DIY Fortnite, Free Fire e Pubg – Drop box (air drop).

DIY Fortnite, Free Fire e Pubg – Drop box (air drop).

Speak people, all quiet with you? I’m Douglas Tonelli and today’s theme is Fortnite, Free fire and Pubg People, you asked for a lot to do. the dropbox of these three games So today I brought it to you. all in the same video Because I knew that if I did just one of them You were going to fill the comments asking me to bring the other So watch the video and if you like Do not forget to leave your own. to give that strengthened and that moral in the channel and encourage me to bring more videos like that And you who already know my work and I already liked it even before watching the video A kiss and thank you for the moral Any doubt or suggestion of theme leave it here for me in the comments box The bill of materials is below in the description And let’s go to step by step Galley to do all three dropbox we’re gonna need a box model look like this one Let’s start with four pieces of cardboard here is a perfect 12 by 12 square And just paste here in an interleaved way Now just get another piece of cardboard put on top and align to see if the square is in the right format and make a mark here I have already cut it, give preference to cut more within the marking line And now just paste in the same direction as the markup that we did, this one here with this one If you want to reinforce the inside with hot glue no problem, you can do this And now to make the lid we will also use the box as mold just get another piece of cardboard, put it on top And the tip I give here is for you cut out leaving a little of the apparent marking I’ll cut here and show you I already cut it, I cut it on the line but the marking here remains apparent Thus the cap will become slightly loose to facilitate the recess on the underside Now just cut strips of more or less two and a half centimeters And we’ll paste here on the side Make a straight cut here Before you paste the corners here make sure it’s fitting And now just paste these parts here and fasten with tape to give greater resistance So, guys, let’s get started. doing the dropbox of Pubg Just make the mark here And to make the sides we’re going to need this micro corrugated paper and corrugated micro paper sells at any stationery store. But you can get this role here through a piece of cardboard It’s just you get a piece of cardboard and take that first layer So you’re taking it out with care so as not to damage the ripples until you get enough cardboard to coat the entire carton Remembering that it is to paste from this marking that we made Glue one piece and you can take the excess here And after it’s finished, it’s going to be like this. Do not worry too much about the corners here because we’re going to make a finish And now with 1-centimeter EVA strips Let’s finish the bottom And now we’re going to make another finish here in the corners Remembering that he can only come here then you will need to cut the excess Just do this same process in the other songs It’s going to stay like this, I’ve pasted all the parts Make sure the cover is seated right And on the top we go pass contact glue here paste a piece of EVA and remove the excess This layer of EVA is only to protect the next layer of EVA what are we going to stick up here not to get the marking of the cardboard To make the canvas that is like dropbox lid we’re going to use a 19-by-19 piece of EVA But you can use a little bigger so as not to run the risk of getting too small it may be that your cover is slightly larger than mine Just paste centralized and just paste the edges here First glue the sides then the others here These tips are going to stay here, it’s really personal And now just knead this part here And it will stay like this And to start painting we’ll pass a layer of black or brown in all this part here I already painted with very dark brown And now just get the red one. scarlet red or any dark red take away the excess paint to avoid leaving the paintbrush too full of paint And we’re going to start painting. This shade of red will darken a little after it has dried so we need to spend about three layers that’s how I passed just to have a legal effect Once it’s dry it will look more or less like this. these parts of the song have to to be more or less dark And now we’ll get another shade of red a lighter red and we’ll make the markings here Spend a little here in the middle too just to get a little clearer in this red The lighter red layer has already dried and it’s a little bright like that because I passed a little water-based varnish not to get too bright but also to give a metal look And now we’re going to do some dirt here. with a little black paint diluted in water in this little corner here Mess these chants down here too And on the lid, I freaked out with darker blue just to break that little bit of blue from the EVA And in these corners here just spend a little paint here and go pulling to make a gradient It does here in the middle and leaves a little lighter on the edges Here, guys, it’s almost over and I’ve also put those one-centimeter strips I used the brown EVA but you can use black the original color is black I paste it this way, he’s stuck I did not put it here, that part is loose I just put the tip down here. This part here and in the middle will also Let’s cut it here. Also here and let’s do this everywhere Now without removing the cover to be well aligned we’ll just paste all the strips here in the box It will stay that way. And our Pubg dropbox is ready galley Personal now we’re going to make the Free Fire dropbox We will continue to use this box model with the same mold of 12 by 12 although the original box format is a bit more rectangular I’ve already marked the cover here We need to get this mold that I’ll leave it for you available for download And we will paste it