Elajjaz: Dark Souls[33] Simulacrum: Chapter One[1]  (CC CHAT)

Elajjaz: Dark Souls[33] Simulacrum: Chapter One[1] (CC CHAT)

salpo_nolobio: I will check them out, Jesus Stilgarius: FeelsLateMan monkaW salpo_nolobio: cirSmug Fearswe: When the beat goes on Lexikun: does TC Chat stand for twitch chat chat ela12 StreamElements: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Norttii: BBoomer salpo_nolobio: Pog Stilgarius: Never late HandsUp VineWood0604: ElaCOOL MambukOo: Pog Kaspu: Pog Naniyo: !AYAYA StreamElements: Go away weebs billyReady eremiter: Clap AlexanderKOV: Pog FitoBurrito: Ay look it’s me Wheels82: BBoomer TheH3llraiser: PepeHands rexxii_1: teosNoi teosCe MambukOo: pepeJAM FitoBurrito: I beat a weeb PepeLaugh demifiendll: Pog Elajjaz: wheres my wrestlerbot Kaspu: !nepSmug #UwU Lexikun: elaSmile Elajjaz: !weather WrestlerBot2000: Weather for Gavle, SE: Scattered clouds with a temperature of 22.8 C (73 F). Wind is blowing from the West at 8.06 kph (5.01 mph) and the humidity is 45% ramesees: elaH FeelsBirthdayMan UltraWindow: nepSmug Elajjaz: thank you AlexanderKOV: Happy birthday WrestlerBot2000: Elajjaz is now live! Streaming Dark Souls: 🎉Dark Souls Remastered – All Bosses Speedruns 🎉 🤠 @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram Shmoop1: !elaH #Ilovechat Xu_Shu: Xu_Shu subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 20 months! elaH WrestlerBot2000: @xu_shu After 20 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM fenniksss: Pog BEST WEATHER Stilgarius: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Kaspu: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz did you saw that scary storys to tell in the dark is actually a good horror movie salpo_nolobio: iron95Pls and iron95Pls the iron95Pls weeb iron95Pls gpes iron95Pls pmiron95Pls Fearswe: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Shmoop1: Hi ela and chat elaH pepeL Stilgarius: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap fenniksss: CHAT, ON 1 2 3 SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elajjaz: oh shit onid JGriff: happy birthday!!!! fenniksss: 1 Elajjaz: i gotta check that one UltraWindow: nepSmug happy bifday elajjaz weeb 大きな鼻: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap fenniksss: 2 Call_me_Zeroo: we on fenniksss: 3 silver6ird: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Kappa_Bee: @Elajjaz YOOOOOO FeelsBirthdayMan ta_no_kami: happy birthday man floooooof: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Stilgarius: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Caput_Draconis: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Norttii: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Fearswe: !FeelsBirthdayMan #Clap Frostford: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Wheels82: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap fenniksss: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Shmoop1: FeelsBirthdayMan faeyre: yoooo birthday boi ela12 Stilgarius: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Happpy bday to youuuuuuuuuu gamezocker: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Zorikk123: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYAYA Fearswe: !team FeelsBirthdayMan Clap gjoran1: elaHi elaHi elaHi Lexikun: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Fearswe: !setteam FeelsBirthdayMan Clap WrestlerBot2000: !FeelsBirthdayMan #Clap MambukOo: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap NissM: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap pepeL Jarburt: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Lanshii: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap 00Figment: FeelsBirthdayMan Cheapcat: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Nandz: FeelsBirthdayMan GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz oh and happy birthday my favorite boomer troublematicc: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Stilgarius: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Abdiel_Kavash: !thorwOh Lurius31: Happy birthday!!! tentheon: Happy Birthday Elajjaz AvemStercore: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Ph4ntomi: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap DREAMOCASTER: DREAMOCASTER subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 10 months! Heeeeey capcomChan captain_elsewhere: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap PENTHLWYS HAPPIS WrestlerBot2000: @dreamocaster Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only 10 I see elaDM patrick_the_fourth: Hey Ela sup FitoBurrito: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap @Elajjaz Call_me_Zeroo: FeelsBirthdayMan Kappa_Bee: Can i have some Ricardo birthdays chat? ricardoFlick FeelsBirthdayMan fenniksss: ! FeelsBirthdayMan Jamule: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap @Elajjaz MiekStep: miirioFeelsLeeMan miirioFeelsLeeMan miirioFeelsLeeMan Stilgarius: @Kappa_Bee No FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Fearswe: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Wuxia: FeelsBirthdayMan #Clap zachi_u: pepeJAM kapustadrakon_: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap @Elajjaz happy birthday MaN gulshan1: FeelsBirthdayMan RadioactiveVibes: Happy Birthday Ela FeelsBirthdayMan lampkinator: Happy birthday @elajjaz 🎉 elaDM elaDM elaDM Koppmoscha: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap fenniksss: HAPPY Stilgarius: So Ela is 14yo today FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Frostford: the best weeb boomer out there fenniksss: BIRTHDAY Kaspu: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Redactus: FeelsBirthdayMan HYPERCLAP fenniksss: YOU ClappingKappa: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap BTRNDL: yoooo! Fearswe: Nope. He turns 13 today Stil UltraWindow: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap J0hnnyBlade: FeelsBirthdayMan PrideParty PrideParty happy birthday Ela FeelsBirthdayMan Clap fenniksss: MAGNIFISENT xTaskForce99: Happy Birthday Ela! FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Kappa_Bee: @Stilgarius FeelsBirthdayMan Clap JonxKatsu: happy birthday ela elaH ela13 fenniksss: BASTARD Fearswe: His 13th year loops Stilgarius: Oh again 13 FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Sycologic: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap smelly_82: Whats up whit this music=’( rexxii_1: ! slop3TYST Wheels82: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap UltraWindow: 13 14 years in a row PogU thugduckling: Happy birthday Elawow Dr_Jan_Itor: FF14 MaN Zaraji: shadowbringers Pog LilacLeaf: i’m not playing classic either but i had to dl it yesterday to reserve names for a friend lmao MeccaMaster: LUL just wait when it comes out Lagunaab: yoooo MeccaMaster: you will play it Monni98: More WoW refugees for FFXIV after they get bored with Classic pvpKing IBhunivelze: AYAYA HYPERCLAP SargerusBR: @Elajjaz PLAY FFXIV SHADOWBRINGERS Pog Reddinator: thats good, I dont wanna watch wow when im playing wow ela13 mizoreeee: ela is enjoying his cat girls more MediiK: ela12 12yo Ela loved WoW SLyDeX53: @Elajjaz ela14 emote when ? Gloriousbonerstoner: not a weeb btw JKanStyle WerewolfB: @mizoreeee it’s fine, she’ll just take his “salty babooshka” PepeLaugh KraeuterhumpenEUW: What you are 14? Don´t make you older than you look Kappa filarette: wow in 2019 OEP219: Do you still play guitar @Elajjaz ? 🙂 KaitoKidShadow: Pog ela14 SephVII: @Elajjaz Picking up UwU Girls with KrazyShark i see how it is cbrYA HYPERCLAP captain_elsewhere: he betrayed the WoW and plays FF14 elaC Kusocheg: monkaW HugeEugene: ela13 wandering_pleb: classic is not weeb enough PepeLaugh THE_GAKO: monkaTOS mizoreeee: WerewolfB PepeLaugh Shrimpess: Right now PepeLaugh tuuhoo: ela13 +1 kaiju_boi: YeahBoi d3sirio: POGGERS HugeEugene: ela13 here talkman_: ela14 picture of ela from ff14 Jybel: FUCK ME gachiHYPER LilacLeaf: i just cant say no PepeHands Sourcehunter: monkaS Gloriousbonerstoner: gachiBASS KaitoKidShadow: ela14 should look like a boomer FulhamBadger: Goes from a western mmo to a weeb mmo Elvem: RULL Sventuras: RULL Ryuou: Rull perry_1903: R U L L Didrarin: RULL ddaaveee: ela7 x 2 Kusocheg: RULL SargerusBR: RULL noxcorvus: R Ü N Shmoop1: RULL Redactus: RULL LUL Hiisora: RULL AbsoluteHope: R U L L girlfromjapan: LULW FiReBallKG: RULL Deathmones: UwU ela chan plays ff14 FitoBurrito: talkman_ but then that’s another weeb emote notmangomctango: eull ELAYZA: RÜLL KaitoKidShadow: gachiHYPER BAIT ME TeenyTinyRedhead: Forget about ela14, I want ela113 here PepeLaugh Lagunaab: ela 14 a picture of a blond lala SEsternO: FitoBurrito pepeL beejeesus: peepoRun kennyrispuff: xqcS mizoreeee: When do you add elaPat or elaAhegao or elaPirate elaWeird Hiisora: Pog talkman_: @FitoBurrito that only means he’ll have to add a manly emote to compensate elaDM Lovinwolfpack: Hello Ela and chat elaH elaH KaitoKidShadow: wow i hate it when people dont hold the elevator Shmoop1: now that I think about it, why do we have no RULL emote, it could be something like a spinning OMEGLOL @Elajjaz SargerusBR: @Elajjaz PLAY FFXIV SHADOWBRINGERS Pog Monni98: cloomaWOW TeenyTinyRedhead: @Lovinwolfpack elaH pepeL krahdan: puberty LULW SLyDeX53: @TeenyTinyRedhead ela113 just ela13 with agndalf beard 4HEad kaiju_boi: elaK perry_1903: Lovinwolfpack elaHYUG captain_elsewhere: not a weeb elaKek SEsternO: Lovinwolfpack elaH elaCozy DakuSouru: elaK nevville: elaK HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: AYAYA mizoreeee: it is Neimyin: AYAYA MalphasJD: elaK Simon_iO: elaK Turbulist: LULW Reddinator: Kapp FitoBurrito: talkman_ he won’t do it though because he’s insane weeb CrystalTeardrop: atamAYAYA mohikanin1: @Elajjaz did you play tetris 99? Norttii: Kapp IAmThurmal: elaK Muti_tk: elaK Shrimpess: elaK Vivelin: elaK atomicdestruction: elaK Myowa_: elaK JubJubWantRubRubs: elaK oh my god Kusocheg: Kapp Nazzet: woopsPat Sventuras: elaK SEsternO: cirPat IllFated2: elaK KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA YES IT IS Lim3Fru1t: elaK gfhgggfjgg: elaK kennyrispuff: WEEB EMOTE BTW Ryuou: AYAYA McDumb: elaK not a weeb talkman_: elaK Lovinwolfpack: @TeenyTinyRedhead elaH Valinore: elaK Talmk: cirPat captain_elsewhere: are you kidding me elaKek Sozu_: elaK FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz yes it fucking is WeirdChamp Lagunaab: horse holding ? elaHAA SaDiablo: cirPat Zigludo: D: Sourcehunter: Pablo PepeHands Dereh0g: @Elajjaz real BKH? Shigren: elaK nevville: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK CrystalTeardrop: versit1Pat DHockedyTTV: elaD TeenyTinyRedhead: @SLyDeX53 Yeah PepeLaugh It’s perfect though, he always complains he’s old Muti_tk: ela12 JimiJam69: Since Stream Start: 11 YOs ela12 TheKidiot: PepeHands KraeuterhumpenEUW: Dark souls only bow challenge? Kppa KevKov: when is elaPregajjaz coming ? DragoNightmare: MercyWing1 BibleThump MercyWing2 Redactus: D: SEsternO: ela12 Zeref_swe : elaK SMOrc_Face_SMOrc: D: Shigren: yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo zorry4badinglsh: elaK SargerusBR: yooooooooooo Larg0s: Im almost at lv 30 so close to being a monk instead of a pugilist elaWOW gfhgggfjgg: elaS elaD TheBigSpence: elaK KaitoKidShadow: elaK frvits: WEEB STREAM AYAYA Amnexiac: elaA IAmThurmal: elaK elaK civvi: LULW Reddinator: PepeLaugh holding Dokiash: elaK talkman_: monkaS / elaS Nazzet: D: Jarburt: YOOO greyfacenospace123: danCry iiwii119: YOYOYO GkBanez: elaK captain_elsewhere: oh my fuck NotLikeTHis JubJubWantRubRubs: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK metatron741: points boob lone_scientist: elaA elaA elaA elaA ValeckSeimu: 🐴 Gloriousbonerstoner: all these weeb pats PepeLaugh Ankaraws: xenoYo xenoYo xenoYo xenoYo Dr_Jan_Itor: monkaTOS SLyDeX53: Wowee Stilgarius: Pog kaiju_boi: VaN GOOD BOY TeenyTinyRedhead: elaBlush good boy precheater: D: SeeruM_: gachiHYPER DragoNightmare: MercyWing1 BibleThump BibleThump MercyWing2 captain_elsewhere: NotLikeThis Shigren: Doggo Pog Lovinwolfpack: @perry_1903 distLove HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: AYAYA CUTE JimiJam69: Since Stream Start: 16 YOs ela12 zorry4badinglsh: monkaTOS SEsternO: Wowee ❓ WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz KaitoKidShadow: doesnt matter frvits: GOOD BOI gachiBASS FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz the channels that have pat emotes? All weeb channels, but yeah it’s not weeb elaK GenuineLGN: ARA ARA GOOD BOI-KUN Nazzet: Good boy PedoBear perry_1903: elaA new pablo emote? IAmThurmal: @Ankaraws LULW Sozu_: AYAYA CUTE BOY TeenyTinyRedhead: NOW SIT elaMad JubJubWantRubRubs: show the milk one elaK civvi: AYAYA good boi AYAYA MalphasJD: That’s what a weeb in denial would call a pat @Elajjaz PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: ok if its a dof Armody: You should say “hold your pablos” haHAA mizoreeee: HYUKBOI ISNT A DOG WTF elaMad kaiju_boi: @Elajjaz IS THIS THE MILK EMOTE? LULW Sventuras: elaK Azure_Felt: elaK Lovinwolfpack: @SEsternO elaH Amoh_: PedoBear ? Amnexiac: DansGame captain_elsewhere: dog* FulhamBadger: @Elajjaz You still deny being a weeb? greyfacenospace123: danAY Larg0s: elaK KaitoKidShadow: ul c ValeckSeimu: LUL girlfromjapan: kcsmurWhat kcsmurWhat kcsmurWhat talkman_: elaK mhm HugeEugene: elaYA zorry4badinglsh: ARA ARA MA MA randomweeb69: AYAYA Lim3Fru1t: @Elajjaz Can’t hold our horses when we don’t have elaPablo anymore PepeHands Shrimpess: elaK uh-huh KaitoKidShadow: Yul c SEsternO: Too bad tho naroSmug notmangomctango: Wowee ? SLyDeX53: @Elajjaz for every red split you getting older by 1 ela13 lone_scientist: elaB Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz it’s not the milk version monkaTOS Dazzelator: is it a HandsUp emote? Sourcehunter: HEWIE AYAYA GOOD BOY AYAYA Larg0s: sailormoon emote incoming elaWOW tallwhiteowl: someone link it Fubarz93: Fubarz93 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 31 months! robin_ud: !discord WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! WrestlerBot2000: @fubarz93 After 31 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM WrestlerBot2000: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Keep up the birthday hype and love chat. It’s our favorite 13 year olds 13th birthday today! FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Gloriousbonerstoner: throw run and show 4Head Redactus: AYAYA weebs HugeEugene: elaWeird nevville: elaB elaB Lagunaab: anything remotely close to japan is weeb for chat WeirdChamp UltraWindow: it should be nrdyB TeenyTinyRedhead: it’s an elamote? elaWOW NNayio: elaB Germy_ranch: elaWOW ONEGAISHIMASU Reddinator: not no means that it is elaHmm Dazzelator: NEW GACHI EMOTE PogU Zeph23: is it a gnome emote elaOk ? KaitoKidShadow: oh chat, did ela finish the horror game yesterday? GenuineLGN: i dont know how is in denail more, ela or chat xd captain_elsewhere: ELA JUST SAID SAILOR MOON IS WEEB Sourcehunter: Run is always trash girlfromjapan: Doggo emote kcsmurWhat captain_elsewhere: WE GOT HIM zorry4badinglsh: is it a tomato emote elaMad ? NNayio: elaB elaWOW elaISee elaBlush Lagunaab: ela if you like rice you’re a weeb Kapp Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz i tweeted the link for the thing btw 😀 tallwhiteowl: !discord WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Muti_tk: elaMad NNayio: elaMad myfavoriteweeb: elaMad Turbulist: elaMad McDumb: elaMad HYPERCLAP Germy_ranch: EXPOSED Shrimpess: elaMad Lanshii: @kaitokidshadow yeah but it was early access TeenyTinyRedhead: elaHYUK Inceptix: Legit BKH? girlfromjapan: elaMad Caput_Draconis: 🍅 Armody: 🍅 wandering_pleb: elaMad SEsternO: elaMad HugeEugene: elaMad elaGun Lim3Fru1t: OMEGLOL Geralt_of_Syria: elaMad TOMATO EXPOSED KraeuterhumpenEUW: i m blue da ba dee da ba die NNayio: elaHYUK Amnexiac: elaHYUK CosyLB: Is the red text mean “fast”? Gloriousbonerstoner: the hyuker guy d3sirio: elaMad WHAT DID YOU CALL ME KaitoKidShadow: elaMad Wuxia: he said it elaMad talkman_: wtf 3shot mizoreeee: can we call him Hyuk Boi ? iiwii119: 🍅🍅🍅🍅 KaitoKidShadow: Lanshii aahh ok thanks k_dove85: Legit BKH? NNayio: elaHYUK Clap Lagunaab: menarull emote when (swiftrage variant) ? Lovinwolfpack: elaEZ SEsternO: elaHYUK Clap xlRaptoe: elaHYUK Reddinator: elaHYUK nice scribbleh: scribbleh subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 7 months, currently on a 7 month streak! Happy 13th birthday my guy! PepoDance WrestlerBot2000: @scribbleh You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM Shrimpess: elaHyukBoi too long talkman_: inb4 “HYUKKI AYAYA ” WeirdChamp wikimikos: hjök boy G124mbo12: @elajjaz can you pls scream “I RULL” for me? thx Shmoop1: elaMad Hi I’m kirby and I swallowed one of these 🍅 elaMad culsphere: elaHYUK Dr_Jan_Itor: Chat look at the emote ela wants to add WeirdChamp monkaTOS https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/136784739360178176/610599567074787333/pepohatahagpat_milk_onetwo.png mizoreeee: a little bit special elaHYUK JimiJam69: Since Stream Start: 17 YOOOs ela12 KaitoKidShadow: welcome to the HYUCKERS IAmThurmal: easily elaK AyoFamWuddupLOL: CLAPPED elaGasm Gloriousbonerstoner: birthday wr PogChamp SLyDeX53: cya later chat, gotta go work for Elajjaz income 4Head elaH pepeL Muti_tk: Z Sourcehunter: T KaitoKidShadow: drjan nice Lovinwolfpack: 1:10 HYPE elaDM TheLadyCharlotte: SLyDeX53 have fun elaCozy pepeL Muti_tk: T elaHYUK TeenyTinyRedhead: @Dr_Jan_Itor LULW mizoreeee: OH MY GOD @Dr_Jan_Itor Wuxia: lmao wtf elaKek NNayio: NO elaMad SEsternO: Dr_Jan_Itor OMEGALUL Lim3Fru1t: elaWut @Dr_Jan_Itor d3sirio: OMEGALUL picklerickshank: talk to me! PepeHands Ethan__: Happy birthday?? disney6Happy Amnexiac: SLyDeX53 elaHi JimiJam69: Since Stream Start: 18 YOOOs ela12 TeenyTinyRedhead: @SLyDeX53 Have a good day dude elaH pepeL captain_elsewhere: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH elaGasm Lagunaab: @SLyDeX53 elaHYUG Zeref_swe : elaGasm @Dr_Jan_Itor nevville: @Dr_Jan_Itor I didn’t expect anything else elaFeels Muti_tk: Dr_Jan_Itor PepeLaugh Reddinator: SLyDeX53 LULW elaH Dr_Jan_Itor: SLyDeX53 pepeL KaitoKidShadow: bye Sly elaH NNayio: @Dr_Jan_Itor what the fuck is that elaWeird talkman_: @Dr_Jan_Itor WeirdChamp girlfromjapan: @SLyDeX53 pepeL adam_lul: Google headpat and say it’s not a weeb thing LUL @Elajjaz Elvem: That emote is horrendous LULW GreedyLi: he said no and left CrystalTeardrop: Dr_Jan_Itor who did that shit? naroScared Stilgarius: @SLyDeX53 pepeL SephVII: Talk Dirty to me gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP ekkojj: so many subs monkaS Muti_tk: SLyDeX53 pepeL mynameisobserverward: @Dr_Jan_Itor WeirdChamp KaitoKidShadow: glomp emote nevville: @SLyDeX53 ByEDeX CrystalTeardrop: SLyDeX53 cya naroDesu mizoreeee: That emote is cursed monkaW kaiju_boi: LULW NNayio: what the fuck is that emote elaWeird KingOfWatch: @Elajjaz how does it feel to be almost 30 Elvem: elaK Dr_Jan_Itor: CrystalTeardrop some dude on discord curiousgamer88: PepeLaugh Reddinator: it is lulw Norttii: PepeLaugh Dr_Jan_Itor: elaKek LuciusVoidwalker: Yoo Ela, happy birthday!! You turn 27 today uh? I’m turning 28 tomorrow elaWeird Simon_iO: LULW that emote NNayio: WeirdChamp TeenyTinyRedhead: elaHmm talkman_: elaK ofc it’s not Eiferius: Milk emote? LetsDoItGuys: @Elajjaz I know your stream and YouTube for 2 days now. I think I felt in love with you . THX for the great content sir! sounds that homo? 😀 nohate! KevKov: pregnant emote ? GenuineLGN: gibe milk emote or unsub elaB KaitoKidShadow: hahahahha kaiju_boi: elaK it is the milk emote Lovinwolfpack: Break time SonicatorTV: SLyDeX53 take care elaHYUG Martiansam: @Elajjaz PregnantEla emote when ? elaKek elaKek elaKek Lovinwolfpack: elaHAA reberberg: @Elajjaz imagine a world with a run counter kaiju_boi: ElaPreggers when? PepeLaugh anibit: monkaS SephVII: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/136784739360178176/609366850425585675/e456e5yth.png @Elajjaz dis one ? Gloriousbonerstoner: never ever make a pregnant emote Ela FeelsWeirdMan Muti_tk: WeirdChamp Shrimpess: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: pregela LULW Doully92: WeirdChamp mizoreeee: please never WeirdChamp HugeEugene: elaWeird KevKov: LULW curiousgamer88: WeirdChamp chat kaiju_boi: ✋ WeirdChamp Sourcehunter: Pregela TeenyTinyRedhead: @LetsDoItGuys Welcome elaH pepeL LitPord: @Elajjaz Hey man i’ve been watching your stream for abour 4 years now but unfortunatly i dont have money for a present PepeHands so i just want to wish you a happy birthday and all the happiness in the world elaHYUG SLyDeX53: SLyDeX53 gifted a Tier 1 sub to ekkojj! They have given 1226 Gift Subs in the channel! Simon_iO: WeirdChamp WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @ekkojj the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Reddinator: WeirdChamp too far GenuineLGN: WeirdChamp NNayio: OMEGLOL Martiansam: LULW Redactus: WeirdChamp HugeEugene: elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan KaitoKidShadow: While he drinks milk IAmThurmal: ✋ WeirdChamp Dr_Jan_Itor: J0hnnyBlade make Ela pregnant elaDM gfhgggfjgg: elaWeird Caput_Draconis: WeirdChamp SargerusBR: CHAT WeirdChamp McDumb: any hyukers FeelsPepoMan NNayio: S T OMEGLOL P Amalthazad: PregMario is the best 🙂 SLyDeX53: god demet, i tried PepeHands bye Lagunaab: PREGIGI captain_elsewhere: T H I C C elaGasm FitoBurrito: Amalthazad moon2PREGARIO ekkojj: @SLyDeX53 FeelsGoodMan Clap wow thanks ValeckSeimu: GG Lim3Fru1t: elaFeels @SLyDeX53 KevKov: Pog Razzz: GWEEK triHYPERS KaitoKidShadow: cya later on pc chat Muti_tk: ✋ WeirdChamp TeenyTinyRedhead: @SLyDeX53 Valiant effort ela7 culsphere: Good RNG Amalthazad: @FitoBurrito elaH Larg0s: don’t you fucks mention moonmoons cursed emotes in this chat KingOfWatch: The first good stray demon Pog Redactus: LUL curiousgamer88: PepeLaugh Simon_iO: PepeLaugh TeenyTinyRedhead: @KaitoKidShadow cya elaH Shrimpess: monkaW Muti_tk: Noctis? elaKek kaiju_boi: Pog ekkojj: elaThirst Doully92: elaK Lim3Fru1t: PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: LULW reberberg: @Elajjaz imagine a world with a run counter Liverpoc: elaK Dr_Jan_Itor: dead elaK talkman_: elaK nothing he can do Jektrick: elaKek curtbird: ded guys Lagunaab: imdeadtherenothingicando perry_1903: elaK Germy_ranch: Yup. dead. NNayio: elaK FiReBallKG: Nothing he can do Gloriousbonerstoner: lmao mazig: GLOD SMOrc_Face_SMOrc: GLOD Pog Lim3Fru1t: Dead btw elaK Fullmetalcheese: elaK SO DED MitsuoK: Glod NexusName: dead btw Kappa civvi: elaWOW glod elaWOW haxen64: RUN IS ALIVE GLOD Legendary_Boka: Kapp gfhgggfjgg: elaK GabrielMugnol: Happy birthday my man @Elajjaz tahnk you for 4 years of entertainment, have a great one FeelsBirthdayMan Clap NNayio: “THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO” elaK Lovinwolfpack: elaDM Fielix: Hi all of you elaH rasakki: dont kill him BibleThump notmangomctango: LUL Daniel1984_: elaK JimiJam69: Since Stream Start: 19 YOOOs ela12 DragoNightmare: MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoid SargerusBR: D: RUDE Eriksoomin: on the topic of wow classic atleast there is one streamer i enjoy watching that i can watch when that comes out @Elajjaz TeenyTinyRedhead: @Fielix Heeey elaH pepeL Dr_Jan_Itor: Fielix elaHYUG precheater: D: bully KraeuterhumpenEUW: “First time” as the last first times Kappa TeenyTinyRedhead: TRY IT elaWOW TheLadyCharlotte: GabrielMugnol FeelsGoodMan / elaHYUG Amnexiac: Fielix elaHi Pepperpotty: cake elaGasm Liverpoc: elaOP ekkojj: Plebs elaC Dr_Jan_Itor: Pepper peepoHappy pepeL miscusi: birthday cake is overrate AF, just get some cheesecake ! @Elajjaz Martiansam: i wonder if kebab cake exist …. elaHmm elaOP mizoreeee: isnt it kinda late already for something like that to order ? Lagunaab: how long until the full video of you dancing is releasing entirely ? elaKek TeenyTinyRedhead: @Pepperpotty hiii elaCozy elaH pepeL GabrielMugnol: @TheLadyCharlotte FeelsGoodMan larxaGib I hope my larxa sub is still going Thanaell: Hi Ela and chat elaH Pepperpotty: Jan elaH GabrielMugnol: yes it is Pepperpotty: Teeny elaH TheLadyCharlotte: GabrielMugnol it is FeelsGoodMan