#DominicanRepublic not safe. #Bahia Principe #travel safety tips

#DominicanRepublic not safe. #Bahia Principe #travel safety tips

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situation that’s going on over in the
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it’s a coincidental thing this is a
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have a serious situation going on this
is not something that this is not
something that’s coincidental guys good
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this is not not anything to to take
lightly this is a serious situation
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let me just share this in a public
this will take me two seconds and I’m
gonna actually play a couple of videos
for you guys and you guys can see a
total of nine tourists the media is is
reporting 8 9 I have over double digits
I have 11 total tourists who have been
killed including the couple from up in
Mount Vernon who were involved in a car
accident on the suspicious terms so I
have a total of double digits over 10
tourists from the USA who have perished
in in in the Dominican Republic so far
so let me let me play a quick video clip
for you guys and then we’ll get started
on why I feel that this is a serious
situation let me get this all up for you
stand by
hold on guys
another tropical vacation ending in
tragedy for an American tourists the
mate opens the door screams slams the
door my brothers on the floor another
tropical vacation ending in tragedy for
an American tourist the mate opens the
door screams slams the door my brothers
on the floor dead the body of 55 year
old Joseph Allen of New Jersey found
last Thursday he just taught me so many
things about being a man he was selfless
his brother says he skipped dinner that
night after telling friends he was
traveling with he wasn’t feeling well
Allen was staying at the Terre Linda
Resort where he had stayed many times
NBC News reached out to the resort for
comment but has yet to hear any response
Allen is the ninth American to have died
under mysterious circumstances while
visiting the island in the past 18
months so far the deaths have not been
connected but the popular tourist
destinations food and beverage safety
now under a microscope I thought
something’s not right my father’s a
healthy 78 year old Jerry Curran died in
January falling ill after dinner and
drinks at the dreams resort in Punta
Cana that resort stressed their
standards saying in a statement
guestroom minibars are only stocked with
sealed bottles of liquor which are
purchased from a single license in
bonded vendor less than two years ago
dominican authorities shut down five
labs manufacturing alcohol seizing over
a hundred takes of product unsuitable
for human consumption the US State
Department has declined to comment on
reports that tainted alcohol could be
responsible for any of the American
deaths I want to know what happened to
my sister something isn’t right in the
Dominican for all these people to be
diet the Dominican Republic is
responsible for my mother’s death
now Joseph Allen’s family joins a
growing list of heartbroken people
seeking answers but I do feel like
there’s something that’s off with him
dying so suddenly
Navy chief Eddie Gallagher is getting
his day in court we’re fine sources tell
CBS News more Americans on reporting
mysterious illnesses and deaths in the
Dominican Republic a New Jersey man is
the at least the eighth person to die
while on vacation in the Caribbean
nation during the past year that his
cause of death has not been released
some tour groups are also reporting
multiple incidents of travelers getting
sick mola Lanie is there this morning
Joseph Allen’s family says he traveled
to the Dominican Republic frequently and
was in good health
they say the 55 year old was staying at
taralyn de resort in Sosua last week
with friends who say he was complaining
about being hot at the pool he went to
take a shower and lie down for the night
then was found dead the next day at
least seven other Americans have died in
the Dominican Republic in the last 12
local autopsies concluded most died of
respiratory problems or a heart attack
some seemingly quite healthy people seem
to be having heart attacks out of the
blue mark Hurlbut jr. says his father
died from heart and respiratory problems
last June in Punta Cana I had I known
what I know now I would have fought
tooth and nail to have his remains
brought back here and have an American
autopsy done tourist groups are also
reporting concerns five members of an
Oklahoma high school group staying at
the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino became
violently ill after eating at a Japanese
restaurant and more than 50 Jimmy
Buffett fans were sickened while on an
annual trip in April at least one tested
positive for Salmonella last week
Josef’s Allen’s family is still trying
to get his body back to the United
States meanwhile we are still waiting on
FBI toxicology reports on the three
deaths that occurred here on the island
back in May the u.s. embassy here in
Santo Domingo that tells us that at this
point there is no link between any of
these deaths also health officials say
that heart attacks are the most common
cause of death for Americans on vacation
Anthony mold olenka with a continuing
mystery and the Dominican Republic
