DOAXVV 4K【Eng sub】Monica LV20″鍛えてあげます”I will train you.

DOAXVV 4K【Eng sub】Monica LV20″鍛えてあげます”I will train you.

Owner, I’d like you to go with me a little bit…
Until the casino is ready,
I want you to play cards with me every day.
FES alone seems to slow down my professional skills.
“Why is the other party the owner?”
Of course, it is because the interesting …
Not so …!
It is useless if it is not serious in such a case.
We have to make it clear that we win and lose.
But seriously with other girls …
I can’t do that.
So, the owner has just suitable♪
In addition···
Look, how about this swimsuit?
Because I had you buy it, I wore it immediately.
It has nothing to do with the game.
Hey? How is it?
You see…
You’re especially that?
If the casino starts like this,
Is the island owner the best “prey”
I’ll train the owner so that it doesn’t happen♪
So thank you♪
Let’s do our best for each other! right?

5 thoughts on “DOAXVV 4K【Eng sub】Monica LV20″鍛えてあげます”I will train you.”

  1. Monica maybe beautiful but she’s nothing compared to Kasumi the ninja girl and personal note I like ninja girls

  2. Thank you once more for another video of my dear newcommer, Monica chan, she is so seXXXier to the last, how I love her delicious milky boobs <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!!.

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