Eddie Hall & Robert Oberst Gamble in Vegas | The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History

Eddie Hall & Robert Oberst Gamble in Vegas | The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History

[ music ] [ indistinct conversations ] – Smell that? – Smells like money. We’re in Vegas, and it turns out, Eddie’s never
been here before. So, I want to give him the full
Vegas experience. Obviously, I gotta take him
gambling. – Let’s play blackjack, huh?
– Okay. – Oh, hi, guys.
Perfect timing. – Ah, that’s a little bit small
to squeeze in here. [ music ] – I’ve never actually gone to a
casino and gambled real cash. So I’m really excited. – You know how to play?
– Up to 21s? – 21.
– Yeah. – Don’t go over.
– Okay. We have a nice, crispy 800. Can you change that for me,
please? Want to just split it down the
middle and do half each? – Yeah. – Let’s start with fives,
then work our way up. I just want to get used to it
a bit first. – Okay. But what if we win
the first hand? – Good point.
Let’s start with 10. – It’s Nick’s money, anyway.
– It’s Nick’s money. Yeah, it is Nick’s money,
anyway. – Let’s do it. – Oh, yeah.
Starting right. That’s how it’s done. Blackjack.
There we go. That’s how it’s done. Give me a six. Oh! I freaking love you. With every hand, I just kept
winning. Blackjack. Blackjack. Sixteen.
Come on, bust. Bust. Yes! Yes! Everything’s coming up Obie. Double down.
What have we got? – Double down.
– We’ve got $200 on this bet. – Double up, double down,
split the double, double black, triple purple.
I’m all in. Hit me. – Don’t take the–
– Oh! – You just screwed me right
there. – You’re stealing my
beginner’s luck. – Yeah.
– Okay. – If one us wins, we win. So this is $950. – Yes.
– I’m down $200. You’re up 550, I’m down 200. – Eddie’s having a hard time.
He keeps losing. But the cards love me today. I’m really glad I came along. I got you on my back, brother.
I’ll carry you through this. – Okay. Thanks, brother.
All right. – We’re gonna switch it over
and do some roulette. I think you’ll have more luck
there. Thank you very much. I don’t really know how
to play roulette. – I have no [ bleep ] clue.
– You don’t, either? We don’t know much about
roulette, but we hear it’s got good odds. I’ll take a chance. Fifteen right here.
Take that. Five on 29, and then a five on the 33. Don’t bet on this because
that’ll screw me. – Yeah, okay.
I’m going to do black as well. – Okay, be the red. – What do we got?
What do we got? Black 15. – Yes.
– We won here. Boom. It’s gonna be black 11. That’s what we’re
rolling on now. Black 11. Eleven. Black 11.
Black 11. Oh! – I’m doing black again. – You’re doing black again?
– Yep. – All right, let’s go black.
– You want a black? – Black 28.
– Yeah. – There we go.
– Yes. – 860, 266.
– Yep. – We’re up 286 bucks. I say we cash out
and call it a win. – No.
286 all in. Double or nothing. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – Always bet on black, baby.
– Okay. – Let’s get it.
All on black. Come on, Annie. This one’s for Annie. I am nervous. – Come on.
– Come on, black, come on black. Come on black.
Come on. – Hands are sweating. It’s all on the line now. – Come on. – Come on!!
– Come on!! – Double or nothing.
It’s a foolproof plan. Keep looking at it.
Keep looking at it. It’s gonna happen. – Here we go.
Here we go. There we have it.
There we have it. – Yes!
– Yes! – Yes! We win! Yes! – Always bet on black. Whoo! – Show me the money! – I’m rich!
Ha-ha-ha! – ♪ Money, money, money ♪ ♪ Money ♪ – [ laughs ] [ music ] They say whatever happens in
Vegas, stays in Vegas. I say whatever happens in Vegas,
pays in Vegas. Ah. – Tastes like America. – Tastes like victory. – Same thing.

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  1. Around 3:20 they took the same voice sample of Eddie and Robert saying "come onnnnn" looped it and played it back again for some reason. To make you think they said it twice. Really weird audio editing there by History channel. Lol

  2. People like to say Ancient Aliens is unhistorical, but 2 bodybuilders going to a Casino seems even less historical.

  3. Imagine being able to use the force, and go into a casino and risking everything and win at roulette every….. single…. time….

  4. Manager: "Sir we are going to have to ask you to leave, you are winning to much"

    Robert and Eddie: stands up "No, we are going to have to ask you to leave"

  5. How long before Rick calls them into the pawn shop as 'his buddies' to appraise a dumbbell used by Chester A. Arthur?

  6. that "smell that?" comboed with the look on Eddie's face does not indicate that the scent was in fact "money" as Oberst claimed!

  7. Should've gambled on that single hand bar lift… That was insane. I have no idea how he lifted that.
    So Eddie was still an inhuman beast of destruction even then! And right now he is gaining some more of his strength back… 90kg dumbells and all. Eddie, you're a legend when it comes to static strength.

  8. The video was of course entertaining and Rob+Eddie were superstars as always, but i feel like demonstrating gambling like this is with winning and cheering is inappropriate especially with the gambling problems going on everywhere. Im worried it might encourage more gambling and put some well-meaning folks in serious problems 🙁

  9. I really think these guys forget how massive they are compared to everything. Seeing these giants goofing around singing and dancing must be such a weird experience for everyone else in there😂😂 I know I would have to do several double takes😂😂

  10. I love these guys but this is so fake the casino doesn’t let you come in record a live game EVER I do this every day no way they’re letting them record the tables

  11. There's a myth and I don't know if it's true or not but they say that when Oberst came out of his mother's womb, he was wearing the Strong and Pretty shirt.

  12. The people watching their hero Eddie in Vegas from England are going to think if they go to Vegas they will win money
    😂 😂😂😂

  13. Anyone else get side quest vibes when members split off to do a random activity ? 😁 gettin that exp 😂😂

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