Death Row Last Meals Game ft. Binging With Babish

Death Row Last Meals Game ft. Binging With Babish

Today, dead men
tell no tales. But they do like KFC. Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good mythical morning. Thank you for making
us a part of your
daily routine. Today we have
a very special game, all about last meals. But if you think
about it, any meal – could be your last meal.
– Oh. So ditch those salads
and get out the fried chicken,
for goodness sake! Okay, Link and I
are gonna be competing
to the death, real meals,
in a game we’re calling… We’d like to give
a good Mythical welcome
to our special guest host, YouTube’s King of cooking, Andrew Rea
of “Binging with Babish.” Dude, thank you so much
for having me, guys. – ( applause )
– I appreciate that. – Thanks for being here.
– You can, uh… I know you’re used
to this, but– – You can come on down.
– Oh, okay. All right, sorry.
This is very new for me. On our show, you can–
your face can be in it. Yeah, yeah.
That’s one of our rules. I’m very sorry.
I know you probably didn’t want
to see this, but… So, Andrew, you ever
done any time in
the clink? Uh… not gonna
answer that question. – ( laughter )
– Ooh. Wow. Wow, this is like
“Inside Edition”
all of a sudden. – ( laughter )
– Does that still happen? Okay, here’s how
“Dead Man Noshin'” works. So Andrew’s gonna give
us a murderous convict, and two options for
what their last meal was. Uh, however,
under the top that
we’ll have out here the cloche– is that
what we call it? – Both: The cloche.
– Uh, there’s only one meal and that is
the correct answer. Okay, whoever gets it right
gets a point, and whoever gets it wrong
gets 25 to life. Oh. – That’s high stakes.
– Yeah, just kidding. The loser of
the entire game will be sentenced
to eating a blood cube. Oh, gosh. And the player
with the most right gets to eat their
choice for their
last meal… – Mmm.
– …in “Good Mythical More” That’s better
than a blood cube. – A little bit.
– You ready, Andrew? Ready, let’s do this.( metal clangs )All right, look at–
we got a cloche. – You know what’s under here.
– Yes. – We do not.
– No. I didn’t know this was
called a cloche. This is– – That’s what they told us.
– Rhett: Oh! We’re teaching
you things about food? You guys are always
teaching me things, – every time I watch.
– Well, they could be lying – to us and we would not know.
– ( chuckling ) Food helmet
is what I call it. – ( laughter )
– Yeah, that’s… All right, so round one.
John Wayne Gacy. – Rhett:Heard of him.
– Andrew:This killer
was famous for
dressing up as
a children’s party clown
and simultaneously
assaulting and murdering
over 33 young men.– Hm.
– John! ( laughs )
John, you rascal. I know you guys
already know that his last meal
included KFC, but– – Yeah.
– Which is where
he used to work. but what was the other
part of his food finale? or… Oh, wow. So he could have
double dipped at two different
fast food establishments… – It’s what I’d do.
– …by doing a KFC
and McDonalds, but a KFC is never
attached to a McDonald’s. It’s usually attached
to a what, when they attached
to something else? – Uh, Taco Bell.
– Pizza Hut. – Pizza Hut.
– Taco Bell. – Oh, no, yeah.
– Yeah, Taco Bell, yeah. Sometimes you get
the cluster of all– – Yeah.
– All of them mixed together. And that’s– that’s– – That’s a real cluster.
– Oh, man. 12 fried shrimp
is a very weird, – serial killerish request.
– It is. Like, “I would like
fried shrimp– 12 of ’em!” I could put 12 fried shrimp
in my mouth right now. That doesn’t seem like– It is a very complete
number, though. “I’m going out
with 12 fried shrimp, and a pound of
strawberries.” I’m going with B. As am I, Link. Andrew: Let’s see. – Oh.
– Oh, we were both wrong. John Wayne Gacy!
What are you thinking? I see 12 shrimp
over here. And you know what,
now that I see it, I’m like, “Hmm, I think he’s
on to something.” – That’s a solid meal.