Martiansam: @Thanaell pepe>L perry_1903: Thanaell elaHYUG Daedreon: do you have edible arrangement in sweden? TeenyTinyRedhead: @Thanaell elaH pepeL Muti_tk: Pepper pepeL perry_1903: Pepperpotty elaHYUG Martiansam: @Thanaell pepeL Amalthazad: @miscusi chocolate fudge cake>cheesecake 🙂 Fullmetalcheese: NO CAKE PepeHands Pepperpotty: Multi elaH Pepperpotty: Perry elaH GoldenFlame1: pepeD SEsternO: pepeD kaiju_boi: BBoomer Clap Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz i’m gonna have some Cheesecake in spirit of your birthday elaOP gromass_: YOO !! Caput_Draconis: pepeD TheLadyCharlotte: GabrielMugnol you deserve a sub, but I can’t gift FeelsBadMan Muti_tk: et tu Pepper FeelsBadMan Amnexiac: Thanaell elaH miscusi: @Amalthazad fight me atpBigot Liverpoc: BBoomer Pepperpotty: Sorry guys but my auto complete broke so butchering everyones names today Gloriousbonerstoner: how’s that durability of your “I’m dead”-Shield looking with how much you’re using it? CoolStoryBob @elajjaz kaiju_boi: LULW notmangomctango: It doesn’t say that LULW SEsternO: Pepperpotty elaH elaCozy mizoreeee: Do you got a Store nearby you where you could by like a Ice Cake ? ekkojj: ark LULW Pepperpotty: Oh hell yes I saw that Ela! FitoBurrito: Pepperpotty can I feel the swet sting please? HandsUp pekkaatte: ark OMEGALUL Mrtriggahigga: ARK OMEGADOWN Pepperpotty: Ses elaH Amalthazad: @miscusi I don’t fight weeebs elaWeird Nemz38: was it chest-tri today m8? Pepperpotty: Fito elaH Fullmetalcheese: ARK LULW KingOfWatch: @Elajjaz do you watch UFC? reberberg: @Elajjaz imagine a world with a run counter 🙂 SEsternO: ARK OMEGALUL perry_1903: elaEZ Clap ekkojj: PogU techo1: weird flex FiReBallKG: Pog SargerusBR: BEAST billyReady princeinnovice: elaK Nemz38: was leg for me DansGame Hiisora: Skip Pog kaiju_boi: billyReady drmgame: @Elajjaz you gonna play monster hunter iceborn when it is release? Call_me_Zeroo: autocomplete emote with tab is broken apparently Lim3Fru1t: @Pepperpotty Guess its still broken for you too elaFeels GabrielMugnol: @TheLadyCharlotte I’m planning to gift myself in my birthday FeelsBirthdayMan but thank you anyways Daniel1984_: elaK Fullmetalcheese: gachiVICTORY Daedreon: its like different fruits dipped in chocolate and stuff @Elajjaz Nemz38: Bi-Back tomorrow 🙂 icedragon08: ib4 dead the next run PepeLaugh Pepperpotty: Lime yep elaFeels Loki_nG: @Elajjaz Happy Bday ela elaH miscusi: @Amalthazad although it is great it can’t be>cheesecake TheLadyCharlotte: GabrielMugnol that sounds both sad and good FeelsGoodMan ekkojj: gachiBASS Loki_nG: Hey chat ela7 mizoreeee: Only people with chickenlegs dont like legday PepeLaugh Apocalypse34: going with Pettis. Diaz been out 3 years too long Elvem: Chest and Tris today Nemz38: Stipe this weekend Kreygasm SargerusBR: @Nemz38 BACK DAY gachiHYPER TeenyTinyRedhead: Autocomplete is working fine for me, guess it’s a 50/50 thing again elaHmm Gloriousbonerstoner: i like having a rest day everyday OpieOP perry_1903: Loki_nG elaHYUG Pepperpotty: RaregachiGASM JimiJam69: Since Stream Start: 20 YOOOs ela12 kaiju_boi: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Penaleve: Ela is a Chad PepeHands FitoBurrito: RaregachiGASM THANK YOU MA’AM Pepperpotty: Fito oops sorry! ekkojj: 2? SEsternO: Loki_nG elaH elaCozy Loki_nG: @perry_1903 elaHYUG tuulanir: yall KKona Lovinwolfpack: elaThirst Abbynaire: @mizoreeee or people who’s knees hurt PepeHands Nemz38: that pronounciation Loki_nG: @SEsternO elaH KingOfWatch: @Elajjaz romero vs costa ; stipe vs cormier and pettis vs diaz that event is STACKED Nemz38: Danielvideogaming notmangomctango: TITTIES FitoBurrito: Pepperpotty the spank was apology enough HandsUp GabrielMugnol: @TheLadyCharlotte looking at the positives I’ll finally turn 18 Pog ekkojj: DaN Samppsom: Hard game Kappa perry_1903: DansGame beejeesus: DaN Nemz38: Corm eee ayy NNayio: DansGame SEsternO: DansGame GoldenFlame1: DansGame Cylian_The_Hollow: yo ela n chat, Happy birthday and gl on runs HeyGuys greyfacenospace123: danSgame SargerusBR: DansGame ekkojj: HYPERDANSGAMEW LetsDoItGuys: @Elajjaz how did you learned to speedrun? u just started without reason and all by yourself ? TheLadyCharlotte: GabrielMugnol oh right, time to feel old Champ TeenyTinyRedhead: @Cylian_The_Hollow elaH pepeL SEsternO: OMEGADANIELSVIDEOGAME randomweeb69: DC got this shaccles98: when do you decide that you’ll onlybe doing legit speed runs? Kaeede: @elajjaz happy birthday 🙂 I turn 28 at the end of the month Roasty_Brekky_Warp: danOMG mizoreeee: Abbynaire why would you do work out legs if you got problems with them elaISee Nemz38: CORM EEEE AYYYY Apocalypse34: DC will win and retire JimiJam69: Since Stream Start: 21 YOOOs ela12 BitsAndGlory: The Daddest Man on the planet DC MendesMiami: hello Ela and chat Daniel1984_: Corm eee aayyy Nemz38: you got it then Shigren: Boromir Muti_tk: elaHYUK SEsternO: OMEGALUL mizoreeee: elaHYUG TeenyTinyRedhead: @MendesMiami elaH pepeL perry_1903: LULW Valinore: DanielsTVSPEL DansGame KingOfWatch: racist D: NNayio: elaGa Galer1ans: @MendesMiami Helloooou pepeL elaH ChickenZePoop: LULW randomweeb69: hype af kaiju_boi: 3Head corm here ay? NNayio: elaGa Clap Lovinwolfpack: LUL RorschachAttack: hey ela GabrielMugnol: @TheLadyCharlotte Time to get arrested and buy beer just because I’ll be able to Champ Nemz38: DC gonna go to sleep now he gonna be watched for eye pokes perry_1903: glod Chag Nemz38: 🙂 Sunprayer07: Elajjaz Hey there big BOI FeelsBirthdayMan you are my favorite streamer happy Birthday pepeL Shigren: Pog notigneus: Champ kaiju_boi: w OMEGALUL w Hexarift: Chag BLMAN01: W OMEGALUL W notmangomctango: W OMEGALUL W Call_me_Zeroo: W OMEGALUL W SEsternO: w OMEGALUL w TheLadyCharlotte: GabrielMugnol indeed Champ DarkResonance: Chag Jokamutta: elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile xNoury: W OMEGALUL W Daniel1984_: certif8Murduck zorry4badinglsh: W OMEGADOWN W TimeD0G: caleb3 caleb4 Loki_nG: @Elajjaz Did you Buy a Cake yet? if not what cake are you getting elaOP elaGasm Nemz38: yeah DC was so dirty that fight Nemz38: insane Jokamutta: ElaGlod Lovinwolfpack: Glod GabrielMugnol: @TheLadyCharlotte but I still got a month of youth left FeelsBadMan Nemz38: he eye poked him like 6 times SmaJLee: DC Universe? Daniel1984_: Fuck Stipe Sibu_: hi KingOfWatch: @Nemz38 kinda eyepoked him a few times kaiju_boi: Pog cake baking stream? ekkojj: elaOP Sunprayer07: no kek? FeelsBadMan Tomowatt: VoHiYo Cake perry_1903: AngelThump Nazzet: AngelThump NNayio: TaBeRu Sephirothang: FeelsBirthdayMan Gabriel_Ferrao: AngelThump SEsternO: AngelThump Lovinwolfpack: Miss that emote TheLadyCharlotte: GabrielMugnol don’t worry, you won’t feel any different nrdyE kaiju_boi: IKEALU Muti_tk: D: Daniel1984_: DC is GOAT NNayio: IKEALUL Shigren: Instead of cake stack like 5 banana pizzas Pog @Elajjaz Fullmetalcheese: LULW perry_1903: IKEALUL Doully92: LULW kaiju_boi: IKEALUL IBhunivelze: elaD Dokiash: AngelThump SEsternO: IKEALUL Fullmetalcheese: IKEALUL Nazzet: PepeLaugh Abbynaire: @mizoreeee you don’t I guess LUL Germy_ranch: IKEALUL DarkResonance: IKEALUL kelly_fornia: birfday stream! happy birthday to my favorite streamer 🙂 Elvem: OMEGAIKEA Martiansam: elaD ELA kaiju_boi: Pog infinitypigggg: LUL Liverpoc: monkaS Fullmetalcheese: monkaW Sunprayer07: AAAAAH plattyuk92: @Elajjaz got a hemorrhoid, no deadlift for me Dokiash: LULW ostrava84: Ah it’s your Birthday huh?Happy Birthday !!! @Elajjaz Jokamutta: Run killer LUL mizoreeee: If you do a Bakeing cake stream saturday maybe do something new instead of a boreing ass chocolate mudcake LULW SEsternO: LULW MendesMiami: arrete ! Martiansam: that an hate crime Ela she is transgender LULW picklerickshank: IKEALUL ? Larsn2k: Pog Liverpoc: PogU robinhopslaap: EZ Loki_nG: The Save Pog Clap NNayio: VapeNation Elvem: Nice time save LULW notigneus: Champ talkman_: Happy birthday FeelsBirthdayMan SargerusBR: Pog zaeta__: Chag ekkojj: Pog Lovinwolfpack: Nice Nemz38: what a rough boss ChickenZePoop: PogU GabrielMugnol: @TheLadyCharlotte you’re probably right, in the end of the day I’m still me larxa20IQ perry_1903: Chag Clap Germy_ranch: ela13 Gabriel_Ferrao: Champ NNayio: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap SargerusBR: SAVED RUN Pog WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! picklerickshank: happy birthday ela! kaiju_boi: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap TheTrueKesiek: FeelsBirthdayMan Call_me_Zeroo: wtf i turn 22 in 4 months ekkojj: Chag Pionside: BBoomer BlueCatBox: is this the run? Kappa FiReBallKG: PogU KevKov: we green Pog Liverpoc: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap wikimikos: otzdarva? iiwii119: cheater Call_me_Zeroo: didnt know you were older by 5 years SkyDC: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Nazzet: Green split Chag Kgcool: actually a streamer’s birthday? igneek: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap T0X1CT0M: brkBeer brkBeer brkBeer brkBeer Raftelle: ayy happy birthday FeelsBadMan Clap Gloriousbonerstoner: not even gold PepeLaugh l0cx_: happy birthday notmangomctango: FeelsBirthdayMan LoneShadows: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Casulono: Casulono subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 35 months, currently on a 35 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @casulono After 35 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM ekkojj: FeelsBirthdayMan kelly_fornia: 27?! wevie1: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Nazzet: @Kgcool FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Daniel1984_: 27 months certif8Murduck Raftelle: wait FeelsBirthdayMan Clap TheLadyCharlotte: GabrielMugnol 20IQ? Pog thats more than me Hussnay: FeelsBirthdayMan HBD! talkman_: i turn 26 in less than a week as well PogU myles_l: frankh1Os frankh1Os frankh1Os Nemz38: wait you are 22 Zero? Didrarin: Clap samsusuu: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap TheLadyCharlotte: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap KevKov: FeelsBirthdayMan Galer1ans: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Casulono: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap perry_1903: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap WrestlerBot2000: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Keep up the birthday hype and love chat. It’s our favorite 13 year olds 13th birthday today! FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Ankaraws: FeelsBirthdayMan Call_me_Zeroo: i turn 22 in december yeah DarkResonance: Happy Birthday, Ella ! FeelsBirthdayMan Clap icedragon08: FeelsBirthdayMan HYPERCLAP Lovinwolfpack: Happy Bday Ela elaGasm Nemz38: wtf why are you so young SargerusBR: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Kgcool: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap GabrielMugnol: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap lone_scientist: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap SEsternO: I just never do it cirSlain afr33ze: what is a strong pve/pvp build? TheH3llraiser: I never celebrate my birthdays FeelsBirthdayMan Clap kaiju_boi: @Elajjaz you’re like two years old but I feel so BBoomer ababagalamaga1: How old are you? 17? Germy_ranch: So Sunday strum. He’s going to be hung over FailFish samsusuu: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Muti_tk: monkaSHAKE Ana_to_go: Happy Birthday FeelsBirthdayMan Clap SausageMaster07: monkaSHAKE Kambri0: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Call_me_Zeroo: 22 and already balding Kaeede: @talkman_ happy birthday 🙂 girlfromjapan: KKool Clap Call_me_Zeroo: fuck my life SkyDC: BBoomer Clap Hussnay: elaH FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Nemz38: LOL Shrimpess: monkaSHAKE Torbinatorify: @Nemz38 how old are you? mizoreeee: Nemz not everyone can be 35 like you Nemz38: baf RNG GabrielMugnol: @TheLadyCharlotte nah, I’m negative FeelsPepoMan Nemz38: bad* hoss87: Happy birthday ela vrtHS vrtLove and hi chat vrtGasm ChickenZePoop: @Call_me_Zeroo oof robinhopslaap: 22 and that hariline LUL Call_me_Zeroo: yeah shit rng Nopileos: hey @elajjaz elaHi hey chat elaH JimiJam69: Since Stream Start: 22 YOOOs ela12 Nemz38: reset TheLadyCharlotte: GabrielMugnol same FeelsPepoMan Call_me_Zeroo: 5’9 and balding at 22 trolling94: monkaS Muti_tk: Nopileos elaH samsusuu: @hoss87 hi elaH Call_me_Zeroo: unlucky LetsDoItGuys: Happy Birthday Bro! I wish you all the best for your and your family! Gl at speedrunning and let your bizeps grow 🙂 ababagalamaga1: @Call_me_Zeroo because you smoke weed too much Nopileos: Muti_tk elaH JimiJam69: Since Stream Start: 23 YOOOs ela12 sigridian: Nopileos elaH aiden041: is ela 14 now ? Nopileos: sigridian elaH NNayio: ela13 talkman_: @Kaeede a bit early. Let’s celebrate ela’s bday first elaOkgachiHYPER Neravor: No love for VaN Paladin_Neptune: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Spellyew: SO LAKKI STREAM AYAYA HYPERCLAP iiwii119: Pog Cylian_The_Hollow: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: “It’s nice to be weird.” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 93 CHR92: Geri0703 elaH pepeL Justyannick: Hi my man @Elajjaz 😀 JaynisK: naroAYAYA cirAYAYA CHR92: Killerquent pepeL jamie_mccabe: OhMyDog classic_jerr: PogChamp hepha1: disgusting FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Zifler: @linuzmannen Inga problem ela7 Justyannick: Happy birthdayBTTV Dijaxtra: elaK Nazzet: AYAYA Veddy_: elaK Drachenreiter: Kapp IcewindPedro: PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA Spellyew: @scirvir_ gachiHYPER ? masterr876: adults like ela dont go real anymore PepeHands Geralt_of_Syria: elaK 🍺 Jaargan: elaK Zarkellos: elaYEEHAW why i’m sub all of a sudden Veddy_: visitors aka beers elaK nicsu112: gachiHYPER Inceptix: @Elajjaz How is the BKH in your inv? Lim3Fru1t: elaK perry_1903: got to go now but i hope you enjoy the rest of your day @Elajjaz FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Igneria: k ClaytonBigsbe: Ela’s an adult now, he doesn’t get real anymore 0xSaisaki: elaK LickMyPretzel: And watch what? Spellyew: AYAYA Doully92: BBoomer Clap Daredevilrayrayray: Which movie 26camels: what’s the point of canceling runs just because the halberd didn’t drop? it doesn’t change the time Killerquent: Which movie ? Pudntoogud: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Daredevilrayrayray: Lion King? acarebox: elaCheer100 elaCheer100 elaCheer100 elaCheer100 happy birthday my dude Callen_SF: Pog KaitoKidShadow: Pog paleblood_13: PogU priviligedpolarbear: @Elajjaz will memestream ever return? Killerquent: Pog looks sick ClaytonBigsbe: Loved that movie Jsnyder153: @26camels Doesn’t count as a pb iof you pb Neravor: Good movie Sunprayer07: pepeD 0xSaisaki: ‘never drinking again’, until end of august elaK Geri0703: See you later @perry_1903 pepeL paleblood_13: tarantino movies PogU ArcLight079: thats an amazing movie souldedeh: looks ResidentSleeper scirvir_: @Spellyew 👍 LickMyPretzel: Well, it looks okay i guess Spellyew: with who @Elajjaz scirvir_: @Spellyew forgot gachiHYPER PhilRamirez: good tarantino stuff UnReal_Ree: @scirvir_ thank you!! ZombieJuiceBox: ela4 Sarcrai: it’s actual birthday? thought chat memeing LUL Corthak: MY MaN tridevil: happy Bday btw ! @Elajjaz elaH Kosmic_Eagle: Pog sviat93: Pog xdreigor: FeelsBirthdayMan perry_1903: Geri0703 pepeL SainEdge: Pog Sunprayer07: Pog Nopileos: Pog Jaargan: Pog Clap ManW_ez: wtf is that a green split on this stream Pog Nazzet: Chag 1st try Jsnyder153: What a shot! Niloomilo: How was the film Spellyew: @scirvir_ gachiHYPER nice Pudntoogud: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Maleedy: @sarcrai yea he’s 13 swanko__: FeelsBlyatMan Veddy_: ela13 cakeordeath11: Is Ela 14 years old now? scirvir_: @UnReal_Ree no prob SourPls Meximus322: ela13 Neravor: ela13 Killerquent: ela13 Callen_SF: elaK Nopileos: ela13 Seikisu: Geri0703 pepeL Veddy_: ela13 Clap Zifler: ela13 Sunprayer07: ela13 randomweeb69: ela13 MyNameLacksImagination: ela13 Jaargan: ela13 paleblood_13: ela13 scirvir_: ela13 Vivelin: ela13 Kosmic_Eagle: ela13 UiVgray: ela13 xdreigor: Sure Kapp PhilRamirez: FeelsBirthdayMan Nazzet: Kapp Aeonll: ela13 0xSaisaki: ela13 WrestlerBot2000: 11x ela13 double digit combo Pog Nopileos: ela13 ela13 Geralt_of_Syria: ela13 IAmThurmal: elaK Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Pudntoogud: It was me 🙂 QUOTE_IF_2019: what you are not 13? frvits: elaK mrfailatlife: ela13 Mac_Moneysac: elaK hepha1: ela13 Galer1ans: ela13 Abbynaire: ela13 KaitoKidShadow: ela13 Nopileos: ela13 sviat93: elaK ela13 CrazyCactus: PedoBear SkyDC: ela13 Corthak: ela13 Lim3Fru1t: elaK talkman_: elaK SoulOfDerp: elaK StaynFr0sty_: elaK mountaindhew: no you dont LULW SurQ_: wait you are not 13? nrdyD Geri0703: @Seikisu essiSmile pepeL Sventuras: ela13 Karma00: LUL LUL Killerquent: elaK Stnaos: Oh yeah, Happy birthday Ela FeelsBirthdayMan ! @Elajjaz Igneria: still 13 Pog V1PMONKEY: elaK Nopileos: elaK sciima: elaK Seikisu: PepeLaugh Sunprayer07: elaK LickMyPretzel: You don’t look that young tbh 0xSaisaki: i was there 🙂 icedragon08: ela13 calgy: ela13 Zygon___: lore Pog Johny_And: elaK Paladin_Neptune: ela13 Clap InfernalEye: SeemsGood Chaton_Rose: Ela stream lore Niloomilo: ela13 dantebgn: but you’re so old…… Nopileos: ela13 randomweeb69: elaK Sarcrai: Oh wow, insane lore Pog AvemStercore: ela13 Geralt_of_Syria: ela13 get this kid out of twitch hes too young Cheesehovel: so… you’re 14 then? Justyannick: @Elajjaz What is the point of that parry u do there 😮 ? Pudntoogud: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Doully92: elaK Maleedy: he has always been 13 Veddy_: welcome to the 27 club ela ela113 Jaargan: Maral was pedo all along ela13 Vivelin: elaK PhilRamirez: @Elajjaz ur like 16 right? mountaindhew: no 🙂 QUOTE_IF_2019: monkaS scirvir_: BabyRage mrfailatlife: monkaW paleblood_13: monkaW Deid_: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Doully92: monkaW Neravor: elaD sciima: monkaSHAKE xdreigor: monkaH ManW_ez: Ela youre old KaitoKidShadow: D: TheH3llraiser: monkaW xLucatiel: YES SIR gachiBASS Chaton_Rose: monkaW Simon_iO: monkaW Killerquent: D: Paladin_Neptune: ela12 YOOOOOOOO Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW Daredevilrayrayray: You look like a 40yr old dad ZaneC1: Happy 14th birthday @Elajjaz PogU IAmThurmal: monkaW Corthak: monkaW Mac_Moneysac: so young monkaW talkman_: august, more like YOOOOOOO gust ela12 Nopileos: monkaW monkaW 0xSaisaki: yoiu look…. not old Igneria: monkaSHAKE Zifler: monkaW perpetual_fest: monkaW PLAZAx: monkaW Croissanito: elaC Valkata2200: monkaS kaiju_boi: BBoomer 👍 young as me wandering_pleb: monkaH xMajoVoodoo: monkaW Callen_SF: You look old monkaS Nopileos: monkaW uLocks: if you’re sub to pewds you got 9 years old Pajki13: 27 lol zer0_the_ninja: wait, today’s your birthday? Sunprayer07: monkaW Jarburt: elaD randomweeb69: elaD WutFaceJr: obviously not 13 u are 12 🙂 CompatiKaiser: monkaW Galer1ans: you are like Ringo Starr, at your 72 you will look like 40 emanonevahi: @Elajjaz you look young for a 18 year old i agree Seikisu: cbrS masterr876: you look mature QUOTE_IF_2019: you look like a baby monkaW NoireHarlequin: you look 15 at least BroqRox: monkaW you look 12 sviat93: You look young PepeLaugh Pudntoogud: snekMan Clap masterr876: master3Pog Kosmic_Eagle: @Paladin_Neptune YOOOOOOOOO ela12 / Spellyew: looking young sucks when you are young but is good when you get older nepSmug kaiju_boi: elaMad goddamnitt: You are too much of a hunk now Ela @Elajjaz Doully92: monkaSHAKE houndthree: you look young for someone in their 30s 🙂 PhilRamirez: ela13 LickMyPretzel: Ela you are an old man icedragon08: monkaW very young Mr. Streamer Clap shikifujin16: young man with a mans cock mountaindhew: monkaW s-sure Killerquent: You look 13 yes, you’re young PepeLaugh Sunprayer07: monkaS WITO: @Elajjaz for me you look 13 forever ela13 Veddy_: since you are old now, what bone are you going to break next? elaSmile justafa: no 🙂 V1PMONKEY: already malding PepeHands UiVgray: YOOOOOOOOOO ung ela12 Sourcehunter: this streamer is a very large casino dantebgn: no you’re not dotnotbot: BBomer Paladin_Neptune: @Kosmic_Eagle ela12 YOOOOOOO CompatiKaiser: your brain is not scirvir_: @Elajjaz just turned 18 little man? nepSmug Deathmones: @Elajjaz HerbPerve cant block snake edges? Flashforward: BBoomer Pudntoogud: SnekMan Lipil77: shouldn’t you be in school instead of at home playing video games? Supabait: young and hung gachiHYPER Bestorio: @Elajjaz Retiring soon? 🙂 Mac_Moneysac: like a new born babe monkaW Corthak: VaN angryj0nes: OLD GeorgiN1: you look 19 gonna serve you well when you are 50 but for now you baby face LOL @Elajjaz Maleedy: leto2 IAmThurmal: @Elajjaz you are like Young Dab Kapp dotnotbot: BBoomer Veddy_: WITO pepeL fabulwesen_: you look like my grandma’s left tit @Elajjaz Sheldor1984: Grampa Ela!! LULW Jorstad: its getting to be beard and glasses age powder_mountain: Pog mountaindhew: BBoomer im so young TheBigBlargh: Ela got 31 today, i heard that correctly? Exten13: @Elajjaz next year i’m gonna be 30 so shut up PepeHands 0xSaisaki: a young lad that refueses to dab? nah man you old BBoomer Jaargan: i’m 20 and I look like a fkn middle schooler elaSmile Spellyew: BBoomer Sunprayer07: Dungeom Master gachiGASM Raydia_: @Elajjaz happy birthday my dear boy elaA goodkatt_: You look exactly like a boy next door Herthos: Your face cheeks are smooth as baby butt cheeks triPog WITO: @Veddy_ elaCozy WrongCaptcha: @Elajjaz are you 27 now? Seikisu: cbrS Mr.Streamer you still look like 13 Veddy_: BBoomer Spellyew: any boomers? BBoomer Callen_SF: Have you played Dark Souls Ascension Mod? @Elajjaz StaynFr0sty_: @Elajjaz happy 30th birhday for the other day ela enjoy your dirty 30’s Veddy_: gachiHYPER Pudntoogud: gachiBASS scirvir_: gachiBASS RicardoIsGod: BBoomer kaiju_boi: gachiBASS swanko__: Pog QUOTE_IF_2019: true gachiHYPER Neravor: VaN Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz i made the other video of the full song for meme stream fridays 🤔 Sventuras: LUL Corthak: gachiHYPER Vivelin: VaN Meximus322: gachiHYPER Sunprayer07: BBoomer Epicziemniak: gachiBASS Doully92: gachiHYPER Bestorio: gachiBASS Deid_: gachiBASS Kosmic_Eagle: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER InfernalEye: WutFace xMajoVoodoo: gachiHYPER ZaneC1: VaN Galer1ans: gachiBASS Pudntoogud: gachiVICTORY Jaargan: gachiHYPER nice Shmoop1: I look 17 when I shave and 30 when I have a beard, I can never look my age Daredevilrayrayray: Ow shit my age PLAZAx: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Sarcrai: haggLoud kodiak1995: PrideCheers PrideCheers InfernalEye: Not 13¡ what a scammer PhilRamirez: gachiDAMA Raydia_: @Elajjaz you remembered my request, thank you so much elaH scirvir_: ancient streamer WeirdChamp LickMyPretzel: 3 more years ela monkaW mid life crisisi xgyrosx: Happy Birthday @Elajjaz !!!young jawsie: @Veddy_ HELP ME I DON’T WANNA BE A LOLI monkaSHAKE derechte_iz_pz: His Bald Spot is bigger than middle earth, but he doesn’t show it to us HoodedSouls: Congrats on being 13 +14 FeelsBirthdayMan Clap how long did it take to farm the mats to get to +14? scirvir_: @Elajjaz but then youll never be a BBoomer Callen_SF: 14 weeks young Naniyo: elaK Ankaraws: PepeHands Arton_1: monkaS Martiansam: BBoomer CaptainOutOfTen: you’re only 27 LUL souldedeh: PepeHands GeorgiN1: ACTUAL MIDLIFE CRISIS LUL Abbynaire: you’re not even in your mid life LULW linuzmannen: @Elajjaz Jisa hur gamal jag är 🙂 TheMoltenGuy: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Werelwen: FeelsBirthdayMan PLAZAx: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Turbulist: BBoomer Blindfly: midlife? not very high hopes for life expectancy kurikame_: I feel ya, Ela. BioniK235: !howlong D4nlel: Have you already chosen your sucessor? 