Easy Icebreaker Activities: The Numbers Game

hi guys I’m Nigel with elevate and in
this video I’m going to share with you a
really easy way to kick off your event
or group gathering it’s called….
the numbers game and it’s extremely fun to
lead it’s perfect for larger groups and
works especially well with crowds that
have multiples of 10, okay! Please make
sure to stay tuned until the very end
though because we’ll be giving away a
free resource that will help you take
your event or group gathering to the
next level. All right here’s how the game
so in leading the numbers game you
already have on you at least three full
sets of the numbers zero through nine
printed out so that’s ten numbers total
and it’s best if you print each one out
individually on standard sized printer
paper and then you laminate them. Then
you will form three groups of ten people
each and if you only have 20 people than
just two teams of ten and each group of
ten will get their own full set of
numbers and you’ll want to make some
space in between each team so you can
distinguish the groups. Each person will
hold a number zero through nine so that
all 10 numbers are visible for each of
the teams and then the fun begins as the
game host you’ll begin to call out any
number you want ten thousand seven
hundred sixty five eight million one
hundred sixty five thousand seven twenty
nine just make sure you don’t have any
duplicate number in anything that you
call out. It is best to have a
pre-written list on your phone of those
numbers so that you can set yourself up
for success. Then you will watch to see
which team arranges the number you call
out first
you can award a point to the team who
arranges the number the quickest and
continue with the game until one group
reaches a total of five points and of
course have a bag of prizes handy for
any team that wins and that’s how you
play the number game. Now I mentioned a
free resource earlier we put together a
list of hosting and emcee tips that you
can use at your next gathering. These
tips will help you bring your best
energy excitement and confidence to any
event or group gathering that you’ll be
hosting at and you can download this
free resource using the link in the
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watching and I hope that this comes in
handy as you lead the next icebreaker
game at your event

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