this way here following the mark Cut the excess here Now on the other side Again cutting the excesses Now we’ll get four strips of a centimeter I’m using EVA and the strip has to be the size of that part here And the corner here is exactly like another dropbox strips of a centimeter using EVA four millimeters Remember that you can not go beyond the limit here Now we’re going to paint this all in black After painting it will look like this. Already dried, and it’s important that even if the EVA is black you pass this layer of PVA ink to create texture Now we’ll get some dark green. And do the same thing as before stronger here on the edges with the brush with little paint Then pass in the middle Beware of cracks Try not to put too much paint on it. We will not paint the corners either Let’s leave it a little dark. Now just do this same process on the other sides. Already finished, a layer of green is enough to get to the tone I wanted If you want to make it a bit clearer just pass a second layer I already passed the veneer that’s why it has a slight luster And now with the dirty brush with a little black diluted in water We’re going to highlight the messy corners here. Now on the lid I’ve already put that layer of EVA just to soften the format of the cardboard And I got a piece of white EVA and I painted it all with yellow ocher and before the paint dried I soiled it with a little gray and then with a little green and I mixed it up a bit, and it will look more or less like this And we’ll paste exactly the same way that we paste in the other dropbox And the Free Fire dropbox also there are those four stripes here the difference is they do not go down there they just stay on the canvas I picked it up, like I told you, it just comes here For the canvas part to be more realistic It’s just you tighten it in the middle. and joins the two parts together As we pass contact glue on everything she will paste And to make the dropbox of Fortnite we’ll use the same box format although the original box is a little more elongated upright But I’ll do all with the same measurements to make it easier for you This time we will start with the lid I’ve done that layer of EVA here And folks, here in the lid on the bottom just start by sticking a strip two centimeters wide and here in the upper part of a centimeter and just cut the excess here to be well aligned Now with one more strip We’ll finish here. another strip on that other side and just close it up with two more strips Okay, it’s going to stay this way for now. the lid part is ready Now we will cover the whole bottom with EVA Remembering that we can not go beyond the cap limit Already coated the entire underside with EVA do not exceed the cap limit And let’s put the lid on at once because for the next step we’re going to need it Now let’s do the bottom part And just do the same process here in the songs I’ve finished sticking all the corners and I’ve also made the markings on the boards Now get another comic strip and you go cut the tip of it here biased to fit here On this other side the same thing And to simulate the nails you have here I’m going to wear half pearl, pass some contact glue when it comes to gluing this half pearl because even she already having a sticker at the time of painting you can release I finished putting the screws and now We’re going to paint everything dark brown. The brown layer has already dried and we We can already paint in blue. And what I did not show for you in any of the dropbox is that here in the corner I put some tape crepe just to make the finish So before painting put a little crepe tape there Paint is basically the same thing We’ll pass a thick layer here of blue paint I am using the ultramarine blue but you can use a turquoise blue or any shade of darker blue When the brush is no longer too full You pass here avoiding the corners, only passes in the middle same thing on the top Now just do this same process in all parts of the carton even here in that upper part Not yet fully dry When it dries, it will brighten up a lot. It will look more or less of this color here. The lid is already dry and look at the color difference. Now coming back with that first brown tone we use Let’s make some corrections here in the dirt. Mess up the corners and make a gradient out like this. And here the same thing personal And now using some yellow paint we need to write the word drop, so diagonally More or less, so personal And to finish, after you dry it you can pick up the dirty brush and make a dry brush here above the letter P with the same shade of brown I wrote drop lightly to this side purposefully because in the original version of the dropbox she has a sticker here I’m not going to put this sticker on but I’m going to leave a reference image for you for anyone who wants to copy The idea here is that it seems that that upper part which is the cap when in fact the lid is this everything Oops, I’m back! Did you like the result? Which of these three themes of these three games Would you like to see more DIYs here on the channel? Leave it to me in the comment box As you saw in the video I made my dropbox in the trunk version, but nothing prevents that you adapt and make a safe or pencil holder Anyway if you do put on social networks and brand I really want to see, enjoy and comment This or any of the other DIYs here on the canal, beauty? And you’re new here on the channel and have not signed up yet do the following, take a tour of the canal to know more about the content if you like, subscribe and activate the notification bell And you who are already my inscription delicious with bell activated I’m waiting for you there on my Instagram for you to know a little of the content that I put there too So this is it people Thank you for watching me. A kiss and until the next video

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