🤔 shikifujin16: stop being emo elaK elaK Arton_1: WE DO TheMoltenGuy: Maral Pog zWettah: we do 🙂 LickMyPretzel: cmonBrother scirvir_: Maral WeirdChamp WrestlerBot2000: @BioniK235, bionik235 has been following elajjaz for 9 months 11 days 22 hours derechte_iz_pz: Dad VoHiYo narf0000: midlife crisis only at the age of 30 so sad stevenpak: MAKE TIME FOR ELA ela12 Lovinwolfpack: No it is your Bday elaDM arderuza: KKona kurikame_: It’s time to start on that bread baking idea. TheMoltenGuy: Mom coming back angel42x: @Elajjaz Hey happy 40th birthday!! lol jk Laqeith: Soon he will be too old to play video games PepeHands Martiansam: daddo Mitra12: Happy Birthday @Elajjaz HolidayTree nevville: Happy special Tuesday 🙂 Happy special Tuesday 🙂 Happy special Tuesday 🙂 Happy special Tuesday 🙂 Witcher_tj: @Elajjaz habby b day by the way ^^ or do i remember it wrong NotLikeThis sorry X) Spellyew: maral FeelsGoodMan Killerquent: Anyone wants to have his body taken from Pleb city ? DerBoshi: Guys i cant share my resub 🙁 HappySmile123: Old mom Pog Jsnyder153: Mom wasn’t banned?! AlikeHawkinMayas: Do a birthday mukbang faithless_zealot: @Elajjaz OH yeah! Happy Belated elaH nicsu112: Jösses Pixel_hearts: i have time where should i come ? swanko__: LUL ERRORCODES: ERRORCODES is gifting 10 Tier 1 Subs to Elajjaz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 10 in the channel! Callen_SF: PepeLaugh ERRORCODES: ERRORCODES gifted a Tier 1 sub to ryogrande! ERRORCODES: ERRORCODES gifted a Tier 1 sub to Abhraxaz! ERRORCODES: ERRORCODES gifted a Tier 1 sub to Arucia5! ERRORCODES: ERRORCODES gifted a Tier 1 sub to Fiend325! ERRORCODES: ERRORCODES gifted a Tier 1 sub to cutscenedev! TJ_Mellow: LUL ERRORCODES: ERRORCODES gifted a Tier 1 sub to CallMeKong! ERRORCODES: ERRORCODES gifted a Tier 1 sub to avetisback! CaptainOutOfTen: Killerquent HandsUp WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @abhraxaz the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM ERRORCODES: ERRORCODES gifted a Tier 1 sub to Akaii_x! WrestlerBot2000: @arucia5 I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM ERRORCODES: ERRORCODES gifted a Tier 1 sub to SergoQq19! ERRORCODES: ERRORCODES gifted a Tier 1 sub to leroniraa13! WrestlerBot2000: @cutscenedev I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Jemi02: OOSHKA LULW WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @callmekong the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Ph4ntomi: Pog WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @avetisback the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM SkinnyTei: Pog WrestlerBot2000: @sergoqq19 I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @leroniraa13 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @ryogrande the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Kosmic_Eagle: OMEGLOL WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @fiend325 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM swanko__: LULW Killerquent: gachiHYPER corporalmemer: elaA PLAZAx: LOL PhilRamirez: danS WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @akaii_x the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Doully92: Pog Ankaraws: OMEGADOWN Veddy_: Pog d3sirio: OMEGLOL Kosmic_Eagle: Pog stevenpak: Pog garenbush: Pog Nopileos: SUB HYPE ERRORCODES elaA Nikeyeia: Pog dream_the_cast: Pog angryj0nes: Pog Clap Sauri292: Pog Petrozza7: Pog TJ_Mellow: Pog CaptainOutOfTen: Chag Jemi02: PogU PhilRamirez: PogU Cage_D: KonCha HotFireZ: Pog kingella13: Pog gulshan1: Chag stevenpak: Pog Pog Pog MissKanna: Pog Kashmirik: Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog Hajitaib: Pog Jamideus: Pog Pixel_hearts: Pog Chag Akewri: age is just a number PedoBear Callen_SF: Pog Clap HappySmile123: DerBoshi Try refreshing elaHmm wandering_pleb: Chag Pizza_Bread: Chag PLAZAx: Pog Dourakine: Pog Pog ZergistheWord: to old to stream PepeHands Minnesota_winter: moon2PREGARIO rikze5: gachiHYPER TheManCalledNova: dick stab Pog stevenpak: Chag Dr_Jan_Itor: !subpoints Niloomilo: Pog luneluke: Pog Nopileos: Chag HotFireZ: LULW shikifujin16: you were born this day, if it wasnt for you you wouldnt have us BibleThump Excesiiv: Another one Pog DerBoshi: elaGa Veddy_: LULW Corthak: elaK Faddei: how old is 27 comparied to human years @Elajjaz Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL QUOTE_IF_2019: ???????? Kevintaku: ???? TheMoltenGuy: monkaW Doully92: PepeLaugh Straddy_: LULW Naniyo: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW young__chop: ?????????????????? garenbush: lulw Lemonsponge: LULW SkinnyTei: ??? scirvir_: elaHmm d3sirio: OMEGALUL souldedeh: LULW Gbraga: LULW Nikeyeia: LUL Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Chartalord: LULW MettatonsFan: Hi Ela, hi chat elaHi Croissanito: ?????? dobtf2: OMEGALUL Pizza_Bread: PepeLaugh WotorJL: monkaW curtbird: LUL Zubodrot: LULW sparken13: ????????????/ Petrozza7: ???????? Silvulnar: OMEGALUL NaikoIshino: ???????????? TheWeedBun: LULW rikze5: PepeLaugh Deid_: ??? Ennuigi: LUL paypahtowels: ????? TheH3llraiser: LULW Raydia_: LULW Gwektro: LUL mrsohta: LOL raesh: LUL MissKanna: LULW Ankaraws: ???????????? Callen_SF: ?????? PepeLaugh possiblyimpossibly: OMEGADOWN kennyrispuff: LULW kaiju_boi: LULW PLAZAx: LULW garenbush: LULW Nopileos: MettatonsFan pepeL Argosch: LULW Ph4ntomi: THIS GAME OMEGALUL Jsnyder153: Didn’t fall far enough zWettah: LULW weedbits: ??? notkonekooo: LULW PicturedMind: LUL serusa94: ???? taxemicrose: HAHAHAAHAHAH ElNoskill: LUL Aaron_D: LUL LUL LUL Kosmic_Eagle: ????? DarkPonyx: LULW DarkLink1697: LULW j0mppa: LUL Excesiiv: No drops LUL Minn_Minn: LULW Nopileos: LUL CaptainOutOfTen: LULW QUOTE_IF_2019: PepeLaugh WTF kennyrispuff: ????????? Croissanito: inb4 ambush distLul Petrozza7: LULW Ennuigi: CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob kry_kry: OMEGALUL Lovinwolfpack: DansGame Mac_Moneysac: floating knight? Chag Zeref_swe : forsenWC OMEGADOWN forsenWC Akuya4: reset lmfao Niloomilo: LULW CaptainOutOfTen: didn’t die Killerquent: @MettatonsFan elaHi ZergistheWord: LULW Blindfly: remastered Lurius31: LULW Jamideus: LULW Kashmirik: monkaW he is climbing back Cheesehovel: this game LUL StueckKuchen: LULW Nopileos: LULW CaptainOutOfTen: LULW kaiju_boi: OMEGALUL farelo_de_minhoca: he grabed the ledge Hsnaketwitch: LUL HotFireZ: LOL TJ_Mellow: MettatonsFan elaHi Joshmoor45: LULW Corthak: monkaW scirvir_: monkaW TheMoltenGuy: LULW Ph4ntomi: ???????? Veddy_: what Gwektro: LOLOL dobtf2: ??????????????? Voliharmin: @QUOTE_IF_SCUFFED Nopileos: LULW LULW derechte_iz_pz: LULW Callen_SF: OMG OMEGALUL MissKanna: fgwehufgw Gbraga: ????????????? Croissanito: OMEGALUL DarkResonance: LULW neoidk: WHAT Doully92: WTF LULW Killerquent: He survived LULW raesh: FOOTSTEPS Spellyew: ???????????? Naniyo: monkaW QUOTE_IF_2019: ???????????? PepeLaugh SkinnyTei: ???? Kevintaku: ??????????????????????????????????? SpookySpectralSequences: WHAAAAAAAT PhilRamirez: LULW sinankacktt: WHAT Petrozza7: ????????? OhSnuggie: Nothing Sicarius1850: ????? SkyDC: LULW MissKanna: LULW kaiju_boi: CLIP IT LULW souldedeh: LULW LULW Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Straddy_: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: LULW Royale_Tea: ???????? farelo_de_minhoca: wtfffffffffffffffff Excesiiv: ????????????? Kashmirik: OMEGADOWN Jemi02: ???????????????? LULW paypahtowels: ??????????????? paleblood_13: LULW houndthree: AHAHHAHAHA Silvulnar: elaWut Veddy_: ??????????? Werelwen: ??????? GeorgiN1: WTF ? 😀 😀 raesh: AHAHA holloWFortune: Nice game NaikoIshino: LuL Callen_SF: ????????? Ph4ntomi: Nothing personnel kid Lovinwolfpack: LUL forbiddensnacks: LUL Akaii_x: Pog got random gift sub Pog swanko__: LULW notkonekooo: CCLIP d3sirio: yes LULW Excesiiv: WHAT TJ_Mellow: elaKek ???? Nopileos: LuL k_dove85: Great Game Chartalord: ???????????????? curtbird: Jebaited Raydia_: he did fall LULW farelo_de_minhoca: CLIP Lemonsponge: LULW LULW IAmThurmal: LULW CirceanSin: ???? PLAZAx: ??????? Wardokh: LULW LULW LULW Raftelle: I lived bitch HotFireZ: ??? DarkLink1697: OMEGALUL UltraWindow: magic trick miyazaki Abbynaire: CLIP souldedeh: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW artoflec: LULW DenZve: WTF LULW Nopileos: CLIP Petrozza7: OMEGALUL houndthree: WHAT THE HELL Niloomilo: ??????? Callen_SF: CLIP Kevintaku: MID LIFE CRISIS TheWeedBun: WTF LULW filarette: had i not?? young__chop: CLIP Hsnaketwitch: CLIP MettatonsFan: how did he get up again???? bellsxylom: LULULULUL Ph4ntomi: LULW Buff_Lizard: monkaS iifluixii: wtf sparken13: LULW callsign__apollo: No, are you drunk? LUL DerBoshi: @happysmile123, didnt work 🙁 it says that it only shows for me shikifujin16: did someome clip that Hsnaketwitch: CLIP IT Lovinwolfpack: LUL LUL LUL Turbulist: CLIP LULW Pixel_hearts: Clip that LULW m0rigani: monkaW Mac_Moneysac: time loop monkaW izorsky: LuL jamie_mccabe: VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea ???????? gfhgggfjgg: no halberd elaKek SkyDC: IT’S GONNA DROP HotFireZ: CLIP Corthak: REVENGE monkaW Argosch: “remastered” Nintendobama: wtf? angryj0nes: LULW garenbush: LUL Dr_Jan_Itor: ?????????????? LULW mrsohta: he surpassed his limits Nopileos: LUL linuzmannen: @Elajjaz Jisa hur gamal jag är Petrozza7: INB4 halberd shikifujin16: i want to see this Ph4ntomi: Pog Callen_SF: PepeLaugh TWO juzzer29: LUL spreyz: REMASTERED LULW BroqRox: hahahahha derechte_iz_pz: CLIP QUOTE_IF_2019: OMEGALUL Veddy_: LULW Excesiiv: LULW Jemi02: LULW WotorJL: Pog Sicarius1850: he teleported, is he a bloodborne dog LUL Arcadino: this game is cursed Nopileos: LULW Spellyew: PogU GeorgiN1: LUL Gwektro: LMFAO HAHAHAHA Caput_Draconis: LULW Gloriousbonerstoner: despawned i guess shikifujin16: hahahaha Nikeyeia: LULW raesh: AHAHAHA Killerquent: Impressive, you made him use 10% of his power OMEGALUL Petrozza7: Hahahahahaa Kosmic_Eagle: OMEGALUL Straddy_: LULW Minn_Minn: OMEGADOWN UltraWindow: LULW TheWeedBun: LULw scirvir_: LULW SkinnyTei: OMEGALUL Gbraga: OMEGALUL Streamleen: AHAHAHA paypahtowels: LULW Doully92: TIMING LULW TJ_Mellow: LMAO Royale_Tea: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW Ph4ntomi: gachiHYPER SpookySpectralSequences: OMEGALUL TheH3llraiser: LULW jawsie: OMEGLOL Naniyo: PepeLaugh Lemonsponge: LULW LULW LULW MettatonsFan: OMEGALUL Fiptrix: OMEGALUL Zeref_swe : gachiHYPER lilleskut13: LULW scp_david33: ZA WARUDO!!!!! Veddy_: gachiHYPER Croissanito: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL Mac_Moneysac: LOOL garenbush: VaN iiwii119: LUL Werelwen: LULW Junri: OMEGALUL Nopileos: OMEGALUL artoflec: HAHAHAHA ItsNelm: LULW perpetual_fest: VaN Bxadd: OMEGALUL Deliriumi1: OMEGALUL dobtf2: OMEGALUL TIMING Turbulist: gachiHYPER GeorgiN1: LUL Ennuigi: NEW PATCH ELA, HE DOES THAT NOW LUL curtbird: PERFECT DONATION javadaia: LMAO SkyDC: gachiHYPER d3sirio: OMEGADOWN CaptainOutOfTen: OMEGALUL Mrtriggahigga: gachiHYPER Mitra12: lol paleblood_13: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW kaiju_boi: TIMING gachiHYPER TaakeFrost13: LUL KaitoKidShadow: LOL Negativite: LUL MTM_Schildi: haha kennyrispuff: LULW Sheolith: LULW GeorgiN1: LU L scirvir_: gachiHYPER Cheapcat: OMEGLOL derechte_iz_pz: LULW Raydia_: OMEGALUL BearGreeD: LULW Lovinwolfpack: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP souldedeh: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW lilleskut13: the timing LULW TJ_Mellow: fucking perfect elaKek Kosmic_Eagle: gachiHYPER juzzer29: HAHAHAHA thecuiy: PERFECT OMEGALUL Ph4ntomi: ALL STARS ALIGNING OMEGALUL Croissanito: T I M I N G Cheesehovel: perfect timing Igneria: OMEGADOWN Whyeverso: oh my god what are these fucking hacks OMEGALUL Jorstad: LULW wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh kry_kry: gachiHYPER CirceanSin: gachiHYPER Ka_baL: LULW Ennuigi: NEW PATCH LUL jawsie: OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL Callen_SF: LMAO Niloomilo: OMEGALUL zWettah: gachiHYPER Corthak: gachiHYPER GabrielMugnol: LUW OH GOD THE TIMING shikifujin16: perfect timing Caput_Draconis: OMEGALUL arderuza: CLIP! Nopileos: gachiHYPER KaitoKidShadow: PERFECT gulshan1: gachiHYPER Hello2030: hahahahaha TIMING LULW exzerothree: LOL Veddy_: omg im crying elaKek seydanator: LULW Timing Jarburt: Oh god trapsarehetero: HAHAA H Minn_Minn: THE GOD TIMING OMEGADOWN Pixel_hearts: gachiHYPER syps_: gachiBOP Akrylas: LUL GeorgiN1: OMEGA LUL SuchBS: OMEGALUL Lurius31: LULW LULW LULW gfhgggfjgg: looiil Turbulist: TIMING gachiHYPER Kevintaku: THE FUCKING TIMING QlUl: YeahBoi YeahBoi YeahBoi YeahBoi TheH3llraiser: THE MOST PERFECT gachiHYPER juzzer29: THERE IT IS UltraWindow: everything about this moment DarkLink1697: This was perfect OMEGALUL iifluixii: no fucking way Daredevilrayrayray: BLACK KNIGHT HALBERT Spellyew: TIMING LULW Ennuigi: OMEGALUL Tamen_Strange: LUL Sheldor1984: hahahahahahaha LULW TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz Left area before he died so he respawned LULW Ankaraws: OMEGADOWN kennyrispuff: OMEGALUL Uboran: wow this game is so rigged jawsie: OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL garenbush: LUL GabrielMugnol: LULW OH GOD THE TIMING artoflec: that fucking timing Silvulnar: CLIP IT LULW Wh1zk1d: LULZ Konnamies: wombo combo 😀 thorvaldurht: LULW Inceptix: THERE IT FUCKING IS MettatonsFan: someone clipped it? Ph4ntomi: that was the WR RUN dobtf2: HELLO YOUTUBE LULW HELLO YOUTUBE LULW HELLO YOUTUBE LULW HELLO YOUTUBE LULW HELLO YOUTUBE LULW HELLO YOUTUBE LULW HELLO YOUTUBE LULW SerVersta: CLIP SkinnyTei: what the fuck was the string of events Avunculuz: PepeLaugh Yobanashii: LULW sandycool_live: LUL mibutwhole: LULW a_droopsnoop: WOW LUL Nopileos: LULW Streamleen: LULW mcskilliebiscuits: hahahaha Niloomilo: TIMING OMEGALUL zWettah: IM GONNA DIE Kosmic_Eagle: the timing gachiHYPER Petrozza7: Fucking omega OMEGADOWN Martiansam: PERFECT HoechstErbaulich: lulw Gloriousbonerstoner: this whole thing has to be clipped Killerquent: Clip that LULW shikifujin16: THE TIMING lmao juzzer29: That halberd Lovinwolfpack: He did IAmThurmal: Black Knight Herbert drigger225: LUL Jorstad: gachiHYPER wizchiefa23: Souls is fucking with you today CarlSmile paleblood_13: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Sicarius1850: he did LockeDVM: LUL TheLadyCharlotte: LULW georgewashingman: clip? Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LUL Spellyew: LMFAO Skorpion9987: must have been the wind Kappa Ph4ntomi: Malding PepeLaugh Gbraga: You will never reach that truth Croissanito: hi Charise PepeLaugh hi youtube Streamleen: BIRTHDAY LUCK Veddy_: LULW functionoverflu: Clip? Turbulist: Clip Martiansam: Checkmate atheist Benb998: https://clips.twitch.tv/RelentlessMushyWatermelonHoneyBadger ToastyOat: hello chat GabrielMugnol: I’M FUCKING DYING OMEGADOWN mcskilliebiscuits: RIP saltberrycrunch: He definitly fell Nopileos: ToastyOat pepeL iiwii119: wow TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz His position reset because you left the area before he died limbyQ: is there a category where you do all bosses+dlc? Avunculuz: But did he fall PepeLaugh kiriyomishi: The chinese call it the 7th month. garenbush: WE IN YOUTUBE CHAT LULW WITO: PepeLaugh Witcher_tj: @Elajjaz Happy b day laeKEK runs seems to go well laeKEK Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh Gloriousbonerstoner: what molten guy said i guess Kishiinn: https://clips.twitch.tv/WildBloodySquirrelSuperVinlin Martiansam: hello youtube 🙂 kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER wizchiefa23: The game said he didn’t fall iifluixii: they know its your birthday lenoxx: Happy 14th birthday Elajöz elaCheer100 Lovinwolfpack: Birthday damage LUL linuzmannen: @Elajjaz Jisa hur gama jag är 🙂 ItsNelm: Play it Zubodrot: https://clips.twitch.tv/SuccessfulHedonisticSandwichDogFace Gbraga: Kore ga… Requiem da Callen_SF: LUL VineWood0604: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW SuchBS: LULW souldedeh: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW Doully92: LULW TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz His position reset because you left the area before he died. Nopileos: LULW drigger225: TODAY has been nonstop garbage Hello2030: WTF OL Ph4ntomi: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: LULW scirvir_: @Elajjaz deload the area kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh Killerquent: LULW LickMyPretzel: hahahahaha TJ_Mellow: ??? Corthak: VA garenbush: LULW Hsnaketwitch: LUL PLAZAx: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW BearGreeD: ????? LULW Virhaed: LULW FitoBurrito: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh IAmThurmal: LULW curtbird: REKT Kosmic_Eagle: same shirt PepeLaugh gfhgggfjgg: up the butt elaSmile QUOTE_IF_2019: PepeLaugh Lovinwolfpack: He did not get kicked back shikifujin16: it was an ERRORCODE LUL Niloomilo: LULW Robin4HH: Robin4HH subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 29 months! hello monkaS WrestlerBot2000: @robin4hh After 29 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Robin4HH Pog IAmThurmal: RUN HASN’T PROCEEDED PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDED PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh MC_McD: HALO? CaptainOutOfTen: same shirt DansGame Cheesehovel: is it the same dude? RegoleSlayer: If you go into the cave too soon that happens Martiansam: ????? derechte_iz_pz: This is Requiem elaS kaiju_boi: @Elajjaz https://clips.twitch.tv/ShySavoryFrogHassaanChop gachiHYPER artoflec: speedrunner TOO fast for game Gus6gus7: ela7 ela7 thanks for the sub @elajjaz SuchBS: LUL ElNoskill: LUL LickMyPretzel: THat can happen? wtf Ph4ntomi: NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE PepeLaugh rosenandreevkolev: It’s possible for him to survive if you go too far down the cave. It’s happened to Lobos before too. Martiansam: NANI !!! Hello2030: FIRST TIME IN 5K HOURS PLAZAx: 10k hours Akewri: It never happened before LUL sliceofpye03: What happened? mountaindhew: i have seen that RegoleSlayer: you can make the Black Knight respawn by rolling into the cave after he falls actually Dhoulchen: @Elajjaz happy birthday and thanks for the sub elaSmile derechte_iz_pz: DSR OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: AND BANG Dijaxtra: RUN HASN’T PROCEEDED PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDED PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Yobanashii: Remastered LULW Hsnaketwitch: Lol Dark Souls is breaking apart after how many years? houndthree: maybe because you didnt stab WerewolfB: REMASTERED LULW Bartamortis: Bartamortis subscribed with Twitch Prime. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @bartamortis the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Ph4ntomi: gachiHYPER kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER Nopileos: SUB HYPE Bartamortis Pog SpookySpectralSequences: too fast LUL RegoleSlayer: he reappears back up top Turbulist: gachiHYPER TheMoltenGuy: gachiHYPER Kevintaku: gachiHYPER Killerquent: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: gachiHYPER Witcher_tj: laeKEK laeKEK laeKEK Abbynaire: https://clips.twitch.tv/ZealousHilariousCucumberOpieOP VineWood0604: LUL MyNameLacksImagination: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER Virhaed: gachiHYPER gulshan1: gachiHYPER Gwektro: lmfao Spellyew: gachiHYPER dobtf2: perfect timing LULW CG2005: LULW filarette: get rekt kiddo rikze5: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP SuchBS: LULW Petrozza7: gachiHYPER CaptainOutOfTen: LULW houndthree: he didnt fall fast enough? stevenpak: LULW AvemStercore: gachiHYPER FeiWongZhang: Happy birth day elojem have a nice day Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Jemi02: LULW Veddy_: gachiHYPER curtbird: BANG UP DA BUTT SkinnyTei: gachiHYPER Life796: gachiHYPER CirceanSin: gachiHYPER Hello2030: gachiHYPER Corthak: gachiHYPER d3sirio: gachiHYPER j0mppa: gachiHYPER Ankaraws: OMEGADOWN garenbush: gachiHYPER stevenpak: gachiBASS Nopileos: gachiHYPER Streamleen: Literally perfect. SkyDC: gachiHYPER Ph4ntomi: AYAYA noxcorvus: PepeLaugh R E M A S T E R E D PepeLaugh QlUl: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER SilentNewbee: gachiHYPER derechte_iz_pz: gachiHYPER Avunculuz: gachiHYPER Raydia_: gachiHYPER z3vron: gachiHYPER MettatonsFan: no 🙂 TheH3llraiser: gachiHYPER rikze5: AYAYA ? Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER DragonflyJoe: gachiHYPER Leomid4s: gachiHYPER Kosmic_Eagle: AYAYA NO Blank1980: gachiHYPER Niloomilo: gachiHYPER KaitoKidShadow: gachiHYPER Lemonsponge: AYAYA DenZve: AYAYA MC_McD: AYAYA GenuineLGN: gachiHYPER jawsie: LAKKI elaYA SkyDC: LAKKI AYAYA linuzmannen: @Elajjaz Jisa hur gamal jag är 🙂 Spellyew: PepeHands IAmThurmal: but only a little bit elaSmile Pixel_hearts: gachiHYPER Clap limbyQ: DONT COMPLAIN, U GOT HALBERD Kevintaku: you did right there Kappa hank_the_lord: impeccable timing Jorstad: gachiHYPER cant get any luckier FitoBurrito: WeirdChamp derechte_iz_pz: That end was a jojo refere3 Martiansam: get fucked LULW stevenpak: re DICK u lous gachiBASS SirMingLeeMrrgglton: NEVER LAKI Paladin_Neptune: AYAYAY Clap Gloriousbonerstoner: you got a halberd there Cheapcat: not LAKKII AYAYA PepeHands derechte_iz_pz: reference * ela12 IAmThurmal: @Sourcehunter LULW CommanBear: begging streamer lacWeird ItsNelm: @Elajjaz Happy Birthday!!! You should do something special for yourself. I got to get back to the grind. Have a fantastic day my dude! Jamideus: No, but you can be LAGGI AYAYA Martiansam: NO elaB AvemStercore: PepeHands no birthday luck Killerquent: If he doesn’t have luck, then he is not what ? FeelsGoodMan NovaMoon: it’s like the gods saying no to your luck and taking a dump on top of it RegoleSlayer: ya you can make him reappear after he falls off by rolling into the cave immediately MTM_Schildi: at least the weapon dropped Kappa Gus6gus7: also happy birthday @elajjaz elaYEEHAW elaYEEHAW koinh: @Elajjaz you’re lucky, in finding bugs TheManCalledNova: This char’s face PepeLaugh UNT_LCan: halberd elaWeird Plyveron: only halberd for today PepeLaugh shikifujin16: NO LUCK FOR PEOPLE THAT CONSIDER THEIR BDAY A REGULAR DAY elaMad elaMad elaD elaD elaMad elaMad elaMad KaitoKidShadow: elaMad WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz curtbird: K WITO: @Sourcehunter elaWeird Gloriousbonerstoner: but you were lucky kind of Bartamortis: @Elajjaz elaH CaptainOutOfTen: Make elaMad character Sourcehunter: @IAmThurmal Woops, thought I had something else saved LULW jawsie: 😠 character Hsnaketwitch: What’s the PB atm? punch_u_in_the_goober: @Sourcehunter nice latex DatSheffy Sourcehunter: @WITO sorry sorry DerBoshi: @Elajjaz hi elychocolate pizza Valkata2200: wut choclate pizza? Hello2030: PogU CaptainOutOfTen: its alright tbh elaOP Pixel_hearts: oh yeah i remember that one PepeLaugh MissDina: do eeet HandsUp shikifujin16: nutella is amazing Killerquent: Who came up with such a pizza elaPuke Dismal_Arkt: but banana on pizza isnt scuffed? elaK derechte_iz_pz: no cake, no good runs, hairline gone, nice job ela jaxtoday: any horror games today? @Elajjaz TheMrMortensen: NUTELLA CALZONE!