Did Macau’s Casinos Delay Typhoon Warning? | China Uncensored

Did Macau’s Casinos Delay Typhoon Warning? | China Uncensored

On this episode of China Uncensored,
China just wants to keep your money safe.
The Chinese regime stands up for its ally
And Macau goes gambling
with people’s lives.
This is China Uncensored.
Hi, welcome to China Uncensored.
I”m your host Chris Chappell.
Chinese authorities want to make sure
that when citizens travel overseas,
their money is safe.
Safely in China, that is.
They’ve put in strict rules
that limit how much money citizens
can transfer into foreign currencies.
But, surprise, surprise,
some wealthy Chinese have been trying to
cheat the system.
For example,
by going to Macau and gambling
in komodo dragon-filled pits,
like we talked about in our episode last week.
I’m paraphrasing.
Or by going to, say,
Paris and buying expensive jewelry
with their Chinese bank card,
and then returning it for cash.
But why should Chinese authorities work
to resolve fundamental economic problems,
when they can just implement new restrictions!
Like this latest one that went into effect
on September 1st.
It requires banks to report
all overseas bank card transactions
of over $150 to the Chinese government.
Officially, it’s to help improve
statistics and record-keeping.
Totally not because they’re scared of
all the rich people fleeing China
with their money.
By the way,
if there are any Parisian jewelers watching
it might be a good time
to start selling gold rings
for only $149.99!
And across the Pacific now to Venezuela,
a country no one is fleeing *to*,
but it’s still a place China is concerned
President Trump has hit Venezuela
with a new round of sanctions.
The goal is to limit funding
to what he calls Venezuelan President
Nicolas Maduro’s “dictatorship.”
Whoa, hold on there, Trump.
Just because the Venezuelan government
is forcibly taking over private enterprise,
and police are killing people without due
and President Maduro is rewriting the constitution,
doesn’t mean he’s a dictator.
Fortunately, Venezuela’s is getting support
from its ally, China,
a country that’s also totally not a
China’s foreign ministry said sanctions
will only make the situation even more
I’m sure China’s support has nothing to
with the fact that Venezuela owes China
a lot of money.
Speaking of
China’s third-richest man may be in trouble.
I’m talking about Wang Jianlin.
He’s the owner of the Dalian Wanda group.
The conglomerate owns everything from
real estate developments to movie studios.
It also owns AMC Theaters,
the one that controls 5,000 movie screens
right here in the USA.
Well, earlier this week,
there were rumors that Wang Jianlin
had been detained by authorities
and stopped from leaving the country.
I mean, what good is a 30-billion-dollar net
if you can’t leave China, right?
Anyway, as soon as those rumors came out,
Dalian Wanda’s stock prices plummeted.
And the company, of course,
was quick to deny the reports.
But in China,
where the news is designed to broadcast
what the Communist Party wants you to hear,
it’s hard to get real information.
So rumors, whether true or not,
can still crater a company’s stock prices.
Even without this latest rumor,
Dalian Wanda hasn’t been doing that well.
A few weeks ago,
The New York Times ran a piece
possibly linking Wang Jianlin
with another Chinese billionaire
we’ve talked about on the show:
Xiao Jianhua,
who was disappeared from Hong Kong
earlier this year.
Word is that Xiao is in mainland China
helping authorities to investigate
people in the financial sector.
And as we mentioned in a previous episode,
Dalian Wanda is also in deep debt trouble.
It’s currently having a fire sale on
its empire of malls, hotels
and amusement parks.
Now I’ll never get to live my dream
of visiting Nanchang Wanda theme park.
It’s the most harmonious place on Earth!
It’s been shut down.
To make upgrades.
Anyway, while rumors about Dalian Wanda
are flying in China,
it’s getting harder and harder for people
to spread rumors or truths
without the government knowing
their real names.
China’s put a new round of Internet rules
into effect last Friday.
Internet users will be required
to register their real names
if they want to make a comment online.
In other words,
no more Internet anonymity.
So if you say something politically incorrect,
Big Brother will know.
For a long time,
the Chinese regime has been trying to
tie people’s online identities
to their real ones.
The difference with this new regulation
is that now they’re putting the responsibility
on Internet companies to actually enforce
Of course, you can always use a VPN
to jump China’s restrictive firewall
and access the Internet normally.
But not for long.
The Chinese regime is planning
to ban most of those as well.
Then we’ll finally know which Xi Jinping
who comments on our YouTube page
is the real Xi Jinping.
There can be only one.
Now moving on to Macau.
I was there last year,
but I’m less and less sure
I want to go back.
Last week,
Macau denied entry to Hong Kong reporters
trying to enter the territory.
They were there to report on
the aftermath of Typhoon Hato,
which struck Macau on August 23,
killing eight people.
Instead, Macau immigration authorities
detained the journalists and asked them
to sign a statement that they
posed a risk to the stability
of internal security,
which is completely nonthreatening
and not at all an ominous sign.
The Macau authorities denied that
it was because they were journalists,
but then refused to explain
why the journalists were a threat
to Macau’s security.
Yes, the government of Macau
totally respects freedom of the press.
But while Macau was able to stop
the invasion of Hong Kong journalists,
for the first time in Macau’s history,
the typhoon prompted an invasion
of Chinese People’s Liberation Army.
Soldiers literally ran through the streets
with shovels and mops.
At least it’s safer than running with guns.
Or scissors.
Anyway, Macau was affected really,
really badly by Typhoon Hato,
much worse than neighboring Hong Kong was.
That’s because Hong Kong
had issued a typhoon warning on the Tuesday
before the storm,
but Macau waited nine more hours,
only issuing that same warning
Wednesday morning.
And it barely gave locals any time to prepare.
How did this happen?
Well, it turns out the Macau weather bureau
is now under investigation
for intentionally delaying the typhoon warning
in a possible effort to save the casinos money.
According to this article,
From the time the typhoon No 8 signal is
casinos are mandated to pay all staff overtime.
Yes, the poor, poor casinos
would have been forced to pay
an extra shift of overtime.
Well now they have their money.
But why do they still feel so empty inside?
And get this,
this isn’t even the first time
Macau has gambled with a typhoon warning.
The same criticisms happened in 2016
when Typhoon Nida hit.
Hong Kong raised the number 8 typhoon warning,
but Macau did not raise any warning.
The weather boss defended that at the time.
But this year,
people in Macau died because of
the delayed typhoon warning.
So it’s become a huge scandal,
and forced Macau’s weather boss
to step down.
Look, I don’t know what a weather boss
but clearly he can’t control this media
But hey,
in a city where 80% of tax revenue
comes from
what’s a little gambling with people’s
And coming up after the break,
could India and China finally be resolving
their differences without threatening
to kill each other?
You know what’s a real gamble?
Not getting the latest China news
from ChinaUncensored.tv.
We upload full length half hour
every Friday for free.
And it’s a sure bet
you’d have a great time watching.
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