– This is a well balanced
meal here. – No, that looks
like something…
– Fried shrimp, fried chicken,
fried fries, and, mm, strawberries,
to keep it healthy. It looks like something a crazed clown,
boy killer would eat. – ( laughter )
– That too. – Or me, I would eat it,
– Uh oh. Next up for round two,
we’ve got Ronnie Lee Gardner. I’ve never heard of
this guy, but he was
convicted of robbery,burglary, and two counts
of murder.
– Link:Mm-mm.
– Andrew:Gardner was a
troubled man
who was in and out of prison
for most of his adult life
and reportedly requested
a firing squad execution
to honor his Mormon faith.– Okay.
– Is that part of
the Mormon faith? I don’t– I did not–
I know that now. Be executed
by a firing squad? And the more you know. – ( sighs )
– Was his last meal… or… – Oh, wow.
– You can make a movie
part of this? It’s dinner and a movie? You don’t get
to eat a movie. How is that–
That’s not part of
a last meal. I gotta go kill
somebody. I didn’t know that
was part of the deal. – I didn’t know that was it.
– What? You’re gonna have to
kill a lot of people. – I guess I can eat and watch…
– A serial killer. I can eat and watch
movies now, though,
can I? – Now that I think about it.
– But I do not do it. As a policy, I don’t do
anything when watching a movie because the artist
does not intend for you to be looking
down at your food. Well, and you can’t also
can’t do two things at once. – I beg to differ, so…
– You like to eat? – Oh, yeah.
– While watching something? That’s one of the tenets, core tenets of my faith, – the– the–
– ( laughter ) – Is eating while watching
– I do not let, uh, Link eat while I watch anything
because I would not be able to hear
what I was watching. Are you an open mouth eater? – Uh, he’s just loud.
– It’s just my jaw. I don’t know,
it’s closed but it sounds
like it’s not. I’ve got my answer,
I mean I gotta think you gotta go with the more,
uh, traditional, even though it may be
blasphemous, I prefer “Lord of the Rings”
over “Star Wars” trilogy. That’s my personal
opinion. Uh, I think that
the steak, lobster,
and apple pie is, uh, just a more
traditional thing. Veggie lasagna? What kind of crazed
person would choose
that? Exactly,
a crazy person. ( laughs ) – A.
– Rhett: All right. Let’s take a look. Uh-huh! – That’s right.
– Dang it. Oh, look, and we got– even got “Lord of the Rings”
under here. – I mean–
– And the trilogy. Based on this guy’s
meal and movie taste, I could have spent
a little time with him. ( laughter ) And now, a lady killer, and by that I mean,
a lady who is a literal killer.Teresa Lewis who was
convicted of murder,
robbery and conspiracy,
and was the only woman
on Virginia’s death row
prior to her death in 2010.
Interestingly enough,
her case was appealed
nearly to the Supreme Court
where Ruth Bader Ginsburg
and Sonia Sotomayor
said they would have granted
her a stay.
– Oh, girl power, huh?
– Girl power, yeah.Was her last meal…or… Huh, more of the fried chicken
and apple pie. Uh, classic choices. But versus the refined
choice of grilled cauliflower. – But, I mean,
– And the healthier choice. – More reasonable with
that chicken.
– Yeah. Consider her haircut, though. – This is a refined person.
– Let’s take another look
at that haircut. Um… this woman
makes lots of good
choices. – ( chuckles )
– Uh, I always get
a wedge salad if one is available. – You know what?
– It’s gotta be B. I believe…
I believe in this. – She’s all over those peas
with butter.
– Let’s find out. – Give me some peas
with butter! Yeah!
– ( laughter ) –( ding )
– Tied up again. – Uh, with a Dr. Pepper.
– I went against– I went
against my instincts, man. – Damn!
