Donald Trump Stumped by Trees

Donald Trump Stumped by Trees


100 thoughts on “Donald Trump Stumped by Trees”

  1. We all need to leave the Democratic party we need to show them that we're serious and they are not doing their jobs start by quitting DNC Pelosi sucks


  3. I think this is less about Trump caring about trees, and more about him having heard the words Forest Management put together, then finding out that it’s an actual Gov dept , then deciding to bitch about & blame them for forest fires. That’s all. He cares about nothing except golf, and his image ( which, in this country’s climate of idiocy , actually turns out to be really good choices ).

  4. Li, Bing Bing a Chinese actress had a project called 1 million trees which has been completed and she is continuing with the project.

  5. so they care about trees, how about the tariffs to China which is causing them to go to Brazil to get their food who is then chopping down the rain forests to create farmland?

  6. Planting trees is great but in places like the Amazon all the nutrients necessary to help nourish those trees is or rather was, locked up in the very trees no longer there, due to rapacious de-forestation. So I can see massive amounts of fertilizer being needed just for the survival of the saplings but what about the mature trees, can they survive the present state of the soil we ask them to thrive in?

  7. Trump the wannabe lumberjack says "you got to take care of the floors. You know the floors of the forest — very important" and "[Finland] spent a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things and they don't have any problem." lol

  8. Of course 45 doesn't give a shit about anything regarding nature. The only times in his life that he's ever spent any amount of time outdoors is on golf courses. It all looks great to him. "Look at the little squirrels. Truly tremendous & naturistical. Betcha I can hit him with my next shot." Then, "Oh, wow are those the trees? Maybe chop that one down, I can't see the green so strongly from here. Sad. A truly sad tree." Jesus, the man has never even been to a grocery store. Or pumped gas into a car. And some of you folks still think he's one of you or has your best interests in mind? Well he does…. Its your $$. And you just gave it all away. Have fun!

  9. SAD to think some Americans will think "come on Amazon and Jeff Bezos do something–I shop online all the time !!" They will not even know where the amazon is or where it's located.

  10. Speaking of nature i just found out that a cockroach can stay underwater for 30 minutes wow Donald Trump can hold his breath that long no wonder he's so stubborn and stupid.

  11. Growing hemp is a great source of oxygen and one of many plants that absorbs the most co2.  I don't like tyt or many they are associated with but that doesn't mean people shouldn't get informed from a different view.  Didn't notice it was a tyt channel till merch was mentioned.

  12. It needs to be done but Trump doesn't believe in anything that our scientist have to say about anything his mentality is lacking in every area he's not even on level with the most mentally challenged and i cannot conceive why he's still allowed to run the country if someone was found lacking in a similar situation at the helm of a battle ship for instance he would be relieved of his command immediately and that's what needs to transpire here.

  13. Trump is an ignoramus! He just doesn’t care about the environment….but yes, please plant more trees. Thanks!

  14. Trump is no Godfather! And if he was going to do anything for climate control he'd be talking about chemtrails. They're deliberatey changing the climate. Prove that doesnt have a negative affect on our natural climate. They're control freaks.

  15. If it's not putting money in his pocket or making him look smart, tough or strong ,which he is none of these things , drumpf is not interested. Sickening pathetic LOSER.

  16. Everyone needs to read about how fresh water moves inland more than a few hundred miles. As we clear trees, create a dust bowl where we currently have a salad bowl. Read “the secret life of trees”

  17. Why doesn’t “45” (Trump) lease the Amazon for carbon capture ?
    Become a hero like Nixon’s Clean air and water acts…..?

  18. You have a man child running the country with a 2nd grade education . We expected way to much of the GOPs puppet.

  19. Trump is only concerned with not paying California much needed $$ to deal with the fires that get worse with each passing year. He knows he cannot win California and he and his Ruskie owned Republican cronies are stealing every nickel they can so theres no way they are going to be giving any States anything but unpaid bills. Trump currntly owes $569,204 to El Paso Texas for his Nuremburg style rally he put on. Typical trump.

  20. I think our bright whitted candle stick and chief should have a sit down with someone who knows a h-ll of a lot more about forestry SMOKEY THE BEAR

  21. Trump is a chatterbox, who, is as ignorant as he is imbecelic, as arrogant as he amoral, and as destructive as he is dimwitted.

    Another 4 years of a Trump presidency…2020 – 2024…GOD forbid!!!!…would be far more, and far worse, of, Trump lies, Trump mayhem, Trump division, Trump chaos, Trump confusion, Trump idiocy, Trump inhumanity, Trump destruction (of America, of Democracy and of the environment), Trump dictatorship, Trump arrogance, Trump narcissism, Trump racism, Trump misogyny, Trump liberal-media mocking, Trump tweets, Trump insanity and Trump greed.


  22. It needs to be made illegal across the world to buy wood from illegal logging or unmanaged woodland. It's so unnecessary as you can harvest wood and re-plant in a way that makes money and works with nature in fact increasing the volume of healthy trees overall. America has successful examples of this sustainability cycle already. If you cannot re-plant you cannot harvest, the licence to harvest protects the planting money incase of mishaps. Like food produce I think people do care where the wood products come from so sources should be required and easy to understand. This supply chain needs tightening as the demand for burning biomass also increases. I do not believe people want to buy electricity made from trees that are not re-planted,

  23. Trump is afraid of animals?  He must be terrified looking in a mirror to see that weird dead ferret on his head.

  24. These so-called 3rd world countries are doing a better job for the environment than we are. Trump thinks tweeting is the same as planting trees, I guess.

