Dean Martin:  (Jerry Skinner Documentary)

Dean Martin: (Jerry Skinner Documentary)

This is Dino Paul [croce] the world nosing as dean Martin
Dino crow Jetty was born on the seventh day of June
1917 in Steubenville, Ohio
his Ferris
Gaetano and Angela Cochiti were Italian immigrants
Dino had one older brother William Alfonso born in Nineteen and 16
They called [Bill]
Now this is a picture of dean Martin and his parents years later
the coach antes only spoke Italian at home and
Young Dino
Didn’t learn to speak English until he started elementary school
he said that the kids often made fun of his broken English and
He was self-conscious for years of the way he spoke
The in once said that he was very proud of his Italian heritage
That’s who I am he said
Dino and Bill attended Grant Elementary School
They were always neatly dressed and well cared for as their dead made a good living as a barber
the Brothers attended Steubenville High school and
by the tenth grade
Dino had decided that he knew as much as his teachers did
So he quit school to go to work
He tried several menial jobs before becoming a stock boy and a tobacco store
Now the store turned out to be a front for illegal gambling
activities in the rear
Dino quickly became involved in the backroom activities
Anything to make money?
He even tried boxing as a welterweight
making anywhere from ten to [tWenty-Five] dollars about
He was so poor. He said that he couldn’t even afford the tape to wrap his hands in and busted up [his] knuckles
Dean said he fought 12 bouts and won all of them
Except 11 in
Reality of course he actually won more fights, and he lost
But telling the truth was not near as funny
While hanging around Matt clubs with friends he discovered that he [could] sing
His friends would encourage him to sing for them after [hours]
And he soon [began] saying with local bands that were close to home
17 he [was] singing with their ernie [Mackay] orchestra?
But he was soon spotted by Cleveland Orchestra leader Sammy watkins
while toured with the Sammy Watkins ban
Deer in 1938 through 1940 he was going by the name of [Dino] Martini
[his] been said that it was sammy watkins that suggested the name Dean Martin
while singing with the Sammy Watkins Orchestra Dean meets
Elizabeth and McDonald
Everybody called her bit
They soon fell in love and made on the 2nd of October
Soon after their marriage dean received his draft noticed. He served a year stateside
before being assigned 4f because of a double hernia
He received believed as a child
He immediately went back on the road with the sammy watkins fan
Dean was hardly ever at home
always on the Road and
Spent most of his money that he made party
on June the 29th
1942 a year after their match their first child
Stephen Craig Martin was born
the next year in 1943
dean got an offer to play the famous real bumble room in May and
He was replacing frank sinatra who had canceled his engagement
Now this was the first time that dean had met his lifelong friend to be frank Sinatra
Martin was now making good money and sent for beatty and his son craig to come and join him in New York
the next year March 16th
1944 Beatty and Dean Had a daughter Claudia Dean Martin
That same year then we’ll meet a new comic by the name of Joey levites who?
was going by the name of Jerry Lewis
They having to meet in a coffee shop at the Belmont Plaza hotel and liked each other immediately
and they actually become [friends], but they never even thought about
performing together
One was a singer and the other was a comic
two years later both by Coincidence
Was playing at the Havana?
Madrid Club in New York
It was the first time that they had tried a routine together
Dean would sing and Jerry would heckle him the audience loved it
but still they continued performing separately a
few months later Jerry persuaded skinny D’Amato who [ran] the 500 Club in Atlantic City
To give his friend dean a change
Together they were great
[19-Year] Old Jerry Lewis said of the 29 year old Dean Martin
That he was the spine and strength of what Martin and Lewis was
Even though he said I got all the credit
Now by this time dean invade his third child Barbara Gayle was born on April 11th
Even though Dean was making money. He was still spending most of it party
Betty had finally had enough of New York and dean never being at home
She had already moved back to her parents and then later on to his as home
1947 they Act of Martin and Lewis was fast becoming the most successful
Dual Act and show business history
on 19 August
Dean and [Betty] will have their fourth child
She was one year old when dean and betty divorced after [eight] years of marriage
Betty had learned that dean was involved with 22 year old, Orange Bowl queen and Model [dorothea] jean Vickers
everyone called [Jeannie]
They were Mary said Timbre the first
1949 at a friend’s home with Jerry Lewis [serving] as best man
Jerry will say years later that Jeannie was the best thing that ever happened to dean Martin except for me of course
after Betty’s divorce from Dean the once beautiful high school athlete
Who had been a wonderful mother to their four children?
