DOWSING | FOR GOLD | Does It Really Work . Ask Jeff Williams

DOWSING | FOR GOLD | Does It Really Work . Ask Jeff Williams

They smell good

yeah I love these. heh heh
why hey everybody Jeff Williams and….. Slim
from ask Jeff Williams dot com yeah I know.. whooh whooh whooh
what are we be doing today
well today I got something special for all you viewers out there , that’s right
but before we get started I just want to
say Happy New Year to all my viewers out there

ain’t that right Slim…. That’s Right..Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh
all right, I hope all you prospectors out there got something special from Santa
cause I know I did , huh Slim…. That’s Right…. matter of fact it’s here
I got one of Slims Original Gold mine maps
ain’t that right Slim… What? … I know I got it,
Santa gave it to me… WHOOOH and this looks like one of the originals
must be the Grandaddy of all Gold maps…WHOOH ..come here and take a look at this I wanna show you this.
Eeww look at this….. it’s the Lost Breyfoggle mine
Ohh ho ho ho ho that looks like Slim’s ugly mug right there
whew who ho ho
and look… I got one … two… three Lost Gold mines Eeww I am gonna have Gold for ever.. look at that
There’s all kinds of Gold…I am gonna be rich Slim … I love this map
Whoooooee.. this has got to be one of your better maps but ..but wait a minute…
if I got Slim’s map to his Secret Gold Mine
what are you gonna do for Gold?…. Don.t you worry Chump….
There’s more where that came from……MORE… There’s MORE..How the Heck?
Ya Know now that I think about it, How the Heck does he find Gold anyway?
I never actually seen him to do it
how the Heck do you find Gold anyway Slim?… I don’t know….
you don’t know …Ya gotta know. What the Heck Slim you got some kind of Secret
or something
Its A SECRET….. AAHHHHH ha ha I knew it was a Secret…..actually it’s not a Secret at all.. I know how you get your Gold.
you go out Dowsing when nobody’s looking Huh… I don’t know what your talking about…
AAAHHHH ha ha ha ! I knew it … he’s out Dowsing…
Now for you people out there that don’t know what Dowsing is…. That’s where you use two Metal rods
you find stuff in the ground all the time …
people do it a lot… and I saw him doing it one night… he didn’t even see me
when I was looking at Ya , but I saw Ya…. Heh heh…. I SAW HIM !!! Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah
actually Dowsing Been around for a long time…
The Spanish use to do it way back in the day when they were looking for Gold
I know you know that Slim HUH… grrrrrhhh….. anyway what they would use is What
was called the Spanish Dipping Needle and then….
the prospectors of your time….they us to use what was called a Miner’s Compass…
you can look that up…. and basically the way
it works is it finds..
magnetic fields in the ground…especially Iron Ore
It points to it and that’s how you know
that there might be Gold there..
but I’am gonna show you how it’s done cause I think I know how been doing it..
late at night
when you think I’m asleep don’t you know
whowhooo wooo….Ha Ha Ha Hah hahhah…
Alright… so you know what I am gonna say right…. So C’mon…Let’s Go !!!!
whoo hoo hooo Yaaah !!!
Eeww looky here I knew they were here somewhere
Hah Hah hahahhaa eeww looky this I got’em Haha Haha haha …I found your Dowsing rods….
Heh Heh Heh .. I betcha didn’t think I would find them in there did Ya Huh Heh heh …..No I didn’t….
WHEEEW EEE!.. Anyway…These are real simple.. all the are
Copper Rods that are bent at a right angle…..and all Ya gotta do…
is Hold’em in your hand like this…Huh Slim…. That’s Right…..
and then you walk out across the desert
wherever and when they cross like that
WHOOOW your on to something down in the ground !!!
OOOH OOOHOOOOH….Now I know it sounds crazy….. but people been using this stuff for
Matter of Fact… City workers use these all the time to find Pipes Down in the ground
you can look that one up…Huh Slim….That’s Right !! …Haha Haha Haha ha ha ha .
Alright ….so what i am gonna do is I am gonna have you go out and bury some stuff out there
in the desert and then I gonna come out there
and see what I
Find..You don’t mind if I borrow these ….do you?…. I don’t mind….
AAHHHH… I knew it…. you probably haven’t used them for a while anyway….Heh Heh heh haha Haha ha
All Right …so you know what I am gonna say right !. So… C’mon Lets Go !!!
Dang Slim….
Could ya of picked a harder place to try….Holy Cow…
Youv’e been busy look at all these Holes…..OK so….
how’s this gonna work well…get out my Dowsing rods right here…
Trusty Dusty Dowsing Rods…..and …what your gonna do is…
is….you just hold them in front of ya at a right angle….see how
I am standing…like this…loosly you don’t want to hold on to them to tight.
nice and loose so they can move…. back and forth….all right.
so what I am gonna do…. is I am gonna go over each one of these holes…. I don’t know what Slim put in them
or what so I am just gonna walk over each
one see what happens
all right here we go going first hole
I got nothing all right lets try the second one….
I’ve got nothing
all right Slim I know you put something out here….nothing…
OOOPS!!! I got something here….
ok I’ll mark that one….
OK Lets try this one….nothing…
uuup … one there…..Dang Slim….how many targets did you put down here anyway…

