Do’s & Don’ts: Monetization Policies for Paid Product Placements and Endorsements (aka. brand deals)

Do’s & Don’ts: Monetization Policies for Paid Product Placements and Endorsements (aka. brand deals)

Hi there.
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Hello everybody
Today’s video is going to be about sponsored or branded content that youtube. We call paid product placements and
Now this can be a great way for creators to earn more revenue and
Diversify their income and we’re seeing a lot more creators engaging in these commercial relationships
That being said it tends to be quite a complex area, especially with respect to our policies. So
today’s video is going to be a bit of a do’s and
Don’ts hello everybody. Welcome to creator insider
This is your informal source from the YouTube tech team giving you all the behind-the-scenes information
About what’s going on at YouTube? My name is Barbara. My name’s Conor. I’m on the ads policy team
We’ve got two quick things right off the bat that we want to make sure that we get across to you. Okay?
Number one is to make sure when you upload the video that you go into advanced settings and if you have a paid product placement
Or endorsement that you tick the box that says content declaration
That’s the signal to us that you know
The policies really well, make sure that you’re alerting us to the fact that there’s paid product placement in the video itself
Number one number two is to make sure that you read Google’s odd policies. So that’s to make sure that the advertiser
themselves isn’t trying to circumnavigate our systems and put
Dis alight odd within the content itself
You can find a link in the description which goes through all of our rules on some helpful tips as to what to avoid
Let’s dive in a format sponsor formats. So hey YouTube. I have a brand who I really want to work with
How can I incorporate their information into my videos what is allowed?
and you can say they sponsor the video so
Anything from a little speech baguette to a quick shout out to barbers cosmetics. The only way to get that perfect complexion
An awful lot of advertisers as well as youtubers to feature their logo for a couple of seconds in the corner of the video
That’s allowed as well. Those the format’s that we do alive
Okay, uh and so what formats do we not allow? Yeah
So this is where we come into embedded odds
Or what we call burned in to get into the detail of that what the advertiser will do is say hey
I’ll sponsor your content here is a commercial put it into the video itself
That’s something that we don’t alive
Okay, and so for me as a viewer, that would just look like hey
I’m watching somebody’s video and then in the middle of your video it like switches over to an ad. Yeah, exactly
Okay, you break down why this type of format is not allowed sure. So
Google on YouTube provides a number of different options for ad formats and that’s to ensure that the viewer experience is as seamless as possible
what we’re seeing is
burned in odds again disallowed
Coming through in content and that’s bad for two reasons. Number one. It’s a disallowed format
We provide all the formats that are aligned and number two
It’s a really crummy user
experience for your viewers to be watching your
fabulous content and then have a break in it where they see a brand image that they didn’t sign up for that covers formats that
Are and are not allowed now. Let’s talk about the sponsors themselves
So there are all sorts of brand sponsors out there who would be fantastic for you to work with and make awesome
Content about the more interesting part. The real reason you’re here is to talk about brands and sponsors who are prohibited
So yeah, you have mentioned that there’s like five or so top categories that you have been seeing. Let’s break this down
Yeah, so the types of industries that we’re seeing bronze approach creators from our alcohol gambling
Misleading products or products that make misleading claims as well
sexually explicit bronze so websites that would feature racy or
Adult themes. Okay, you mentioned one fourth in there a products that make misleading claims
Let’s dive a new example with that sure. So the long and the short of god is a product that makes a claim
That’s simply too good to be true. So something that isn’t scientifically proven something for which there is no evidence
so an example of that would be
Come take diet pills. You’re gonna lose all the weight. You want within 48 hours. That’s just very magic
So what would happen if I were to do a paid product placement with a brand that falls into one of these categories
So it’s one of the worst things that can happen for a creator that has put an awful at a time effort and money
Into creating great content. We’re gonna remove it
We’re removing more and more content every day in relation to these five industries alone that are approaching
Creators and trying to maintain these sponsorship arrangements with them. Okay. So my videos would get removed for the platform remove time
So what should I do if I am approached by brand and I’m not sure if they are or are not allowed on YouTube
Okay, so you’re gonna bookmark the link that you’ll find in the description add line in Google’s ad policies
You’re gonna take a quick scan through those Google Ad policies and make sure that the advertiser doesn’t fall into one of those industries
Which I’ve outlined and which is explained in a lot more detail on that support page
And the third thing that you’re gonna do is if you’re a little bit unsure or on the side of caution
It’s really not worth it of your content removed
It’s not something that we want, but we will do it if we see these types of sponsorships
Okay, so be cautious
If you don’t know exactly we’ve been hearing
Tales that some of these prohibited sponsors have been reaching out to creators and saying like hey, don’t worry about it
I’m totally good. Look at all of these other videos that happen to feature our brand
So don’t worry about it. It’s totally fine
If creators get approached with this type of information are they safe because there are all these other videos out there
No Barbara, they’re definitely not safe
So Google on YouTube are working every day to make sure that bad
Advertisers or prohibited advertisers are simply not allowed to engage with Google’s users aka all of your viewers
what we have to ensure in this instance is that you are on the side of caution the fact that
There are other creators out there with these sponsorship arrangements isn’t an indication that the Kaiser’s are allowed to sponsor this content
It’s an indication that we are gonna have to work hard to make sure that they’re removed Shirin sweet video
Wanted to get it straight to the point and we do want to reiterate if you are accepting a brand sponsorship steal
Please please do when you upload your video go into advanced settings and take that little checkbox that says content declaration
This is a paid product placement and endorsement. It is super critical for you to do that. So don’t forget
This has been creator insider
We are your informal source for behind the scenes information
About what’s going on from the YouTube tech team directly
If you’d like to check out YouTube’s official channels
Please check out the links in our descriptions down below and don’t forget to Like subscribe and leave as many comments as you want
We’re going to be updating the Help Center for paid product placements and endorsements. So all the feedback we can get is really valued

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