_ jawsie: The calzones… Betrayed me? Pepperpotty: @stevenpak Not dead yet elaHAA And you? tuuhoo: bought mgs HD collection few days ago from sale, just finished MGS2 my god Kreygasm holds stupidly good to modern games Veddy_: derechte_iz_pz pepeL cho_pin: MercyWing1 AYAYA MercyWing2 Loki_nG: @derechte_iz_pz elaD Veddy_: LULW Dismal_Arkt: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: LULW QUOTE_IF_2019: PepeLaugh Spellyew: LULW sparken13: LULW dobtf2: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW kaiju_boi: 5Head shikifujin16: LUL SkyDC: LULW DigitalZips: MALDING Starkwolf2992: https://clips.twitch.tv/SneakyBlushingChickpeaMrDestructoid Killerquent: PepeLaugh garenbush: LULW sparken13: elaK SuchBS: LULW rikze5: 🦀 hairline is gone 🦀 Doully92: PepeLaugh HappySmile123: LULW jawsie: MALD LULW CaptainOutOfTen: LULW Veddy_: malding LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Arton_1: LUL MyNameLacksImagination: PepeLaugh Spellyew: elaK Kashmirik: LULW Niloomilo: LULW HotFireZ: LULW QUOTE_IF_2019: MALDING PepeLaugh IAmThurmal: LULW TheH3llraiser: elaK FitoBurrito: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Deid_: MALDING LULW d3sirio: LULW MEGAMALD WotorJL: PepeLaugh PhilRamirez: LULW Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW shikifujin16: Thining of the hair tooo Gus6gus7: elaK V1PMONKEY: elaK tuuhoo: just the angle bro TheGuyOnAcid: have you left reset city today? @Elajjaz KaitoKidShadow: tuuhoo elaGasm nice duude derechte_iz_pz: sure elaK AvemStercore: litteral 5Head Evillution: PepeLaugh 👉 TOP RIGHT CORNER sparken13: BALD LULW marciniasty222: MALDING LUL Biocola: PepeLaugh He doesn’t know Cheesehovel: erection going away LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh Chartalord: MALDING LULW houndthree: i dont see much on your sidelines Dismal_Arkt: elaK I see the wig faeyre: the disrespect LULW CurseofSherwood: PepeLaugh 👉 5Head stevenpak: @Pepperpotty i too am still alive so thats something, always a pleasure to see you in chat elaDM calgy: elaHmm Sourcehunter: RUN HASN’T PROCEEDED PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDED PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: 5Head 👈 LULW scirvir_: @tuuhoo to mgs3 now 👉 👉 Deid_: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: ela13 and balding PepeLaugh sliceofpye03: The malding has already begun it cannot be ha;ted Kappa TheH3llraiser: we have seen the pictures ela we know elaK HappySmile123: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh derechte_iz_pz: @veddy_ @loki_ng elaH VoHiYo arderuza: 5Head Zubodrot: @Elajjaz it’s escaping LULW tiki_and_stuff: Denial CurseofSherwood: PepeLaugh 👉 5Head PepeLaugh 👉 5Head PepeLaugh 👉 5Head tuuhoo: @KaitoKidShadow elaGasm so good Wogtima0: @elajjaz any horror games today ? boyoSMILE Veddy_: LULW Chartalord: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Akewri: LUL mvhkis: Happy cakday Ela Kappa Loki_nG: @derechte_iz_pz elaH elaA TheGuyOnAcid: FeelsBadMan Uboran: triggered KaitoKidShadow: MUDJJDJ zWettah: MaN Garshmecky: Pepega swanko__: BabyRage mountaindhew: just found out im circumcised 🙁 🙁 can someone gift me a sub to cheer me up plz PepeHands JobinGaming: This is what we can all expect when we hit 50 like ela Sourcehunter: PepeHands Ph4ntomi: ??? Garshmecky: katerinoYeehaw Loki_nG: elaKek Etsku: Pog 0 hits Spellyew: PepeHands syps_: elaHmm KaitoKidShadow: ban him paleblood_13: elaWeird Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Sourcehunter: KKona spreyz: @mountaindhew here *throws subway sandwich* Zeref_swe : @Elajjaz There is a Pizza in Linköping with Nutella, Peanuts and banana Kashmirik: LULW HeadlessFredo: LULW pikachujnr: LULW CaptainOutOfTen: elaWeird Veddy_: at least ela wont remember these runs tomorrow , because he is so old FeelsGoodMan lilleskut13: elaKEK Nopileos: LULW LULW SkinnyTei: WeirdChamp HugeEugene: elaWOW kaiju_boi: Nemz 3Head HappySmile123: LULW functionoverflu: LULW faeyre: LULW LickMyPretzel: That awkward moment when you try to walk past a stranger but you both swerve the same direction Norttii: WeirdChamp TheH3llraiser: LULW Werelwen: LULW angel42x: ? functionoverflu: BIG BRAIN HugeEugene: elaWeird Nopileos: LULW scirvir_: how do you just find out now elaHmm mrsohta: guys, who is this old man ZergistheWord: sorry for your loss @mountaindhew FitoBurrito: Chat using my pasta, I love you guys AngelThump Blindfly: I got mine from a doctor what do you mean Martiansam: WeirdChamp ssssip: subbegging in 2019 IKEALUL 2sp00ky: elaHmm elaHmm kiire_: pray 4 4skin Gus6gus7: !followage jawsie: @LickMyPretzel wrestle them into submission to show dominance HugeEugene: elaHmm WrestlerBot2000: @Gus6gus7, gus6gus7 has been following elajjaz for 4 years 10 months 28 days 22 hours Veddy_: how are the kids , ela? 🙂 Dewmrik: what does that throw backwards do? HappySmile123: FitoBurrito elaSmile Fiptrix: first glance at pp i see Riinegan: @Elajjaz remember that someone asked if it was a real halberd before getting there ? He knew what was going to happen monkaS Sourcehunter: That awkward moment when you try to walk past a stranger but you both serve the same erection FitoBurrito: HappySmile123 elaSmile elaH LickMyPretzel: @jawsie Good tip angel42x: @Elajjaz Hey I just realized I was gifted a sub… WrestlerBot2000: Thank you @eyskyaldi for the 25.00$ donation elaH fenniksss: @Elajjaz Ela, what have you done with your community? People literally speedrunning MMO Games elaWeird mountaindhew: my IQ is beyond human comprehension 5Head MrRes: !followage WrestlerBot2000: @MrRes, mrres has been following elajjaz for 4 years 4 months 18 days 20 hours derechte_iz_pz: PogU arderuza: I just found out i’m Finnish, give me subs 🙁 QUOTE_IF_2019: gachiHYPER mountaindhew: PogU TheH3llraiser: gachiHYPER derechte_iz_pz: !followage Dismal_Arkt: elaOP KaitoKidShadow: elaOP HappySmile123: elaOP sparken13: Pog Nopileos: elaOP ssssip: gachiHYPER CaptainOutOfTen: beefcake scirvir_: @arderuza you are beyond repair PepeLaugh Killerquent: elaOP derechte_iz_pz: reeeee LickMyPretzel: monkaW dat face Veddy_: a cakeman gachiHYPER Motek: gachiHYPER MEAT CaptainOutOfTen: elaDM Cheesehovel: why consume a humanity there? nabahero: those hollows are better goalkeepers than Henrik Lundqvist the svensk elite losing to Finland LULW SaixSoul: gachiHYPER smiler77777: how many runs do you finish out of a 100? this one seems so hard limbyQ: to upgrade a halbert that you wont get FeelsBadMan ZergistheWord: get that cake gachiBASS sparken13: FeelsBirthdayMan 🎂 CaptainOutOfTen: Chag dobtf2: KappaPride pikachujnr: AYAYA MC_McD: get that bussy cake HotFireZ: AYAYA Clap Fafebobo: elaOP Kosmic_Eagle: Chag KaitoKidShadow: i want you to eat a whole cake on stream stevenpak: princess cake? AYAYA Norttii: KappaPride TheMoltenGuy: Prinsesstårta Pog ssssip: AYAYA TJ_Mellow: elaYA jawsie: Marzipan DansGame sparken13: KappaPride Igneria: AYAYA NovaMoon: I just found out in alive. please give t3 sub 🙁 samsusuu: AYAYA CUTE CAKE SkyDC: princess cake AYAYA Spellyew: princess cake AYAYA swanko__: AYAYA Daredevilrayrayray: You already fat ELA Nopileos: AYAYA derechte_iz_pz: get a Sailor Moon Cake ta_no_kami: KappaPride QUOTE_IF_2019: KappaPride nice Chaton_Rose: any princesses? AYAYA Kevintaku: elaYA Kosmic_Eagle: AYAYA cake kingella13: Får man smaka? @Elajjaz Deliriumi1: Purinsesu ela AYAYA scirvir_: i just found out I linked the fire PepeHands gift sub pls swanko__: AYAYA WEEB CAKE HotFireZ: CUTE CAKE AYAYA Albin_Alligator: Princess TaBeRu Cake AYAYA pikachujnr: princesstårta AYAYA Clap arderuza: @scirvir_ PepeHands swanko__: AYAYA WEEB CAKE AYAYA Loki_nG: WTF is a princess cake elaHmm ? Chaton_Rose: sailor moon AYAYA wemil86: Budapest is good to VokulZindro: PepoDance CAKE PepoDance jawsie: ElaSmash Spellyew: weeb cake AYAYA HugeEugene: elaWeird elaGun Sytharius: Is it eljaiz birthday? boclfon479: @Elajjaz i just went to the deli and got a roll with egg and cheese and a piece of Carrot cake, so ill eat the cake in your honor temahaa: @Elajjaz princess cake? what’s that? derechte_iz_pz: !followage WrestlerBot2000: @derechte_iz_pz, derechte_iz_pz has been following elajjaz for 3 years 3 months 7 days 23 hours angel42x: Hey I just realized I was gifted a sub… Prince_Nintendo: Prince_Nintendo subscribed with Twitch Prime. DerBoshi: @Elajjaz i bet you like that cucumber cake WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @prince_nintendo the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM boclfon479: because its tasty AF Nopileos: SUB HYPE Prince_Nintendo Pog HugeEugene: elaWeird elaGun AYAYA STFU WEEBS derechte_iz_pz: This is fake B3AR34: Sweet little Princess cake Kosmic_Eagle: NO AYAYA FitoBurrito: ElaSmash CHAT LOOK HOW ANGRILY I MASTUBATE ElaSmash Torbinatorify: @Cheesehovel I think to increase drop chance for halberd and he cant do anything else there so its convenient boclfon479: close enough SapphireSarah: Thank for the sub Elajjaz sarahrLove Mac_Moneysac: weddingu keki AYAYA Killerquent: Killerquent gifted a Tier 1 sub to limbyQ! This is their first Gift Sub in the channel! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @limbyq the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM souldedeh: NINTENDO OMEGALUL derechte_iz_pz: @fitoburrito elaH VoHiYo Nopileos: SUB HYPE limbyQ POGGERS spacefuelled: spacefuelled subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 11 months! FeelsBirthdayMan elaH WrestlerBot2000: @spacefuelled Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM jawsie: let’s turn that prince into a princess elaYA Nopileos: SUB HYPE spacefuelled POGGERS Breakfast4Burmi: is this real bandit knife? kingella13: Noooo rikze5: Kreygasm pikachujnr: smörgåstårta PogU sparken13: WutFace Cheesehovel: Torbinatorify ah thanks Dismal_Arkt: PogU TheH3llraiser: elaOP SkyDC: @FitoBurrito Champ spreyz: TORTA Pog tuuhoo: Kreygasm kingella13: Get that princesstårta! axd0416: Smörgåstårta is literally the best thing ever Igneria: Kreygasm ZergistheWord: nä, då är prinsess tårta mer lyx jawsie: GIMME YOUR PROTEIN TheMoltenGuy: I’ve never been a fan of smörgåstårta unfortunately PepeHands HappySmile123: !englando WrestlerBot2000: englando in chat, pls FeelsBlyatMan FitoBurrito: derechte_iz_pz elaH pepeL poncho_kid: smorgastarta Pog knuckleheadxxl: just get some hemp protein powder Veddy_: is that a meat cake? Hollow_void: NO DansGame CaptainOutOfTen: jawsie elaThirst ? FitoBurrito: SkyDC Pog elaH sliceofpye03: Cakes should be measured the same way beds are but Prince and princess instead of twin or double Mighty_Lu_Bu: @Elajjaz Pro Teen? Kappa makeshiftwings30: pls explain what is to us ignorant Americans SkyDC: @FitoBurrito elaH wemil86: Smörgåstårta whit herljungacider mountaindhew: what did smörgåstårta mean again? TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz My grandma makes a damn good pannkakstårta, lemme share some time elaOP Dismal_Arkt: get mole cake elaOP elaBlind s0meusername: smörgåstårta DansGame jawsie: @CaptainOutOfTen hand it over monkaGun elaThirst scirvir_: coming up PepeLaugh limbyQ: @Killerquent Pog thank you Xerenix: It’s a sandwhich cake. Is basicly a giant sandwhich nevville: chat whats a smogaratratorta Killerquent: @LickMyPretzel My breakfast meal elaOP Veddy_: bkh incoming PepeLaugh calgy: make gordon ramsay shepherd’s pie TheMoltenGuy: @nevville sandwich cake axd0416: Smörgåstårta is like a cake for alphas sloggyx: wtf did i just listen to LUL zero you dirty bastard LUL jawsie: El Smogaratratorta monkaW Killerquent: @limbyQ No problem ela7 dobtf2: here we go PepeLaugh derechte_iz_pz: Black knight uses Requiem again curtbird: rip urn Sourcehunter: PepeLaugh here it comes JimiJam69: elaYEEHAW elaGun Give me your YEEHAAYS Kosmic_Eagle: PepeHands scirvir_: PepeHands ZergistheWord: a sandwich cake basically is tuna, majo, and sour cream. with some white bread and cheese, ham and vegetables CaptainOutOfTen: jawsie monkaH no ma’am I saving for wizardhood Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh Fiptrix: jinxed DansGame nevville: @TheMoltenGuy aint that just a burger DansGame mountaindhew: PepeLaugh SHIELD HeadlessFredo: inb4 BKH drops PepeLaugh Minkii: fast knight incoming Loki_nG: So Sad PepeHands FiReBallKG: Reverse psychology stevenpak: alexa play despacito nabahero: do you prefer ham or salmon torta @Elajjaz Riinegan: @Elajjaz I know what happened, the black knight used izanagi while you where under the effects of izanami AYAYA derechte_iz_pz: PogU jawsie: @CaptainOutOfTen monkaGun JUST HAND OVER THE CUMMIES AND NO ONE GETS HURT Doctor_Izzle: Anyone else think this music is really sad? scirvir_: F mountaindhew: LULW Evillution: PepeLaugh HugeEugene: El goblino is playing tekken lately monkaW Doully92: PepeLaugh derechte_iz_pz: LULW Dismal_Arkt: elaKek Veddy_: PepeUff HeadlessFredo: LULW joncy: hi chat elaH hi ela 😡 Lemonsponge: LULW Nopileos: LULW FishingPotato: I just don’t get why runs aren’t allowed with a “fake” halberd. Like that won’t make the run different. Hollow_void: FAKE RUN LULW Aquila001: F FiReBallKG: PepeHands QUOTE_IF_2019: PepeLaugh nice halbert curtbird: oof wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Nopileos: joncy elaH MKSupreme: elaCheer100 Go ela! TJ_Mellow: joncy elaH sparken13: at least he died this time derechte_iz_pz: @joncy elaH DarkPonyx: should’ve continue last run LULW HappySmile123: joncy elaSmile Mac_Moneysac: smörgåstårta looks horrid WutFace deepdongus: PepeHands SkyDC: @joncy elaH perpetual_fest: @joncy elaH Itsxdnl: @Elajjaz why do you keep going even if you dont get halberd? mischa_d: @Elajjaz what happens if dont get the halbard? does the run not count? joncy: @Nopileos @TJ_Mellow @derechte_iz_pz @HappySmile123 @SkyDC @perpetual_fest elaH CaptainOutOfTen: jawsie but my dream of becoming kiryu level grandwizard PepeHands rikze5: ZULUL Deid_: ZULUL QUOTE_IF_2019: ZULUL labasfej: ZULUL kaiju_boi: forsenWC ZaneC1: 💿 Nopileos: ZULUL Dismal_Arkt: ZULUL Kosmic_Eagle: @joncy hi elaH TheWeedBun: ZULUL yunoismywaifu: Wtf, @Elajjaz gifted me a sub elaBlush draguzz: ZULUL kaiju_boi: ZULUL ssssip: 💿 Spellyew: ZULUL Johnn66: BTTV? Loki_nG: Damn what is this Halbert drop man PepeHands never real runs PepeHands Excesiiv: That’s a very 💿 excuse PLAZAx: forsenWC jawsie: @CaptainOutOfTen ok you win… this time… joncy: @Kosmic_Eagle elaH mountaindhew: ZULUL 3rd party huh? Nopileos: ZULUL ZULUL mon_dieud: 💿 Itsxdnl: @Elajjaz why do you keep going even if you dont get halberd?. CaptainOutOfTen: jawsie FeelsGoodMan sparken13: spawn it in gachiBASS Akuya4: its ok this is just warm up 🙂 WerewolfB: forsenWC PanKarmelek: wouldnt it be better for all runners to just use some tool to change droprate to 100% tho, would be the best choice hoss87: baby gnomes? CaptainOutOfTen: FeelsBirthdayMan derechte_iz_pz: ElaVator FishingPotato: Ye but that third party software isn’t cheating right? Like it won’t make your run faster? MinouriiChan: GREEN OhSnuggie: Green PogChamp Mac_Moneysac: griin mountaindhew: PogU -0.7 Dismal_Arkt: green FeelsGoodMan Fiptrix: was ur prablem sparken13: Grin Pog jawsie: FeelsGoodMan Clap Kosmic_Eagle: green FeelsGoodMan DigitalZips: I think one of the Silent Hill games also allows a 3rd party app due to an RNG drop. darkenergy57: OSFrog ssssip: 😁 MinouriiChan: MESAYA RAMP ALONE CaptainOutOfTen: green like pepe FeelsGoodMan haxen64: But u are now using third party software, so even if you get real halberd, that run won’t count because third party software is activated? QUOTE_IF_2019: SMOrc Mohaettir95: JREEN JREEN Lynade: thanks for the sub, i was afk:) FiReBallKG:=) Deid_:=) KaitoKidShadow:=) LickMyPretzel:=) Nopileos:=) QUOTE_IF_2019: ??????????? nevville: @HappySmile123 elaSmile @HappySmile123 elaSmile HotFireZ:=) Nazzet: 🙂 GooperLA: elaSmile derechte_iz_pz:=) hey guys Intirion: elaSmile DigitalZips: elaSmile HYPERCLAP kaiju_boi:=) Eufrazy: Eufrazy subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 11 months! moon2PREGARIO moon2CUTE moon2PREGIGI functionoverflu: WUT Martiansam: awww zealous22: i see him=) WrestlerBot2000: @eufrazy Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM Killerquent: elaSmile Nopileos: SUB HYPE Eufrazy PogChamp Audriana:=) mountaindhew: wait i saw it PogU Hamadology: somali face? cmonBruh Bestorio: I saw it 🙂 Avunculuz:=) sparken13: elaSmile TheKeyOfFreedom: : – ) V1PMONKEY: now i saw it Chag HappySmile123: nevville elaH Seirion: @SkyDC Kosmic_Eagle thank you so much my dearies seirioL Ph4ntomi: WeirdChamp Dijaxtra: elaSmile Clap mountaindhew: i saw it cmonBruh derechte_iz_pz: LULW Stilgarius: WeirdChamp kaiju_boi: WeirdChamp Spellyew: WeirdChamp wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp PanKarmelek: PREG GANG Nopileos: WeirdChamp Epicziemniak: elaWeird LickMyPretzel: Good thing i blacklisted those emotes Mrtriggahigga: WeirdChamp CaptainOutOfTen: WeirdChamp Jamideus: elaSmile Cheapcat: FeelsWeirdMan punch_u_in_the_goober: WeirdChamp @Elajjaz Le_Hunter: WeirdChamp Killerquent: What, do I see illusion elaWeird LitPord: whats the smiley face all about FeelsPepoMan ? ssssip: WeirdChamp Martiansam: WeirdChamp Dijaxtra: barbAwk TheH3llraiser: WeirdChamp Nopileos: WeirdChamp WeirdChamp FiReBallKG: WeirdChamp Gloriousbonerstoner: elaWeird perpetual_fest: WeirdChamp Zeref_swe : WeirdChamp Evillution: WeirdChamp @Elajjaz captain_elsewhere: elaYes NO Bestorio: FeelsWeirdMan Dyres: Seirion nymnOkay nymnH HugeEugene: elaWeird SkyDC: @Seirion I tried PepeHands illethor221: chat so triggered by pregigi>.>HugeEugene: FeelsWeirdMan wandering_pleb: ✋ elaWeird joncy: Hey weeb, Tanner here. Looks like not much has changed since high school. You are still a scrawny little boy with an anime fetish. Meanwhile, I have a wholesome family with a beautiful wife and I’m making millions. Nice guys finish last, kid. Kosmic_Eagle: @Seirion your message was really sweet elaH souldedeh: elajjaz do you know any other fortnite dance moves? elaChug Mancow_: progressive emotes Sytharius: @Elajjaz swanko__: AYAYA polemos9: polemos9 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 13 months! happy birthday ela! sorry I won’t be able to watch! WrestlerBot2000: @polemos9 After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM zealous22: tanner monkaS BergDK81: elaWeird Nopileos: SUB HYPE polemos9 elaA hoss87: vrtSus HugeEugene: pasta LULW mateator: FeelsBirthdayMan Fightmarine: wtf I´m sub now. thx addab FiReBallKG: Hey weeb, Tanner here. Looks like not much has changed since high school. You are still a scrawny little boy with an anime fetish. Meanwhile, I have a wholesome family with a beautiful wife and I’m making millions. Nice guys finish last, kid. Doully92: Tanner pasta WeirdChamp salvemeuparca: @Elajjaz what this 12/22/18??? Martiansam: nice pasta WeirdChamp mountaindhew: @joncy wow congratulations on your kid! im so happy for you illethor221: wow that pasta is bad limbyQ: another Tanner Eufrazy: @Elajjaz Don’t mind them Elias, they can’t understand moon2PREGIGI Killerquent: Tanner here PepeHands joncy: LULW HugeEugene: Fucking Tanner LULW QUOTE_IF_2019: Hey weeb, Tanner here. Looks like not much has changed since high school. You are still a scrawny little boy with an anime fetish. Meanwhile, I have a wholesome family with a beautiful wife and I’m making millions. Nice guys finish last, kid. swanko__: someone gift me a sub CaptainOutOfTen: Jebaited Bootch: Hello Ela Pog Hope you have a GOD RUN ElahI hello chat elaH BTRNDL: don’t try to hit me and hit me! carorinuu: harder AYAYA illethor221: WeirdChamp perpetual_fest: @Bootch elaH Killerquent: @Bootch Hi elaHi Kosmic_Eagle: @Bootch hello elaH timoteh: Someone gift swanko a sub Dijaxtra: pregnant green mario barbAwk Chess_462: 12/22/18 is when ela lost its virginity ela13 SauronG00d: hi chat HeyGuys , is it legit run? Nopileos: SauronG00d elaH Bootch: perpetual_fest elaH Killerquent elaHi pepeL Kosmic_Eagle elaH nevville: Remember to dodge any incoming attacks with a roll 🙂 Lv_100: Hey weeb, Tanner here. Looks like not much has changed since high school. You are still a scrawny little boy with an anime fetish. Meanwhile, I have a wholesome family with a beautiful wife and I’m making millions. Nice guys finish last, kid. hoss87: it’s the last date he killed OnS Kappa ssssip: sub begging LULW Draddrick: LULW SullivanMcBlueberry: LULW Yera_the_Priestess: @Elajjaz Grattis på födelsedagen Elias lancevJazzOrb Veddy_: i thought it was when ela turned into a weeb elaWeird wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Martiansam: LULW KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh HE STILL IS ONE Jormunaattori: ela is an it? timoteh: Hey weeb, Tanner here. Looks like not much has changed since high school. You are still a scrawny little boy with an anime fetish. Meanwhile, I have a wholesome family with a beautiful wife and I’m making millions. Nice guys finish last, kid. Kosmic_Eagle: @SauronG00d hi KonCha Killerquent: @SauronG00d elaHi perpetual_fest: @SauronG00d HeyEla Ph4ntomi: Here it comes againe PepeLaugh Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: The Sarge is back at it again | Fallout New Vegas Highlights Part 3 – https://youtu.be/525h4rbYDuA souldedeh: elaGa ? RegoleSlayer: ConcernDoge marosh__: Tanner Memes in 2019 WeirdChamp Killerquent: Hitbox master PepeLaugh Doully92: PepeLaugh WerewolfB: monkaW HotFireZ: LUL HugeEugene: elaGa Bootch: RULL Pog prophetdeviant: that start tho DDawNeD: !bkh Dijaxtra: RULL PepeLaugh Kevintaku: facts KaitoKidShadow: RULL HugeEugene: elaGa RULL Chess_462: RULL derechte_iz_pz: RULL garenbush: LULW Nopileos: RULL Tasarion: CoolStoryBob Ph4ntomi: HE RULL Pog nogoro55: LUL souldedeh: PogU Draddrick: Chag ssssip: Pog Caput_Draconis: LULW perpetual_fest: elaHmm swanko__: RULL Hello2030: RULL joncy: Pog ? Felirion: rull Dereservoir: science Fightmarine: RULL Nopileos: RULL RULL Kosmic_Eagle: RÜLL bronco84: RULL PepeLaugh HappySmile123: elaRULL when? Pog swanko__: RúLL Killerquent: RULLL BergDK81: elaHmm Gloriousbonerstoner: not true Cylian_The_Hollow: HIGHER RULL PERCENTAGE DDawNeD: add !bkh @Elajjaz ? Ilsenem: Chat, want to try FF Online. Starter edition would be enough to play? SkyDC: OMEGADOWN RULL bobbos: rull pepeL RegoleSlayer: lmao QUOTE_IF_2019: Pog DrWyz: Pog RNG 26camels: top 10 things you didn’t know about dark souls houndthree: fact Cheesehovel: RLUL Ph4ntomi: PogU rikze5: Chag CaptainOutOfTen: nothing wrong with being virgin chat. Their blood is more expensive elaSmile mountaindhew: GOD RegoleSlayer: potato Smough Nopileos: Pog Veddy_: Pog Bootch: Chag Jormunaattori: elaOP Killerquent: Clean Pog TheWeedBun: Pog zaPaarl: Pog Le_Hunter: Pog Loki_nG: Pog garenbush: Pog KineticConundrum: BKH is BROKEN SauronG00d: gg truesadism: @Elajjaz There is a bigger chance of surivalif you say “I’m dead i’m dead i’m dead” learned from the best, you Keepo mrsohta: gj Veddy_: the run Pog rikze5: ppHop smough Kosmic_Eagle: Pog nogoro55: Pog Norttii: PogU Nopileos: Pog Pog QUOTE_IF_2019: WR Pog VokulZindro: Pog karakovv: Pog joncy: Pog HYPERCLAP LickMyPretzel: seemed pretty good Tasarion: FeelsPepoMan smough Fightmarine: was that quick? wandering_pleb: Chag GodUltimate: ZULOL mountaindhew: PogU this run Jamideus: Pog Clap DrWyz: Run Ela Run Pog Nopileos: Pog kozmikhaydut: what’s pog LickMyPretzel: ppHop Ph4ntomi: ppHop Kosmic_Eagle: ppHop KineticConundrum: ppHop Kevintaku: even made it to the elavator Pog KaitoKidShadow: ppHop ssssip: ppHop souldedeh: ppHop Tsavish: ppHop Intirion: ppHop iLostToLife: ppHop karakovv: ppHop Bootch: ppHop eyskyaldi: ppHop perpetual_fest: ppHop Nopileos: ppHop SkyDC: ppHop Killerquent: ppHop HugeEugene: farming emotes WeirdChamp WrestlerBot2000: 13x ppHop double digit combo Pog Deid_: ppHop PLAZAx: ppHop scribbleh: ppHop bobbos: Kreygasm Shadewfire: ppHop Ilsenem: Chat, want to try FF Online. Starter edition would be enough to play? HotFireZ: boobs PepeHands DrWyz: FeelsPepoMan I Miss Hat WrestlerBot2000: “Yo, Nerdy!” “Hm?” “Fuck me!” – Ela, 2018 No. 114 https://clips.twitch.tv/PowerfulTenaciousCaterpillarRalpherZ shaccles98: ppHop Nopileos: ppHop ppHop theonlyMaria: lionNice Hello2030: PepeHands captain_elsewhere: SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT HEEEEEEEEER houndthree: but thats good isnt it xxGheTz: Hello @Elajjaz Happy Birthday FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Hello @chat pepeL Loki_nG: He may as well of been stun locked damn Clap Yera_the_Priestess: BIG TIDDY GF PepeHands Nix_Abyss: ppHop rikze5: HandsUp Killerquent: @xxGheTz Hello there elaHi Doully92: HandsUp salpo_nolobio: HandsUp Kosmic_Eagle: @xxGheTz hello pepeL Ph4ntomi: HandsUp HotFireZ: gachiHYPER SylphidLive: ppHop squatsalldayeveryday: HandsUp Nopileos: HandsUp Le_Hunter: HandsUp salvemeuparca: don’t BLOW my balloons kryptor79: HandsUp karakovv: HandsUp bobbos: ahhhhhhhh gachiHYPER HappySmile123: xxGheTz pepeL garenbush: HandsUp Rogueain: HandsUp nogoro55: HandsUp Kosmic_Eagle: HandsUp ressa2: HandsUp itzSrBOSSxx: HandsUp IBhunivelze: HandsUp Sytharius: @Elajjaz happy birthday my friend Pudntoogud: HandsUp Nopileos: HandsUp HandsUp Petrozza7: HandsUp MarfMeff: HandsUp Norwegian_wombat: @xxghetz elaHi FishingPotato: HandsUp Bootch: HandsUp Muketsu: I told my girlfried I was watching your stream and that you have a b-day, she said to tell you happy birthday from her 🙂 FeelsBirthdayMan @Elajjaz 26camels: real or fake run? joncy: HandsUp @xxGheTz ausvic: wr?? Fightmarine: @xxGheTz elaH gfhgggfjgg: elaHi