thanks sir on their way to the Middle
East this morning with tensions between
the u.s. and Iran
growing the Pentagon released new phone
neeti now at 11 the mystery deepens
government officials in the dominican
republic confirming the death of yet
another american tourists this week at a
resort on the island and that is 7 this
year tonight a local couple just back
with their terrifying tale CBS 12 now
let Charles live from Boca Raton were
there warming historial see only on CBS
12 Diana
well they may have gotten sick but the
couple says they’re just happy they got
out of the Dominican Republic alive
Larry and Ronnie Adelman are celebrating
50 years of marriage but they say what
started as a romantic getaway to Punta
Cana in the Dominican Republic ended in
antibiotics and unspeakable pain I was
sick as a dog I mean I really I couldn’t
it’d be five minutes out of went to the
vet and everything was just pouring out
of me
Adelman says his symptoms started days
after learning is several other American
tourists to the dr died under mysterious
circumstances I was scared I was
frightened especially knowing what was
going on there his wife says every day
he got worse losing 14 pounds by the
time they left
now the Edelman’s are back to their home
in Boca Raton after a visit to the
doctor but the nightmare isn’t over
they found two different strains of E
coli and now that mrs. Adelman has
developed symptoms the two are on a
strict diet with a message to all people
considering a trip to the Dominican
Republic people need to stay away from
down here now I mean it’s a dangerous
place to go they say they have nothing
against the people there but with so
many questions safety comes first
the couple is still waiting for more
test results to come from the doctor
we’re not winning live from West Palm
Nyala Charles CBS 12 News now ah thank
you so how do you stay safe if you plan
on going will ask resort personnel
questions before you get there like what
kind of chemicals are used to clean
rooms how often the mini bars are
inspected and restocked and how staff
can ensure that drink labels at the mini
bar match what’s inside the bottles
Dominican officials estimate around two
million American visit the island each
and every year and they insist it is
safe the US Department of State has
issued a level two travel advisory for
the dominican many visitors should quote
We Need to Talk this is gonna be the
last video that I play guys I just want
you to be educated on all of the things
that are being said and reported in the
media the this is important just listen
to this carefully
just hours after check Dominican
Republic are searching for answers in
the deaths of three Americans at this
island resort
Miranda Shope Werner a psychotherapist
from Pennsylvania was celebrating her
wedding anniversary with her husband at
the Bahia Principe Hotel in La Romana
just hours after checking in when she
at one point she was sitting there
happily smiling and taking pictures and
and the next moment she was in acute
pain and called out for Dan and she
collapsed paramedics were called and
tried to revive the 41 year old but
police say she died in her room shop
Warner’s family says she died after
having a drink from the hotel’s minibar
the Attorney General’s Office says a
cause of death has yet to be determined
but the resort says she died of a heart
J McDonald her brother-in-law says the
entire family is in shock what we
thought was a freak event now we don’t
know that’s because just five days after
shop Warner’s death two more Americans
were found dead at the same resort 63
year old Edward Nathaniel Holmes and his
fiancee 49 year-old Cynthia and day were
found in their room by hotel staff after
missing their check out police say there
were no signs of violence the National
Police confirming to CNN and autopsy
found the couple from Maryland suffered
respiratory failure and pulmonary edema
an abnormal buildup of fluid in the
lungs police say various blood pressure
medications were found in the room
coincidentally all three checked in on
the same day May 25th but were staying
in different parts of the resort the
hotel saying in a statement today
to date there are no indications of any
correlation between these two
unfortunate incidents but police are
still investigating and the families
want answers we really want an
independent medical review here in the
alright guys so this is what we have
going on here okay I don’t have to tell
you guys anything that we don’t see here
in black and white there is enlightened
Sky Watcher thank you so much for the
super love appreciate the super love
thank you so much for that we don’t we
don’t need to see anymore guys the
authorities over in the dominican
there’s not one bit of evidence that was
turned over with detox illogical the
toxology reports the the these exams are
key and instrumental as i said in my
last video to determining what the cause
of death is they’re saying everybody had
respiratory failure you mean a healthy
couple is going to come to the dominican
republic go on horseback riding go on
jet skis do all kinds of watersports and
then they’re gonna die of respiratory
failure and they’re in their hotel room
and this is not just one couple this is
a double digits double digits of
americans have died in the dominican
since 2019 if you travel to the
dominican republic shame on you