YEP….see how those cross…definitely one there…
all right lets try this one….
Nope ….got nothing there…
nothing there
okay see how those Rods just lock right in
all right lets try it again….
Just to make sure
See that…. they just pop right in…all right lets go try it and
see what’s in the Holes
I know I got one here actinic I go all
right here
Google and I got one right here global
okay group Yahama
over again just to make sure yep
seal yeah okay
yeah we could go far as big as go by Red
Sea mud only air
thanks a lot well as my old R anymore
I have not at the day ago but never did
today will okay own on that one
air okay go over here yeah
axed Cooper I
but now okay that’s a.m.
you to check bank hey I it when he does
I would go over here fast cool drop shot
on the old me
a silver by not gold and silver
yeah be celebrated at thanks then
not take those dates back said about a
polo I soap
well we’re gonna do okay so we’re gonna
head back
camp and we’re going to talk about what
just happened you know i must say %uh
talk about this goal who denied
woop woop woop I guided at that if they
ask him
I don’t matter every are and
pack it a with every goal by
I don’t know I and ass back home but
Louis don’t think I’ve heard about
people using up in little I met
but goal yet way him about that no
Wow Q mejor de mathausen Kamran Akmal it
it’s a good athlete here I wu wei et de
well yes a fun day yesterday as your
head we got to do a little
dousing what the Naseer ud and I got the
bad goal by no have and is still the bar
and a corset now you would you put that
bailout there’s manik
yeah he’s always tag checkmate really
I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s episode
doubt that you’re dead
I flip yeah every enjoy today’s episode
please rate
share and sash rather than can you ok
love it beth is going up we like but no
what pic but all that craziness I
but don’t tell that to this Jeff
Williams and slab
affirmatively that guy up say is getting
about dowsing
and you not sure really well I just
pulled up the goal
Ohio ir ever prove it away
thank everybody

100 thoughts on “DOWSING | FOR GOLD | Does It Really Work . Ask Jeff Williams”

  1. Hey Jeff, some time back you made a video on Metal detecting in a dry wash and placing small red flags at each target (just like I do) but after that is where we differ, I don't go back with a shovel, instead I use a gas powered "Earth Auger" or one man power post hole digger with an 8" bit.  I drill down three feet and pan out the sand checking first to be sure the target is there. I also check up and down the inside of the hole for a larger target, before using my boots to fill the hole back in so nobody breaks a leg. The Auger is made by Powermate and sells at Home Depot for $249.  Veterans showing a Veterans I.D. or Military card get a 10% discount (which covers tax) and comes to  $244.00 which at my age is better than digging all day.  L8R,   Rally
    P.S. The photo of me was 45 years ago.

  2. I have dowsed before with success for many types of things,not sure why i never thought of dowsing for gold? or quartz mineral? just to add a little info for you to try the next time your dowsing. try this have your assistant slim bury the target at a predetermined depth. now when you cross over the target and your rods cross,(centered) stop. then to determine how deep your target is in the earth,in feet,walk backwards slowly and count the steps backwards until the rods open back up to the starting position,stop. the number of steps counted going backward until the rods open to the start position,is approximately how deep your target is buried in the earth in feet.

  3. Jeff & Slim, sorry to keep asking you questions but I recently found out about the Bazooka Gold Trap and was wondering if you have used one, and if you think it is as good, or better than a conventional Sluice. I appreciate you guys Educating me on finding GOLD !!!!!

  4. Hey Jeff, I live in the Pacific Northwest and its all wet here.  Will these Dowsing rods work up here or is that type only for the desert?

  5. Just watched this one,  sorry.  first time i saw this work i was in Nevada and this old timer had three inch gold rods soldered on the end of his brass rods.  He had a claim with a quartz vein running thru it and had dug down about six foot in solid rock to expose it.  So you could see the vein and direction of travel.  When u walked across the vein on undisturbed ground the rods would cross.  If u looking for oil he said hang a gallon jug with some oil in it around ur neck (not full of course) and use just plain rods without the gold.  Water the same way.

  6. I use brass rods to locate pipes underground. Will they work for gold? I live in the Mother lode in a town called Jackson. Any ideas come to mind regarding hot pockets of gold locations? Been metal detecting all around town and along the Mokelumne river and found nothing but clad coins, bullets and fishing weights. My wife says I need to pay for my detector before getting any more gold finding equipment. Any help will be much appreciated. Say hello to Slim for me.

