Do the Right Thing (3/10) Movie CLIP – Boycott Sal’s! (1989) HD

Hello. Sal’s Pizza.
Meatball hero,
eggplant parmesan.
You got it.
Yeah, we deliver.
Of course, we deliver.
All right.
Where is that?
You going to pay now
or on layaway?
How much?
You been coming here
three times a day.
What are you, a retard?
lt’s $1.50.
Put some cheese
on that motherfucker.
Extra cheese is $2.00.
Yeah, $2.00.
Hey, forget that shit.
Damn, Sal,
you’re cheap, man.
Yo, Mook!
Mookie! How come
ain’t no brothers
up on the wall?
Man, ask Sal,
all right?
Hey, Sal, how come
ain’t no brothers there?
You want brothers
on the wall?
Get your own place.
You can put your brothers and uncles,
nieces and nephews,
your stepfather, stepmother,
whoever you want.
But this is my pizzeria.
on the wall only.
Take it easy, Pop.
And you, hey, don’t start
with me today.
Yeah, that might be fine, Sal,
but you own this.
Rarely do l see
any American-ltalians
eating in here.
All l see is black folks.
Since we spend
much money here,
we do have some say.
You lookin’ for trouble?
Are you a troublemaker,
is that what you are?
Yeah, l’m a troublemaker.
l’m making trouble.
You’re a ball-breaker.
You’re always
coming in here
looking for trouble,
aren’t you?
Suppose l busted your head.
How would you…
Mookie, you want to get
your friend out of here?
What, you gonna
kick me out now?
What, you gonna
kick me out now?
l’m not. You’re
kicking yourself out.
We want some brothers
up on the wall–
You know, Malcolm X,
Nelson Mandela,
Michael Jordan!
Mookie, get him out.
l’m trying!
Take your slice.
l know you paid for it.
All right,
you’re kicking me out.
Beat me on the head
and kick me out.
l paid for my–
Look, boycott Sal’s!
Boycott Sal’s.
l got your boycott swinging.
Boycott Sal’s.
Yo, what you laughin’ at?
Mookie, l paid
for my slice.
l spend much money
in there!

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