– Apple pie and fried chicken. They like the apple pie
and fried chicken. She didn’t want the firing
squad, so that’s different. I’ma eat a little bit
of this crunchy part. ( growls ) Rhett:
That’s a pretty good meal. – I gotta say…
– Another solid meal. I like adding butter
to my peas. – Except Dr. Pepper.
– I don’t like killing
people, though. Next up,
Victor Fegeur. – Hmm.
– Executed by hanging
in 1963.He looks a lot less
like a murderer
and more like someone
who would explain
new gadgets to James Bond.– Rhett:True
( Link laughs )Andrew:But in reality,
he did capture and kill
a random doctor
he found in a phone book
he had called
to his boarding house
under the guise
of a woman needing help.
– Oh, boy.
– He catfished her. Yeah, ( laughs )
Earliest evidence of catfishing. – Oh. ( laughs )
– How did the doctor
get in the phone book? ( laughter ) I’d kill that
doctor, too. – Trickster.
– ( laughter ) Was his last meal… or… No! This dude’s weird
either way, man. How long would it
take to– does he get to eat
three tubs worth of
Red Vines? Was this like
a stall tactic? Like a filibuster? ( laughs ) Or a single olive? “I will take
a single olive,
with the pit!” – ( laughs )
– “Yes, I’m Monsieur Fegeur.” There’s no way.
There’s no way. It’s a dead on
impersonation of Victor. I’m going–
I’m going B, man. I think that… There’s no way it could be
three tubs of Red Vines. I’d eat a single
olive with a pit in it. Well, I think the giveaway
is that I don’t think three tubs of Red Vines
are going to fit under here – so it’s…
– ( laughter ) –( ding )
– Both: There it is. Rhett, do you want
the olive? I know you like ’em. – I do.
– Oh, ugh. I’m sorry.
With the pit still in it. You don’t like
olives either? You gotta spit a pit
on camera now. – Mm.
– Good luck with that. – Here, right into this.
– ( laughs ) Here we go.
Here, right here. – ( laughter )
– Right here. – Oh, gosh.
– ( laughter ) Do you need a towel?
Here. I didn’t know this
was gonna happen when I came on this show. They said we were
gonna have fun, – and I got spit on.
– ( laughter ) Next up we have
Velma Barfield,who looks more like your
elementary school librarian
than a serial killer, yeah?But she was in fact deadly,
convicted of one murder.
She eventually confessed
to six murders in total
which mostly consisted
of elderly people in her care
and her husbands
and boyfriends.
– No.
– That’s just mean. – Velma!
– But just seven? ( chuckles )
What did she eat before
her death sentence? or… Oh, gosh. Who would just choose
a bag of Cheese Doodles? ( laughter ) – Yeah.
– I’d eat a bag
of Cheese Doodles. It goes really well
with a can of Coke, though. But would a roast
suckling pig go well with a strawberry lemonade? Neither of these is
a good last meal. – I mean, this is just not…
– Yeah. So many things
missing here. Serial killers have bad taste. – Yeah…
– If you ask me. She needed like
a last meal consultant. Ooh! That’s something
that you can do. – ( laughs )
– You could be a last meal
consultant. I think they did away
with the last meal, though. Isn’t that, like,
not a thing anymore? I don’t know.
You could bring it back. Just show up and say,
um, you know– I don’t know if they
have legal tender
in there, but… – What’s the–
– …you can be paid
with cigarettes. ( laughs )
I’ll take it. Five cigarettes. Okay, I’m going–
I’m going with B. I’m gonna say,
I think she did the pig and the strawberry
lemonade. I– I don’t know– something about the word
“suckling” scares me, so I’m going with A. – ( both screaming )
– Yes! –( ding )
– Cheese Doodles and
a can of Coke. Velma is my new
favorite person– wait. – No, no, she’s not.
– That’s not how this works. – No.
– That’s not how this works,
Link. – We got another one?
– I’m in the lead.
