Deception, Lies, and CSGO

Deception, Lies, and CSGO

Those of you out there who know us best
know that we here at h3h3Productions
are all about blasting ass, and it has been
such a long time since I’ve just taken
such a nice steaming load on another
person’s chest and I feel like now is
the time to do it.
And luckily, I found one of the shadiest
things I have ever seen on my time on
YouTube and trust me I won’t lie
this is definitely me when I’ve seen all
the shadiest shit on youtube and this is
worse than all of it.
I swear that I watched this one 10 times
Today we’re talking about CS:GO gambling,
which is really something that’s taken
the internet by storm these past couple
years and it seems like these gambling
sites are popping up all over the place
and there’s some controversy stewing
around it.
I know Gabe and Valve are memes; they’re
supposed to be the saviors of the
internet and all that, but underneath all
this there’s some really really shady
shit going on with Valve and even more
with the people operating these sites
themselves and I kind of want to give
you guys an overview from top down just
to show you how fucked up this shit has
gotten. Now, according to this Bloomberg
article entitled ‘virtual weapons are
turning teen gamers into serious
gamblers,’ they allege that these gambling
sites take 2.3 billion trades just in
2015. 2.3 billion. That’s a huge industry.
For those of you who are not familiar
with Counter Strike, it is basically
multiplayer game where you shoot each
other, but the big pull of the game right
now is the virtual items you can own in
the game. So, you can get a really
“cool-looking” AK-47 and they range in
price from one cent all the way up to
like four thousand dollars, and the way
you obtain these skins is by buying a
key that cost $2.50 to opening crates that
randomly drop in the game, and it feels
like Valve itself has specifically
designed this “game” to operate almost
exactly like a slot machine. When you
compare opening a crate in CS:GO
it looks almost identical to an online slot
The only difference is that you have to
be over the age of 21 or people will go to prison.
Opening crates?
everybody’s welcome! Kids invited! Valve
has created a loophole for themselves by
claiming that CS:GO skins aren’t money and
therefore it’s not gambling,
but if you look, you can immediately sell
these skins for real money.
In addition to Valve’s own system for
opening crates, tons of CS:GO gambling
sites have propped up in the past couple
of years. These gambling sites are fairly simple;
you basically just put in your skins, do
a coin toss against other players
essentially just putting all your money
into a pile and flipping a coin to see
who wins.
Now this is when it gets really
interesting: people have created a class
action lawsuit against Valve, suing them
for helping these gambling sites.
So, what this lawsuit alleges is that
“Valve knowingly allowed, supported, and/or
sponsored illegal gambling by allowing
millions of Americans to link their
individual Steam accounts to third-party
furthermore, “because Valve has helped to
create an unregulated, international
gambling concern with no oversight, that
targets teenagers, Plaintiffs and
the class have been damaged.”
“This unregulated market is ripe for
scams, cheating, fraud and other harm to users.”
Their kids lost money and the
parents came together saying, “Well, this is illegal,
why are you allowing my kids to gamble
on your site?” and they have this
premonition like this is an unregulated
gambling market
that’s ripe for scams and fraud.
Ok. And this is where the story is going
next, and this is when it gets so crazy
I’m going to be focusing on two
extremely popular YouTubers by the name
of ProSyndicate and TmarTn and
these guys are huge
CS:GO players. Together they have a
combined sub count of well over 10 million.
Now, these two guys have a ton of
CS:GO gambling videos on their YouTube
pages, where they’re winning huge amounts
of money. They have videos titled such as
“how to win $13,000 in
five minutes with CS:GO betting.”
Now if that title doesn’t sound just like a
get-rich-quick scheme then I’m the
fucking Pope. “Play now and win ten thousand
dollars!” Right? Like are you creating
entertainment or you trying to get kids
to gamble?
And, and they’re both always playing on
the same site:
CS:GO Lotto. “Know what? Today I woke up and
thought, “Let’s do something stupid” and
that certain thing of stupidness is…I’m
putting my AWP
Dragon Lore, factory new, on the line. I’m
gambling on CS:GO Lotto. I’m going for the
duel arena, 50-50 chance of winning.”
