Deaf Lottery Draw 172 – $650,000 1st Prize Draw – Drawn 12/07/2018

HANNA: Hello everyone and welcome to the live draw of Lottery 172.
HANNA: Once again it’s time to find out which supporter is our next $650,000 winner. And it’s time to begin the draw.
ANDREW: Today’s draw will be conducted by Dennis
an independent auditor and he’ll be using
a government-approved electronic drawing
program. And you can find our permit and
license numbers at the bottom of your
screen along with a link to our website
which holds all the details about our
drawing process.
HANNA: Now remember the winner
of today’s draw will have four
incredible prizes to choose from. Each of
our first prize packages is valued at
$650,000. So whether you’re dreaming of a new
home, a new car or a new adventure the
choice could be yours.
ANDREW: Our winner can even design their own dream prize from a whole range of options.
Don’t forget there are 181 total prizes in Lottery 172. And you can easily check your tickets
online at to see if you have won a prize.
HANNA: Now ticket number 0873345 has been drawn. For those of you playing at home, the team beside me
are just verifying the ticket number details now and they shouldn’t be too long.
And we are being told that this is a sold
ticket, so it’s official! Ticket number
0873345 is our winning ticket.
ANDREW: Congratulations! We’re going to give our winner recall shortly to verify their
details and share the incredible news so
make sure you have your phone close by.
HANNA: But don’t forget our other prizes to be won. We will have a full list of Lottery 172
winners on our website by 6pm
Australian Eastern Standard Time this evening.
ANDREW: On behalf of the entire team at
The Deaf Lottery we’d like to say a big
thank you to all of our supporters. Your contributions allow us to maintain
important programs and services for the
Deaf and hard of hearing community.
HANNA: Thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time.

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