and there’s i watched a ton of videos
the other day of people from the
dominican republic and Dominican people
showing outrage like that how Dera speak
up about it listen this is not about
race or color this is not about
Americans although it is targeting
directly Americans this is about human
beings and this is about people I don’t
care what your race is I don’t care what
your color is
I don’t care where you come from these
are people that are getting sick and
dying and there’s scores there’s guys
there are scores of others that have
gotten deathly ill their words not mine
that have gotten deathly ill in the
Dominican Republic so who in their right
mind even if you got a good deal if
somebody gave you a free airline ticket
and free lodging and a thousand dollars
to spend in Dominican Republic I would
encourage you to say thanks but no
thanks because until the
government gets on top of this and comes
up with
listen David Ortiz major league baseball
player who who’s born and raised in the
Dominican Republic gets a gets a death
warrant on him somebody puts a contract
out on shoots him in the back and almost
kills them they’ve already got nine
people in custody and they’re
investigating and they’re all over the
prosecutors are all over that we have
double-digit Americans dying in
Dominican Republic and we don’t have one
piece of evidence we don’t have one
sound reasonable explanation of why
these people died other than cardiac
arrest are you kidding me I’m outraged
and if you’re not outraged if you’re an
American and if you’re a human being
throughout the world I don’t care where
you come from if you’re not outraged
over this you should be because these
are people that are going to go
celebrate wedding anniversaries birthday
celebrations going on vacation do you
think it’s our job to go on vacation and
have to check with the hotel hey where
did you buy your liquor from hey wait
where did your food come from
hey we whip you’re paying good money to
go on vacation you got to now go and
start questioning the Attar of the hotel
management where did you get all your
stuff from I mean come on
it’s ridiculous Starlite good to see you
hello paper angel Salaam to Ma he’d and
the bull and all my Muslim brothers and
sisters and everybody out there thank
you so much for joining Winky whispers
great to see you guys I’m mad I am mad
about these deaths I’m not mad at the
Dominican Republic I have many great
friends and people there’s so many good
people else aunts from the Dominican
Republic I work with people from the
Dominican Republic in the police
department some of my best friends and
some of my best co-workers have been
from Dominican Republic there’s nothing
I have no qualms with the people of the
Dominican Republic or anybody that’s
Dominican I have a problem if I go and
visit if somebody came from the
Dominican Republic to the US and was
getting killed at one of our resorts on
a regular basis and we’re just targeting
and folks that are coming from the
Dominican Republic I’d have a big
problem with that too you know this has
nothing to do a trace I saw a guy
yesterday speaking about Joe just
because black people are being killed
everybody is all up in arms that’s not
that’s not true
it’s not just the the victims aren’t
just black people they are White’s his
you know black Hispanic you saw the
elderly couple that was very very sick
and now you have these school kids that
came over on a school trip and got very
guys I had that article there was a
group of girls I’ll show you this this
what is this this is some parrot club
went down there and they all got sick
all the people I think everything
something died very very second guys so
you know you thinking you’re gonna oh
okay I’m gonna go on a nice vacation
and you’re gonna go and enjoy yourself
now you gotta worry about being deathly
ill from consuming you know shows us
what it’s crazy this Dominican Republic
you know unfortunately it’s always been
dangerous to go there it’s always been
dangerous I want you to listen to this
guys I want to play this and this is old
this is not brand new but this is old I
want you to hear this travel agent tell
everyone that it’s okay to go to the
Dominican Republic you want to know why
he said it’s okay to go to the Dominican
Republic because it’s money in his
pocket so shame on the people that are
you know the the the hotels in the
Dominican Republic right the Jimmy
Buffett fan club thank you
the hotels in the Dominican Republic
stand to lose millions of dollars from
this so they’re at they’re at the cost
of money they’re saying everything’s
fine these are isolated incidents
bullcrap these are not isolated
incidents hi starlight true-crime good
to see you
black rose thank you for being here okay
watch this for a second guys just watch
let me play this for you stances in the
Dominican Republic and now it’s making
some Hoosiers concerned about dragon
this is a little older talking about
this really nationwide as the news of
those deaths continue to spread people
with plans to visit the Dominican
Republic are wandering should we even go
Fox 59s Nick McGill shows us what to do
if you decide to travel out of the
country the dr is big business probably
about thirty five percent of the people
that we send to the Caribbean but lately
the conversation around big business in