What if I told you that they were being
paid by CS Lotto
to, you know, introduce children to
gambling and get people to go on their site.
And they didn’t even disclose it in
the description, they didn’t say paid by, they
didn’t say sponsored.
What if I told you that these two slimy
fucks actually own this website!
TmarTn is the President and ProSyndicate is the Vice President.
They created it together. They don’t disclose
it in the description,
They don’t disclose it in the videos.
They own this site.
“Now, why is this shady?” Because if they
own the site, they have access to the
back end of the website. They can control
the outcome of every bet. They can fake
the results to make promoting videos and
by the way, it’s illegal to not disclose
if you’ve been paid or work for a
company to promote or review that product.
So no, they don’t work for them. They
fucking own it, dude!
I mean, I’ve have never heard of a gambling
site that allows their employees,
let alone their owners to play on it because
it’s highly immoral and shady as fuck.
Now, here’s a video by Syndicate entitled
winning big money money money!!
whoo whoo
“Kids, come on, anyone can play of any age!”,
and here in the description
he says “site used CS:GO Lotto” like it’s
almost incidental, like “oh and by the way
this is the site I used so if you guys, you know, want to do this
not that it affects me but you can click
this link, site used.”
[ProSyndicate]: “Ladies and gentlemen welcome your faces today
to the ultimatum of gambling
on CS:GO Lotto, where today we are throwing
down with a starting bid of 50 dollars,
then 100 dollars, then 200, then 400,
then 800″
So here he, you know, fairy tale story,
you know, fifty dollars up to thousands
in a 30 minute video.
Terrific stuff here, guys.
[ProSyndicate]: “I’ve never said.. (gasps) We won already!
Yes! That’s what I’m talking about! (cheering)
Do you think it’s possible
he faked his reaction, and faked the
actual results of the bet? It’s
possible, it’s very possible.
I don’t know if he did, but it’s possible
and that’s why you don’t gamble on your own site.
It doesn’t need to be said, it’s just.. it’s
obscene. Now this isn’t even the first
time that ProSyndicate has been in
trouble with the FTC for not disclosing
his ties to a game he’s reviewed. In
2005, he reviewed— showed himself playing
a game many times on a channel called “Dead
Realm” that he was an owner of.
He invested in this game, and he posted
videos of him playing it and didn’t
disclose his financial ties to the game. You would think that by now he would
have learned his lesson and would be more
forthcoming about his ties to these
institutions, but he’s still dishonest
about it.
Now, how do we know that they own it? This YouTuber, the small YouTuber who did this
amazing research called ‘HonorTheCall’,
by the way the link is in the description,
check this guy out, he’s done
amazing research.
He basically discovered the registration
of the business that has all of their names on it.
So there’s no doubt that these guys own
this company,
and since he kind of busted this
they’ve been in full damage
control mode.
TmarTn went to his YouTube channel and
posted this vlog saying “yes I’m the
part owner of, full story”, and he
tries to explain how it’s not that big of a deal…
[TmarTn]: “Basically what’s ‘breaking news’ now, is
that myself and a few other people
including Tom, or ProSyndicate, own CS:GO Lotto, and this is something that has never been a secret”
Well, that’s nice to say, but me and a
team of researchers haven’t been able to
find one example of him disclosing that
he’s the owner of this site, nor has
ProSyndicate, in fact I went to his
LinkedIn and even there when he proudly
displays all these achievements as a businessman
CS:GO Lotto is suspiciously
missing from that list.
I mean that’s quite an achievement, dude,
you own a CS:GO gambling site,
that probably generates a lot of revenue.
I would definitely put that on my
LinkedIn if that was something I was
proud of as a businessman.
Certainly, I wouldn’t want to hide that or
conceal that from anybody, right?
Not unless I was doing something shady.
Watch this clip, and tell me if this is a
man who is disclosing he’s the owner of
this site.