Orbalisk1: Happy birthday ela! elaH DoktorKimm: is this real run ela mountaindhew: when will ela do a fifa 19 pack opening memestream? PepeHands 3Head Riinegan: @Elajjaz imagine getting WR on your bday FeelsAmazingMan FishingPotato: fake capitanodorito: @Ilsenem you could try out the free trial before buying the game Kosmic_Eagle: @Elajjaz hi, how is your normal day going 🙂 FitoBurrito: Ela’s girlfriend now forsenWC DoktorKimm: PepeHands Chess_462: !wr prophetdeviant: Oi! Chat Oi! Ela Chess_462: !wrdsr B3AR34: Happy Birthday Ela getting closer to the big 30 WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Kosmic_Eagle: im glad to hear it 🙂 nevville: no elaK this run is blessed elaK Chess_462: elaHmm Sytharius: @mountaindhew when you get your act together FishingPotato: forsenWC perpetual_fest: @prophetdeviant Oi! / Dyres: prophetdeviant nymnH Martiansam: @Riinegan that would be FeelsWayTooAmazingMan derechte_iz_pz: this run is wr pace Killerquent: @Elajjaz Btw, how was Adam’s lost memories ? Doully92: PepeLaugh HotFireZ: LULW joncy: happy birthday ya cheeky dog cunt mountaindhew: @Sytharius PepeHands never then Veddy_: LULW derechte_iz_pz: plebian chat pls Chess_462: LULWW HugeEugene: LULW Dyres: LULW Nopileos: LULW Doully92: LULW Ignakas: PepeLaugh Straddy_: LULW bronco84: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Callen_SF: LUL Sohei4649: PepeLaugh Caput_Draconis: LULW Chess_462: LULW Le_Hunter: LULW Stilgarius: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: LULW garenbush: LULW hoernchenspielt: FeelsBirthdayMan hey @Elajjaz Happy Birthday man elaH Lemonsponge: LULW salpo_nolobio: PepeUff Nopileos: LULW LULW Guski_: PepeLaugh QUOTE_IF_2019: MALDING PepeLaugh HugeEugene: LULW LULW SQGamer: LULW Kevintaku: ???? SullivanMcBlueberry: LULW DrWyz: Jebaited RegoleSlayer: ConcernDoge Zdan13: LUL Spellyew: OMEGADOWN HeadlessFredo: LUWL HugeEugene: LULW Loki_nG: elaKek SkyDC: LULW ripper_x25: LUL Nopileos: LULW Nazzet: OMEGADOWN HugeEugene: PepeLaugh farelo_de_minhoca: kkkkkkkkkkkk Bootch: MaN rikze5: MaN Vivelin: MaN souldedeh: MaN Cylian_The_Hollow: real halberd shall now hencefort be called cursed halberd QUOTE_IF_2019: MaN Kevintaku: Man LickMyPretzel: MaN HugeEugene: PepeLaugh Clap Kosmic_Eagle: MaN Veddy_: MaN j0mppa: MaN Nopileos: MaN joncy: MaN Clap Norttii: MaN kaiju_boi: NaM Silvulnar: MaN Pudntoogud: MaN SkyDC: MaN wandering_pleb: MaN Draddrick: MaN BobTheDrunkBear: MaN Spellyew: MaN WrestlerBot2000: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Keep up the birthday hype and love chat. It’s our favorite 13 year olds 13th birthday today! FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Nazzet: MaN Doully92: MaN Stilgarius: MaN MarfMeff: MaN Nopileos: MaN MaN Raftelle: MaN Ph4ntomi: MaN ! Dyres: MaN ssssip: Man samsusuu: Man xxGheTz: MaN perpetual_fest: MaN fizzystringgs: MaN rikze5: NaM Le_Hunter: MaN Hajitaib: LULW Frosted15: MaN garenbush: MaN Skorpion9987: MaN HotFireZ: MaN cLAP Killerquent: MaN FishingPotato: MaN Nopileos: Man ssssip: MaN LickMyPretzel: NaM samsusuu: MaN derechte_iz_pz: 27 years old and still terrible at children’s game 🙂 kaiju_boi: MaN Dr_Jan_Itor: MaN Vivelin: MaN MaN KaitoKidShadow: MaN prophetdeviant: MaN QUOTE_IF_2019: NaM bronco84: MaN AyayaCuteChat_: NaM Sarcrai: lol Auramoth: NaM Nopileos: MaN SnakeCase: Man TheH3llraiser: MaN Cylian_The_Hollow: MaN DrWyz: MaN AnubisYE: NaM ❗ Martiansam: MaN BroqRox: MaN karakovv: MaN TheWeedBun: MaN Tsavish: MaN QUOTE_IF_2019: NaM MaN SainEdge: MaN Kizuto3: MaN Nopileos: MaN MaN DigitalZips: MaN VokulZindro: MaN AvemStercore: MaN Yera_the_Priestess: Will you consider running DS2 sometime @Elajjaz ? WrestlerBot2000: 12x MaN double digit combo Pog kaiju_boi: Nammer Andy Dyres: MaN ❗ Loki_nG: MaN SkyDC: MaN MaN ar_Tekko: i havent seen the sarge in ages, did he die chat? PepeHands HugeEugene: FeelsWeirdMan MAN LitPord: MaN DatMiaou: MaN Bobinbi: VaN Sytharius: Nam Chess_462: MaN prophetdeviant: NaM MaN Nopileos: MaN Deid_: MaN Sytharius: NaM Cylian_The_Hollow: MaN MaN Sytharius: MaN B3AR34: Man Man falzy211: @Elajjaz Wjats the difference bwteen a real and fake black knight halberd LickMyPretzel: @ar_Tekko yes he ded souldedeh: never a donation message with a lot of AYAYA’s FeelsBadMan ar_Tekko: PepeHands calgy: why not woman? HotPokket happymintyo: @Elajjaz maybe you can add a little “fake halberd” overlay to the practice runs? LickMyPretzel: one is fake one is real Dyres: Pog Killerquent: @ar_Tekko He doesn’t have a brain now PepeHands Zdan13: OOF derechte_iz_pz: Amen, A- MaN kaiju_boi: @falzy211 real is dropped in game, fake is spawned by a mod DarkaninjaXD: DarkaninjaXD subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 24 months! I finally did it chat elaYEEHAW Chess_462: USS WrestlerBot2000: @darkaninjaxd After 24 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM DrWyz: Pog Slash Poru___: so alpha ZaneC1: MaN Nopileos: SUB HYPE DarkaninjaXD Pog Jegerkaj: MaN ar_Tekko: poor sarge PepeHands Nopileos: MaN MaN derechte_iz_pz: LULW HugeEugene: WEEBS OUT LULW SQGamer: falzy211 its a random drop, if he doesnt get it he uses a mod to spawn it but then the run doesnt count for leaderboards Cylian_The_Hollow: hey MaN Loki_nG: @falzy211 He can’t actual get the WR with a cheated Halberd Chess_462: D: Killerquent: Weebs out LULW garenbush: MaN Spellyew: D: rikze5: WeebsOut V1PMONKEY: @falzy211 if halbert is not dropping he cheats one but run doesn’t count if that happens KaitoKidShadow: fake black halbered is less conductive falzy211: i see Yera_the_Priestess: @Killerquent Weebs in AYAYA falzy211: thanks TheTor7uga: What are the numbers after the split-names? too_lazy_for_this: @falzy211 the real drops from the mob. The false is created in inventory Eufrazy: moon2PREGARIO This run is now a blessed run moon2PREGIGI HugeEugene: FeelsWeirdMan weebs out you heard him CaptainOutOfTen: elaB weebs in derechte_iz_pz: Fuck off weeb trash inhuman disgusting filth 🙂 souldedeh: elaBop wandering_pleb: elaYEEHAW KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA NO DrWyz: T ZaneC1: WeirdChamp ? Sytharius: Fuck off weeb trash inhuman disgusting filth 🙂 Veddy_: WeirdChamp SiloWang: T FitoBurrito: CaptainOutOfTen no WeirdChamp ssssip: @TheTor7uga levelups Yera_the_Priestess: @CaptainOutOfTen AYAYA Clap nevville: @derechte_iz_pz elaB Valkyrie8x: WeirdChamp @balderknight HugeEugene: @derechte_iz_pz Clap Kosmic_Eagle: ignore him weebs in AYAYA itzSrBOSSxx: T Spellyew: weebs in nepSmug Shadewfire: Chat, did Ela finally turn 14?! LUL Frosted15: Fuck off weeb trash inhuman disgusting filth 🙂 KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA WEEBS IN mountaindhew: have you thought about running ds2 all bosses at some point? SGkieran: @Elajjaz FeelsBirthdayMan i forgot salvemeuparca: @Elajjaz this Halberd its 100% drop?? DrWyz: ElaPls Lets go Ela derechte_iz_pz: @sgkieran elaH kieran Whyeverso: @Shadewfire no he went from ela12 to ela13 Sytharius: Who here is a legit weeb? ZaneC1: MaN samsusuu: WEEBS STAY PunOko King_Insane: elaHi and wow already august 13th eh, Happy Birthday @Elajjaz back to listening while playing games 😉 sparken13: AYAYA Kosmic_Eagle: i am AYAYA LoliNoleen: triggering people just by existing AYAYA AndyIsDead: AndyIsDead is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to Elajjaz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 30 in the channel! superspooky: READ THIS IF WEEB AYAYA Clap READ THIS IF WEEB AYAYA Clap AndyIsDead: AndyIsDead gifted a Tier 1 sub to WJovel! AndyIsDead: AndyIsDead gifted a Tier 1 sub to Hsnaketwitch! AndyIsDead: AndyIsDead gifted a Tier 1 sub to counterdwarf! AndyIsDead: AndyIsDead gifted a Tier 1 sub to fthokcu! AndyIsDead: AndyIsDead gifted a Tier 1 sub to RUBENxyz! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @wjovel the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @hsnaketwitch I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE AndyIsDead Pog WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @rubenxyz the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @fthokcu the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @counterdwarf After 32 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Kosmic_Eagle: Pog HugeEugene: @Sytharius just you hoernchenspielt: bday100 Happy Birthday Mr Streamer Ph4ntomi: Pog Nopileos: SUB HYPE WJovel Pog KaitoKidShadow: Pog ZaneC1: MaN WEEBS OUT MaN MaN MaN derechte_iz_pz: PogU garenbush: Pog xxGheTz: Pog sparken13: Pog Nopileos: Pog GreedyLi: op Dyres: PogU Killerquent: Pog Clap Veddy_: LULW Le_Hunter: Pog superspooky: Weebs in SiloWang: never me hehe 🙂 PLAZAx: Pog Kizuto3: Pog FitoBurrito: GIFTING ANDY Pog Sytharius: @HugeEugene and you karakovv: Pog Clap Doully92: Miyazaki BabyRage Phelipe_Delta: BabyRage SkyDC: OMEGADOWN RULL Nopileos: Pog Pog Yera_the_Priestess: @AndyIsDead neva lucky PepeHands superspooky: Pog i got all 5 of them souldedeh: @miayzaki WeirdChamp HugeEugene: @Sytharius you wish Norttii: gachiHYPER Ph4ntomi: gachiHYPER Kosmic_Eagle: gachiHYPER j0mppa: VaN ZaneC1: gachiHYPER rikze5: gachiHYPER Doully92: gachiHYPER Killerquent: gachiHYPER xxGheTz: VaN Veddy_: gachiHYPER Nix_Abyss: Rull PepeLaugh RegoleSlayer: I pressed the button, Miyazaki NotLikeThis B3AR34: Can’t remember being 27 it’s fucking years ago and i mean years Nopileos: gachiHYPER Pudntoogud: gachiHYPER DigitalZips: gachiHYPER Dyres: gachiHYPER HotFireZ: gachiHYPER TheH3llraiser: gachiHYPER Eufrazy: VaN Le_Hunter: gachiHYPER SiloWang: LUL KaitoKidShadow: gachiHYPER MyNameLacksImagination: gachiHYPER SkyDC: gachiHYPER Corsad: gachiHYPER PLAZAx: VaN Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER oOZoticusOo: Pog karakovv: gachiHYPER Petrozza7: gachiHYPER Tasarion: gachiHYPER TheWeedBun: gachiHYPER PrinceSauron: gachiHYPER Zeref_swe : gachiHYPER derechte_iz_pz: gachiHYPER Yera_the_Priestess: 1% Pog Vivelin: gachiHYPER AAAHHHHH hoernchenspielt: LULW CirceanSin: gachiHYPER Draddrick: gachiHYPER calgy: gachiGASM BobTheDrunkBear: gachiHYPER Raftelle: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER ssssip: gachiHYPER garenbush: gachiHYPER Chess_462: gachiHYPER salpo_nolobio: gachiHYPER FitoBurrito: gachiHYPER Bootch: gachiHyper AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH BabaJanbon_: gachiHYPER joncy: gachiHYPER the best place to put it Nazzet: gachiHYPER xNoury: gachiHYPER Loki_nG: elaKek Draconyite: gachiHYPER FishingPotato: VaN sparken13: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Sytharius: @HugeEugene wanna be weeb freinds? MC_McD: cachiHYPER Tsavish: gachiHYPER kaiju_boi: @Elajjaz made a new emote in emote-ideas, check it out soon elaKek Martiansam: gachiHYPER zaPaarl: ds2 would be so lovely to see ran again ZergistheWord: ElaOut MC_McD: gachiHYPER Cylian_The_Hollow: gachiHYPER BroqRox: gachiHYPER bronco84: gachiHYPER prophetdeviant: gachiHYPER pureunadulterated: BibleThump toxicity is king superspooky: @Sytharius AYAYA tubes269: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER AvemStercore: gachiHYPER AndyIsDead: @Elajjaz NEW SUB SOUND Pog YOU DIDNT FORGET HugeEugene: @Sytharius elaWeird elaGun AYAYA ckapsel: dodged Schmiddii: Schmiddii is continuing the Gift Sub they got from MissDina! sparken13: VaN derechte_iz_pz: Ela I feel like one day twitch will ban you for the sub sounds Dustythehamster: gachiHYPER viktor_victor: real halberd? CaptainOutOfTen: FitoBurrito TaBeRu nepSmug AYAYA nepJail elaWOW elaB elaISee elaBlush elaYA 9 reasons why ela is a weeb streamer Sytharius: @HugeEugene wanna watch attack on titan with me? Killerquent: Tell me chat, what do you consider a weeb ? elaHmm Schmiddii: elaDM Cylian_The_Hollow: fake halberd joncy: @derechte_iz_pz dont jinx it monkaW Bootch: my BBTV is not working pepeHands HugeEugene: @Sytharius if you didnt catch it the answer is no FeelsWeirdMan SQGamer: derechte_iz_pz nerdy will putt twitch staff in the dungeon then HeadlessFredo: the splits are the best ones or the last ones: Bootch: bttv elaGa Suislide_: my neighbours hears “and bang up the butt” through the balcony every few minutes, i wonder what they think @Elajjaz Sytharius: @HugeEugene ill let you use my 2nd favourite body pillow superspooky: a cutie Doully92: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh TheOrson: TriHard sparken13: gachiHYPER derechte_iz_pz: @sqgamer gachiBASS tuuhoo: Pog WHAT scribbleh: Gang is here skatH KaitoKidShadow: the squad Youmeynaru: Happy birthday, have a nice run Valkyrie8x: monkaW SiloWang: NotLikeThis i just love boobies so much NotLikeThis Dr_Jan_Itor: #ganggang samsusuu: WEEBS STAY PunOko CaptainOutOfTen: gang violence monkaW paypahtowels: me & the gang wandering_pleb: elaWut derechte_iz_pz: the gang TriHard 7 superspooky: @SiloWang same Lionkingler1: gachiHYPER derechte_iz_pz: ggx gang Lordkai78: Hi @elajjaz Congrats mate elaCozy Hi @chat elaHi Hope You’re doing well 🙂 ssssip: weebs PunOko FitoBurrito: Oh ho ho ganging up billyReady RegoleSlayer: idk why you get so many so often, must be Remaster memes Yera_the_Priestess: @Dr_Jan_Itor KonCha superspooky: the bigger they are the better Evillution: PepeLaugh Cylian_The_Hollow: elaWut SQGamer: @Elajjaz is that boss Nemz and his lads? kaiju_boi: 4HEad eremiter: 4Head QUOTE_IF_2019: Pog Doully92: Champ BabaJanbon_: ez sparken13: Pog Ph4ntomi: for now elaHmm millamilla: hi a head Stobbel: I am a 4Head curly_core: aHEAD HugeEugene: a head 4HEad paypahtowels: 4Head Nopileos: aHEAD GravelordNeat0: Pog Kosmic_Eagle: @Lordkai78 hi elaHi elaCozy Caput_Draconis: 4Head CaptainOutOfTen: 5Head Chess_462: 5Head Killerquent: @Lordkai78 Hi elaHi Fine hope you too ssssip: 4HEad DigitalZips: 5Head y_u_dodiz: 4Head me too King_Insane: nah, twitch staff will warn him if somethings not right, don’t think ela even can go too far unless he’s really losing his mind elaKek cho_pin: Pog mountaindhew: a 4HEad ? garenbush: a 4HEad Kizuto3: a head Nopileos: 4HEad derechte_iz_pz: -16,9 gachiBASS Aquila001: Which one? 3? 4? 5? SiloWang: time for pantsless 🙂 l0cx_: aHead prophetdeviant: 5Head Flott: 5Head hank_the_lord: legit halberd? sparken13: 4Hollow Lordkai78: @kosmic_eagle elaH Callen_SF: OMEGALUL B3AR34: Just a head HugeEugene: D: Witcher_tj: laeSusp QUOTE_IF_2019: D: FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz listened to any sea shanties lately? 🙂 Lv_100: PepeLaugh 👉 GWYNDOLIN RNG INC Kosmic_Eagle: D: Sytharius: Whaht haveo we here? Loki_nG: I am a face ela13 FishingPotato: Fake BKH BabaJanbon_: @hank_the_lord no Hsnaketwitch:Ela Martiansam: monkaSHAKE superspooky: Oof Jegerkaj: just look PepeLaugh Eufrazy: @superspooky WeirdChamp . swanko__: AYAYA>Ela kaiju_boi: meow? Daniel1984_: @superspooky nah no one will know that you’re gay 🙂 derechte_iz_pz: shall we? 5Head 🍷 Witcher_tj: pricilla too cute to kill RegoleSlayer: LUL superspooky: gachiPls RegoleSlayer: insane particles Killerquent: PepeHands stop Kosmic_Eagle: PepeHands Martiansam: oh you can dpoo that ? LULW Samppsom: f kaiju_boi: elaGasm Eufrazy: Ahh moon2L wandering_pleb: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands Id1Syda: AYAYA RyanLovesWeed: Kreygasm Jegerkaj: Kreygasm but why Jamideus: PepeHands Dr_Jan_Itor: because you don’t want to actually kill her but you want to pet her fluffy tail you filthy furry weeb WeirdChamp Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Ignakas: PepeHands HotFireZ: ahhh Kreygasm l0cx_: Kreygasm CRAUDINHOU: Kreygasm Bootch: PepeHands furry waifu Pudntoogud: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Nopileos: Kreygasm kaiju_boi: elaSmile MitsuoK: Kreygasm MettatonsFan: ahhh Kreygasm THE_GAKO: PepeHands Autumn_Flare: PepeHands mountaindhew: the moan gachiHYPER Kizuto3: PepeHands CapitaineToinon: The meme remastered particles men Turbulist: elaSmile Kosmic_Eagle: elaSmile RyanLovesWeed: @Dr_Jan_Itor you’re hot pepeL Lv_100: one weeb down Pog luckygnome_tv: PepeHands nusgi: elaGasm Nopileos: PepeHands sparken13: elaSmile Flott: elaGasm Cylian_The_Hollow: elaSmile Dustythehamster: PepeHands fluffy tail gfhgggfjgg: elaSmile wx__78: elaSmile Martiansam: elaSmile Samppsom: Giant Hybrid girl dead F Candy_sama: fluffy tail is gone forever now SylphidLive: Prisc is bae :'( RegoleSlayer: that effect on Priscilla is insane LUL SonicBoom113: rooHappy RegoleSlayer: imagine seeing the video game rikze5: VaN Bootch: VaN xxGheTz: VaN j0mppa: VaN garenbush: VaN Witcher_tj: laePERS Nopileos: VaN Norttii: VaN Jybel: VaN Kosmic_Eagle: VaN Zeref_swe : TakeItBoi ssssip: VaN>Killerquent: VaN galega6: VaN Samppsom: VaN Martiansam: VaN mohikanin1: @Elajjaz have you ever played tetris 99? happy bday btw 🙂 kaiju_boi: VaN does whatever a leatherman can prophetdeviant: VaN Erko42: @jawsie I see Shmoop1: you know tuesdays have always made me feel FeelsBirthdayMan , I dunno why @Elajjaz Nopileos: VaN VaN sparken13: 3Head derechte_iz_pz: ela played the og tetris BBi derechte_iz_pz: BBoomer * ela12 MrMadakey: MrMadakey subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 34 months! Happy Birthday WrestlerBot2000: @mrmadakey After 34 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Kosmic_Eagle: tetris is a flawless game swanko__: 3Head Nopileos: SUB HYPE MrMadakey elaA swanko__: 4Head swanko__: 5Head Shmoop1: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap nusgi: @Elajjaz happy bday, how old are you now? laeThonk Youbetterlikemyburgers: Happy BDay Mister Streamer elaSmile MrMadakey: elaH derechte_iz_pz: @mrmadakey elaH tuuhoo: so what was the horror game today? elaHmm mjoot_: BBoomer Jilguer: @nusgi He is 13 🙂 大きな鼻: sodaF1 sodaF2 Lv_100: @jawsie is it true? u dating shark now? monkaW samsusuu: BBoomer FeelsBirthdayMan sparken13: ela12 MissKanna: 14 🙂 RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz you look no older than 21 EinIsRawr: EinIsRawr subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! 5 months! and happy birthday! sunshift: What is the WR? WrestlerBot2000: @einisrawr Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM kaiju_boi: elaOP uLocks: 9 Dismal_Arkt: 27 + ela13 BBoomer Nopileos: SUB HYPE EinIsRawr PogChamp condorre: tventy shoe Turbulist: elaOP Croissanito: elaOP serusa94: happy birthday dude 🙂 derechte_iz_pz: siebenundzwanzig 🙂 Xallista: elaOP 大きな鼻: RyanLovesWeed sodaL Nopileos: elaOP squashlord: is it weird saying 27 instead of 26 ela elaOP jawsie: @Lv_100 wut? elaISee MrMadakey: Not gonna miss your birthday stream Pog RyanLovesWeed: ppppppppppppppppp sodaL MrMadakey: Hope you have a nice day elaH WrestlerBot2000: Tent|Clip No.30| https://clips.twitch.tv/HilariousQuaintGooseMcaT aLLissonCPV: aren’t u old to play videogames Ela ? 4Head 大きな鼻: D: mohikanin1: @Elajjaz where do you have most time saves? 大きな鼻: ur sub RyanLovesWeed: D: derechte_iz_pz: elaS kaiju_boi: VaN sparken13: LULW tuuhoo: VaN Kosmic_Eagle: LULW serusa94: im sub again Chag elaHi Nopileos: VaN MartyLikesCookies: PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: LULW Straddy_: LULW Hollow_void: LULW RegoleSlayer: Wowee Undead_Prince_: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: fine he says elaK Holmen_: OMEGALUL kaiju_boi: PepeHands derechte_iz_pz: LULW Norttii: PepeLaugh Le_Hunter: LULW atomicdestruction: OMEGADOWN Phanteast: LULW FitoBurrito: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh DarkResonance: ElaSmash Nopileos: LULW Jemi02: LULW Jegerkaj: ElaSmash CirceanSin: LULW Killerquent: LULW hotaru_bro: rofl vekke_: its fine swoglo: LULW sparken13: elaSmash Bootch: PepeHands Intirion: elaHmm elaHYUK elaPlan yes, yes, I see aLLissonCPV: PepeHands stuvix: LULW Dustythehamster: LULW Fine Lv_100: @jawsie secret safe with me dahliaPls Nopileos: LULW LULW Pajki13: lol wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh SunstoneE: ElaSmash AvemStercore: LULW SaintNep: elaSmile Youmeynaru: LUL 大きな鼻: LULW MartyLikesCookies: LULW EVERYTHING IS FINE Gus6gus7: elaA Daredevilrayrayray: hahahhaaha Loki_nG: Nothing i can do, im dead ela13 sparken13: ElaSmash prophetdeviant: OMEGADOWN Croissanito: ElaSmash aLLissonCPV: PepeHands . wx__78: FeelsBadMan nusgi: I have bday tomorrow, it would’ve been epic if you were just a day older than me 🙂 @Elajjaz jawsie: @Lv_100 still gay, so… no? LULW Evillution: reset city PepeLaugh reset city PepeLaugh reset city PepeLaugh gfhgggfjgg: up the butt elaSmile Tasarion: washed up 27 year old speedrunner FeelsBadMan 😔 Martiansam: PepeHands RorschachAttack: horror gameee derechte_iz_pz: not Reset City btw mohikanin1: @Elajjaz where do you have most time saves? ToastyOat: Ela, are you ok? We csre Lv_100: elaK RegoleSlayer: might be able to back it up with a GCS block on Hydra Shmoop1: ela13 + ela13 + ela13 – ela12=ela1 ela2 Klod1991: Leather is all you should have on TakeItBoi derechte_iz_pz: elaS Intirion: Don’t bully chat, he is old and his reflexes are shit PepeHands night_crawler_: I said What What… Locustcocoa: You should try to memorise the setup 🙂 Croissanito: 4Shrug Bootch: elaWut CommanBear: HESITATION IS DEFEAT lacBruh kaiju_boi: @Elajjaz Do you jump off or walk off? RegoleSlayer: aliens wx__78: you need more leather VaN sparken13: you didnt have the cane i guess random_nickname: hello fellow freaks Doully92: HandsUp B3AR34: A man in Leather is just wrong aLLissonCPV: i dont understand why chat always laught when something goes wrong with Ela , its just me who get sad ? Phelipe_Delta: not a big dildo? Bootch: HandsUp Cheapcat: that’s what you get for putting mayonnaise on your pizza DansGame @Elajjaz Bootch: WeirdChamp Kosmic_Eagle: FeelsWeirdMan Loki_nG: Didn’t that exact thing happen yesterday ? elaHmm FitoBurrito: B3AR34 the fuck you say VaN derechte_iz_pz: perfect hydra? PogU garenbush: elaBlind kaiju_boi: meme particles PepeLaugh Lv_100: @aLLissonCPV we are so used to it by now LULW Bootch: Hydra penetration gachiBop glorifiedjay: we laugh at the sadness of our own lives FeelsBadMan Killerquent: @glorifiedjay Stop PepeHands aLLissonCPV: @Lv_100 savage Martiansam: FeelsBadMan Klod1991: FeelsBadMan Kosmic_Eagle: FeelsBadMan perpetual_fest: FeelsBadMan Bootch: my tab completion is borked PepeHands SaintNep: everything is fine elaSmile Pudntoogud: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap FeelsBirthdayMan Clap derechte_iz_pz: @glorifiedjay well on twitch we laugh at other peoples lives coussin00: can there be some rng in the damages? Shmoop1: better laugh than cry ze_rod: Pog got a free 6$ elaOk Dustythehamster: @Elajjaz it’s probably a small difference in where you are jumping and landing to give you that like 2 hp out of RTSR Shmoop1: specially if you PepeLaugh GreedyLi: nope RegoleSlayer: kind of @coussin00 RegoleSlayer: fall damage in this game is not very consistent Loki_nG: No jump PepeHands B3AR34: Leather is only worn if performing the YMCA tuuhoo: red wr pace PogU Evillution: PepeLaugh top right corner Jemi02: @Elajjaz Can u still pb? Bootch: glorifiedjay Here’s to our lives being meaningless, and how beautiful it is, because freedom doesn’t have a purpose! nikevi: @Elajjaz hey happy birthday my guy derechte_iz_pz: @nikevi elaH nikevi: FeelsBirthdayMan kaiju_boi: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap CAKERINO: 1:12 PogU Shmoop1: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap derechte_iz_pz: 1:12 PogU BubTheBozo: Hi chat and hi ela. Happy birthday too my dude banjot2HAPPY ToxicBear840: are you just practicing for a proper run ? SonicBoom113: rooSlain jump time DocDex1: finally 13 Pog UltraWindow: PogU masterr876: 1:11 distTired Bootch: Birthday? Pog FeelsBirthdayMan Clap downing55: downing55 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 13 months! elaH WrestlerBot2000: @downing55 After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE downing55 elaA Kosmic_Eagle: @BubTheBozo Hi elaH astrovrHug Zifler: Have you tried turning the splits off n on? Might give better times. elaISee CrazyCactus: Mayonase? Pog Lv_100: PepeLaugh 👉 +1:06 PepeLaugh 👉 +1:06 Killerquent: @BubTheBozo Hey elaHi dragoltor: Ela birthday elaHYUG Gus6gus7: elaChug water Ela VokulZindro: @Elajjaz Great run so far! PepeLaugh FiReBallKG: Big timesave later on… Havent heard that before LULW dragoltor: @elajjaz how old are you? derechte_iz_pz: @zifler elaH Bootch: elaChugqswo: happy birthday and have a great streamrun ArmosNights: 🤶 ☎️ sciima: WHAT IF IT IS AN EMERGENCY? elaMad xlRaptoe: lel smartinrx78: CALL MOM BACK totjeass: 1:15 happy birthday and have a great streamVideogames roo4 EinIsRawr: This is the ruuuuun HEIL_MODS_: malding PepeLaugh Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz i have a friend that’s working on making you pregnant ela3 wandering_pleb: elaMad 👉 ☎️ 👈 elaMad Kakyoinree: ella is cute AYAYA derechte_iz_pz: MIYAZAKIIIIII Dismal_Arkt: MALDASAKI elaMad xRouw: pepeJAM sergei_no: LULW Jorstad: miyazaki says call your mom Sytharius: squilRNG squlRNG Whyeverso: miya sake elaYA kaiju_boi: BBoomer pepeJAMMER sviat93: The batun, GOT MIASAKI elaOk Kakyoinree: ELla FitoBurrito: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh sparken13: elaB Pudntoogud: PepeLaugh nymnCorn Bootch: Ela the Jukebox pepeJAM Nauman12: @elajjaz hey whats up, saw your squats on insta and i gotta say you are a beast solarflame69: inc elaKek sogeking_1337: dont u member BBoomer we built this city Dustythehamster: Ignored mom for this LULW Ph4ntomi: Oh no no no PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: JustDoIt PepeLaugh QBenji: !discord WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! B3AR34: Ignoring mum for a DS run even Nemz would answer the phone azathoth____: GREEN RUN BTW ZULUL HugeEugene: PepeLaugh 0xSaisaki: i swear on mi mum LUL AlexAnderman1994: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh dexusb: @Elajjaz Nothing personnel hepha1: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh 07Seph: dude or dudette Tommero: @0xSaisaki MANY FALL IN THE FACE OF CHAOS, BUT NOT THIS ONE, NOT TODAY Killerquent: elaSmile Deid_: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Knur_therealhog: https://clips.twitch.tv/AbrasiveBlueTraySSSsss i_Kiko: !russianroulette sadyst4: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh derechte_iz_pz: imagine not letting your mom talk to you on such an important day elaFeels Reddinator: PepeLaugh 👉 📞 Bootch: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh scribbleh: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Rust_n: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh splitting_: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Nopileos: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh marosh__: you can have multiple WR but you only have one mum PepeHands TheWeedBun: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh JimmyLuongOfficial: we’re about to WITNESS a WR today bois. Bootch: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh . DekkerDave: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh xRouw: 4HEad ? sparken13: elaSmile PokerDweebz: @JimmyLuongOfficial this isn’t even a legal run OMEGALUL sviat93: @Elajjaz what about those flowers did they arrive? who sent them? Tommero: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Chlupis: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Vivelin: @JimmyLuongOfficial It won’t be valid Killerquent: BBoomer derechte_iz_pz: why is my badge different again sparken13: TaBeRu boclfon479: we built this city on pieJams derechte_iz_pz: oh nvm Lv_100: @sviat93 HIS MOM PepeHands hepha1: THIS IS WHAT U GET SNORUNGE @Elajjaz elaMad huiberg: gachiBOP Sytharius: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh NoireHarlequin: @sviat93 his mum sent them iNEKR0Z: This pasta doesnt even rhyme LULW iNEKR0Z: So bad hilldall: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Reddinator: snorunge LULW WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: The Sarge is back at it again | Fallout New Vegas Highlights Part 3 – https://youtu.be/525h4rbYDuA Lv_100: JÄVLA SNORUNGE elaMad gulshan1: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Nauman12: @elajjaz hey ela whats up, after watching ur latest gym update on insta i gotta say that you are a beast FitoBurrito: Thanks for using my pasta chat PepeLaugh Pudntoogud: 😂👌🔥 LiT CHAT 🔥👌😂 😂👌🔥 LiT CHAT 🔥👌😂 😂👌🔥 LiT CHAT 🔥👌😂 Rust_n: @Celestial_Fear noone asked elaSmile Nopileos: FitoBurrito elaH ssssip: what is this terrible pasta, doesnt even rhyme FeelsWeirdMan stop copying it Liverpoc: mom PepeHands hepha1: Mom PepeHands FitoBurrito: Celestial_Fear okay bud WeirdChamp iCeReal: RED RUN PepeLaugh STILL NOT CALLING MUM D: Dr_Jan_Itor: and you didn’t even call her WeirdChamp raesh: PepeHands Ph4ntomi: PepeHands kaiju_boi: PepeHands mum Rust_n: PepeHands Bootch: PepeHands Ma labasfej: PepeHands poncho_kid: PepeHands PokerDweebz: PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands Amazng_Guy: She even sent flowers PepeHands HugeEugene: PJSalt SPAM THIS SALT PJSalt TO MAKE ELA CALL HIS MUM PJSalt Sytharius: you have no respect for your moms Dustythehamster: PepeHands mom tutufuzi: mami PepeHands TheWeedBun: PepeHands zeke_r0: RUN NOT OF PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh AlexAnderman1994: PepeHands sparken13: elaSmile 0xSaisaki: @Tommero monstorous speed alone has no intrinsic meaning, unless extraodinare speedrunning be considerd a virtue B3AR34: Mum grief on your Birthday wow you’re brave lol Whyeverso: @Celestial_Fear it literally does rhyme tho elaHmm Jorstad:=) Pajki13: now call mum Pudntoogud: FeelsBirthDayMan Clap FeelsBirthDayMan Clap FeelsBirthDayMan Clap FeelsBirthDayMan Clap Sytharius: you wouldnt even have your career let alone to exist if it wasnt for moms azathoth____: GREEN RUN BTW CoolStoryBob Mr4Fawkes: calling mom widepeepoBlanket sviat93: Oh it was his MOM, that why you are spamming chat PepeLaugh , I thought you were spamming because you wanted to know at what hour he was born LULW Liverpoc: TRUE LULW Knur_therealhog: why are u quiting here? Doully92: PepeLaugh overloadanxiety: What a situation elaWeird elaHmm Reddinator: TRUE LULW dami_exe: Pog SQGamer: @elajjaz you eat moms chocolate but dont call her luaSad SerFigz: PepeHands SpireFacts: My dad always forgets when is my birthday and how old I am derechte_iz_pz: WR inc elaHYUK HEIL_MODS_: no way PepeLaugh Jorstad: LULW no shit opperhoofd: perfect ONS fight incoming Spellyew: D: hepha1: Kladdkaka PogU CRAUDINHOU: Where didi he get the black knight halberd? Bootch: elaOP Ph4ntomi: elaOP kaiju_boi: elaOP Jemi02: elaOP HugeEugene: monkaW elvish words Nopileos: elaOP Corsad: elaD TheH3llraiser: elaOP Nazzet: Whip cream gachiHYPER Kershak_: at least you can call your mum back, when the run is ded IBhunivelze: gachiBASS Meximus322: elaOP Sytharius: elaOP 0xSaisaki: kladdkaka elaPuke Rust_n: @Knur_therealhog bridge would be facing the way it was before he got on it. because he quit before it connected Nintendobama: elaOP JimmyLuongOfficial: Oh for real?! Gah, thought he said he was focused and felt good, and this one was a serious one etc etc. Nvm then. Thanks peeps. @Vivelin @PokerDweebz I’ll keep rooting for him vyird1337: vyird1337 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! hepha1: I rull in kladdkaka elaOP WrestlerBot2000: @vyird1337 I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE vyird1337 POGGERS Lagunaab: did you get your daily VB longneck for bday? azathoth____: gachiOnFIRE HugeEugene: kladdkaka monkaW Sytharius: squilTHICC Jebcys: @Elajjaz Elajjax i cant believe you are 14 today im so proud of you Starkwolf2992: What is it called? Knur_therealhog: @Rust_n thanks carorinuu: the only person that never skips dessert Vivelin: @JimmyLuongOfficial Nah, just Ela being Ela ela13 SpireFacts: Kladdkaka is just brownies with pie shape right tigerd23: elaYEEHAW rileyvMilk rileyv100 tutufuzi: dafuq is kladdkaka Jemi02: thanks KKona Erko42: Kladdkaka med grädde is the shit elaGasm mountaindhew: ela had to sacrifice relationship with mom to get the god run PepeHabds was it worth it? Vivelin: @SpireFacts tastes differently HugeEugene: EL KLADDKAKA monkaW Spellyew: what is it monkaS sviat93: ela1 ela2 WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Christophersopranos: I got gifted a sub wtf Pog Sytharius: PepeHabds speedycruise: @mountaindhew PepeHabds PepeHands Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz when are we getting a butt emote? 🙂 Tommero: @0xSaisaki Curious is the speedrunner’s art. His idiocy unwitnessed by his own eyes SpireFacts: @Vivelin Google Images is making me want to devour some kladdkaka right now JimmyLuongOfficial: @Vivelin ha. Of course.=P Watching his runs for maybe a week straight now. Waiting on that WR.=P I believe in him. Haha. Arton_1: @Christophersopranos like most of us Pog Bootch: PepeLaugh Unkn0wN71: hihi ela and chat sethloNLOL Bootch: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Nopileos: Unkn0wN71 elaHYUG Jsnyder153: Nah inb4 perfect RNG Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh yes Irocam: @Dr_Jan_Itor we already have it elaYA mountaindhew: @speedycruise im so sad my fingers are trembling PepeHands Killerquent: @Unkn0wN71 Hey elaHi Zygon___: @Elajjaz i’ll sub for elaNaM NaM Sytharius: Legend27 FitoBurrito: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Keep up the birthday hype and love chat. It’s our favorite 13 year olds 13th birthday today! FeelsBirthdayMan Clap CRAUDINHOU: Where did he get the black knight halberd? borny_: has silver chains been played on here? SpireFacts: EL ORNSTEIN Cylian_The_Hollow: clarvoyance rank ex? Nazzet: @Unkn0wN71 pepeL Sytharius: Leon Neon_TRY: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh20:05WrestlerBot2000: FeelsBirthdayManClapKeep TheH3llraiser: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Vivelin: @SpireFacts I had some when a Swedish friend of mine was over, it was delicious (and sticky) CaptainOutOfTen: D: Nazzet: D: Bootch: D: abandonist: Why do you let him hit you? xlRaptoe: D: Doully92: D: Sventuras: D: Neon_TRY: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Nopileos: D: Jemi02: elaD Ph4ntomi: D: tutufuzi: D: Boshhead: happy birthday ela FeelsBirthdayMan Ajahi: elaD sadyst4: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh sviat93: Imagine his mom is here in chat PepeLaugh Le_Hunter: D: Knur_therealhog: D: Dismal_Arkt: elaD woah Rust_n: D: DonJuanPunchMan: SUCTION Jsnyder153: PERFECT RNG Bootch: elaD WHJOAH MAN RapToRZZZ92: D: derechte_iz_pz: D: Nopileos: sviat93 elaHi Sytharius: @Elajjaz you better get this one for moms HugeEugene: rooD elaD D: speedycruise: @mountaindhew pepeL OzzyNj: D: zeke_r0: elaD curtbird: rude streamer Nopileos: elaD TheWeedBun: D: Killerquent: @borny_ Yeah and it was bad PepeLaugh javadaia: D: Aldairon: elaD wandering_pleb: elaD elaD elaD Arton_1: D: Bootch: T D: X I C HugeEugene: D: rooD elaD hepha1: Ela to call his mom waiting room FeelsLateMan Ela to call his mom waiting room FeelsLateMan Ela to call his mom waiting room FeelsLateMan Deid_: PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh SpireFacts: monkaW Doully92: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: oh no no no PepeLaugh ZaneC1: PepeLaugh Arton_1: elaD Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh Meximus322: PepeLaugh rikze5: PepeLaugh Rust_n: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh Reddinator: PepeLaugh Dyres: PepeLaugh Bootch: PepeLaugh TheWeedBun: PepeLaugh Le_Hunter: PepeLaugh Killerquent: Oh no no no PepeLaugh Mr4Fawkes: i bet elas mom spams in chat as well Kappa WrestlerBot2000: 11x PepeLaugh double digit combo Pog Dijaxtra: oh no no no PepeLaugh Jsnyder153: RNG icedragon08: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: Champ Good OnS deepdongus: nice and clean OnS pepeD sergei_no: PepeLaugh Neon_TRY: Pog Meximus322: Pog Bootch: PogU alicerino: elaOp Jsnyder153: AND ELEVATOR Rust_n: Chag Doully92: Pog kisielus2: Pog Lovinwolfpack: elaEZ Zygon___: @Elajjaz i’ll sub for elaNaM NaM zeke_r0: MOM PepeHands mountaindhew: ??? PogU Dismal_Arkt: PogU Uboran: WHO IS THIS GUY Nopileos: Pog Killerquent: Pog sergei_no: Pog Wildnessa: Pog Bxadd: PogU Cullas: Pog TheWeedBun: Pog Auramoth: Pog Tenshigaki: Yuus Pog Jsnyder153: Use it after he kill troublematicc: Pog azathoth____: ROOLE sparken13: elaHmm SpireFacts: that’s a gold for sure OzzyNj: Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog Sytharius: YOU BETTER GET THIS RUN FOR MOM 26camels: too fast mattshandy: WR WR WR WR WR swanko__: rüll sviat93: PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: The run after all? PogU Champ Liverpoc: LOOK AT THE PACE PogU Reddinator: D: B3AR34: His mum was just calling to say she got further in the run than he has Knur_therealhog: Kreygasm 0xSaisaki: D: Sytharius: ELA HATES WOMEN HugeEugene: rooD MinouriiChan: I LOST CHAT 26camels: chat is this real or fake run? JustCasus: D: Taskforcem82: D: kaiju_boi: LULW Nopileos: D: hepha1: LULW rexrexgum: @Elajjaz hey man wassup? u got the BKH in this run? Bootch: LULW TXT HugeEugene: TEXXXXXXT Taskforcem82: LULW 0xSaisaki: elaK swanko__: D: Dismal_Arkt: elaKek Phanteast: LULW Jsnyder153: GREEN Vivelin: @rexrexgum no kaiju_boi: karma for not texting mum LULW rexrexgum: oh shame hepha1: Back to malding bois PepeLaugh Sytharius: REDEREEN Soultrez: Not nemz splits elaOk Killerquent: @Elajjaz Since you didn’t called her back, she’s gonna speedrun as well, and get WR, wait for her on the leaderboard swanko__: nemz is so hot omg marosh__: @Mr4Fawkes ignored by her own son. spamming in chat is the only joy she has right now PepeHands Bootch: @Elajjaz Since you didn’t called her back, she’s gonna speedrun as well, and get WR, wait for her on the leaderboard Zifler: cheer300 Did you guys know that the so called Kitkat story is actually a made up story fabricated but cultists in Japan during the 13th century, to distract the common folk from the fact that their leader is a huge weeb. elaPlan They did however fail in their mission, as those whom they tried to deceive where to 5Head PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: @swanko__ elaWeird Sytharius: @Soultrez you watch your mouth NoireHarlequin: @swanko__ proof? swanko__: huh trolling94: Anyone here know if there’s a way to pay a Twitch sub through money in an Amazon account? derechte_iz_pz: Nemz is elas new editor chat Bootch: elaHYUK Clap Blank1980: elaHYUK derechte_iz_pz: elaHYUK sparken13: elaHYUK huiberg: FeelsPepoMan Killerquent: elaHYUK TheWeedBun: FeelsPepoMan Sytharius: germany! timppaa01: elaHYUG Nopileos: elaHYUK Tommero: monkaW HugeEugene: elaHYUK Hollow_void: OMEGAHYUK Pog Dyres: FeelsPepoMan Cylian_The_Hollow: iron golem soul is 12k you still have 15k ela Kizuto3: elaHYUK Corsad: elaHYUK Mr4Fawkes: @marosh__ FeelsBadMan IAmDiabeticus: Is DS4 in development? Sytharius: WEEB TheH3llraiser: elaHYUK JoHoOoOo: elaS CaptainOutOfTen: LULW Bootch: AYAYA Nopileos: elaHYUK elaHYUK Reddinator: elaHmm Killerquent: LULW kaiju_boi: 13th century KitKats PepeLaugh sparken13: AYAYA Bxadd: AYAYA sviat93: elaISee SpireFacts: Why are weebs like this Flott: elaHYUK rexrexgum: why does everyone keep mentioning Nemz in this stream? Bootch: PepeLaugh oolgzool: DS4 not happening Dismal_Arkt: elaHmm Yes 5Head alicerino: AYAYA hoernchenspielt: AYAYA hepha1: elaHmm Nopileos: AYAYA Dyres: ???????? DarkbuilderX: @trolling94, you can use Amazon Pay, yeah SylphidLive: 5head Bootch: I just heard AYAYA and PepeLaugh djinn_94: lore Pog Flott: PepeLaugh zeke_r0: elaYA 0xSaisaki: elaYA elaYA speedycruise: does mom know the kitkat story? derechte_iz_pz: AH CERTAINLY 5Head 🍷 Sytharius: @labasfej now with that attitude icedragon08: elaYA Deid_: L 5Head R E swanko__: D: Dantagnam: AYAYA sviat93: @Elajjaz what was the last time you ate Kit Kat? Dismal_Arkt: elaLore Pog swanko__: AYAYA Dyxlecsia: Elajjaz, why are you never on GDQ? SkiTcH_VI: AYAYA FiReBallKG: real or fake run? Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA HEIL_MODS_: @rexrexgum cuz Nemz is funny lad PepeLaugh condorre: real BKH or no? JustCasus: D: Tommero: fake kaiju_boi: @condorre nope Hellu: nrdyY Ah men va fan, ge mig pizza med banan nrdyOwO This is a stick-up elaGun so stop with the hiccup elaB Happy birthday you 13 yo zoomer ElaPls deep down we know you’re just a late BBoomer Spools_: boop alexowhy: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Witcher_tj: laePERS Dr_Jan_Itor: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet alexowhy: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet SerFigz: EZ Clap alexowhy: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet AlexanderKOV: FeelsBirthdayMan Happy Birthday Comrade Ela Dr_Jan_Itor: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet bjoernnn: Happy Birthday Comrade Elajjaz ela7 alexowhy: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet WhiskeyFudge: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Dr_Jan_Itor: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Lyovknight: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Elminster_V: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Dr_Jan_Itor: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet WhiskeyFudge: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet alexowhy: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet berozz: HeyGuys WhiskeyFudge: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Nifran: Pog Happy Birthday SpireFacts: ela cheated not only in the game but on himself bjoernnn: Happy Birthday Comrade Elajjaz ela7 Happy Birthday Comrade Elajjaz ela7 alexowhy: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet WhiskeyFudge: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet kaiju_boi: ela7 derechte_iz_pz: Nemz, the best dark souls runner wouldn’t ignore his mom 🙂 rexrexgum: @HEIL_MODS_ ok. but isn’t he taking a break from DS? AsshurtingEmu: Pog hepha1: elaH HugeEugene: WutFace Dr_Jan_Itor: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet kaiju_boi: ela7 ela7 ela7 ela7 ela7 ela7 ela7 ela7 alexowhy: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Sytharius: @Elajjaz what us your opinion on germany TheWeedBun: Pog anoter raid Killerquent: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet WhiskeyFudge: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet ryogrande: !mod Bootch: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Spam continues WrestlerBot2000: Cinder mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/310 Reddinator: nrdyE Clap HugeEugene: WutFace WTF Bootch: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Spam continues FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Spam continues FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Spam continues FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Spam continues WhiskeyFudge: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Lyovknight: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet FeelsBirthdayMan 0xSaisaki: nerdy ela7 Crab_with_Tophat: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet derechte_iz_pz: @comradenerdy elaH elaH elaH Sytharius: @Elajjaz what is your opinion on germany Tommero: ELA TURNING 13 Pog ela13 WhiskeyFudge: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet alexowhy: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet SpireFacts: @Sytharius wtf Spellyew: elaH ornacle: gachiBASS Killerquent: DAMMIT PepeLaugh Lyovknight: Happy Birthday Comrade Ela nrdyH nrdyPrivet Witcher_tj: Nerdy, hu? F me derechte_iz_pz: @crab_with_tophat elaH sergei_no: ela7 Sytharius: @SpireFacts ? Bootch: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Spam continues elaHi Nerdy and AYAYA Kapp sviat93: @Elajjaz when was the last time you ate Kit Kat? WMDragoon: is it actually his birthday or is these memes hepha1: ela7 Dismal_Arkt: ela7 comrades Sytharius: @Elajjaz what is your opinion on germany ComradeNerdy: hi Ela and chat elaH AlexAnderman1994: @Lyovknight pepeL Nopileos: ComradeNerdy elaHi derechte_iz_pz: @bootch elaH Crab_with_Tophat: @derechte_iz_pz elaH mizoreeee: allo allo birthday raiders FeelsBirthdayMan IAmThurmal: @WMDragoon actually 27 kaiju_boi: @WMDragoon real FeelsBirthdayMan Liverpoc: GREEN Pogu Hellu: WMDragoon actual memes hepha1: @ComradeNerdy ela7 Bootch: derechte_iz_pz elaH ComradeNerdy: 0xSaisaki, elaH AlexAnderman1994: @ComradeNerdy pepeL Lyovknight: @alexanderman1994 elaH pepeL Killerquent: @ComradeNerdy Oh hello there elaHi ela7 ComradeNerdy: derechte_iz_pz, elaH Sheolith: ComradeNerdy ela7 elaHYUG N0tTheCarry: real of fake BKH? Dismal_Arkt: green FeelsGoodMan Spellyew: @comradenerdy elaH HotFireZ: @ComradeNerdy pepeL ArttAtack: PepeLaugh swanko__: @ComradeNerdy FeelsBlyatMan Dyxlecsia: Elajjaz, why are you never on GDQ? mocaffe: @comradenerdy elaH elaHi Bootch: ComradeNerdy elaH Lyovknight: @mizoreeee elaHYUG nrdyH ComradeNerdy: Bootch, elaH ComradeNerdy: Nopileos, elaH derechte_iz_pz: nerdy sing happy birthday on stream for ela elaMad speedycruise: he’s been milking this birthday out for about a month ComradeNerdy: hepha1, elaH Lyovknight: @mocaffe elaH pepeL Sytharius: @Elajjaz what is your opinion on germany? Nopileos: ComradeNerdy elaH ComradeNerdy: AlexAnderman1994, elaH alexowhy: nrdyY hello Elas Chat dclaraLove mizoreeee: Lyovknight elaHYUG nrdyE raoulduke81: So moveswap doesn’t work in remastered? Nopileos: alexowhy pepeL kaiju_boi: Never on GDQ because OneHand PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: OneHand ? ComradeNerdy: Killerquent, elaH ta_no_kami: OneHand OneHand OneHand OneHand ComradeNerdy: Sheolith, elaH Deid_: OneHand derechte_iz_pz: @alexowhy elaH vyird1337: is it fake a fake bkh) Ph4ntomi: Banned from GDQ OneHand Bootch: alexowhy elaH rexrexgum: @Elajjaz why do u kill the fat monk dude in your runs? ComradeNerdy: Spellyew, elaH Reddinator: OneHand atomicdestruction: OneHand OneHand OneHand OneHand Killerquent: @alexowhy Hey elaHi ComradeNerdy: HotFireZ, elaH Bootch: OneHand Clap Hellu: OneHand OneHand OneHand OneHand Fiend325: yeah it would take a while to run there Rust_n: OneHand sviat93: 1Hand derechte_iz_pz: OneHand I wonder why ComradeNerdy: swanko__, elaH Dyres: OneHand Spellyew: @alexowhy elaH Lyovknight: @sheolith elaHYUG pepeL sviat93: OneHand ComradeNerdy: mocaffe, elaH Sytharius: @Elajjaz do you live in the arctic circle? bdlixo: fake halberd?? Lyovknight: OneHand HEIL_MODS_: @rexrexgum he mentioned yesterday he will start running this to beat Ela PepeLaugh probably a joke but yeah hepha1: prepare ( PepeLaugh ) ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM CrazyCactus: stand up gachiBASS mizoreeee: @Elajjaz will you ever go to a EVO ? Mr4Fawkes: GDQ Stockholm when? Reddinator: bdlixo ye TheH3llraiser: ComradeNerdy my BDSM love nrdyH elaH xLucatiel: Never on gdq cause his mom says he can’t go till he calls her back Bootch: OneHand>4Head Kapp ComradeNerdy: i did once derechte_iz_pz it’s a clusterfuck nrdyE alexowhy: Lyovknight gachiAPPROVE ComradeNerdy: TheH3llraiser, elaH rexrexgum: @HEIL_MODS_ ok. will be nice to see him back tbh Kakyoinree: @hepha1 I’m holding ( PepeLaugh ) Kadrag: Kadrag subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 16 months! At what splits do you think you can get the last 2 minutes for the WR ela? WrestlerBot2000: @kadrag After 16 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Lyovknight: @alexowhy FeelsGoodMan nrdyH Nopileos: SUB HYPE Kadrag POGGERS Bootch: Clap hepha1: OH SHIT Twintail_Lalafell: BCWarrior Donkerino: Happy birthday @Elajjaz ! elaISee derechte_iz_pz: @comradenerdy I remember OMEGALUL bdlixo: @Reddinator ty kaiju_boi: Pog hepha1: good fight for once Pog bronco84: HYPERCLAP Erko42: is this a real run? Sytharius: @Elajjaz consecutive_normal_waffle: hey @Elajjaz dropping in to say happy birthday. what do they allow you to do when you turn 14 in sweden anyway? Burrarum: TheIlluminati BrainSlug CurseLit derechte_iz_pz: I think it was that time kaiju_boi: no Erko42 Lv_100: no GDQ until he turns 15 his mom said LULW Whyeverso: still haven’t called mum hobbHands HEIL_MODS_: @rexrexgum definitely PogU Elminster_V: @Elajjaz But Vikings travel far away nrdyREE Hellu: Still in green Pog ComradeNerdy: Happy Birthday again, Ela elaH i also heard you had some interesting clips on your stream with your “dance”, reminder that you never showed one that we made Kapp Spidahmahn: Pog hepha1: that timesave LUL mizoreeee: @Elajjaz