  25. How much carbon would be saved if Donald Dick would just just shut the hell up ? If we took all that manure ( HATE and FEAR ) and spread it ou t, how many Amazon Forests would that cover….just saying…

  26. trump is stumped by brain cells, he only has two. The poor little buggers are so starved of knowledge and lonely, because they’ve never actually met each other. There’s a lot of empty real estate inside that fat head, they just rattle around in there like two dried peas in an empty can.

  27. Nothing wrong for or president to do the right thing for the wrong reason. Would it be better for the wrong person to do the wrong thing for the wrong reason? I don’t think so.

  28. my little suburban plot looks like a jungle among all the other homes here. most people want to cut down their trees, not plant them.

  29. We need consistent planting, not one-off publicity campaigns like this. Case in point, after the Korean War, there were barely any trees in South Korea. The land here is covered with 70% mountains, and most mountains were bare as most trees had been used for firewood and other uses. In the 50 years after the war, we had a very active Arbor Day, and we had planted 11 billion trees until 2008, which is over 200 million trees a year, every year. In a country that had 20 million people after the war, on a landmass smaller than Illinois. Food for thought.

  30. Let's lock donald trump in a large airtight room with three time's as many plant's to keep him alive, give him everything he need's to take care of them and then see how long it takes him to suffocate to death.

  31. Plant your coastlines with Sea-oats and Lupin followed by sessional plants.
    Trees will follow.
    Native or Non-native, Do not remove vegetation from a shoreline,
    They did in the Manila Dunes (Cal) with disastrous results.
    Get cover-crops over areas of bare Earth- nature will contribute greatly afterwards.
    A living shoreline will out-compete Sea-Level Rise.

  32. We have had 16,000 trees planted on our little farm. This year alone. Why not pay farmers to plant and care for trees?

  33. This idea is wonderful but it also needs to be combined with the total abandonment of fertiliser-based farming and a return to compost-based agriculture to put the carbon back into the soil. Also it goes without saying that Brazil has to stop destroying the rain forest.

  34. but hes killed funding on bee research and endangered rare species for money based only enterprises? oh the hypocracy. Hemp production is far more effective for paper, hardwoods, soil detox, even change deserts into fertile land and bioplastics. Also great for the environment overall!

  35. Careful hell say chopping down all the forests is the way to deal with it cos no need for foresat management then . Hell then use them to build homes for workers in Greenland getting oil for him. Only way to deal with this monster is to remove him from the Presidency then fling him and all his white Supremacist or traitorous supporters in prison.

  36. There is also the loss of animals, bugs, snakes/reptiles, birds, certains plants/fauna/flora, etc that ONLY grows or lives in the Amazon. All the rulers of the countries that the Amazon is in, need to be voted out or removed by whatever means pursuant to their country's laws. That includes the 🤡 presently living in our country. We also need to protect our various federal parks by voting out the orange idiot out next year.

  37. Since we can't count on our government to do anything about trump we the ppl will deal with trump and dems to come election time. So now it's time to elect new democrats like Pelosi she's our biggest problem and she's the problem to why we can't get anything done she's spineless and doesn't give a crap for working ppl or anyone but herself and her power so it's time to get rid of her and her so called power. Time to get someone with a spine and that will stick up for us ppl.

  38. I was amused by the title of this vid. Tree stumps stump Trump. Not that it was about that, but still amusing. But yea, trees process CO2 so planting lots of trees and other CO2 processing plants.

  39. Unworthy Stupid A*^hole with the accumulated knowledge which is lower than a tantrum throwing 6 year old is running a country in to the ground let alone grow like a Tree .

  40. Send ypur witless leader into the woods .backpack with KFC McD's and tell him the largest crowd in human history is waiting for him at s rally inside the forest . Best case scenario sasquash will be waiting.
    Or msybe he'll just wander .and wander .not so bad .3cheers from Canada

  41. Prevention is better than cure. So instead of planting new trees (although it’s important) stop chopping down the forests

  42. Planting new trees is certainly a start… not wanting to state the obvious but countries such as Sweden have been having forestry as a sustainable industry for centuries… they plant when they fell. As a result, we have not lost plant and wildlife and specialist ecosystems. The damage to ecosystems and wildlife in the Amazon basin and Ethiopia has already been done. Plant trees by all means, but don’t expect the plant and animal life from the past to suddenly return. it doesn’t work that way.

  43. How bout we dont touch the Amazon anymore. People dont care until it affects them as individuals, but when your gasping for air while you're doing regular activities it'll be too late. God bless our children's children.

  44. Trump knows a lot about forest management. For instance, he knows that you have to rake the floor to prevent forest fires.

  45. How simple is it to plant some damn trees? I know it has to be less complicated than all the new and deadly military technology they come up with every year for millions and millions of dollars. Come on America let’s do this reforestation thing. It’s a great start.

  46. Hemp is second only to bananas in soaking up radiation in soil. But you don't see Japan using it to their advantage do you? Funny how people think corporations/politicians/fascists give a flying fuck if you live or die.

  47. I am 72 years old, I don't really care, it will not effect me much, yet I try to do the right thing. You young fucks that do not try to do the right thing, you are FUCKed and I laugh at you, you so fucking funny.

  48. Come on! Do you think he really wrote a tweet that cited facts and figures? Really? This must have been written for him. It's not that hard to arrange for someone competent to issue the information you want disseminated.

  49. I worry if you get Trump involved he will do something stupid like trying to kill all the beavers so they don't eat the trees.

  50. Nobody knows more about trees than Donald. In fact, nobody knows this, but Donald is a dendrophile. We can't plant too many trees, cos Donald can only root so many at a time. I thought I was the only one who knew this.

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