hotspot has changed the clients are just
basically saying should i go to the dr
or not is it safe to travel where travel
leaders owner alex cute and says the
recent news of the death of six US
jurists is giving plenty of clients
second thoughts but if you want to know
if he thinks it’s safe our response to
that is yes it is like many travel
agencies cute and looks to the State
Department travel advisories to
determine how safe a destination full of
crap are is currently under a level two
that’s the same as Germany Italy and
France this just seems like it’s
concentrated you know just all at one
time still out on the streets now at a
level four it’s now at a level four we
found a number of people not convinced
we have a local mom group and somebody
was asking and nemesis we’ve had 27
comments of people
saying they would not travel there at
this time you just can’t be too safe
Doug Coons is a former FBI special agent
with two decades of experience recent
cases aside he says when it comes to
your health and traveling out of the
country exactly always take extra
caution including not drinking anything
that wasn’t sealed or eating foods that
aren’t cooked or didn’t come in a
package in the end there’s never
anything wrong with being overly
you’re on unfamiliar territory you’re
not as comfortable and it puts you a
little bit on the defensive NIC McGill
listen it’s such it’s such a crap that
it’s not even worth me playing the rest
of this I I really I really feel
strongly about how bad this is hold on
here let’s see I got to get something
that I could see hold on a second there
we go
yeah I can play this here we go
this isn’t funny I got to be careful
like what I have hold on a second
so just read this read this guy’s 54 of
114 stayed at the palace got sick
violently ill
common thread with everybody that they
didn’t get sick is that they swam in the
swim up bar and the pool and they had a
drink so somebody at that warm up our
bar pool is poisoning them is poisoning
them so if you guys if we can’t see this
as Americans we can’t see that this is
this is some type of serial killer
that’s out there trying to hurt people
and I don’t mean to try to scare
everybody but this is the truth this is
coming from me I don’t say those words
very easily but I feel that there are
numerous it’s not just one person
there’s a group of people that are out
there they don’t like Americans or just
don’t like people in general and they’re
targeting Americans which seem kind of
you know it seems kind of you know
that’s what this is doing that’s what
they’re doing they’re trying to vet or
find out who is who because nobody from
other countries are claiming that
they’re sick nobody from the UK is
saying that they’re sick nobody from
anywhere other than the United States so
this is this is really concerning guys
this is very concerning and I’m telling
you I would not I would not go anywhere
near the Dominican Republic even if it
was given to me if I one trip free with
a thousand dollars cash to spend I would
say thanks but no thanks if you want to
give me the thousand then I’ll go then
I’ll stay home I’ll keep the thousand
and stay home but I’m not going I’m
never I would never ever go I wouldn’t
you know I wouldn’t recommend even a
loose friend going like I would not
recommend anybody travel over there this
is severely disturbing this is a
situation that is troubling on so many
levels guys so if you haven’t shared
this broadcast please get this broadcast
out put it on to the Facebook put it on
to your social media the government and
authorities in the Dominican Republic do
not want the truth to come out because
in the end it costs the money and we as
smart consumers have to see that these
are people who are now bamboozling the
travelers there’s you know something
like 20 or 22 million Americans that
have visited the Dominican Republic
in the last I think in the last decade
or whatever were five years it’s a
tremendous amount of Americans that go
there it’s not the whole population of
their of their tourism but it’s a great
piece of it it’s a big piece of the
tourism population so they stand to lose
hundreds of millions of dollars by by
coming out with the truth and saying
these people are poison that’s why the
the toxicology tests the you know the
all the toxic –all all the lab tests
that comes back with the fluids from
inside the body they’re not gonna
they’re not going to release that we’re
already two weeks into this guys these
people got the first couple of people
that were reported when I was in Aruba
was two weeks ago so now we’re two to
two to three weeks right there’s two to
three weeks of no not knowledge of
people who are who are who died
mysteriously in the Dominican Republic
and there’s no reports none of the
reports are out they I think they
cremated the 53 year old woman that went
there to spend her birthday there and
our son you saw him on the reports there
you know the kid the kids lost his
mother and now he doesn’t know what
happened money is the root of all evil I
agree I agree so let me say hello to a
couple of people hello – Katrina Catrice
good to see you Katrina thank you for
hello Winky whispers EJ Sant thank you
so much for being in here if you’re not
subscribed to me please hit the
subscribe button hit the notification
bell over here and leave me some
comments in the comment section I’d like
