Drive-by shooting on Newcastle casino captured on CCTV

Drive-by shooting on Newcastle casino captured on CCTV

The terrifying moment a man with a gun opens
fire as he drives past a casino in Newcastle.
It’s all captured on CCTV.
Ronald Turkington carried out the drive-by
shooting on the city centre casino after being
asked by security staff to leave.
Turkington left but while doing so made threats
to staff saying “I’ll have you finished tonight.
You’ll not be working tomorrow.”
A short time later he returned in his car.
And opened fire while driving the wrong way
down Stowell Street in the city’s China Town.
A police van was nearby and an officer took
a note of Turkington’s car registration, which
eventually lead to his arrest.
He pleaded guilty to possession of an imitation
firearm with an intent to cause fear of violence
at Newcastle Crown Court. He was jailed for
3 years.

23 thoughts on “Drive-by shooting on Newcastle casino captured on CCTV”

  1. wow, and here in south africa you get bail for rape after 3 years. I wish we could have those laws here.

  2. What a total knob-head.And 3 poxy years? What's that all about,ffs?! Those in the Casino wouldn't have known it was an imitation firearm.Five years minimum,that's what this tosser should've got.

  3. LOL, no one even flinched. Probably a loud bb gun… 

    EDIT: Just heard the "imitation firearm" part, LOOOL, cap gun. 

  4. 3 years. What a joke. O yeh he was white. Now thats just. I know some one wjo git 18 years for the same offence. O and he was black. What a joke the system is. Racist

  5. there too use to war over there only when army's come for show downs only then they take it up the ads or in there words arse lol

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