DV Lottery Started Today: Tips and Reminders About Its Rules

DV Lottery Started Today: Tips and Reminders About Its Rules

Good afternoon my name is Alena Shautsova. I’m an Immigration attorney from Brooklyn,
New York I have an exciting news for you DV lottery started today and it’s going
to continue until November 4th no standard standard it’s in time
so DV Lottery is an opportunity for many to come to the United States when they
do not have an employer or a family member or do not have millions of
dollars to invest into the United States economy and here I provide some tips and
reminders about didn’t military rules well first of all when you would like to
play a depilatory you do not have to actually pay anybody any money it is
free some websites provide some assistance for small large fees but I
have to warn you about something those websites very often collect you
information years in advance and do not update it and your information in that
DV Lottery questionnaire you must be updated including pictures and especially
pictures for your children because any inconsistencies in DV Lottery entries and
old pictures will disqualify you and your family members from being able
actually to collect that water is that you may win so it’s very important to
make sure that you provide accurate accurate marital status accurate status
as to your children if you have any sounds or daughters included okay
updated photos and the rest of the information that the questioner asks
very important in its free second point people ask me if I’m in the United
States shall I still plays a DV lottery of course why not
what is it damage to it well here is the thing many people usually ask this
question after they’ve been here for a while and they’re not sure again if they
will be able to collect on that lottery is it limit when I say listen you played
if you can check will advise and then you will see if you can or cannot
collect on the lottery okay well first of all if you’re
in local status in the United States you will be able to adjust your status most
likely local status usually it’s going to be something like a student visa or
our h-1b visa for example if you always state a visa that was provided to you
for a duration of stay you still will be able to get benefit of the devii watery
but for that you will have to travel outside of the United States and come
back for example if you overstate something like F visa Genie visa some
diplomatic visas of course at the time when you will be able to dealing with
that procedure specifically you will have to recheck the rules again because
as we know from couple years ago the rules about over staying certain visas
and accumulating unlawful presence were changing okay first the government said
that the going to count the time when the person overstayed their jf4 M status
is a local presence and then the district court reversed at federal court
reverses and stated no you’re incorrect that time should not be counted towards
a local presence so in my mind it’s still worth it to play and see what’s
going to happen is that that situation so willful status check if you have any
unlawful presence at all maybe you don’t because you overstayed something that
was granted to you for the duration of stay maybe you filed for asylum claim
and you had a silent pending claim for the time for certain time and you filed
it the way that you didn’t accumulate more than 180 days of unlawful presence
so if you depart the United States to collect the immigrant visa based on
didn’t watery you will not be barred to come back duty on local presence
all right that’s that’s very important so you I would suggest that if you do
win you check with an attorney in this particular situation and another
situation maybe you can qualify for a waiver
perhaps somebody overstayed long time ago all right
they do not have the of state protection they did not file
for asylum did you stayed here but now that parents are here parents cannot
sponsor them because the the they cannot sponsor an adult sound daughter’s also
over 21 unless the subject to 245 eye protection usually parents cannot
sponsor those people if you if they fell out of status without the waiver all
right but parents petitioned by the parents may be pending for very long
time okay and if you win a lottery now you will be able to collect it faster
with a waiver then you would be waiting for your parents sibling to sponsor you
so that’s something to keep in mind as well and last point about the voter is
it that I would like to make today contrary to the most believes by most
the winner of the developer II is not excluded from the public charge
provision of the United States immigration laws it is true that the
person is not required to submit an affidavit of support but it doesn’t mean
that the public charge is not going to be applied to them and it’s very very
important to know about that okay because right now the landscape of
public charge and how the consulates are trying not to allow people to come to
the United States is changing and you need to keep it in mind that they will
use something called totality of circumstances approach to it to you if
you do not have a job at the time when you apply for an immigrant visa you
exhibited some patterns or unemployment or relying on state benefits that may be
taken into consideration as long as also as health issues however I would suggest
not to be afraid of that not to be discouraged and clay try your luck and
you will deal with the issues later as long as you didn’t commit
misrepresentation you were truthful on your application anybody anybody can
take their luck in DV Lottery and you can read more about delivery
issues on our website www.shautsova.com

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  1. If you file for your wife you got a Rfe if you send the rfe early they can denied your case or you can get approval

  2. Can I apply for the lottery . I live in washington dc. And I applied for asylum in 2016 which is still pending. I am from Zimbabwe Africa

  3. Hell alena

    If I have 2 boys under 18 living with my ex wife in another country, and she don't want them to go or apply to USA, should I still mention them in my application and attach their photos?

  4. Shortcut for cropping the DV Lottery photo using any android phone. 100% free. Open link below…


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