DOAXVV 4K【Eng sub】新女神モニカ! Monica  a beautiful woman appeared!!

DOAXVV 4K【Eng sub】新女神モニカ! Monica a beautiful woman appeared!!

Yes,If this····
Ah ♪
hehe ♪
Do these look good on me?
Oh, I found it!
Are you the owner of this island?
I’m Monica. It is a dealer.
But i’m still an apprentice.
I heard that a new casino will be built on this island …
Will you hire me as a dealer?
… Still not recruiting? hummm…
… Oh, I got it! ♪
Then, the owner?
Would you like to play “games” with me?
If you draw an ace of hearts, you win.
This is a simple game.
Let’s, the owner. Which one do you choose?….
Let’s, the owner?
This and this!
Which one do you choose?
I won! hehe ♪
You can be fooled this way …
As rumored…. You are weak in the honey trap.
Please be a little more firmly….
You will be my employer.♪
… Hehe♪
Previous Game, because I won.
You get me hired at a casino on this island.
Of course, as an official dealer.
The result of the game is absolute!
Can not? why!?
No casino yet?
Isn’t there enough funds yet and will we do our best to establish a casino…..?
Oh my gosh…
What to do … Hmm…..
Sigh, There is no help for it….
I will participate in Venus Festival,
I will help you make the casino early!
The owner Please help me with it.
Of course, I get FES wages.
While you’re at it…
Train the owner as my future partner.♪
Oh, it’s a partner on the job.
The result of the game is absolute.
Owner, i won’t miss it!

37 thoughts on “DOAXVV 4K【Eng sub】新女神モニカ! Monica a beautiful woman appeared!!”

  1. Congratulations on getting Monica. Kind of wish that was Tina or one of the other cut girls, though (I mean, if they can release Leifang despite her being cut due to not making the top 9, they most certainly can add all the others)… BTW, did you ever get Kanna? She went free in the prior event.

  2. Super sexy dealers costume.😍😍 I want to put a bunny girl costume on her, she'd look good in one I bet.😋

  3. I know you will be the first one to upload her videos!
    Monica is a bit more lovely than Tamaki and a bit sexier than Fiona, honestly I am interested…Though, Fiona is still my favorite. ^_^
    I guess the casino games like in DOAX3 will be added soon, most likely around 2nd anniversary of the game, and then Monica shall be available by free stones. lol

  4. I'm sure the manufacturer is based the image of the beauty of the Eastern European slav women to create her. Dam Her beauty is amazing! so perfect ! Her appearance is an upgraded beauty version of women Ukraine, Russia, and Eastern European countries ! i love it her beauty ! her beauty really matches the vision beauty of East Asians .

  5. O.M.G.!!!. Another seXXXylicious DOA waifu to my collection <3!!!. Welcome to the DOA World, dear sweetheart <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!!. There is no doubt that she will be another excuse not to lose any type of bets (no matter how high they were) in any game of chance, at the same time that I am contemplating her angelical face, her dreamy eyes, her exquisite and tasty body (without forgetting that pair of succulent and delicious big tits she has), surely I can see her naked at some point, oh yes yes!!!.

  6. Damn, feels like I gotta return to DOAXVV, but shit I always play in a internet cafe toaster and makes the game 15 FPS, and worse, the game will end Win7 support next year.

  7. She vaguely reminds me of someone I met years ago in high school. Which makes "studying" her a surreal experience.

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