. such a great start i really hate moving tables i was running hot the other night ran up a stack got moved and went card dead its weird how that works cant win them all bro your a beast keep grinding you really cant fold the queen high flush unless you have read on the player that he is nitty gg bro

  5. Get the impression from my own game and watching other games/ vids that 22 33 44 55 66 77 win less then 50% of the time, maybe even 30%, 40% so most of the time better not go all in with these cards.

  6. 5:03 Mike Matusow. I see he managed to cash for $30,000. I guess talent does make a difference after all. Better luck next time Boski.

  7. Some times I think u dont watch flop board when calling all in or going all in yourself because I hear did I win alot after the hand

  8. Tip of the hat to The Trooper! Coffee cam and the taking the lid off the burger.. When’s the release of the BoskiBlend coffee??

  9. "I have 52k chips and look down at 2 red 7s i don't think we can fold and i don't want to limp" i instantly say as I'm listening to you i say out loud what's wrong with a limp? I like the limp right there if someone shoves behind you it's a ez fold and you still have 50k, if someone makes it 8k you wiff the flop you still have 14/15 BBs. If it were me i limp but maybe that is why you're playing the 10k and I'm at home watching you.

  10. What a ride Boski. Hopefully soon the run good will kick in in a big buy in. Well played, I dont think I could have folded that flush on riv for 25k. Even tho it seems he is rarely bluffing there, I cant lay it down.

  11. Thanks for posting Boski, was a roller coaster for sure. I loved the way you played most of your hands, pretty on point I think. I can't fault you for how you played all those AK's and whatnot.. And the nutflush vs 2nd nutflush diamond hand was cooler city, nothing you could do there, I mean when the 4th diamond rolls off you could think about folding your hand like you said you did, but def do not blame you for making the call there. tough spot.

    The last hand that ended your tournament though, with 77 in MP with 21 or so BB… I mean it is easy to say now that I saw the result, I mean hindsight IS 20/20… But do you think that sevens are a mandatory shove in this spot with your stack at this point in the tournament? I mean I respect the way you play and all, going for the win and not just trying to cash… but it seems a little ambitious to me… I can totally get on board shoving a 10-15 BB stack with that hand, but once you eclipse the 20 BB mark, I dunno… I just don't think you had to go broke on that one. Any feedback?

    Thanks for the videos dude, you will get the next one for sure!

  12. Typical of how tournaments end for 95% of entrants…a good story and well told…free for me, not so for tournament players…Good luck hitting big score….

  13. Some fool in Caesars all in utg with Queen 5 v my ace king clubs button
    He hits a Queen n says it’s my favourite hand !
    Really ? Where are these fools from ?

  14. Sounds like you played great Jeff. Happy to see you take down Randall Emmitt. To bad with those 2 flushes that went against you in the biggest spots.

  15. First the coffee and then the burger? At least you didn’t lost your humor 🙂 Thanks for another great insight the world off tournament poker. Cheers.

  16. Randle Emmit dates that girl LaLa from Vanderpump Rules. I’m ashamed I know this, lol. He also produced Gotti

  17. Enjoyed this one. Lots of ups and downs. Hope you score a big one soon. Perhaps play in the WSOP Circuit in Cherokee, NC in April.

  18. The mouth is up out of his scooter! Elevator candid is a bit less enjoyable than a restroom line shaming.
    Oh well 😉

  19. Dang it man. A couple bad bounces made a difference. I know you will get a big one soon. Funny thing about Faraz, he never has it lol

  20. 11:56 the undercover cartel agent interview vibe goin on is hilarious.

    Played a small tournament 2 days ago Sands casino in Bethlehem PA. Long story short after getting eliminated and explaining to someone how it happened I caught myself saying Raised AA from the big blind to 3500 an Asain male age……….no b.s. tho

  21. Like the content Boski hate to bring up a negative point but without getting into detail I think the shove with 77 is a mistake. And this is not hindsight this is before I knew what the result would be.

  22. Dam JB, $10k..
    That can put a dent into the roll, especially with the casino payback.. Hit those Encore tournaments or ACR..

  23. I dont like the open jam with 77 while having 22 BBs. Set-Mining here is better than open jamming, or just a normal 3x raise.

  24. For some odd reason I am now saying…'Boski'…when I enter a room. But I pronounce it … 'Bowwwskii' . That's where the oddness end though..nothing happens.

  25. Right decisions. Not always right outcome but what a lesson of maintaining composure & following à game plan ! Thanks

  26. Felt like I was there. Great job w the short stack! Love how you out the "soft" players by name. LOL. They'd appreciate that rating, surely 😁

  27. Solid game, solid vlog. No mortal poker player can deal with that kind of runbad. Try to avoid tilt, and keep playing well. Looking forward to a springtime of Jeff, and some more great vlogs

  28. Black guy and Asian guy at my table…I decided to raise and ask them why are they at the table with me…they fold and I win! Lets go!

  29. What the fuvk is this Randal guy doing playing like this? I wish there was a 10k near me with guys like this.

  30. The burger looked decent at least. Hey you played well, that's just the way it goes sometimes. On to the next one!

  31. Jeff: We've all had a lot of fun at Trooper's expense, but given what just happened to him, a nice shout out would be the kind thing to do….just saying.

  32. So I love the big blind ante for live games but shouldn't it be adjusted according to the number of players at the table or else it eats up your stack super quick and makes a tournament into kind of a turbo with a lot less play.

  33. You should never play 10k buyins tournament with your bankroll… you need at least 2-3mn usd to play this tournament comfortably… 100% you are getting knocked out without cashing any…

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