Developmental Games for 10 Month Old! | Kristen from Millennial Moms

– Hi guys, Kristen here
with Millennial Moms, and today, my daughter Chel
and I are gonna show you some developmental games you can play with your 10-month-old. (upbeat music) This is such a fun stage
in a baby’s development because they are learning so much. At this stage, your baby is
still perfecting sequences, so that cause and effect relationship. Now, you should notice around this age that your baby is knocking
things off the table and expecting you to pick them up. They’re learning that
when they drop something mom or dad picks it up, so they continue dropping
things to test that theory, and you can help them
understand that cause and effect for that sequence by
picking those things up. Peekaboo is another
easy game that your baby is gonna continue to enjoy more and more, and it’s helping them learn
that even when you go away, you’ll always come back. At this point, it’s
really fun to kind of up your peekaboo game. A lot of times, we play
peekaboo by holding my daughter in front of the mirror
and hiding behind her, and then peaking out to the side. Sometimes you go to the
side, sometimes you go above, sometimes you make funny faces. The variety is really
great, both for baby, the unexpected is fun, and
for you because just standard peekaboo can get kind
of old after a while. Imitation is a huge, huge thing at this stage of development. Your baby is learning that
they can make the same facial expressions or even
noises that you can make. It’s really great to imitate both ways. When your baby does something
with her face or mouth, do the same thing and just watch her eyes, she will get so excited and so thrilled that you’re both making
the same movements. And of course, move your
face in different ways and keep doing it until
your baby imitates you back. It’s surprising how quickly
they learn those movements. Another really, really
fun activity at this age is practicing standing and walking. This is really great
developmentally because, of course, your baby is getting closer
and closer to walking. It’s also great because
your baby’s learning that she can ask for
help when she needs it. Practicing walking is
a great way to do this. I can’t tell you how many
times my daughter has been sitting on the ground and I come up to see what she’s playing with and she’ll grab my
fingers and help me know that she wants to stand up, and then we’ll just walk
all around the house. So, practicing walking
is great for developing those leg muscles, as
well as cementing the fact that when she asks for help, mom or dad will be
there to give it to her. Pointing at and reading
picture books has taken on a whole new meaning with my 10-month-old. Before this, she didn’t really understand what books were made for, she would just try and tear the pages, but now she actually really enjoys looking at the characters in the books, and I point at them and
tell her what they are and she giggles and smiles, and it’s really a fun time. I hope you enjoyed these games. I hope you try them out. Please, in the comments down below, tell me some of your
favorite games to play with your 10-month-old. And if you wanna see yesterday’s video, click right up here. If you wanna see more of my videos, click right down here. And don’t forget to
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