any plans on going to a EVO once ? FiReBallKG: green splits? Pog CleverName2: @derechte_iz_pz VoHiYo Bootch: PepeLaugh it’s faster razorxscooter: Hello chat elaOk / Nopileos: razorxscooter elaHi Hellu: elaD Kakyoinree: PepeHands Lyovknight: @clevername2 elaWOW nrdyH Bootch: razorxscooter elaH elaOk Martiansam: nevermind no pizza today 😀 my parents didnt want to take it in place i told them to for some reason , instead they went to a shitty kebab , ok no thk curly_core: D: Zifler: I see green I type Pog Lyovknight: @razorxscooter elaH elaOk Sytharius: YOU’RE ARE GREEM derechte_iz_pz: @clevername2 the moon is beautiful, isn’t it elaISee Killerquent: @razorxscooter Oh alo elaHi B3AR34: Ela if you get a PB you’ve gotta dedicate it to the mum you never talk to on your Birthdays. briedis24: briedis24 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 26 months, currently on a 8 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @briedis24 After 26 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE briedis24 Pog tesshu78: back to red split Visoth: morning Ela, how are the runs today? qpgooseqp: @Elajjaz Can only runs with real halberd be counted? razorxscooter: elaOk cirPat CRAUDINHOU: What happened to queelag split julit01991: Ela, guys, I need to put to sleep my dog, I´m very sad 🙁 HugeEugene: @razorxscooter elaOk rooPat Martiansam: @razorxscooter can i have a pat ? elaHYUG W34pon: what is the hardest boss for the speed run? kaiju_boi: @julit01991 PepeHands Dyres: julit01991 nymnSad hepha1: Säjvs PogU Ph4ntomi: PepeHands speedycruise: @julit01991 stay strong man Bootch: Ela channel your inner GLOD KING Chag captain_elsewhere: julit01991 pepeHands Dark_reddy007: did he get the real or the fake halberd? DidacoWolf: Kala. eet ArttAtack: MingLee Bootch: gachiHYPER Thrisper: FeelsBirthdayMan DidacoWolf: kalameet carorinuu: RaregachiGASM Kakyoinree: tight gachiBASS hepha1: ElaPls mocaffe: @julit01991 elaFeels PepeHands kaiju_boi: @Dark_reddy007 fake derechte_iz_pz: KalaYEET IAmThurmal: Kalayeet NoireHarlequin: what’s the fake halberd? Kambri0: gachiHYPER IBhunivelze: gachiHYPER kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh ArttAtack: gachiBOP DangerSloth: ElaPls Killerquent: @julit01991 Sorry to hear that, be strong elaFeels MartyLikesCookies: elaK tesshu78: TIGHT gachiDAMA CleverName2: @Lyovknight pepeL Bootch: KalaYeet PepeLaugh derechte_iz_pz: @iamthurmal elaKek IAmThurmal: @derechte_iz_pz Clap2 Lv_100: @Dark_reddy007 he got the doc one Cage_D: @julit01991 man that must be really hard for you be strong my friend xlRaptoe: MaN us Thrisper: 13 today FeelsBirthdayMan Cylian_The_Hollow: elaK loraineeee: KalaYEET ela13 Bootch: D: CleverName2: @derechte_iz_pz it is indeed pepeL hepha1: gotta go fast ElaPls Nostaria: elaK sure Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Martiansam: elaD Vallenhal: @julit01991, Hold on man. My dog was killed by a car last week, I feel you. derechte_iz_pz: @clevername2 pepeL zeke_r0: gachiBASS tutufuzi: how can you that D: argonLuL: elaK sloggyx: @Elajjaz have you ever played kingdom come? would lvoe too see you play it Nazzet: PepeLaugh ComradeNerdy: Ela since Cb’s video of you went public now, want me to link your other dance, didn’t want to do it without your permission elaOP iNEKR0Z: iNEKR0Z subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! Hey Ela, Soulblade here. Happy birthday boyyy FeelsBirthdayMan HYPERCLAP WrestlerBot2000: @inekr0z I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE iNEKR0Z elaA Dyres: Pog Witcher_tj: for me manus is just so anoying most of the time, he trolls too much bjoernnn: RULL ElaPls loleroflxd: Pug boclfon479: @Elajjaz since you dont really use much souls the rest of the game, wouldnt it make sense to quickly get 40 endurance for more stamina at a random bonfire? or is that not needed kaiju_boi: @ComradeNerdy Pog do it CrazyCactus: this is the wr run. I WAS HERE Pog Knur_therealhog: D: iNEKR0Z: OMEGADOWN velikidace: is this a legit run? Kakyoinree: kingdom what ? gachiBASS Hellu: PepeLaugh Cheesehovel: why am I toxic!! xlRaptoe: Kingdom Cum gachiHYPER Kershak_: Insaneeeeeeeeee Dhoulchen: @Elajjaz happy birthday and thanks for the sub elaSmile iNEKR0Z: A shit ton @Elajjaz WrestlerBot2000: “Yo, Nerdy!” “Hm?” “Fuck me!” – Ela, 2018 No. 114 https://clips.twitch.tv/PowerfulTenaciousCaterpillarRalpherZ Reddinator: ComradeNerdy he said yes PepeLaugh boclfon479: AHHHH that makes sense rexrexgum: !uptime 26camels: why is the poison so tiny WrestlerBot2000: @rexrexgum, elajjaz has been streaming for 4 hours 14 mins sloggyx: has someone the creampie clip? LUL ridro: happy birthday ComradeNerdy: Reddinator Kapp wudermelon: does fake halberd wr still count? carorinuu: fake run, why bother PepeHands Bootch: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Happy birthday strimmer Lanshii: hey guys it’s soulblade 🙂 iNEKR0Z: @sloggyx Interesting gachiHYPER ArttAtack: fake run DansGame Killerquent: @sloggyx The WHAT PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: @sloggyx gachiBOP ? carorinuu: no @wudermelon Finedandeliooon: What’s elas PB in this category? rexrexgum: @Elajjaz best run so far today? hepha1: hard game Kappa charlesthememe: is the dark souls community still not deciding to use forced halberd for the categories? Sytharius: def Sytharius: in kaiju_boi: what did it cost? PepeHands SpireFacts: deathinately Sytharius: it TheMoltenGuy: is this real or fake halberd elaOk Sytharius: lee captain_elsewhere: anyone have a clip of when ela finally understood what motherfucker meant ? BabaJanbon_: @Finedandeliooon 1.12.02 as u can see LUL haxen64: @Finedandeliooon Look at the right of screen, it’s 1:12:02 kurikame_: mum’s power WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! condorre: @Finedandeliooon 1:12:02 Streamleen: This is the run! tesshu78: Lee PepeHands Sytharius: p HEIL_MODS_: fake PepeHands ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM julit01991: Ty guys, i´ll try to stay strong, my dogs was my life Bootch: PepeHands Ma hepha1: @TheMoltenGuy fake PepeHands Zifler: Please fill me in, what makes it a fake run? elaISee Elminster_V: @Elajjaz What about speedrun Dark Souls Board Game ? POGGERS illethor221: Someone on my street just crashed their car into a fire hydrant PepeLaugh what a knob EmileLouisJolie: the mom skip run PepeHands Sarcrai: @ComradeNerdy:( Vikingdeath1: Vikingdeath1 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! Nopileos: SUB HYPE Vikingdeath1 elaA ComradeNerdy: SkyDC elaH Flott: danHeh WrestlerBot2000: @vikingdeath1 I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM Nazzet: @DrumbooMass bingHey Annonn140: SPAM THIS NAM NaM TO MAKE ELA CALL HIS MOM NaM SPAM THIS NAM NaM TO MAKE ELA CALL HIS MOM NaM SPAM THIS NAM NaM TO MAKE ELA CALL HIS MOM NaM Bleez93: Bleez93 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 18 months! PepeHands Bootch: DrumbooMass elaHi elaH WrestlerBot2000: @bleez93 After 18 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM robinhopslaap: CHEATER Nopileos: SUB HYPE Bleez93 PogChamp ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM rexrexgum: @Elajjaz whenever u fail to get the BKH why do u still decide to go forward with the run instead of resetting? practice? scream_of_a_thousand_cows: DrumbooMass YOOO dude ela12 / Bootch: SPAM THIS NAM NaM TO MAKE ELA CALL HIS MAN MaN Vikingdeath1: YeahBoi DrumbooMass: @Nazzet @Bootch @scream_of_a_thousand_cows elaWOW pepeL nrdyY ComradeNerdy: alrighty, it’s also in DMs if you want on PC and i can send it on imgur for you too Zifler: Ela, how big is it? Your meme folder. elaThirst B3AR34: Don’t worry Mum he’ll be quitting at Kalameet. Thrisper: Nerdy when is your birthday? elaHmm Ringguni: hi Bootch: SPAM THIS NAM NaM TO MAKE ELA CALL HIS MAN MaN SPAM THIS NAM NaM TO MAKE ELA CALL HIS MAN MaN kaiju_boi: SPAM THIS MOTHER HotPokket TO MAKE ELA CALL HIS BROTHER HotPokket RicHaya: monkaW part DrumbooMass: @ComradeNerdy nrdyPrivet cheeki breeky nrdyY zaeta__: monkaSHAKE ComradeNerdy: 3rd of September Thrisper Reddinator: NaM Sm3xy_Waffle: D: ComradeNerdy: DrumbooMass elaH splitting_: NaM ? DrumbooMass: @scream_of_a_thousand_cows How are you? elaCozy Bootch: LULW kaiju_boi nice one MartyLikesCookies: monkaS Bootch: monkaS WITO: @ComradeNerdy can I get a link to my study folder? elaC bisch058: monkaS SaixSoul: monkaSHAKE Nopileos: monkaS HugeEugene: FeelsGoodMan no krazyshark today Thrisper: @ComradeNerdy noted ela13 hepha1: HOLD monkaW Nazylexx: @Elajjaz Which build would you recommend for fresh DS1 playthrough? ComradeNerdy: WITO nah only for Ela elaOP CycleOfFire: monkaS williamr224: monkeyS ComradeNerdy: Thrisper nrdyS MartyLikesCookies: PepeHands Bootch: D: Hank_e_Panky: PepeHands Witcher_tj: ahh Ph4ntomi: PepeHands Labargoth: rooGasm Hellu: elaH ah Vivelin: Ahh… HotFireZ: ahh Kreygasm TheH3llraiser: PepeHands WillyTheWorm: But why PepeHands Hulahuliz123: PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands z3vron: PepeHands RicHaya: PepeHands hepha1: PepeHands condorre: fkn crossbreed DansGame Reddinator: AHHH elaGasm CRAUDINHOU: Kreygasm Sm3xy_Waffle: PepeHands HugeEugene: rooGasm rexrexgum: @Elajjaz whenever u fail to get the BKH why do u still decide to go forward with the run instead of resetting? practice Jimmy2358: calebGasm PLAZAx: PepeHands Flott: elaGasm Bootch: Bully and murder PepeHands zaeta__: just remembered I’m a sub now ela3 ela4 Knur_therealhog: Kreygasm dan_sai: What a bithc! Nopileos: Kreygasm alucard835: PepeHands nusgi: elaGasm Muffingrenn: but why, what seeketh thee? Sheolith: nrdyGasm zombie391: Kreygasm Johnn66: WOMEN gachiBASS alicerino: elaGasm rnjee: elajjaz why dont you stop Gwyndolin from moving at the start by throwing a talisman at him Bootch: Just like Patricia PepeHands ArttAtack: AHHHH gachiHYPER LifeIsHellaYikers: cyrUgasm kingbradley24: waddup birthday boy and chat! elaH FeelsBirthdayMan Cage_D: weebs gone Dazzanii: ahhhhh Kreygasm Kizuto3: rip anime girl s0meusername: elaGasm WITO: @ComradeNerdy How about Ela for Ela deal? tesshu78: MY WAIFU PepeHands Flott: That moaning tho elaGasm Labargoth: VaN houndthree: everyone is a pretender 🙁 kaiju_boi: VaN catzket: WOMEN gachiHYPER zaeta__: VaN ? Ph4ntomi: VaN RicHaya: VaN Clap Nopileos: VaN ? Nocturath: happy birthday man i wish only the best for you FeelsBirthdayMan @Elajjaz Lv_100: @Johnn66 WTF U DONT GACHI WOMEN DansGAme Zifler: Ela, how big is it? elaThirst Your meme folder. zombie391: VaN zeke_r0: @johnn66 gachiBASS on women WeirdChamp rexrexgum: @Elajjaz whenever u fail to get the BKH why do u still decide to go forward with the run instead of resetting? practice? hepha1: nice bonfire Ela, why cant you do it like that every time? Kappa Bootch: catzket you dont gachi women DansGame Kapp DrumbooMass: PogU is Ela’s birthday? FeelsBirthdayMan Clap happy B-day Ela Jybel: “this land is peaceful, its inhabitants kind.” Stop lying priscilla. Look at the bonewheels in the basement. LUL Nocturath: ela1 ela2 scream_of_a_thousand_cows: DrumbooMass really good actually elaOk my little niece came to visit Nocturath: ela3 ela4 JgHydra: Oh snap Happy Birthday Ela! PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Bootch: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Nocturath: shiiit catzket: @Bootch PRISCILLA gachiHYPER Clap Vikingdeath1: Happy birthday to us! 😀 Nocturath: ela1 ela2 rnjee: why dont you stop Gwyndolin from moving at the start by throwing a talisman at him! Selimay: gachiHYPER WO-MEN Nocturath: ela3 ela4 hepha1: @Nocturath PepeHands 0xSaisaki: gachiHYPER Sm3xy_Waffle: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap hbd Ela, you’re spicy and ily Nocturath: PepeHands BeattyBandit: BeattyBandit subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! Happy Birthday! WrestlerBot2000: @beattybandit You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE BeattyBandit POGGERS xHydraaP: Happy birthday to the birthday boys and gals and genderqueersela13 PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: guys i have a kinder surprise Bootch: Im not watching Ela at all anymore PepeLaugh Cullas: HYPERCLAP Jsnyder153: Thicc RNG Ankaraws: ela1 ela2 Ankaraws: ela3 ela4 kkoja: _____ ela3 ela4 zombie391: ela3 ela4 Bootch: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Nucleoprotein: VaN VaN Nucleoprotein: ela3 ela4 WITO: tehO1 tehO2 Nopileos: ela3 ela4 kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh Sarcrai: FeelsBadMan Bindox_: can someone explain to me what fake halberd is and how you get the real Bootch: FeelsGoodMan WITO: @Nopileos Pog SeymourFlux: ela1 ela2 Dirkules72: squad1 squad2 Destmand: SoBayed ? Hulahuliz123: Pog alicerino: Jebaited taaaaaaken: taaaaaaken subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months, currently on a 1 month streak! gachiBOP syps_: Pog DarkResonance: Chag WrestlerBot2000: @taaaaaaken You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM haxen64: Pog Nopileos: SUB HYPE taaaaaaken Pog carorinuu: jumpa tak rexrexgum: @Elajjaz has there ever been a day that you didn’t manage to get the BKH in a single run? Liverpoc: OneHand derechte_iz_pz: ela1 ela2 derechte_iz_pz: ela3 ela4 RicHaya: GLOD Po xHydraaP: Fake Patricia Clap Nopileos: Clap Erko42: GLOD Bootch: GLOD Kreygasm kennyrispuff: PogU FishingPotato: What if you get the rekky now? watmarco: golod tubes269: Pog FiReBallKG: GLOD Pog konces: konces subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 11 months! WrestlerBot2000: @konces Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM derechte_iz_pz: YES hepha1: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh IGNORED WHEN MOM CALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh zombie391: Clap Nopileos: SUB HYPE konces POGGERS axd0416: G O L D O ta_no_kami: Clap kaiju_boi: ela13 Clap BabaJanbon_: GLOD Pog Bootch: Kreygasm moree tesshu78: Pog mizoreeee: now you have to decide what kind of souldblade since he got 10 of them LULW sergei_no: Pog Thrisper: ela1 ela2 ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ela3 ela4 DO IT RIGHT CHAT mildwonder: GLOD Pog robinhopslaap: @Bindox_ its the weapon he uses and its a random drop from a specific enemy soul__blade: @Elajjaz Soulblade it is then FeelsGoodMan Hellu: G L O D TheWeedBun: GLOD Pog silver6ird: @Bindox_ rare drop that he cheats in sometimes elaOk Nocturath: resttA1 resttA2 kingbradley24: literally chose the name he dislikes the most @Elajjaz 4Head Bootch: Clap Kapp Sm3xy_Waffle: @Bindox_ so if he doesn’t get the drop from the black knight, he cheats it in Kizuto3: karmikEZ Soultrez: A Nemz split PogU DoktorKimm: is it legit halbert? Nocturath: fak mildwonder: Clap Kapp Sourcehunter: He doing it PogU scream_of_a_thousand_cows: DrumbooMass yea i started to realise that few months back ela12 Labargoth: elaGlod PepeHands WerewolfB: Thrisper WeirdChamp hepha1: @Thrisper WeirdChamp taaaaaaken: cirISee elaISee V1PMONKEY: @DoktorKimm no HugeEugene: ela1 ela2 derechte_iz_pz: NEMZ PACE PogU xLucatiel: lobos3 lobos4 HugeEugene: rooD3 rooD4 Jybel: @Bindox_ When the halberd doesnt drop, you can use a mod to force it to. Run becomes invalid afterwards. legit runs have to be done without. samosir: samosir subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 15 months! WrestlerBot2000: @samosir After 15 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Thrisper: ela13 Bleez93: how many subs do you have? Nopileos: SUB HYPE samosir PogChamp alucard835: Pog subscription excitement PogU Redactus: WeirdChamp Clap Bootch: ela13 Sarcrai: lirik1 Dr_Jan_Itor: ela1 ela2 don’t talk to me 0xSaisaki: @Bindox_ to get more runs to practice, if the knight does not drop a halberd one is automaticly put in his inventory, saves hours of resets not_dr_jan_itor: ela3 ela4 or not me ever again Cage_D: KonCha rexrexgum: @Elajjaz has there ever been a day where you didn’t manage to get the BKH in a single run? KaitoKidShadow: Pog Redactus: Pog FiReBallKG: 5Head Bootch: Janitor PepeLaugh soul__blade: soulbladeq subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak!25 years old Hellu: Just muscle pain from working out Tasarion: you’re old @Elajjaz iLostToLife: cancer monkaW Boshhead: it means the McRib is back on the menu nicky_altosaxophoney: blood in the lungs monkaW Dhoulchen: malding Killerquent: DR House, help us monkaW PeculiarHerb: monkaW alucard835: means you need more gachiHYPER Abyssadin: lel NiceThings_: 5Head cancer HoppyHippo_: deth LoneShadows: monkaW houndthree: does it happen when you take a deep breath? Martiansam: ligma monkaW splitting_: cancer Kapp shishog: Lupus Ankaraws: monkaH ザーンガ: monkaW LIGMA Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz sharp pain where? swanko__: cancer 1080p200fps: last birthday AnubisYE: DETH Zaraji: monkaW LifeIsHellaYikers: your old now elaFeels kaiju_boi: LIGMA monkaW @Elajjaz KaitoKidShadow: cancer LUL Shrimpess: 5Head you will probablydie JinM0: you have around 10 hours left to live muhlman1337: !dead scooooba: ligma WrestlerBot2000: Yeah, probably dead elaS saltberrycrunch: Don’t google it DigitalZips: Hemorrhoids atomicdestruction: Kidney stones monkaW Thrisper: RIB CANCER monkaW Ziazis: you’re dying FiReBallKG: a couple of months to live BobTheDrunkBear: death monkaW Cage_D: just muscles swanko__: monkaW ChemXVX: birthdayitis Klod1991: You ahve Ligma. Flott: Hearth Attack monkaX Lionkingler1: SUGMA monkaW MartyLikesCookies: LAST STREAM PepeHands Ankaraws: monkaGun DrumbooMass: You’re transforming into buldozer Elajjaz 5Head Jorstad: DYING FROM OLDNESS Arton_1: @Elajjaz you are getting old ElaD Yusolein_: it means you will die in 70 years Behlial: Whats Ligma Loki_nG: Too Swole elaDM alucard835: you’re fine then AlexAnderman1994: @Elajjaz if you ever got a body pillow who would be on it? LickMyPretzel: I used to have something like that TeomTV: bad sign then monkaS mr_adix: it’s called bad posture houndthree: ok idk SeeM_Villain: Dr Chat Igneria: nice knowing you ela FeelsBadMan Trickery_Games: it means your slouching garenbush: chat diagnosis LULW Flott: Hearth Attack monkaX or it’s Lupus monkaX Agaomen: i am 26 and nearly dead ElaOut JinM0: i died from that GeorgiN1: @Behlial LIGMA BALLS randomweeb69: dying elaS nicky_altosaxophoney: only prescription is getting drunk PepeHands Ziazis: someone punched you in the rips during sleep? kaiju_boi: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap 1080p200fps: asking chat LUL ssssip: i wouldnt mind a body pillow personally, would just have one without anything on it and would be super comfy tematoComfy Jemi02: DRRHAT LULW TheXearo: Ela probably just your intercosal muscles Thrisper: Chat knows everthing KappatainHindsight: Happens when you lick your elbow? wevie1: monkaS Hellu: HandsUp NoirPainNET: NoirPainNET subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 13 months! ola 26camels: lie on the table for me, please TyrantZedd: HandsUp WrestlerBot2000: @noirpainnet After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM kaiju_boi: HandsUp Dr_Jan_Itor: monkaH Shrimpess: @Elajjaz is something stuck in your ass? 5Head JackBraun: HandsUp Nopileos: SUB HYPE NoirPainNET Pog MrFunky159: @Elajjaz what did you do for training today? GoAkke: monkaH Simon_iO: monkaH Behlial: Damn, you got me good @GeorgiN1 ザーンガ: HandsUp MrMadakey: monkaH mildwonder: MaN alucard835: HandsUp PLEASE MAN HandsUp kaiju_boi: monkaH HandsUp Nopileos: monkaH LickMyPretzel: My brother who is a physiotherapist pushed on my back and some bone cracked and it was good after that i think Rhynin: monkaH GoAkke wandering_pleb: monkaH Abyssadin: monkaH OscarVBender: monkaH Stilgarius: monkaH AlexAnderman1994: HandsUp Grimesi: HandsUp splitting_: monkaH Kaiochi: D: swanko__: HandsUp ザーンガ: D: kaiju_boi: D: Nopileos: monkaH monkaH garenbush: D: Fearswe: @GoAkke But it’s his birthday today though Lim3Fru1t: monkaH Sohei4649: elaD nicky_altosaxophoney: monkaH TheNomad070: you are yust getting old @Elajjaz Shrimpess: monkaTOS Llyfrgell: D: Fadziri: D: randomweeb69: HandsUp Killerquent: It might come as a shock, but you have the plague @Elajjaz FeelsBadMan Or a cold, choose your side Nimurina: monkaTOS ERRORCODES: Elajjaz The pain is called turning 27. PepeLaugh swanko__: monkaH Thrisper: Are there any doctors in chat? PepeHands Nopileos: monkaH NoirPainNET: you should have been at esa mister Kaiochi: PepeHands Stilgarius: PepeHands kaiju_boi: BBoomer PepeHands ザーンガ: pepeHands SacredChickenNugget: @NoirPainNET elaWOW pepeL splitting_: PepeHands alucard835: PepeHands GoAkke: Fearswe but we had the chance to say it earlier today PepeHands Shrimpess: PepeHands Doully92: PepeHands MartyLikesCookies: PepeHands Reddinator: BBoomer randomweeb69: monkaH TeomTV: Any Doctorers? JKanStyle karakovv: PepeHands Nopileos: pepeHands BobTheDrunkBear: PepeHands drunk_angel: you need to put a banana in your mouth gachiBOP cause you need potassium JackBraun: PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: BBoomer ザーンガ: PepeHands Kaiochi: DYING STREAMER PepeHands Zubodrot: BBoomer Lim3Fru1t: PepeHands ザーンガ: Forever 13 Kapap Thrisper: Nearly 30 PepeHands Ankaraws: elaK ザーンガ: Kappa Flott: According to google, you have a Vaginal Infection danFear danFear swanko__: BBoomer WrestlerBot2000: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Keep up the birthday hype and love chat. It’s our favorite 13 year olds 13th birthday today! FeelsBirthdayMan Clap karakovv: @Elajjaz Old man reflexes coming in PepeHands randomweeb69: PepeHands NoirPainNET: I WAS Shmoop1: elaHmm I’m a MD and my diagnosis is 3 brain tumours, ebola and you are the embodiment of the antichrist. but it’s k, a little dose of gachiHYPER should fix it @Elajjaz NoirPainNET: nugget elaH italianspongebob: elajjaz which ps4 controller do you have? mizoreeee: sure elaK Killerquent: Dying, old and washed up PepeHands diglet187: d69Spicy alicerino: one foot in the grave already PepeHands chrisw_de: We built this city pepeJAM NoirPainNET: i told you like 100 time ela kdubBruh Kaiochi: AYAYA Thrisper: 80 year old streamer PepeHands tentacles_have_feelings: elaBruv Doully92: 3Head Clap NoirPainNET: times even neothax: he didn’t know PepeLaugh wevie1: POGGERS Never__Ever: i dont Hellu: elaBruv Clap kaiju_boi: 3Head FOIFA LickMyPretzel: Ela what’s your favorite horror movie? Kappa Pajki13: nay lads ? 