Demanding justice: recovering addicts call for drug companies to be held accountable

Demanding justice: recovering addicts call for drug companies to be held accountable

-I’m just gonna say one thing. We was addicted to their pill, but they was addicted
to the money, ’cause that’s what it was about. Overall, that’s what it was
about, the money. People have lost their brothers,
their mothers, their fathers,
their grandparents. You’ve lost family members. I mean, it’s been going on for
20 years or longer, you know? And it’s just a daggone shame
that it has to come to this, for all these people to die, before they start even
looking into it, you know? The definition of murder is
when you sit and you plan about
how killing somebody. Well, that’s pretty much the
definition of what they done. They sit back, and they said,
“Alright, this is addictive, but we can get it past
and go on and pay this person
a little money” or however they done it. But it’s the same thing
as just sitting there, saying, “Well, we’re gonna murder
a whole bunch of people and make millions of dollars
off of it.” -The problem could have
been avoided. -It could have.
-Yes. -This whole epidemic
could have been avoided. -It infuriates me, though, to think that we were targeted
in this area because — it’s affected me for 20 years. It’s gonna affect my children because of the things
they went through. I don’t know.
It’s just — it’s crazy how that one little pill has affected
20 years of my life, you know? Negatively, not positively —
negatively — and my children and my parents
and my sister and my husband. You know, it’s just —
-Something so small. -Something so small that could
have been prevented absolutely makes me mad. -We’re responsible
for our own actions, as well, but I feel that
if it was less available, if it wasn’t pushed on us,
if we wasn’t lied to, then maybe some of us wouldn’t
be in the spot we’re in today. -How can you think
that it’s okay? Like, these people are addicted. “Oh, ha-ha, ha-ha.”
I’m gonna tell you right now. My life and what I’ve been
through ain’t funny. Sure ain’t. -Well, see, that’s
their addiction to money. That’s their addiction to money,
like our addiction to drugs. We would have stopped
for nothing. Well, they’re not gonna stop
for nothing ’cause they’re addicted
to the money. -Them boys ain’t ever been
around here. You know what I mean?
They don’t care. -No.
They got their addictions just as well we got
our addictions, don’t they? -Yeah. -And they’re making
so much money off of this, and we’re back here,
living paycheck to paycheck, barely making it, and now that
we’ve been having charges and been through drug addiction
and everything else, now it’s hard for us
to get a good job. So, we get to sit back
and just try to stay afloat and reach out to other people
and let them know that there’s hope,
while they’re sitting on a desk with their feet kicked up,
living the high life. And they can sit there and laugh
at the fact that we are addicted, and now we have to maintain
their program, or we go right back to that. -How could you sleep?
That’s what I’d ask them. How can you sleep at night,
knowing that you helped, pushed all these thousands, millions of pills to people
and destroyed lives? -What could you actually say
to somebody who obviously doesn’t care?
-There you go, yeah. -The only thing you can
really do is step up and try to get
something started to have them be held accountable
for what they’ve done.

13 thoughts on “Demanding justice: recovering addicts call for drug companies to be held accountable”

  1. This is the very thing AOC was talking about in congress!! Fighting for better regulations. But she keeps getting grief from the republicans!!

  2. None of these people whose lives were ruined by this epidemic should vote for Trump. His presidency fuels the greed of his friends who profited off of this epidemic. How do we convince them to vote in their own best interest and leave the Republican Party?

  3. Has Trump even done anything about the epidemic except call out the drug companies and saying how bad they are? These CEO's need to be put in jail.

  4. People, please don't ever take pain meds. I was able to stop drinking and stop doing meth without a problem, but I can't stop taking pills.

  5. As a healthcare provider in the 2000s in Macgomery County Maryland
    I always knew that pushing “pain pills“ to people was wrong also in the healthcare field in the 2000s I would hear the phrase “pain is not an option“ and I knew that was wrong. It’s been time for Big Pharma to be held accountable and for all injustice
    It’s Time To Rise Up

  6. "How could you sleep at night knowing you destroyed people's lives?" Who are you asking that question? Dick Cheney, Bolton?

  7. How is this pharmaceuticals’ fault?
    What health issues that needed doctors to prescribed drugs?
    How did these people create health issues? Chronic? Non-fiber intake?

  8. It's called personal responsibility. I am a chronic pain patient and The Washington Post needs to report on chronic pain patients are being denied pain medications.

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