begin to [a] [draw] and Drank more
During the next Few Years the children begin to suffer without support of a stable family
Dean will be busy with his career and new family and between 1949 and
Martin and Lewis will start at 16 films
numerous television appearances and nightclub acts
the money that dean was sending beatty each month for her and their children she was going through and
moving place to place she became so
unstable that Martin filed for custody and the three girls moved in with Dean and Jeanie
Craig was living with his grandparents at the time in
the Meantime Jeanie and Dean had three children
Dean Paul born November the 17th
Ricky James Born September the 20th
1953 and Gina Caroline born December the 20th 18:56
[genie] became their surrogate mother taking care of dean seven children
Betty Martin will become more or less a recluse over the years and will
quietly pass away at her slim Francisco home in June
1989 at the Age of 66
Her Ashes will be scattered over the San Francisco Bay
She will never remain
on july the 24th
1956 after 10 years performing together the most successful deal
Martin Lewis called it quits at the Copacabana nightclub in New York City
There are lots of reasons for the [breakup]
For one g and his wife [patty] were very close friends with Dean’s first wife betty that didn’t help
Whatever the reasons for the [to] party they both left with hard feelings
It’s been said the two will not speak for 20 years
however in 1960 four Years after the breakup
Both were performing their separate acts at the sands hotel in Las Vegas
When Jerry caught the tail end of Dean’s act?
Dean invited him on stage, and they joked around for about 15 minutes in
1976 Martin made a surprise appearance set up by Frank Sinatra on
Jerry Lewis’s Annual Labor Day telethon for
muscular dystrophy
Lewis said they had more money donated that day and they ever had and
They’ve renewed their friendship
after the Martin and Lewis breakup dean began recording with capitol records and in 1958 he
started with Marlon Brando [hogue] lang and Montgomery clift
Now cliff tried to help dean during the making of the young lines
So much, so that he never forgot and when Martin was [theming] the matt helm series in
1966 he insisted there be a part per [Montgomery] clift
when no producer wanted cliff because of his drug habits
unfortunately Montgomery clift passed away before filming started
after [Young] [lions]
Martin starred with friend John Wayne and Ricky Nelson in Rio Bravo in
1959 and
1960 it was ocean’s Eleven filmed in Las Vegas
That started his association with the rat pack Frank sinatra Sammy Davis, Jr.
Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop
the Rat pack hit Las Vegas by storm
Their nightclub act was sold out every night and their wild partying would usually continue until dawn
Dean would usually
Excuse himself to his bedroom as he loved golf so much
He had to get to the golf course early
the Vegas Rat Pack Act will last until
1965 in
1965 Dean was star on his own NBC television show
the Dean Martin show and it will run for nine Years until
His theme song was Martin’s hit record in
Everybody loves somebody sometime
Initially dean didn’t want to do the show
He wanted [to] continue making movies and doing nightclub acts
He requested an outrageous fee, and he said he didn’t want to rehearse
To his surprise they accepted
He never knew who his guest star was going to be until he opened the door
it was as much of surprise to dean as it was to his audience the
[show] was a major hit
Although dean pretended to be intoxicated on each show
Most of the time it was apple juice and not whiskey
Although he was at the top of his career at [that] time things were not going. Well at home as
His daughter Deena said in her book memories are made of this
That dean Martin was not a very good father
But he was a good man, and in his world. That’s what counted
Now this is a picture of dino on the left
[Ricki] Deena
Dean [Gale]
Claudia and
craig and more happier times at their home at
6:01 Mountain Drive, Beverly Hills in the
fourth year [of] the Dean Martin Show on December the 10th
Jeannie announced their separation
However, it will be 1972 before the 23 year marriage will officially end
Jeannie will continue to raise their youngest child Gina [and] will never remain
Although she will remain close to Dean’s friends such as frank sinatra’s wife Barbara
The next year after Jeannie and dean divorced he will Marry Kathryn
hahn on the 25th of April
Dean was 55 and Kathryn Was 26
Kathryn was a model and a hair salon
Receptionist she [was] introduced to deemed by his manager the next year in
1974 after
[Marrying] Katherine
the Dean Martin Show will close
He was one of the highest-paid entertainers in Hollywood
Dean was by no means ready to retire as
The Dean Martin show was closed
He was starting the Dean Martin Celebrity roasts
And it will continue as one of the most successful shows on television for ten years
ended in that
Again, Martin will become restless and file for divorce from his third wife Catherine after [only] three years of marriage in
1976 he
[will] adopt Catherine six-year-old daughter Sasha
His settlement with Catherine will never be disclosed and it seems that all [of] dean’s wives
gave him love and he gave them money in
1987 at the Age of 69
dean Martin will received the worst news that a parent can receive
the Death of a child
one of [his] sons
Dean Paul Jr.. Dino had crashed his California national guard
F4 Phantom Jet on a Routine training mission
Flying with Captain Martin was his weapons systems officer, Ramon ortez
They had departed March Air force base and crashed into the San Bernardino mountains during a snowstorm
Dino was 35 [years] old at the age of 13 they no had joined [Desi], [Arnaz], Jr.