to know what you guys think and I’d like
to hear both sides if you feel that
there it’s still safe to go in the
Dominican Republic don’t be afraid to
come forward and talk to me about it I’d
like to have a conversation with you as
to why you feel it’s still safe
if you’re an American I’d like to hear
from you leave me some comments in the
comment section also – if you’re new on
this channel let me know where you’re
watching city state or country I’d love
to give you a shout out and introduce
you to the duty round family I am a
retired New York City police detective I
have done 20-plus years in the largest
Police Department in the world New York
City Police Department
the CDC has no jurisdiction over there
the World Health Organization the World
Health Organization and the FBI is over
there but CDC has cannot step grounds in
a foreign country and conduct an
investigation just an FYI the CDC cannot
go and conduct a an investigation the
World Health Organization is there those
are the next step from the CDC so that’s
as good as it’s gonna get and it’s only
they’re only going to get the
information that is being given to him
by the dominican resort ‘yes so yeah
hang around DJ hang around here you’ll
learn a lot I mean I know everything
about law enforcement and everything
about the investigator branches so the
CDC cannot go in to foreign countries
and conduct investigations the CDC is
just strictly for United States uh
anyways Black Rose good to see you Joey
Brooklyn Kelly Kelly good to see you
Starlite true crime everyone subscribed
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Bulls channel he is right here in the
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wants to get to that 1000 subscriber
mark as well let’s help our good friend
Naboo from the south of France get up
there guys I can’t overemphasize the
importance of you telling friends family
and loved ones do not travel to the
Dominican Republic until they can get to
the bottom of this hello Edwin Vasquez
good to see you from finest Philadelphia
Police Department thank you for joining
hi Pauline good to see you thank you for
joining Meg lo love and respect to you
Jonna all my best to you and your family
MJ I hope the US are incognito finding
information boots on the ground
perhaps in the Dominican Republic the
FBI is doing their counter surveillance
and things of that nature Katrina thank
you coming coming in with the super love
super love from Katrina thank you so
much for that my love I appreciate that
always always a pleasure to have you in
on the broadcast if you guys are not
subscribed to Katrina
Katrice it’s annal go check out Katrina
Katrina is
adorable she is a very friendly and
inviting welcoming person she’s got a
heart of gold so go check out her
channel Meg lo just uploaded a video M
lo from the Southern California she
uploaded a video mr. YouTube
he has uploaded some videos go check out
his content guys it’s all about
supporting each other but I want to stay
on the topic here of the Dominican
Republic I feel that it is very
dangerous very very dangerous in regards
to travel I would highly recommend if
the Dominican Republic is not on a for
travel advisory I’m putting it on a for
myself I’m putting it on a for myself it
is dangerous it is deadly to go there it
was deadly to go to that country so I
highly recommend each and every one of
you use restraint and do not go there
oops you look like my dad’s family lol
says Beth there you go
have you watched I have not I have not I
have not watched it so you’re welcome
you’re welcome it’s my pleasure good to
see you thank you for joining so paper
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yeah we got a little a little bit of
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pick back up I think it should pick back
up there we go we’re back we should be
back we we should be back I’m pretty
sure way back yeah what happened was is
I had a power surge power surged and
everything reset we were getting a lot
of rain over here in New York it’s been
really raining heavy and the just a
quick surge this Frankie there’s my
youngest he’s just coming in doing a
little water bottle maintenance that’s
Frankie everyone he’s gonna be traveling
to Florida soon there he is there’s the
kid that’s my boy so Frankie’s here in
the house if we offered Frankie a trip
to the Dominican Republic right now with
$1,000 cash and all the swim-up bar that
he can consume he would respectfully
decline it because he knows that it’s
dangerous too as being my son and being
a smart American he will not go to the
Dominican Republic everybody saying
hello to you Frank he says hello hello
hello so he agrees he would not even
take a free trip to the Dominican
Republic it’s it’s a dangerous place
there’s Americans being killed left and
right there and I say that word killed I
don’t believe that these are accidents
guys I believe that these are very
dangerous times to be traveling to the
Dominican Republic there is a group I
don’t believe it’s one person it’s I
believe it’s a group of individuals that
are that are partaking in this type of
activity and it’s really dangerous it’s
a really really very very serious
situation and I don’t feel confident
that the authorities over there in the
Dominican Republic are going to get to
the bottom of it I really feel that
they’re not going to get to the bottom
