Dominant FanDuel Fantasy Sports Player: Bryce Mauro | FRONTLINE

Dominant FanDuel Fantasy Sports Player: Bryce Mauro | FRONTLINE

– Are there any cold beers?
– Yeah, on the back stoop.
Can you get me one?
– My mom is going to kill you.
I swear to God.
No, my mom is actually
going to kill you.
I’m living
in a fraternity house.
I came out here
to go to DePauw University
to study economics
for my college experience.
A typical morning, it’s pretty
much just me hanging out,
poring over baseball stats.
I play probably 450,
500 different games a day.
I wagered about $12,000
this morning.
– That’s a lot of money.
– Yeah, it is.
– You confident?
– I’m very confident.
I wouldn’t be wagering money
on this scale
if I wasn’t very confident
in my abilities.
I mean, I lost about $18,000
last night, so it offsets it.
It fluctuates.
– How much have you won?
– My bankroll, I mean, it’s
in the hundreds of thousands.
I’ve made hundreds of thousands
of dollars doing this
over the past…
almost two years now.
– The core of our game
is not about the money.
When you ask people
why they play,
they play because it makes
the games more exciting.
– What’s the biggest prize
a player could win?
– We have contests
where people can win
up to several million dollars.
– Several million?
So you don’t view what you do
here at FanDuel as gambling?
– No.
– That’s a word that isn’t used
very much around here,
I take it.
– Nope, because we are…
Every time that you talk
to our users,
what comes through
loud and clear
is the fact that we’re
an entertainment product.
– So you see no reason, then,
for fantasy sports
to be regulated
by some government agency?
– Our product is all about
entertainment value.
– Is what you do gambling?
– No, it’s not gambling at all.
Um, I mean, it’s…
I consider it more of investing.
You know, I have a portfolio.
I’m trying to diversify
the portfolio
by picking players every day.
I’m trying to maximize returns.
I’m trying to optimize
my line-up each day.
I mean, it’s like
you’re given $1,000
to bet on the stock market
in a day.
It’s no different than that.
– You told me that FanDuel
doesn’t like the word “gambling”
associated with its brand,
and you told the story
of they contacted you
and asked you
not to use that word.
Tell me what happened.
– Um, I prefer
not to answer that.
– Okay.
Okay, because you don’t want
to get them angry, or…?
– Because I don’t want to do
anything to upset the industry.
I mean, that’s my job at stake,
pretty much.
I mean, I can take
my economics degree
and I can go
into investment banking.
I’m not entirely sure
that’s what I want to do.
I don’t want to work
70-hour weeks.
Something like this
is perfect for me.
I don’t have to sit
in a cubicle all day.
I can just continuously try
to grow this
into something that I can do
after college.
I mean, I like sports
for different reasons now.
I like it because
it makes me money.

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