Dorkly Bits – Sonic’s Gambling Problem

Dorkly Bits – Sonic’s Gambling Problem

[Slot Machine Noise]
Great job, Sonic! Let’s go!
Not yet, we’re almost at a hundred rings.
God damn it!
It’s okay, there’s plenty more rings over
No, no, hold on. It’s fine. I got this.
[Slot Machine Noise]
Just quit while you’re ahead–
It’s alright! I got a good feeling about this
[Slot Machine Noises]
Okay! Look! You won! Can we go now?
F#$% no, man! Are you crazy? I gotta ride
this hot streak!
[Slot Machine Noises]
That’s my daughter’s college fund!
Relax, I’ll get it back! I always get it back!
Good evening, Mr. Hedgehog.
It seems you’ve built up quite a bit of debt
Aw, you know I’m good for it, Steve!
You know I’m good for it!
We’re still gonna need some collateral.
Nice job, Sonic! I told you you should have
quit while you were ahead!
You guys like furry animals?
How about a double tailed fox?
Oh, that’ll do nicely.
Hey, what’s up guys?
Hey, woah! What’s going on?
Where are you taking me!?
Sonic! You son of a bitch!
Here’s a coupon for a free night’s stay.
Thank you for choosing Robotnik Casino!

100 thoughts on “Dorkly Bits – Sonic’s Gambling Problem”

  1. you guys like furry tailed animals? how about a two tailed fox? on yeah that will do nicely! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Huh….for some reason Sonic reminds me Of Cuphead,Tails remind me of mugman and Steve…reminds me of King dice….also Eggman reminds me of the devil

  3. Lol I have been playing all Sonic games and for the old school Sonic cheat for level select is up down left right hold A and press start level select lol I remember that cheat we I was 9

  4. People complain about giving shadow a gun but yet no one is slightly bothered by the fact there is gambling in a sonic game…

    Ehh I'll let it pass

  5. It's times like these that remind me that because Tails is a player 2 in a video game, he has all the powers of player 1, except better. Why isn't Tails the hero again?

  6. Those machines are programmed so one out of every 30 times wins. The casino always comes out on top no matter what

  7. Tails got a daughter? Dam tails and cream got late. Talking about a cream pie, i love apple pie with some whip cream.

  8. So, no joke, once played Sonic 2 with a friend, we ran the slot machine until we timed out. That’s 10 goddamn minutes.

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