Dome Rock BLM, Colorado River & RTR Update

Dome Rock BLM, Colorado River & RTR Update

good morning everybody hope you’re doing
really well I’m out here at BLM land in
Arizona just outside or just inside
quartzite and this is a dome rock here
I’m of course very happy to have a
cactus tree here at a park next to you
this is free 14-day camping here where
the Sun is out over there there is
official dome rock and everybody camps
over there this spots just a little
quieter in remote I’m actually camping
out here with one friend but I basically
left the group real quick just well do
my thing this is my this is my thing
guys it’s a nothing magical or special
it’s just the desert but but I mean in a
lot of ways this is this is what I work
for all year-round is to come out here
pop up the solar I’ve got a full tank of
water 58 gallons
my gray and blacks empty and you just
can’t beat it it’s fun it’s really
exciting just live off the land out here
it’s always going to be drawbacks like
gas the cheapest just 235 gallon and you
know every two weeks I’ve got to go into
town to get more water and dump my tanks
and stuff but I even thought about if I
was going to stay out in this area do in
the long term visitors area pass it’s a
hundred and eighty dollars for seven
months September through April one
hundred and eighty dollars there for
campgrounds here in Arizona too just
inside California and it’s still BLM
land but you get access to drinking
water a dump station and trash
facilities and they have restrooms some
of them have showers and other annemities, so just thought maybe I would do that
even though I’m not even close spend
anywhere close to six months out here
but still we’ll see I’m really just
enjoying the peace and serenity right
now and I will meet up with the group
later soon I mean it’s my intention to
meet as many cool people as possible but
you also have to understand well I went
into the downtown just to go to the swap
meet and the big tent down there and
just every other person knows me from
YouTube which is really totally exciting
it’s just I didn’t get to like look at
much I was I was talking to people and
taking selfies and that was fun too but
I still want to kind of do my own thing
and here
about here obviously as well so yeah I
got the stroller out for Jax we took him
to see people there – and here’s here’s
my cactus in front which if somebody has
put together a bunch of quartz rocks all
over itself we are in quartzite so that
makes sense just desert II and not bad
today I’m still hanging out in the shade
over here it’s like 75 degrees and I’m
I’m sweaty nobody else seems to be
sweating but I’m sweating because pretty
warm for winter can’t complain
I love it before I forget I get two
channels that is all I get with my big
antenna I get Univision and Azteca
Mexican TV so good thing I have four out
of five bars of Wi-Fi out here to do my
uploads and Netflix and other shows and
stuff otherwise yeah cell service seems
to be really well out here for AT&T at
least but not very good TV reception I
got this nice aluminum coffee percolator
here at the big tent big as in this is
like a group version okay 12 cups of
coffee can be made in this it’s it’s
that style you know that you put the
coffee grounds in and everything so I’ll
be able to make coffee to everybody and
I also got a new plug cuz – melted on
the inside right there so I’ll be doing
that as well as a couple other projects
how you doing Jax man yeah wanna go outside? nice and sunny I got other parts
but I want to save those for future
projects here in the desert but there’s
there’s a couple things I want to do to
fix the RV make some changes to the RV
while I’m here because for the most part
it’s just kind of sit down and hang out
unless I’m with other people that I’m
probably just talking and hanging out
but feeling good guys I’m feeling really
good happy to share this with you out
here I’ll put the GPS coordinates where
I’m parked right here but dome Rock
camping 14 day BLM is it covers a very
wide area you can even go on to Google
Maps and just type dome rock BLM it’ll
take you right to where you need to
register you do need to register with
the hosts on site most times of the year
but yeah I’ll show you where I’m at for
now I may be back later or I may go to a
different part later we’ll see I’m
for a little walk today get some
exercise before I take my shower and
wanted to share something with you guys
no biggie but I just wanted to share
this with anybody else trying to do
packages down here in quartzite you got
to be really really careful because
yesterday I went to picked up a few
packages one from Amazon and two fairly
large packages with some new merchandise
custom merchandise in it all three of
those packages were shipped UPS to an RV
park that I was going to stay at
unfortunately the actual city of
quartzite you needed to know this they
have a rule that they will not deliver
any parcel package I’m not talking about
an envelope through the mail but a
parcel package they will not deliver it
unless there is a P o box listed so even
if you’re at an RV park like I was with
a lot number it still has to below that
way on the third line also has to have a
PA Box address otherwise they instantly
at UPS and at the post office they
instantly deny it and return it to
sender they never even loaded on a truck
and try to deliver anything had I known
that because it’s kind of weird I would
not have wasted so much money bear with
me I’m gonna figure this out guys but
the stroller that I ordered for Kevin on
Amazon was shipped back to Amazon and
the two boxes of merchandise both coffee
cups and t-shirts that were custom