of it guys Kathy from Texas good to see
you they are not the same resorts that’s
why I’m saying that I don’t feel it’s
the same I don’t feel it’s just one
isolated resort it’s many resorts and
it’s many different
The Situation’s going on so I feel that
they are not being pinpointed wildlife
they are not even conducting a good
investigation okay it’s not an inducting
a very good investigation you shouldn’t
be embarrassed my friend you shouldn’t
be embarrassed it’s not a reflection on
you or your people in itself but it is a
it is a reflection on the country it is
a reflection Dominican Republic and
let’s let’s be honest with each other we
have been hearing that it’s dangerous to
travel the Dominican Republic for a long
time every year when I have friends that
go there you they come back from the
vacation if they go to the Dominican or
people that I know that have been to the
Dominican you know what they say we had
a great time it’s a beautiful place but
you can’t leave the resort you can’t
leave the resort it’s dangerous so if
it’s dangerous to be outside of the
resort and the resort is hiring people
from that dangerous area the resorts in
the Dominican are not flying people
outside the country to come and work the
resorts in the Dominican Republic are
hiring the people from the Dominican
Republic so if it’s dangerous and
criminal activity outside of the resort
who do you think’s working there think
about it guys think about it who do you
think is working in these resorts
dominican people that live on the island
and I’m not saying everybody’s bad from
the island because millions of people
come through there and they don’t get
hurt but lately there’s a big problem
there is a couple of bad apples that are
spoiling it for the whole group of good
people I don’t doubt that there’s
hard-working good people that aren’t
working in these resorts there’s no
question there’s no question there’s
probably tens of thousands of good
hard-working innocent honest people that
are working in these resorts to their
credit I say thank you to them because
they do a job that most don’t want to do
they’re serving people they’re cleaning
rooms they’re you know this is not an
easy industry to be in okay
but at the end of the day those few bad
apples have spoiled it for the whole
group of good people and that’s all it
takes that’s all it takes ladies and
hello Glenda Sully good to see you great
to see your daughter just canceled plans
for a vacation to the dr guys if you’re
not subscribed to Glenda Sully’s channel
she puts out some great uploads and some
lives I don’t approve of her driving and
broadcasting but she does a great job of
it she’s pretty good at it I get nervous
when I see her driving with the with the
with the video there but god Bless You
Glenda Sully I’m glad your daughter
cancelled her trip and that’s your
daughter from Long Island I assume but
so it is what it is guys I really cannot
overemphasize the importance of Kelly if
you travel to the Dominican Republic and
you’re an American you’re traveling as
my title says you’re traveling at your
own risk and if you’re gonna get a good
deal if you could spend a thousand or
1500 dollars and get an all-inclusive
week in paradise and pay for it with
your life it’s not worth it
okay I’d rather pay double and go to
Aruba or go to some of the other places
where people are not being poisoned at
an epidemic rate and I’d rather do that
I would rather go somewhere where there
people are not there’s not reports of
people being poisoned and the resorts
and the government making it like all
these this is just coincidental the
Dominican government is saying people ah
this is this is coincidental you know
Cindy that may very well be but I’m not
gonna jump on that bandwagon I’m not
gonna say that that’s the case but it
all fingers do point to that all the
fingers do point to that but it’s not
necessarily the truth you could just
have some mentally ill psychopathic
homicidal killer okay don’t think that
you know America and other countries are
the only ones that have homicidal
maniacs this could be some mentally
challenged some either you know somebody
who’s lost their mind and it’s just out
there wanting to kill people or somebody
targeting Americans and that’s why it
looks this could be somebody who is not
of sound mind
and is targeting human beings Americans
so Alex Daly thank you so much yeah you
have to be cautious and read reviews and
if you read the reviews Alex thank you
so much for the super love I appreciate
if you read the reviews ladies and
gentlemen the reviews are telling you
that people are being killed at an
astronomical rate since the first of the
January since the first of January
people are dropping like flies hello
Daphne good to see you thank you for
joining Daphne good to see you
so yeah I believe that this is not even
just a matter of a cover-up they’re just
withholding the evidence they’re not
releasing and they’re under no
obligation to release evidence and even
if they released the serology and all of
the tox tox exams they could be tainted
how do we know the authenticity of the
tox illogical tests how are we to trust
a corrupt dominican government to give
us the right report do I do I feel
comfortable with them handling this
abso-freakin’-lutely not but how are we
supposed to how are we supposed to trust
