Dice Games : How to Play Casino Dice

Dice Games : How to Play Casino Dice

You ever hear the term “Baby needs a new pair
of shoes”? My name is Dean Hale and that’s
the term you might hear when you’re in a casino
playing Casino Craps or Bank Craps as it’s
called. The essential elements of the game
are, you have a shooter and his goal is on
his first come out, is either roll a seven
or eleven. If he rolls a seven or an eleven,
he wins. If he rolls a two, a three or a twelve,
that’s called craps and he loses. If he rolls
any other number besides seven, eleven, two,
three or twelve, that’s called their point.
The point, after they get their point, they
then must hit the point again to win and to
keep on rolling. So somebody rolls the dice
and they roll, let’s say a five. They would
have to roll another five to win. However,
if they roll a seven before they roll that
five, they lose. And the dice would be passed
along to the next shooter. As people play
Casino Craps there are people around the table
and they also have the option of betting.
The most popular bet is called the pass line.
If you put say, ten dollars on the pass line
on the shooter, if they come out and they
roll a seven or eleven, they win, you win
also because you bet on them. If they roll
two, three or twelve, which is craps, you
lose. Again, they have the point to make if
they roll anything else, so if they hit that
number, you win. The shooter will keep on,
every time a shooter comes again, the first
time they roll the dice is called a come out.
On the come out, again, seven eleven they
win. They keep on rolling until they would,
they would what they call in Vegas, until
they would crap out, having craps. And then
it would pass along to somebody on the table.
There are other various betting options on
the table, but the simplest one if you’ve
never played Craps before is just use the
pass line. And that’ll be your simplest way
to make money playing Craps. Let’s see if
we can roll a seven here. I rolled a seven.
My name is Dean Hale. We’ll see you at the

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  1. If you’re new to craps, it takes a little time to get used to the rules. I suggest trying out some free games online before playing for real money so you can practice betting.

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