Dice Games : How to Play Pirates Liar’s Dice

Dice Games : How to Play Pirates Liar’s Dice

Have you ever looked for different dice games
to play? Hi my name is Dean Hale and I’m going
to teach you a new game called pirates liar’s
dice. In pirates liar’s dice you are going
to roll the dice and you are going to try
to make a poker hand. Now on a pirate liar’s
dice the one’s are wild, but as pirates would
have you do, you are going to have a jolly
roger or a skull and cross bones as your one.
You would roll the dice, in a group, you would
all have a cup and you have the dice in the
cup, you would roll the cup, turn it over
and you would look to see what you have. You
would make a bid, for instance, if you wanted
to bid two fives you could do so. What you
are doing is you are saying what all the fives
face up would be on the table. You turn it
over to the next person who is then going
to make another bid, the would then say three
fives, or they could say two sixes, but they
would need to up their bid all the way around.
At any point in time, as it goes around, if
a person thinks that that is not the truth
what they said, they will call liar. At that
point in time, everybody turns up their cup,
they count the numbers on top of the dice
and they see if that person was telling the
truth or if they were lying. If they were
lying they would lose a dice and it would
be put aside so they would only have four
dice at that point. If they were telling the
truth the person that called out liar, they
would lose a dice. You play this game until
you get down to only, to the person that has
dice left. The person that has dice left and
everybody else doesn’t they have been declared
the winner. It’s a very fun game, it’s a simple
game. My name is Dean Hale ahoy matey. I’ve
just taught you how to play pirates liar’s

20 thoughts on “Dice Games : How to Play Pirates Liar’s Dice”

  1. Dean Hale. Your a liar and you will spend an eternity on this ship!!!! Master Turner, feel free to go ashore…………..the very next time we make PORT!!!! HA hahahhahaha

  2. so your "bid" is what u think and guess that all the dice facing up are? like if u think everyone has 3 of 2s, then u wld say that?

  3. i dont get one thing…how do you measure the power of a bid so you can say it is stronger than another?why are 2 sixes better than 3 fives?

  4. I don't understand this or normal liars dice…RDR mini games are a lost hope at this point. Along with understanding what the hell happened in Pirates of the Caribbean.. If maybe someone could go in depth IMMENSELY..plz..I need to know. Thanks…..matey…..fml

  5. there's actually two other different ways to spice pirates dice up! using calzo and palifico. the first decals that the last bet was exactly correct, the other must be declared at the start of your turn if you only have one and the aces are not wild but you can bet on any value and anyone following can't change the best value only raise the# unless they also have only 1 die

  6. If you want to learn how to play the game they are playing 🙂 https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/liars-dice-pro/id773491532?mt=8

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