what they tell us they’re corrupt
society and government you know thank
you so much for that Daphne thank you
for the happy late Father’s Day thank
you so much appreciate that
so yes vvv life welcome to the duty Ron
family Thank You Joey Premier hell great
to see you it’s over double digits
premier hell over double digits I think
we’re looking at 11 or 12 Americans yeah
I agree my heed that is a true statement
so guys I’m gonna leave you with this
I’m gonna leave you with this travel
with caution
to foreign countries do your research
make sure you know where your American
consulate is make sure you know what the
laws of the country are make sure you
know that there’s proper health care
available to you I in that country make
sure you know that it’s safe and
people are traveling yes Glenda I knew
it I I’ve been watching your videos for
a little while and I see the the trips
that you take to Long Island I live on
Long Island myself so I’m familiar with
the area so you’re welcome vvvvv life my
pleasure it’s it’s always great to have
new people in on the chat if you are new
on the live stream here you’re new just
joining me for the first time my name is
Judy Rahn my first name is Ron I’m a
retired New York City police detective I
I’ve served twenty plus years in the New
York City Police Department as a
detective and as a police officer and I
do a lot of crime
broadcast but I also do a lot of safety
broadcasts as of this I do safety
broadcasts where I can give you good
valid information about travel tips
about how to keep yourself safe while
online and a lot of different other
types of law related broadcasts but I
also do nature broadcasts and I do
coffee chats and I do a lot of
everything else in between you guys
those of you who know me know that I
have a wide variety of stuff but I am
trying to stick to the I’m trying to
stick to the law enforcement field
because I feel that that would be my
best niche here on YouTube Thank You
Glenda thank you for that thank you for
thanking us law enforcement the men and
women who risked their lives and put
their lives on the line for you and I
you know don’t forget now I am a
civilian good to see you little dove
thank you so much I’ve been to the dr
many years ago sorry to hear this news
we’re all sorry about it we’re all sorry
honey badger good to see you thank you
for joining I was thinking about you the
other day honey badger I hope all is
well with you and your family so guys
again if you’re not subscribed to my
channel please hit the subscribe button
hit the notification bell check out my
website duty Ron comm where you can
subscribe to all of my social media my
Instagram my Twitter my snapchat and my
Facebook all duty Ron straight across
the board and you guys can check out
everything that I have on my website I
have links
to the New York City Police Department
there’s links to the FBI and all types
of safety tips for cyber crimes identity
theft people who are victims of domestic
violence you can go to the New York City
Police Department website which is on
duty Ron comm right there you could
click on duty Ron comm and you can link
straight up to get all of those tips
tips for you know domestic violence
online cybercrime a whole host of
everything crime related so go and check
out my website Judi Ron comm I want to
thank each and every one of youse for
being here in this broadcast I will do
more broadcasts as they become necessary
to do so I am going to give you guys
updated live streams on the Dominican
Republic phantom I agree that no country
is 100% safe use common sense but right
now common sense prevails Dominican
Republic is a no bueno it’s a no-go
phantom it’s deadly for Americans to go
to Dominican Republic Americans are
dropping like flies there and I hate to
use that term but over double digits
over 10 Americans have been killed in
the Dominican Republic and I say that
word killed because I firmly believe
that these deaths are not coincidental
and are not people that are just having
heart attacks these people are have been
killed in the Dominican Republic by
poison they have been poisoned and or
and or poisoned and or both by ingesting
or by air toxins in the air there was
one couple that reported a smell of
chemicals inside and they saw of
landscapers spraying pesticides outside
by the air-conditioning unit so we’ll
never know because we’re not getting the
tox reports so right now we don’t know
what’s going on but at the end of the
day folks I believe firmly as a law
enforcement professional as a former
detective with the greatest Police
Department the greatest detectives in
the world the New York City police I am
saying it right here and right now
these are suspicious deaths the
are not people who died by natural
so good things to you and yours I thank
you for coming in on my channel thank
you to my moderators all of my patreon
supporters all of my good friends who
come in here and positively interact and
contribute to the livestreams
much love and respect to each and every
one of you from my family to yours I
wish you guys all a great Tuesday and to
have a great rest of your week
god bless america Gras god bless the
whole world and everybody out there so
thank you to each and every one of you
and I will speak to you soon peace and
love from duty Ron thank you Mary

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