Edge Sorting – The Complete Guide

Edge Sorting – The Complete Guide

recently edge sorting has gotten a lot of
press because poker superstar
Phil Ivey has been accused of using the
technique to win millions of dollars from
casinos in New Jersey and London
being able to identify cards when they are face down is a huge advantage in casino
card games like blackjack and baccarat
edge sorting is a way to do exactly that
edge sorting works because the patterns on the backs of many decks of cards
even ones used in casinos are not perfectly symmetrical
on every card in this Deck for example
one edge shows diamonds is are cut in half
and on the other we see the full diamond
that means that a trained eye can tell the
difference between
opposite edges of these cars so now imagine
that you can sort the deck so that certain important card are ppointed one-way
and all the others are pointed the other
way. If you could pull that off
You would be able to identify the next card to come off the deck or cards that are already
face down on the felt
obviously casinos aren’t gonna let you sort
the deck before you play with it
so that’s why players using this
technique have to get pretty creative
in Phil Ivey’s case he was playing
baccarat and since he’s known as a
high-stakes gambler he was able to talk
to the casino into giving him special
treatment and unknowingly sorting the deck
for him
he requested a specific style of Borgata
playing cards
and that the casino use the same 8 deck
shoe for his entire session
he also asked for an automatic shuffling
machine and most importantly
he even got them to agree to turn certain
dealt cards 180 degrees because he told
them he was superstitious
right now the Borgata casino in new
is suing him for almost ten million
dollars he won in 2012 because they say
he was using the edge sorting technique
but there are tonnes of
easy ways for casinos to stop players from
edge sword
they can use perfectly symmetrical decks
use new decks every time they deal
or incorporate a turn into their shuffle
procedure that’s when half the deck is
turned 180 degrees before being shuffled
effectively destroying any sorting that
has already been done

18 thoughts on “Edge Sorting – The Complete Guide”

  1. casinos are full of shit. this edge sorting only helps like a few percent. it's still very difficult and takes long time to get down. phil ivy is probably one of the few ppl that can actually use this effectively

  2. These casinos rake in all these millions of dollars, but they can't afford to contract out a perfectly symmetrical deck of cards?

  3. Flat colored cards and not catering to gamblers bullshit would seem to stop this crap, otherwise, these casinos need to quit bitching. You got hustled, stop letting them catch you slipping lol

  4. Rich guy gets greedy and wants to get richer. Casinos greedy, you can't cheat an honest man. Rich guy gets caught and will get a slap on the hand and take a hit to his reputation and
    casino moguls will get greedier.

  5. They were so excited to host Phil, they were stupid enough to cave to all his demands. The casino should have played with solid color cards, rotated decks, and not allowed his asian gaming partner into the building. They literally gave him the advantage. Phil didn't cheat, he's just very experienced and has a great memory for edge sorting.

  6. As far as I know in Baccarat you must place your bet before the dealer pulls any card out of the deck and you can not raise or lower your bet after any card is pulled out the deck. This video does not explain how he cheated because even though he gets to run free hands cards are pulled out in certain sequence and edge sorted cards are not likely to be consistently high numbers or low numbers meaning that in 8 decks of cards there will be low cards and high cards that are sorted identically.

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