And Billy hinkle to form the van Dino Desi and Billy
He had become an actor and was nominated for Golden globe for best Male newcomer
of the year in
1971 Dean Paul
married actress, Olivia Hussey
1973 they will have one child
Alexander the two will divorce in
four years later in 1982
He will Marry Olympic gold Medalist ice Skater Dorothy Hamill
They were divorced two years later in
1984 as
Dean Martin [Jeannie] and family waited for word from the crash site
They held on to hope that their son would survive
It took five days before the bodies were located and the four foot of snow
Friends such as frank sinatra said that dean never
Recovered from his son’s death
Dean told friends that he would never heal and that he was just walking through life
Dean Paul Jr.. Was buried and the Veterans National cemetery in Los Angeles
[during] Dean Paul’s funeral dean learned later
That Jerry Lewis had attended the carroll without anybody knowing
Dean was so touched that he called J. And they spoke one or two times a week after that
It seemed ended their [relationship]
the next Year in
1988 one Year after Dean Paul’s death
Frank Sinatra as dean if he would be willing to go on a twenty six city tour in order to help their friend
Sammy Davis, Jr.. Makes some money that was badly needed
He agreed, but left after six performances. He was having trouble concentrating on his legs and
forgetting song lyrics after [an] argument with Frank
He went to an La hospital having Kidney Troubles
Dean said that frank donated him a kidney
He just didn’t know whose kidney it was
Now [Liza] [Minnelli] continued the tour with Frank and Sammy and Dean’s place
Sammy Davis, Jr.. Will Die two years later in 1990 of throat cancer
Although Jeannie and Dean will not remain they’ll become very close after dean Paul’s death
Martin [Worked] [Curtail] his personal appearances and abide his time watching old westerns on TV and
Going to the same restaurant at night and ordering the same food
But mostly he’d play golf
In September 1993. He was diagnosed with lung cancer [at] a Los angeles
Medical Center
He was told only an operation could prolong his [life]
He refused the operation
He had already took care of business
He had joined Sammy Davis his 60th anniversary celebration
that aired only a few weeks before Sam his death and
in 1990 at [the] Bailey hotel in Las Vegas he had his final reunion with Jerry Lewis in
December of 1990 he had congratulated frank sinatra on his 75th birthday special
Dean Martin will pass away at his Beverly Hills home at 3:30 [a.m.]
Christmas day
1995 from respiratory failure
Complications of lung cancer his second wife Jeannie will leave her annual Christmas party and rush to his bedside
From her home just down the street
She stated she laid by his side and held his hand until they come to take him
She had kept the same vigil 28 years earlier in
1967 with Dean’s Mother Angela passed away of Bone cancer
The funeral of Dean Martin will be held on [the] 28th
And he will be interred in a Crypt at the Westwood Village Memorial Park
all his friends will be there Jerry Lewis will speak and
Rosemary Clooney will think
Everybody loves somebody sometime
The words will be engraved on his tomb dean Martin has three stars on the Hollywood walk of fame
[Deano] Paul Croce D Dean Martin was 78 years old
The lights of Las Vegas would Dim and his honor
Six years after her father’s death claudia dean in Betty’s second child will pass away on March the 16th
2001 from breast cancer
She followed her dead into the acting business in
1956 at Age 11 she [was] interred [Ed’s] movie, Hollywood or bust in
1964 it was for those who think young and
several others including numerous television shows such as my three sons and the Donna [reed] show
She married twice first to actor Kyle Martin with whom she had a daughter named Jesse
She later married Jim Roberts and moved to Reno, Nevada where they owned a printing shop
[Claudia] was 56 years old in
the youngest son of Dean and [Jeanie]
Ricky James Martin
passed away at his home in Woodland, Utah
Ricky Had followed his father’s footsteps also, and he was a
talented singer and entertainer in his own, right
working shows in Las Vegas and tour in the world Ricky made any
[rasmussen] in the 1990s and she gave him three daughters pepper, Montana and Rio
Ricky’s Death was a Sudden shock to the family
His death is believed to have been from a blood clot
It could have been from a fall that he took earlier in the year
Ricky Martin was 62 years old and
Three weeks after Ricky’s death the family was in for another shock
When they learned that their mother [Jeannie] had passed away on the 24th of August
after a long battle with cancer
Jeannie was 89 [years] old
she once said that she first seen dean Martin at a new Year’s Eve party at the Beachcombers club in my
Jerry Lewis and Dean were performing when she said their eyes met it was love [at] first sight
Craig Barber [Gal]
deena Jeannie and even [sacha] all followed their famous father in the show business
All of his children have different memories of their father
Dina and her book memories are made of this
Seems to be an honest account of her life growing up around famous friends of her father
both good and bad [the]
[remarkable] thing about all dean Martin’s children is that they strive to keep his memory and Legacy alive
Not realizing that it’s not the wonderful songs that he’s saying
Nor the [60-something] movies. He was in
nor the famous Las Vegas nightclub acts
Or even the thousands of fans that adored him
the real Legacy that dean Martin Left is
The love his children have for him
the ones that knew him based

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