DJ Khaled Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

DJ Khaled Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

What everybody its Joe from Complex at the
legendary shoe gallery in Miami with We The
Best hit maker DJ Khaled
Working on winter shinning all summer. You
know what it is
Been waiting to do this one for a while and
we finally locked him in
The man down
You made it
It’s going to be a good one we can see what
he’s into
Thug it out. It matches your bling you know
what I’m saying
Hopefully he’s going to buy some sneakers
We’re going to break the internet were breaking
Matter a fact yo Danny. Joe. You know I got
five of these but do you have a ten and a
half or eleven. if you have an eleven in these
these are crazy. Love these
Khaled you said you’ve been into sneakers
since birth but honest it seems the last two
before that you see the leather of this version
they made. I wish Jordan would make all the
one like this
Yeah, but the leather that’s crazy I love
it. Go ahead
It seems in the past two years off Instagram
now and your closet you’ve really exploded
into the sneaker game. When did you flip the
switch of pinnacles
These these yeah I love the pinnacles. I like
them because you can wear these like it you
want to get dressed up
And you pull these out with some linens or
if you just want to thug it out and you just
thug it out it matches that bling you know
what I’m saying
Uh huh
You feel me
Uh huh
I love sneakers
You know and I love hip hop it’s my life so
you know when you’re in the culture this lifestyle
this is something that we do every day. You
don’t realize you’re a collector until you
go in your closet and you go man I got all
these sneakers
You know I name my sneakers you know you got
the Breads and all these names I don’t name
them those
So what would you name some of these
This right here would be called Don’t Ever
Play Yourself. Don’t Ever Play Yourself. You
know what I’m saying
Give Thanks for the Remake you know what I’m
saying. Give thanks for the leather. so it
just depends on the vibe. Perhaps some dinner
anyone? You know what I’m saying. I might
wear it to dinner. You know what I’m saying
it just depends on the mood and the vibe and
when you go to my sneaker rom I’m going to
give you some real names. Because there are
some on there that just one might be called
War Ready
The other one might be called bow down and
kneel You know what I’m saying. The other
one might be called Give Thanks to the Most
High You know what I’m saying it’s just different
You know what I’m saying
Has anyone ever stunted on you when it came
to you would show up on the red carpet
I live on the road a lot I bring like duffle
bags of sneakers just in case somebody might
stunt and somebody might call me off
Khaled homeboy got blah blah blah on the red
carpet I’m about to do a u-turn just because
we all war ready
How do you feel about in line models, trainers.
runners, and pythons and so on
You know I I love I have all these You know
what I’m saying. I like all different sneakers.
Like I love these
Not this model exactly but the other ones.
I got the Airmaxes when you go to my room
you’re going to see a bunch of different airmaxes
because you know summer time shorts
South Beach colors almost
Yeah these would match real good so I’m like
you know to gym a lot too and you know when
I’m in the gym I want to make it clear you
know I’m a God.
You know what I’m saying. I want to get fit
but I’m happy the way I am. I’m just doing
it to smarter, and more greater and to feel
I’m going to put some fitness shoes on.
I actually work out in my Yeezys
Really. The boosts
Yeah, the boosts those are my workout shoes
Really okay and how’s that
People wear those to go out no those are my
workout shoes
Since Lebron left Miami have you been wearing
I love sneakers so I will wearing some Lebrons.
I have nothing against Lebron. Lebron is a
friend of mine
And at the same time somebody I look up to
and he’s Miami too. Don’t forget Lebron won
his ring in Miami so he’s part of history.
He got a ring in Miami. He ain’t won a ring
anywhere else yet.
That’s fair
I rock with Lebron. He’s the king.
Let’s walk around here. Cortez classics a
lot of classics on this table.
I’ll wear these. I’ll wear these
You know what I’m saying. I wear these with
some Dickys
Okay. Old School
You know Miami. I put some Dickys on. You
ever see me in a pair of these and some Dickys
be nervous.
Now it’s time for you to try on some sneakers.
What are you feeling. Whatever Danny got for
Danny. Because you know a lot of sneakers
I already have. I be on the road for four
months at a time and Danny has them built
up for me.
So whatever Danny got for me he know what
I need.
I might wear these today. You see the blue
sole with the blue shorts.
It’s exciting always to get it but it’s more
exciting ten years from now or five years
from now or four years from now
Or three years from now when you bring them
out brand new like hey remember us
I love these
DJ Khaled Man Miami
We’re going to go credit card today my brother.
What I do it every year I look at my credit
card or bank statement and I say let me see
how much I spent.
I never get depressed how much I spent on
So as you guys can see Khaled came through
his spot left with three pair of Jordans.
Listen man we got Danny got me
And stay tuned we got something for you
Stay tuned it’s called the biggest sneaker
room of your life
Working all winter shinning all summer you
know who it is.

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  1. this gay doesnt even look at the person he talks to. is it a lack of confident thing or what? that why he needs all the luxurious things to make him look good….. sad…

  2. He's changed.
    A lot.
    Fucking needed to.
    Arrogant ignorant deluded, disrespectful fake ass gangsta.

  3. Just shut up DJ Khaled. Let the host talk even just a little bit. Talking about your workouts? Well, you seem to be the same fatso that you used to be.

  4. What's up with people in the entertainment industry and Jordans.

    I could have sworn there are more shoes.

  5. Damn and too think i thought dj khalid was a cool dude lmao😂😂 this man was so disrespectful

  6. I think at this shop the shoes are just overpriced….I bet if you wanna buy same shoes from somewhere else is much cheaper …

  7. "Complex gets ignored , interacted and ffucking destroyed with dj khaled" (Also , cegrats u played yo self lolo😂😂)

  8. This actually annoys me so much how dj Khalid won’t answer his questions and will only talk about stuff way off topic

  9. before shitting on khaled, can we just have some nostalgia for the time when SBB and the shooting stars pack are on shelves?

  10. Dj khaled lyrics in every of his songs be like
    Intro :dj Khaaaaa……leddddd
    Chorus: na I'm saying
    Verse: we the best…

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