  7. so fake, nice when you back over the one that made them cross the first time but when you backed over it nothing….

  8. whos paydirt is better dirthogg or whiskey petes give a shout out to my son noah ryan brown he been panning for a year now and loves it

  9. I think dowsing rods work on the same principle of the modern metal detector. A metal with a high capacitance and easy ability to push elections to one side is exposed to a metal which distorts the magnetic field the static charged copper is putting out. Instead of complex electronics and batteries, the natural electricity your own body produces, the earths magnetic field, and two copper or silver rods is used

  10. 'Water Witching'. A retired City Water Manager showed me how. 10 gauge copper wire pulled from a 3 foot section of 10-3 romex bent into a right angle at the upper end to hang on to 'loosely'. I angle them down at about a 45 degrees from horizontal and when you walk across the water lines they cross hard and fast. You can feel them tug pretty hard for water lines about 10 foot down. The water doesn't even have to be running. I'm not sure why it works, but it does. I showed my mother how to do it because she was sceptical. I had to call it 'Dowsing' because she wouldn't have tried if I called it 'Witching'. I had to dig up my own old water lines. My water lines were 10' down with a wicked dogleg and ran for a couple hundred feet. I marked the ground with orange spray paint and used a backhoe. I was dead on never veering even an inch off to either side for the entire distance. I'd never attempt to find water lines without 'Dowsing' first. Everybody needs to try it to see for themselves, it works as surely as magnets pick up iron nails.

  11. I always thought dowsing was a crock, so today I made dowsing rods out of copper wire with 6" handles for hands and 20" parts extended outwards. I went out in the yard walking around and they crossed. I marked location and checked with garrett at pro it rang there. I dug up 2 small pieces of wire. Did other locations to prove. They do react to metals in ground. I am a believer now of dowsing rods. I believe its magnetic fields and not concentrating or other garbage like that. Copper was from romex wire.

  12. Hey, Jeff & Slim. I'm out here in Utah, and have had success with dowsing. I was wondering what you guys think about long distance locators?
    P.S. I love the show and looking forward to the next episode.

  13. Yes it does work, only works on some people. a single rod works too. i find sewer lines when my locator batteries go dead.

  14. Grand dad taught me how he found where to drill for the best water well by witching with a forked fruit tree branch. He got fresh water for many in the tri- state, for years. Municipalities don't care for that much. Hahahaha. They are fake doubters, I bet. Love your videos, Jeff and Slim!

  15. I noticed at 5.28sec that the rods didn't cross over again when you stepped over the 2nd target you had identified

  16. I can't believe I sat through this schtick. Leave the horrible acting at home and just show how it's done.

  17. I used to use dowsing rods all the time working for the park service. we had so many old water, power, and crap in the ground every time we had to dig a hole, I dowsed the area. it will pick up about anything in the ground. some people don't believe it, but it works. it picks up any disturbance in the ground is the problem so you gotta do a lot of digging. no wonder I feel so old.

  18. Yes the art of dowsing works for people who believe in it and not only believe in it but practice the art of dowsing as well !!!   Dowsing has been also used in the bible days known as divining !!!   I dowse creeks for gold deposits every time and find gold every time  I get a positive reading or reaction with my Anderson L-Rod  !!!!

  19. I think the only thing better than watching you, would be mining with you , you crazy geniuses. keep up the great work.

  20. I enjoy the educational nature of most of your videos, but honestly … I worry you have been harvesting (and consuming) peyote buttons, or perhaps the sun got to you finally. Dowsing?

  21. I found out that it works when a water pipe burst underground here on the farm. City came out and the man took out the copper rods but said he didn't have the gift and had to wait for the boss. I asked if I could give it a try and sure enough I had the gift and found the pipe in a few seconds! Great video

  22. this is true, the crews i work with use dowsing rods all the time, they believe in them, i myself have seen the crews locate pipe in the ground, they dig in that spot and there is the pipe.

  23. You can use dowsing rods to find anything. I was looking for a tile once and we couldn’t find it
    . we dowsed the area looking for water and nothing so I thought maybe the tile doesn’t have water in it. So we looked for field tile and me and my coworker located it in the same place. We were right on . So I thought why not ask for lottery numbers. So we went to our homes wrote the numbers on papers and spread them out . We did this separately. We agreed to split what ever we won . We each hit 4 numbers so we just kept our winnings. You have to bless the rods in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit . When you ask a question be specific. Time , date ,location what is your question. It wouldn’t do much good to know lottery numbers from 10 years in the future.

  24. Dowsing rods always work when you move your fingers when you want the rods to work.
    The date for this video should be 4/1/15.

  25. Happy new year jeff.go for it!! Hope you find the worlds biggest nugget.!!! I know you'll make it a straight

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