Dia completito y mansión en las montañas de Taiwan- Travel with Glow

Hi Travellers! Welcome one more day to my channel!!
To start the week we went to the gym
Celine, her boyfriend, Aaron, Gina and me.
We made a circuit with various series of excercises
specially legs, in different machines.
It feels so good to do excercise on Mondays!!
It’s the best!
Although in that moment you shit in everything
then you feel like starting the week actively!
In the afternoon, we went to the Big Buddha of Changhua
on the top of a hill
where Aaron taught me to pray!
and we could see the sunset of the city from the lookout.
We just arrived from Aaron’s home after having dinner
and watched “The Wolf of Wall Street”
and now I am finishing my backpack
to go tomorrow to the mantion to spend two days and the night
I already packed everything here!
And to finish with this complete day
the girls went to have a leg’s massage
super relaxing
while we watched the MTV Awards!
We left at 10 am from Changhua to the north 4 cars
at 11.30 am we had lunch
and we stopped tin the road to buy some wild strawberries
before arriving to the mantion.
Hi Travellers! We arrive finally to the mantion!!!
This is the house or mantion,,
this is the spa
and this is the pond with the ducks!
We are staying here until tomorrow,
so only one night,
there are only two bedrooms
so there will be people sleeping in the floor…
for me it was the bed, a very big bed
and I am really excited to try it!
And this is my bedroom
and the enormous bed I got!
The wonderfull views of the valley
that you can see from the bedroom and from the bathtub!
Once we finished the interior of the house,
we have to see the outside with buggy
because it is a super big place!
I have to admit that sometimes I felt scared
because it was all slopes
and the buggy didn’t have enough power
Even once, they have to come to pick us
because the buggy couldn’t move…
The place has also a gym totally equiped
where we stayed playing for a while….
Back home, after dinner we were singing Chinese karaoke songs
and playing table games and card games.
You know when you do something in excess it gets boring?
That is apply now!
Do you think you could be in Spain
singing for 2 hours songs of Raphael or Manolo Escobar?
Today I wake up early
I toook the camera and went for a walk on my own
with everything for me!
I don’t want to leave… I like it so much!
And before leaving I take my chance to have a relaxing massage!
And until here the video for this week
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See you soon!!

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