[TmarTn]: “Now what I was talking about earlier, I wanted to talk to you guys about
at the end of the video,
I’ve been starting to bet a little bit
more, Brock like obviously you guys
know he loves betting he has posted a lot of betting videos on his
channel and stuff, and he’s been hitting me
up and we found this new site called
CS:GO Lotto so link down the description
if you guys wanna check it out but we’re
betting on today and I won a pot of
like 69 dollars or something
like that so it’s a pretty small pot but it
was like the coolest feeling ever and
I ended up following them on Twitter,
and they hit me up and they’re
talking to me about potentially doing
like a skin sponsorship, like they’ll
give me skins to be able to bet on the
site, and I’ve been
considering doing it like I think that’d
be kind of cool”
Wow, dude, how cool(!) You got a
sponsorship from this new site that you fucking own?
That’s like the shadiest thing I have
ever seen in my life. I feel like I need
to play that again.
[TmarTn]: “This is something
that has never been a secret”
“and we found this new site called CS:GO Lotto”
“Faking something
like that and it kind of being deceiving
like that would be one of the worst
things you could possibly do”
“We were betting on it today and I want a pot of
like 69 dollars or something like that
so it’s a pretty small pot but it was
like the coolest feeling ever”
“I don’t know how you could sleep at night knowing that
you put down other people with
misinformation and it caused them harm,
like how could you live with yourself?”
“.. like the coolest feeling ever, and I
ended up following them on Twitter and stuff”
“How could you live with yourself?” “and we
found this new site called CS:GO Lotto
so I’ll link it down in the description
if you guys want to check it out”
[Ethan quoting TmarTn]: “I found a new site that I think you guys are gonna like”
How the fuck do you live with yourself, dog?
[TmarTn]: “The problem with that
would be if I didn’t divulge that
information, and I do you can look at the
descriptions of every single one of my
CS:GO Lotto videos”
But he says
I didn’t do anything wrong here guys
that’s just why I’m going to go through
the description of all my videos and
update it to put a disclaimer insinuating
that I knew I was doing something shady.
My favorite part about this claim is
that if you just go to his videos, you
can simply check the Google cache and
see that he has just added the disclaimer
since this news came out, and even if you
go to this video I just showed you where
he lies about CS:GO Lotto approaching him,
he still didn’t put a disclaimer in
description as of this time right now.
All it says is “Best place for gambling
Not to mention the disclaimer he’s added
says “Don’t play if you’re underage”
but the privacy policy on the website
forbids only children from under the age of 13.
So which one is it, dude, 13 or 18? Now, the
second video of his broke again on
Scarce’s news channel
“But he actually
had a very good response to this,
he said that “I do own the site now and I didn’t
back then, at that point it was a feeler
video to see if my viewers would enjoy
that type of content and whether or not
I should invest in the business”
Basically what he’s saying is that he
didn’t own the company at the time of
making that video, so technically he wasn’t lying.
If you look at the company charter here,
you can clearly see that he was the
owner from day one.
Not only that, but he’s the dude who
He’s the incorporator, he’s the guy who
did the papers and signed it out, put his name
on it and said “I own this company”.
And all of his officers are there, ProSyndicate is one of them, they were there from day one.
So, I don’t really understand
what you’re trying to say, TmarTn?
Were you the owner or were you
not because clearly the charter shows
that you are the original incorporator.
As someone who loves new media,
I love eSports, I love YouTube, when
this kind of thing is allowed to go on
it cheapens everything we do.
That’s why we here at h3h3productions have decided to make our own
CS:GO gambling site called
We believe that 13 years old is way
too old to get started gambling, and we
want the age to go down to five, because if
you’re old enough to play with blocks,
you’re definitely old enough to play
with crates! We believe that children
should feel the crushing defeat and
crippling self-loathing that comes along
with gambling, because it’s never too young
to start hating yourself and despising your life.
So join us today at, by the way I am not
affiliated with the site, I just use it
I play with my children, they have a lot
of fun. I am not affiliated in any way with the site,
it’s just incidental, please check it out.
Thank you, guys.
Thank you, guys.
And if all this wasn’t disturbing enough,
we found something way worse.
This will shake the gaming community to
the core. Gabe Newell is a brony.
[Gabe Newell]: “I watch My Little Pony”
[Interviewer]: “Haha, you’re a brony?”
[Gabe]: “Yep”
[Interviewer]: “Oh my gosh”

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