DOAXVV 4K【Eng sub】Monica LV30″わたしらしい”Like me

DOAXVV 4K【Eng sub】Monica LV30″わたしらしい”Like me

Want to take a picture…?
If the owner only,that’s fine.
Because it is partner …
Huh? Photos for FES?
If it’s a job, of course I’ll cooperate.
I’ll do my best for the casino dream!
What are you in a daze?
I’m going to take a photo!
Actually if I was able to take a photo at the casino …
Hehe♪ Well, now let’s here.♪
Okay, Let’s start shooting owner♪
At first, how about something like this?
Well, i’ll appeal a little more…
Here you are♪
Umm… I want to feel a little more looked mature…
Owner, what do you think of this?
I’m listening to opinions …
Well, is that just that attractive?
… Another one?
Was it not good for now?
Want more poses that are just like me?
Even if it is said so…
Then, In what case is “like me”?
This? Somehow it looks ordinary …
Well, if the owner says.
What about me?
… … Is the cute? hehe♪

8 thoughts on “DOAXVV 4K【Eng sub】Monica LV30″わたしらしい”Like me”

  1. Well I wonder where are u from. Sometimes the English subtitles do not make sense 🙂 Or maybe it's due to FB's automatic translation.

  2. Thank you once more for another video of my dear newcommer, Monica chan, she is so seXXXier to the last, how I love her delicious milky boobs <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!!.

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