We can stop now. – ( laughs )
– Nope. Yeah, I’m definitely
eating a blood cube. It’s just all about,
are you eating one
with me? Ugh, okay. Well, either way I’m gonna
eat a blood cube out of solidarity. It’s not my first time
eating blood. I know that sounds weird.
I did a “Game of Thrones” special once where I had
to eat some blood, so– – Oh, gosh.
– All right. – We’ll hold you to it.
– ( laughter ) – Okay.
– Solidarity. Lastly, we’ve got
the Oklahoma City bomber,
Timothy McVeigh. – Link:Uh-huh.
– Andrew:Timothy
was found guilty
of the murder of 168 peopleand the injury
of over 600 others
when he set off a truck bombat the Oklahoma City
Federal Building in 1995.
He was hoping
the attack would spur
a revolt against
the federal government,
and once stated
that he had no idea
how to impress girls.
– Well, that doesn’t do it. – That’s not how you do it, no.
– No, no, no. That’s not how you
impress girls. Was his last meal… Link:Ooh, chocolate fountain.Andrew:That’s what I would do,that sounds pretty good.or…Mm. Just straight
for dessert, huh? Yeah, and I’m lactose
intolerant so then, like, I’d be dead a few hours
later so it wouldn’t even
matter, – but I’d have no stomachache,
no problem.
– Oh. It would be a way
to circumvent their
system. – Exactly, that’s perfect.
– I’m going with B because… the chocolate fountain,
man, come on–
give me a freaking break. And of course,
I’m going with B because I don’t want
to eat a blood cube. – ( laughter )
– You shouldn’t
have let me go first. – ( laughs )
– Oh, come on. –( bell dings )
– And see, I’m right anyway. ( grunting )
Damn. You’re both winners
in my book. Are you sure– you don’t
want to try this – because of the…
– No, no… I knew my only chance was to do a different one
than you so I was like, “I’m gonna definitely
do the right one, and maybe he’ll go for– he’ll take the bait
and do the opposite.” I mean, I knew
I was gonna do B so… All right,
Well, bring in
the blood cubes. – Thank you.
– Golly, why? You know what?
You don’t have to do this. – I’m going to.
– It’s not like we had
to eat that hot pepperjust because you challenged it.Great cause, man.But we were glad to–
Go ahead andshow your Andrew
your barf bucket because I know for a fact
I can’t get this down when I put it
in my mouth. – My body will reject it.
– Yeah. That’s what happens
every time. I would love
to allow you… Okay. Here we go.
Oh, you got your own. You guys got
your own barf buckets? This place has it all. Now I would love to, uh,
see some chewing, some chomping. No! I hate myself. ( laughter ) Show him up. Just– just dink it. Ding. ( retches ) Ooh. Ooh. ( retches ) Andrew!
Come on, Andrew! You can do it!
You can do it! You can do it!
You can do it! I can’t do it,
I can’t do it,
I can’t do it. Or you can’t do it,
it’s fine. Uh.
How are you– – how are you doing this?
– I don’t know. – What is wrong with you?
– Don’t think about it. Sheer will power. Oh, gosh. It’s just–
it’s Jell-O. Oh, no, it’s not!
It’s “Hell-o”! – It’s just Jell-O!
– No, it’s fine. You can come back
any time and take
that guy’s place. Is it like good for me
at least or something? Yes, it’s so good.
Iron. Lots of iron. – Uh. God, one more swallow,
there we go.
– Link: Ooh! Is it– – Is it going down?
– ( groans ) Ah! Okay, that’s it. – It’s down! He got it!
– ( applause ) – He hosted
the freaking game…
– Oh, my God. and then he ate
the blood cube! You have done time
in prison haven’t you? Yeah, that’s how you
gotta survive in prison. You gotta eat
blood cubes all day. Thank you, Andrew. Okay, make sure
to tune in to “More” to see what Link’s
last meal will be. We’ll show mine, but Link
actually gets to eat his. But first,
keep watching because next were “Binging With Babish” and eating crayons
Simpsons style. Rhett:Like us?
Well, follow us.
Also, like us on
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