DIY Literacy:  Board Game (LIBRARY MAKE)

DIY Literacy: Board Game (LIBRARY MAKE)

How about a family game night?
It’s time for Library Make!
Does your family play board games together?
Playing together not only strengthens your
family, but it contains great lessons for
kids, lessons like counting, patience, taking
turns, and fair play!
Counting happens to be an important pre-literacy
skill, so today I’ll show you how to make
THIS, a simple board game that will have your
child practicing literacy skills while having
fun as a family.
Keep watching to learn how!
For this craft, you’ll need: an empty cereal
box; scissors; markers; a die; index cards,
which are optional; and small objects to use
as game pieces – you can use buttons, beads,
or small toys!
I borrowed these dinosaurs from a friend.
Just make sure each piece looks different
so you can tell them apart while playing.
Now let’s get crafting!
First, cut open the cereal box, then cut off
the top and bottom flaps so you’re left
with a large cardboard rectangle.
Bend the box back and forth at the creases
the make it lay flat.
Next, plan out your board game!
Sketch a small, twisty path with a start and
a finish, then add lines in the path to create
spaces for players to move through.
Think about what you’d like in the game.
Do you want an obstacle in the middle, or
a story at the end?
I added a volcano in the center; if a player
lands on this, they’ll have to go back to
the beginning.
Now it’s time to decorate your game!
Invite your child to help you color the spaces.
If your game has a theme, like racing or oceans
or whatever, color your board to match!
I added some jungle plants to mine.
Finally, number all of the spaces in the game
and find small objects to use as game pieces.
One more step (this is optional): to make
the game challenging for older children, take
index cards and write different small challenges
on them.
It could be sight words to read or spell,
small math problems to solve, and more.
If you have an age appropriate trivia deck
for your child, this would be a great way
to use it!
Now you’re ready to play!
Play this like any board game.
Each player rolls the die and moves the number
of spaces they rolled (this is where the counting
practice comes in).
Oh no, that’s the volcano!
Back to the beginning.
For older children, have them draw a card
and answer the question or challenge on it.
If they answer correctly, they can roll the
die and move forward; if not, they stay put
and wait until their next turn.
And of course, whoever reaches the end first
wins the game.
Enjoy this fun game together!
Consider adding little prizes to make game
night more fun; an extra piece of dessert,
a funky pencil, or a personalized drawing
from mommy or daddy.
Don’t forget to end game night with our
favorite activity: reading a book together!
Happy playing, and happy making!

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