printed and shipped here I’ll have
already been returned to the sender
which I’m still in contact with but I
cannot move forward until they get
receipt of those back to them and then I
can try to figure out something else but
I’m just letting you know you are going
to have to find somebody or just go
somewhere else do not try to get an
actual parcel package here in court site
because they have weird rules you know
they just don’t like the idea that
people come here for a couple months
it’s not even really abuse because like
I said I paid for an RV park and had
packages sent to where I was at but like
I said they got some really specific
rules and I bet the town’s just kind of
tired of people coming here and
exhausting all their resources just for
a few months out of the winter so my bad
I didn’t know that I learned a very very
hard expensive lesson yesterday
I’m my merchandise and I hope to give
you guys an update with some better news
here soon but I will not have any
merchandise for RTR unfortunately and
that’s all I’m gonna say about that it
is no biggie I I’m moving on
so I’m actually gonna get back on the
road and go north I gotta find a Walmart
need some supplies so we’re gonna head
up to Parker today
hey everybody I found the lost treasure
clearly right this little piece of old
abandoned casino parts here because I’m
here at the blue water casino in Parker
Arizona friendly to RV parking overnight
and so the casino is right on the water
here on the Colorado River little Inlet
marina and this is one of their hotels
anybody see that they’ve shaped it like
a ship here right on the marina which I
think it’s kind of creative and neat
okay so we’re in an area that obviously
gets really really hot in the summertime
right and this is a massive casino in
hotel look at the system in place for
air conditioning to keep this place cool
in the summer it’s massive
okay this rock doesn’t look abnormal
from this side but if we walk back here
or I just walked past this come on guys
tell me that rock doesn’t look like a
dog with no legs is that funny or what
it’s even got the I mean that’s a dog
that’s hilarious yeah so we got the
Colorado River here guys
it’s beautiful um however all over the
shoreline here the blue water Casino has
posted signs that say no swimming it’s
curious because I mean it’d be great
today is day be a great day to hop in
the Colorado River for a little swim I’m
not sure how they’re able to enforce
that rule I’ll bet people to jump in
anyway I mean technically I am standing
on casino property right now but the
water the call they don’t own the
Colorado River so I’m not sure how they
can say that we’re not allowed to swim
in the river like the no swimming signs
I’m not sure but I am NOT gonna argue
about that no big deal it’s just too bad
maybe just walk down a quarter-mile and
go swimmin or something the water is
green but pretty clear I mean you can
see down to the bottom right here by the
dock in case you’re wondering I’ve
actually been here two nights now and
what I’ve been trying to do basically
the last two or three videos is to get
more current with my videos so that when
I arrive at RT R I’ll kind of have the
same delay as everybody else and I’m
shooting for
about two or three days there so I’ve
been spending a lot of time two or three
nights and spots and then turning those
into one video that’s my way of getting
a little more real time with you all
here and this is my last stop before I
go back down just to give you an idea
I’m in Parker Arizona about 45 miles
straight north of quartzite where the
RTR happens so I’m gonna pack up today
and head on back no no I’m sorry I’m
spending tonight here and then going in
the morning back down to quartzite to
meet up with the group I had a really
nice little break and everything worked
out really well and I don’t know exactly
what I’m gonna do as far as how long
I’ll stay or where I’ll be but I but I
will just say this in the next few
videos to come RTR is from January 11th
to the 21st says Bob wells of cheap RV
living so if I happen to be with a group
in a specific part of quartzite I will
be putting live updates in the video
description below and then I will be
removing those updates that I write copy
and paste the GPS Correns I’ll be
removing them when I leave so that’s
just to kind of help people who are down
here and we’re wondering because the
desert is a big area and RTR is going to
be spread out over a massive amount of
spots and stuff like that so um I do ask
that you just respect everybody’s
privacy while we’re there you know don’t
be knocking at all times of the day and
understand you know that we’re all kind
of doing stuff and we still have a job
to film and edit and get stuff done and
probably want a little bit of privacy
from here or there but you know if my me
personally if my doors open and my
screens shut that doesn’t necessarily
mean come on in sometimes it means it’s
too warm and I want to let fresh air in
but certainly I don’t want you to be
discouraged from coming to say hi so you
know please just knock and say Eric you
got a minute and I’ll try to give every
single person at least a few minutes of
my time I’ll stop whatever I’m doing to
hang out and talk with you and meet you
take a picture and chat a little bit I
promise but be looking in the video
description of the next four videos or
so I and if you see GPS coordinates as
live location and stuff like that that’s
where I really am and I will do my best
to keep those updated
for you throughout the week
I’m really excited and this should be
fun yeah so okay we’ll see you in a
couple days guys

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