3Head ssssip: POGGERS Flott: Shmoop1, danHeh Bindox_: red MaleFunction: elaBruv Kaiochi: FeelsPepoMan Killerquent: FeelsPepoMan LickMyPretzel: bu bu but MitsuoK: 3Head Nazzet: FeelsPepoMan Shrimpess: ??? TeomTV: FeelsPepoMan Clap MartyLikesCookies: but but but 3Head Simon_iO: elaGa garenbush: FeelsPepoMan super_ae: OneHand IF YOU ARE A REAL COOL CAT OneHand POST FOUR ONEHAND IN THE CHAT OneHand OneHand OneHand OneHand Killerquent: FeelsPepoMan System shutdown FeelsPepoMan Nopileos: FeelsPepoMan picklerickshank: fooken foifa mate yew twat 3Head randomweeb69: elaGa ssssip: OneHand OneHand OneHand OneHand LickMyPretzel: Can we play horror games after this run? Thrisper: Ela will be 80 in 2072 ela13 NoirPainNET: Im there, next year, again BigDTwi: pepeJAM ザーンガ: BBoomer Nazzet: OneHand OneHand OneHand OneHand chrisw_de: pepeJAM mildwonder: BBoomer Flott: Time to reboot ela danDerp BruiseVein: @Elajjaz my spiderbro has gotten its own bro now monkaW is that too much? nicky_altosaxophoney: OneHand OneHand OneHand OneHand NoirPainNET: better be there too deccAngery swanko__: DansGame WrestlerBot2000: Thank you @ComradeNerdy for the 50.00$ donation elaH Sytharius: you know like 2 lines, just stop DrumbooMass: OneHand OneHand OneHand OneHand kaiju_boi: Champ Kevintaku: Pog Doully92: Pog Stilgarius: Pog Killerquent: Pog Nopileos: Pog JackBraun: Pog neothax: PepeUff DrumbooMass: Pog Hellu: Pog MrMadakey: Nerdy Pog kaiju_boi: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap TyrantZedd: Pog LickMyPretzel: nerdy:( regon89: @oopmah got it, thanks mate nooberost: in Slav country neighbors behave like: oh, this son of a bitch turn his TV on loud! Let’s tur ours louder!! MaTja1: when can we get a tour of th apartment? if even lol Ermuti: Hi guys, how were the runs today? mildwonder: LULW WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz V1PMONKEY: @mizoreeee same hope you have a good night soon Ermuti: elaH scirvir_: N OMEGALUL M N Z ザーンガ: LULW ? nicky_altosaxophoney: 5Head MatthewAntoniou97: 3Head NEMZ Killerquent: @Ermuti elaHi Pretty bad PepeLaugh Shrimpess: Nemz is ela’s neighbour? PepeLaugh HappySmile123: Ermuti pretty elaGa danadamana: @Elajjaz Hey! Are you playing any spooky games after this?? mizoreeee: V1PMONKEY aw thank you you too pepeL Daaarling02: annytfKnuckles Martiansam: @Sm3xy_Waffle>:( well….. if you cant defeat them … join them elaThirst elaKek xHydraaP: Nemz is actually Elas dadd WrestlerBot2000: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Keep up the birthday hype and love chat. It’s our favorite 13 year olds 13th birthday today! FeelsBirthdayMan Clap MatthewAntoniou97: Ela lives with NEMZ confirmed KappaPride Clap kaiju_boi: elaSneeze Dr_Jan_Itor: ecchi elaBlush HappySmile123: xHydraaP elaD SQGamer: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap houndthree: alan wake after this 🙂 JackBraun: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Shrimpess: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Hellu: Dr_Jan_Itor WeirdChamp Sarcrai: !gamble danadamana: @Elajjaz Scratch your nose with your mic hahah Reddinator: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Martiansam: let me scratch it @Elajjaz elaISee Maaqs: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap happy birthday @Elajjaz VentusNova_: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap kunjiru: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap mizoreeee: No its still ur birthday elaMad Nopileos: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Killerquent: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Sm3xy_Waffle: @Martiansam i knock on the door, “polis opin ahp”, and i reveal that i am ready to join rexrexgum: is nemz also Swedish? WITO: no FeelsBirthdayMan Clap kaiju_boi: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap LAST SPAM FeelsBirthdayMan Clap LAST SPAM FeelsBirthdayMan Clap LAST SPAM FeelsBirthdayMan Clap LAST SPAM FeelsBirthdayMan Clap LAST SPAM xHydraaP: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap2 GoAkke: Dr_Jan_Itor no more raffles FeelsWeirdMan JinM0: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Shrimpess: elaK nicky_altosaxophoney: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Fearswe: Always my fault Fearswe: Always Yomans665: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Fearswe: PepeHands Kosmic_Eagle: 3Head Hellu: elaBruv chrisw_de: 3Head MatthewAntoniou97: Happy Birthday Ela FeelsBirthdayMan DenZve: elaBruv Sloales: 3Head VentusNova_: elaBruv HoodedSouls: I’m eating Ben n Jerry’s bday cake in your honor @Elajjaz FeelsBirthdayMan Clap kaiju_boi: 3Head bruv Nopileos: 3Head Sarcrai: bruv tentacles_have_feelings: !promise Cheapcat: 3Head QUOTE_IF_2019: KKona WrestlerBot2000: tentacles_have_feelings http://i.imgur.com/O09VD4L.png AlexAnderman1994: 3Head Neon_TRY: 3Head Doully92: elaBruv Clap MatthewAntoniou97: elaBruv mildwonder: Bruv 3Head Dr_Jan_Itor: Chat everytime that birthday message pops up you have to FeelsBirthdayMan Clap @Elajjaz Shrimpess: elaBruv TyrantZedd: Mah lad 3Head Clap JackBraun: elaBruv Nopileos: 3Head 3Head PLAZAx: 3Head HeavyM4chineGun: Oi! 3Head Maaqs: 3Head Sytharius: elaBruv elaBruv WITO: @Fearswe don’t touch it FeelsBirthdayMan Clap GoAkke: so next to sweden nrdyKek Martiansam: @Sm3xy_Waffle nice LULW kaiju_boi: elaBruv mizoreeee: BREXIT BRUV elaBruv sleepywoof: vineM8 dacataaaa: 3Head nicky_altosaxophoney: 3Head xHydraaP: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Doully92: @GoAkke PepeLaugh Martiansam: elaBruv VentusNova_: 1 2 AHS elaBruv PLAZAx: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap QUOTE_IF_2019: brexit PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: dat vass miss Rhynin: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Hellu: IKEALUL Martiansam: brexit bro PhilRamirez: NANI TeomTV: saved tho wandering_pleb: IKEALUL kaiju_boi: H IKEALUL W SQGamer: @Elajjaz the positive part about brexit is that we get rid of Nemz elaBruv Killerquent: Still SeemsGood rexrexgum: UK nice. Hob is also from UK i believe. scirvir_: @Elajjaz yougonna play DeS 60fps on PS3 emu? Pog Green_Tea_Rex: Green_Tea_Rex subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 35 months! 1 month til the hat!Simon_iO: elaK Kosmic_Eagle: elaK Turbulist: elaK scirvir_: MaN nicky_altosaxophoney: AYAYA Clap Naniyo: LULW xHydraaP: elaKKKK curtbird: suuuuuure Jorstad: gonna get shit faced and get his weeb on Nopileos: elaK elaK Kevintaku: facts MatthewAntoniou97: Kapp Jakazin: big Kapp Bra1nBug2: elaK Christophersopranos: elaK Nazzet: @ekeater dizzyHug JackBraun: elaK garenbush: elaK Flusterycluck: FF14… not weeb elaK randomweeb69: elaK mildwonder: gachiGASM SurQ_: GoAkke pepeL princeinnovice: elaK TheH3llraiser: elaK Cylian_The_Hollow: elaK Flott: LULW xxGheTz: AYAYA Nopileos: elaK Rhynin: im a male human elaB scirvir_: AYAYA CleverName2: elaB / \ elaMad PoliceCarAuction: cirNilla Clap qwzic: Kapp Dyres: I’m male too s0meusername: elaK Gloriousbonerstoner: elaK HEIL_MODS_: WeirdChamp IAmThurmal: Kapp Naniyo: OwO Sytharius: WEEEEB Martiansam: elaK Sloales: FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: elaK elaK AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: AYAYA MatthewAntoniou97: elaThirst LickMyPretzel: FUCKING FURRIEEEEEEEES GoAkke: SurQ_ pepeL SnuggleTheHuggle: spending birthday with anime waifus AYAYA Clap QUOTE_IF_2019: ok Kapp Arcadino: AYAYA houndthree: if you play girls and youre a male youre a weeb Jemi02: elaL Sytharius: OwO Sm3xy_Waffle: absolute unit Martiansam: suuuuuuure Jemi02: elaK Bra1nBug2: elaK elaK sure Kevintaku: tfw i made a normal human girl and everyone is a midget or bunny girl MaleFunction: elaK Nopileos: elaK chrisw_de: ZULOL ThatLuluTho: Body girls ? LULW Autumn_Flare: AYAYA Kosmic_Eagle: @ekeater hi pepeL Tasarion: ela has a bunny girl harem AYAYA PLAZAx: Kapp M4rtyn5: im a cat boy AYAYA Killerquent: elaK sure, care to show us proof Shrimpess: ela just want to have a harem AYAYA Sytharius: UwU ZebraStriker: ela has a harem elaWOW chaoticLily: Elajjaz building his own harem elaK Drachenreiter: don’t forget dragon girls AYAYA rexrexgum: what is your favorite cake? @elajjaz scirvir_: @Elajjaz blue like your balls? 🙂 kaiju_boi: @DerBoshi strange, I resubbed yesterday and I just pressed sent, worked for me, refresh? PhilRamirez: PepeLaugh MatthewAntoniou97: AL ACCOUNT PepeLaugh Cylian_The_Hollow: elaYA Streamleen: so you can ERP with them? Geralt_of_Syria: ZULUL Dastina: You should stream it sometime! Martiansam: cat ladyboy DigitalZips: Ela likes looking at big buff guys’ asses as he plays, nothing wrong with that ArttAtack: D: capitanodorito: i’m a dragon girl AYAYA CHRIlllS: hey ela and Chat Kappa Kappa Kappa King_Insane: surrounded by girls and still getting blue? gotta be one ugly character KanzanZX: i play cat guy 🙂 Nopileos: CHRIlllS elaHYUG Arcshined: @Elajjaz I’m a catboy in ffxiv elaSmile xXOblivionDarkXx: remasterd fun AyoFamWuddupLOL: elaHi DrumbooMass: Why would you like to stare at mens butt all the time tho? elaHmm thats why I play women in rpgs kaiju_boi: ZULUL LickMyPretzel: ZULUL Sytharius: @Elajjaz what game is this? minecraft? Frosted15: ALT ACCOUNT PepeLaugh chrisw_de: ZULUL TheLadyCharlotte: Kapp Shrimpess: ZULUL Nopileos: ZULUL garenbush: ZULUL ivooooo__: ZULUL MatthewAntoniou97: ZULUL HEIL_MODS_: ZULUL WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Jakazin: i’m a dragon girl AYAYA ssssip: ZULUL Killerquent: ZULUL MaleFunction: ZULUL Autumn_Flare: AYAYA Ela would never cheat on Priscilla dragon waifu Kosmic_Eagle: @CHRIlllS elaHi Geneziz_: elaWeird QUOTE_IF_2019: Nothing wrong with being a catgirl @Elajjaz Kapp Kambri0: ZULUL Bra1nBug2: KappaPride Nopileos: ZULUL ZULUL AR_Kain: What are the Tarutarus called in FFXIV? Flott: AYAYA Gloriousbonerstoner: elaWeird elaWeird rexrexgum: what is your favorite cake? Sytharius: what game is this? minecraft? ISinistarI: Ela plays BIG BLUE MAN GIRL LULW lordgoretrue: you have tocrawl soul__blade: Cat boy elaWeird Arcshined: AYAYA JackBraun: CHRIlllS elaHi Killerquent: @CHRIlllS elaHi Bra1nBug2: Chag MartyLikesCookies: Pog kaiju_boi: Chag PhilRamirez: danS ISinistarI: Pog Nopileos: Chag Shrimpess: Pog Flott: Cute cat boi AYAYA mildwonder: USSS Ajahi: gachiHYPER Killerquent: AHHH gachiHYPER seannicker: balanced weapon CleverName2: Dont talk to me elaMad my waife elaB or my son 🍅 ever again Erko42: @capitanodorito in a fantasy woooorld! masterr876: distSip tito3211: @Elajjaz Ayes HAPPY BIRTHSDAY man best wishes to you keep up the good work Reddinator: Teh fake urn PogU Gloriousbonerstoner: the juice Kreygasm Dereh0g: @Elajjaz real BKH this time? Arcshined: @Flott you know it elaWOW Martiansam: Chag rexrexgum: what is your favorite cake? red velvet? CleverName2: Dont talk to me elaMad my wife elaB or my son 🍅 ever again MatthewAntoniou97: Fucking Halberd PogU Stilgarius: This guy is a Weeb AYAYA 👇 Jorstad: Ela plays a cute cat boy IRL DrumbooMass: @CleverName2 LULW Clap Stilgarius: This guy is a Weeb AYAYA ☝ Shrimpess: mud DansGame randomweeb69: Pog speedycruise: @AR_Kain Lallafell Jemi02: elaOP Mads89: NOW i want Cake Abyssadin: Nice splits PepeLaugh Clap LickMyPretzel: mocolate chudcake M8is: M8is subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 32 months! WrestlerBot2000: @m8is After 32 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM DrumbooMass: @Stilgarius eyy yo fucker elaBruv ssssip: mudcake Kreygasm SurQ_: CleverName2 pepeL Nopileos: SUB HYPE M8is Pog Hellu: How high is cheesecake on that list Ela? elaOP xHydraaP: Favourite nipple size @Elajjaz ? mizoreeee: easyst cake to bake is his favourite PepeLaugh Stilgarius: @DrumbooMass PepeLaugh rexrexgum: mud cakes are awesome. I love cheesecakes more tbh. weeaboochan: @Elajjaz it’s so fun in ff14 when people are saying something very heavy or important to your character and you just do a dumb hand gesture with no dialogue GoAkke: what about cheesecake ela? mizoreeee: also only one he can bake PepeLaugh misterbudlo: Happy Birthday to the best strimmer FeelsBirthdayMan Dereh0g: @Elajjaz you mixed the vitamin bomb btw? CleverName2: @SurQ_ pepeL AR_Kain: Tres Leches or get out CommunismForDummies: ffxiv loli players FeelsWeirdMan nevville: Chat I’m back from my run and really sweaty 🙂 ZaneC1: This MaN 👆 fuckfed this MaN 👇 in the ass gachiHYPER Killerquent: Carrot cake elaOP Christophersopranos: You need a fake or real bkh banner on your overlay or something Llyfrgell: Llyfrgell subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 13 months, currently on a 13 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @llyfrgell After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Llyfrgell elaA Zifler: Member when you had to reset everytime you didnt get halberd? PepeLaugh speedycruise: @weeaboochan i cringe whenever someone hands my character something in a cutscene trekhaakterror: wawawiewa QUOTE_IF_2019: DansGame wtf JackBraun: wb nevville elaHi tavdad: danSgame TheLadyCharlotte: SurQ_ ela1 nevville: @JackBraun elaH QUOTE_IF_2019: vegtebles in cakes? DansGame wtf akmannen: I think most thing that end with the word cake is amazing 🙂 GoAkke: blue egg monkaS WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz SurQ_: TheLadyCharlotte ela2 watcha looking at mizoreeee: damn i think i havent had carrot cake idk since i was like 15 TheLadyCharlotte: SurQ_ you ela3 from your closet ela4 misterbudlo: Don’t DansGame carrot cake until you tried it mountaindhew: legit or fake halberd? Trevor220: Happy Birthday @elajjaz Sytharius: @Elajjaz who is your favaourite sponegebob character Sourcehunter: 🥚 garenbush: @Elajjaz have u started shadowbringers yet? its Pog chrisw_de: VaN cakeordeath11: Damn chat lighting up for me cus everyone is talking about cake 🙂 SurQ_: TheLadyCharlotte nrdyS D-do you like what you see Monni98: Carrot cake elaOP mizoreeee: yea i know they taste really good Killerquent: Carrot cake is amazing guys elaOP deepdongus: is this a real halberd? Gloriousbonerstoner: amazing TheLadyCharlotte: SurQ_ yes ela2 WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz ssssip: amazin ZULUL akmannen: carrot cake is moist goodness 🙂 destroya1234: rull Deagle_TL: rull Pepega Rhynin: cakeordeath11 elaSmile DidacoWolf: kakacarrotcake cakeordeath11: Rhynin 🙂 Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu St4r_Pl4tinum: Imagine thinking carrot cake is good lobosKek QUOTE_IF_2019: dat ass gachiHYPER tavdad: gachiBOP mildwonder: right in the bum gachiBASS SurQ_: TheLadyCharlotte nrdyLurk Kambri0: gachiHYPER Dr_Jan_Itor: ok 🙂 Gloriousbonerstoner: the misses PepeLaugh TheLadyCharlotte: SurQ_ nrdyLurk kaiju_boi: IKEALUL mizoreeee: missed 2 hits PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: SO BAD LULW GoAkke: Wowee woof more hits Doully92: PepeLaugh Nagash89: Nagash89 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 22 months! Happy birthday to the best weeb strimer! WrestlerBot2000: @nagash89 After 22 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Sohei4649: 5k hours PepeLaugh MatthewAntoniou97: LULW Nopileos: SUB HYPE Nagash89 elaA chrisw_de: SO MAD OMEGALUL SO BAD LULW garenbush: @Elajjaz have u started shadowbringers yet? its Pog mountaindhew: SO BALD LULW SO MALD LULW Mellam0ry: Mellam0ry subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 11 months, currently on a 3 month streak! elaThirst elaGun WrestlerBot2000: @mellam0ry Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM The_Majestic_M: it’s because video games cause violence PhilRamirez: danS Shrimpess: monkaW mizoreeee: monkaW SpleX__: monkaW Reddinator: monkaW Nopileos: SUB HYPE Mellam0ry elaA Doully92: monkaX Headwuend: monkaW rexrexgum: for me cheesecakes and red velvet are the best. Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz you’re starting to sound like Capitaine pepeL GoldenDragonXL: monkaW Turbulist: monkaW pikachujnr: monkaW kaiju_boi: monkaW ThatLuluTho: LULW Nopileos: monkaW Deagle_TL: monkaW Ilueen: monkaW Killerquent: monkaW misterbudlo: monkaW Dr_Jan_Itor: PepeLaugh * DarkResonance: monkaX nevville: elaS Gloriousbonerstoner: elaS QUOTE_IF_2019: D: Deagle_TL: D: cakeordeath11: Violence causes video games 🙁 GoAkke: Dr_Jan_Itor pepeL Sytharius: you are at least top 50 gamers Nopileos: monkaW monkaW TheLadyCharlotte: Dr_Jan_Itor PepeLaugh MatthewAntoniou97: SO MAD LULW SO BALD LULW SO BAD LULW B3AR34: Carrot cake tops all cake and choclate flapjack tops everything kennyrispuff: Ela malding live on stream Monni98: That was one of those “To Be Continued” moments elaS rexrexgum: for me cheesecakes and red velvet are the best tbh. Dan_Jozef: was the last Run a pb? Dr_Jan_Itor: GoAkke booli PepeHands GoAkke: Dr_Jan_Itor nrdyKek Irishpapichulo: ring of flavor eabLICK Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz hey lad Daaarling02: annytfShy akmannen: ela cant mald more he is already bald that thing on his head is a toupé kaiju_boi: gachiBASS ZaneC1: gachiHYPER chrisw_de: gachiHYPER Kosmic_Eagle: D: Deagle_TL: gachiBASS yojxmes: yojxmes subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 14 months! Really cool to see you streaming even though its your bday elaHi QUOTE_IF_2019: gachiHYPER nice WrestlerBot2000: @yojxmes After 14 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM mizoreeee: Monni98 you mean the JoJo ones ? AYAYA Clap MatthewAntoniou97: gachiBASS Killerquent: gachiHYPER PLAZAx: gachiBASS pikachujnr: gachiBASS garenbush: gachiHYPER Call_me_Zeroo: i’ll shove something else down your throat Chaton_Rose: gachiBASS ACraine_: gachiHYPER Nopileos: SUB HYPE yojxmes POGGERS Call_me_Zeroo: gachiBASS Kambri0: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Nopileos: gachiBASS Monni98: mizoreeee Yes elaDM god_usoppsama: Hello calebK xHydraaP: Bday is just a normal day CorineS: Oh, Happy Birthday Elajjaz! Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz i never had a birthday party Chaton_Rose: FeelsBirthdayMan xHydraaP: World doesnt revolve around your egoistic ass h4nfr3d: Hey everyone! HeyEla Happy birthday Ela! FeelsBirthdayMan ZaneC1: God PogU hoss87: did he call his mom? Holynugg3t: hi chat and ela elaHi how the runs today? and happy birthday BTW soul__blade: @God Pog SpleX__: Happy birthday ela pepeL Killerquent: @h4nfr3d elaHi MatthewAntoniou97: GOD? PogU weeaboochan: god is dead FeelsPepoMan Kosmic_Eagle: @h4nfr3d hey elaHi JackBraun: hi h4nfr3d elaHi kaiju_boi: @hoss87 yes FeelsGoodMan Cage_D: i never get it why would you celebrate getting older closer to death? DrMong: Pog garenbush: Pog QUOTE_IF_2019: Kapp chrisw_de: ZULOL Chaton_Rose: @xHydraaP what if your ass is so big it has it’s own gravitational field hobbT Kosmic_Eagle: @Holynugg3t elaHi Sourcehunter: 😂 👌 meme rolls SurQ_: Pog HYPERCLAP TheLadyCharlotte: ComradeNerdy elaH akmannen: I N S A N E DrumbooMass: @h4nfr3d elaH pepeL mizoreeee: @Call_me_Zeroo should get one for ur 25th elaA pikachujnr: rulla Pog illethor221: I N S A N E Killerquent: @Holynugg3t hi elaHi Zifler: For everytime you get a redsplit, one Dist dies. elaFeels Run faster, save a life. xHydraaP: @Chaton_Rose WOW ComradeNerdy: TheLadyCharlotte elaH arbeitscraft: Happy Birthday ! chrisw_de: 😂 ZaneC1: 😂 QUOTE_IF_2019: 😂 🔥 kaiju_boi: 🤣 SurQ_: :yoj: indeed DrumbooMass: 😂 Sm3xy_Waffle: meme roll>baby jump Nopileos: 😂 wandering_pleb: FeelsWeirdMan princeinnovice: elaK you are ela you are good boy AlexAnderman1994: 😹 jklob: 😂 TheLadyCharlotte: SurQ_ PepeLaugh SurQ_: FeelsPepoMan the fuck i just did mocaffe: 😂👌 ssssip: 😂 Gloriousbonerstoner: 👏😂👏😂 kaiju_boi: ✋ WeirdChamp Jamule: moon2PREGIGI cakeordeath11: How is Ela still 13 if he keeps having birthdays? 🤔 Sytharius: LITE AF SurQ_: 😂 Cage_D: 😂 nicky_altosaxophoney: 😂 👌 lit af Nopileos: 😂 😂 MJOLKMUSIC: 😂 🔥 ISinistarI: 😂 👌 JackBraun: hi Holynugg3t elaHi pikachujnr: 😂 👌 🔥 mizoreeee: cmonBruh “:joy:” cmonBruh Arcshined: 😂 SurQ_: TheLadyCharlotte i dont even know how that happen PepeLaugh Streamleen: You need a birthday party like the one in Yuppie Psycho TheLadyCharlotte: SurQ_ you went pepo PepeLaugh ChemXVX: 😂 👌 🔥 litty bruh QUOTE_IF_2019: 💯 😂 🔥 MJOLKMUSIC: 😂 👌 🔥 lit fam h4nfr3d: @Killerquent @Kosmic_Eagle @JackBraun @DrumbooMass pepeL Sytharius: 😂 👌 lit af WoIIe_: WoIIe_ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 22 months! WrestlerBot2000: @woiie_ After 22 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE WoIIe_ elaA Killerquent: @Streamleen monkaW bad idea Bra1nBug2: Chag QUOTE_IF_2019: Pog Kosmic_Eagle: Pog garenbush: Pog GoAkke: elaK Nopileos: Pog curtbird: I N S A N E chrisw_de: HE’S INSANE ZULOL ZaneC1: ZULUL he’s insane Headwuend: who is this guy PogU danadamana: Pepe man kaiju_boi: pepo man FeelsPepoMan Vegansan: Dead elaKek bigbosspizzasauce: atpChar Sytharius: @Elajjaz say something funny AR_Kain: PEPMAN ComradeNerdy: your own pepoman FeelsPepoMan pikachujnr: is this a real BKH? Arcshined: INSANE elaWOW miggonaut: also nobody else would do it 🙂 zombie391: PogU 👉 ela13 NightyDevilx: anyone wants godsunchained beta key? AlexAnderman1994: FeelsPepoMan 👉 FeelsPepoMan qholer: @Elajjaz how old are u? SpireFacts: Why is FeelsPepoMan the best emote @ComradeNerdy mocaffe: Is this real halberd run? SpleX__: 27 Pog CommunismForDummies: 13 Sytharius: 37? houndthree: lies AR_Kain: Fake bKh Minn_Minn: 13 ela13 chosenhatty: 13 kaiju_boi: BBoomer 37 Clap xHydraaP: @NightyDevilx A what now DrumbooMass: FeelsPepoMan . o O ( FeelsPepoMan ) houndthree: 30 Jemi02: 27 aka ela13 mizoreeee: FeelsOldMan Zecius_: FeelsBirthdayMan chosenhatty: ela13 illethor221: GLOD Pog Ilueen: not real halberd PepeHands Llyfrgell: ela13 zombie391: ela13 NoireHarlequin: 47 Nopileos: ela13 FunkerHornsby: 13 Checots: Oh what a nice streamer. He makes the splits red when he has a real halberd and green when its fake. 😀 angryj0nes: Pog Clap ComradeNerdy: SpireFacts that’s why Ela’s emotes are inspired by it FeelsPepoMan Bra1nBug2: 2x ela13 + 1 qholer: 270? hpbF hpbDog TheH3llraiser: ela13 QUOTE_IF_2019: FAKE NEWS KKona Vegansan: Old man speed running dark souls PogChamp Minn_Minn: twitch bitrate makes it look like green split Sytharius: ELA 👏 IS 👏 THIRTY 👏 SEVEN 👏 YEARS 👏 OLD 👏 TODAY chosenhatty: How is stray demon been today? NightyDevilx: @xHydraaP card game in beta if you’re interested SpireFacts: elaOk MrLismos: @Elajjaz HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sorry i’m late to the party elaH JonseredRocks: How do you keep that good looks up?? Handsome.. KaitoKidShadow: Straight Demon mizoreeee: man i cant wait for ur 35. birthday with little elas running around elaA Lukcoroo: @elajjaz yesterday’s horror today? xHydraaP: @NightyDevilx Oh no thanks, theres waay too many of those lately haha nod4x: imagine finishing a run today pikachujnr: THIRTYSEVEN PogU Minn_Minn: OMEGLOL WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: The Sarge is back at it again | Fallout New Vegas Highlights Part 3 – https://youtu.be/525h4rbYDuA mizoreeee: monkaW Bra1nBug2: monkaW Sloales: monkaS SpleX__: monkaW eliastheepicgamer: monkaW ThatLuluTho: monkaSHAKE Nopileos: monkaW NightyDevilx: @xHydraaP trueeee Sourcehunter: monkaW TheH3llraiser: monkaW pikachujnr: monkaW gczero: monkaGIGA WermtA: do the gold split compare to your own time? and how much better do you have to be to get gold? garenbush: 5Head QUOTE_IF_2019: monkaW Reddinator: 5Head qholer: hpbF PogChamp Sytharius: guys spam my thing jonny_gamer_555: monkaW xxGheTz: 5Head Zecius_: 5Head Nopileos: monkaW monkaW AvemStercore: 5Head DarkResonance: 5Head Clap Bra1nBug2: 5HEad gczero: monkaX ComradeNerdy: englando in chat pls FeelsBlyatMan TheWeedBun: 5Head Canwestop: 5Head SpireFacts: @ekeater if you know me message me in private kaiju_boi: BBoomer (ela) and his kids ela12 ela13 @mizoreeee LULW ivooooo__: 5Head 🍷 Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu chosenhatty: NICE Arcshined: 5Head Indeed. QUOTE_IF_2019: Pog SpireFacts: EL ENGLANDO Nopileos: 5Head DarkResonance: Chag wandering_pleb: PogU kisielus2: 5Head Zeuthos: Pog eliastheepicgamer: hp check Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz sing me a song jonny_gamer_555: EZ Clap Sloales: im a sub?? Pog oopmah: back in the green baby PogChamp DrumbooMass: If stray demon is hard..can you imagine how hard would gay demon be? gachiHYPER Bra1nBug2: green Chag SpleX__: green Pog Llyfrgell: Pog kaiju_boi: FeelsGoodMan garenbush: FeelsGoodMan pikachujnr: grön snubbe Pog mizoreeee: AlienPls WermtA: how exactly do gold splits work? do the gold split compare to your own time? and how much better do you have to be to get gold? Sytharius: @Elajjaz do you stream minecraft? deepdongus: glien! illethor221: 5Head wandering_pleb: FeelsGoodMan SpireFacts: daba dee AlexAnderman1994: AlienPls Minn_Minn: wr pace Pog Deagle_TL: green sumSmash MaleFunction: EljanPls KaitoKidShadow: yes you can Sourcehunter: Still fake halbert? LickMyPretzel: You sing all the time elaMad sing him a song 🙂 mountaindhew: so glad the to see the older generation enjoying video games, warms my heart Panzearon: green green what is your problem green JonseredRocks: m1ndrZ mocaffe: @drumboomass elaGasm chosenhatty: Im Blue elaPuke weeaboochan: swedish national anthem Pog whatsupmel: TaBeRu happy birthday ela kaiju_boi: billyReady Minn_Minn: its always fake halbert LUL QUOTE_IF_2019: gachiHYPER Reddinator: gachiCOOL Zecius_: gachiBASS DrumbooMass: BBoomer ThatLuluTho: billyReady Killerquent: LULW SurQ_: play it pepeJAMMER garenbush: gachiHYPER Zeuthos: billyReady icedragon08: SIDO CHESTO jklob: KappaPride Sytharius: stuck in the middle wit hyou j0mppa: gachiCOOL Christophersopranos: elaDM KorokoDoc: gachiHYPER ShenvicFTW: watch out for backstab xD umayfuentes: elaDM elaDM elaDM Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER i have that one stuck in my ass Arka9Nine: KappaPride kaiju_boi: BUSTIN BUSTIN BBoomer Glasofjuice: TaBeRu Llyfrgell: PepoDance Sytharius: bam da bam bam bam SobKL: Happy bday man! I also turn 27 in 2 weeks elaDM mizoreeee: elaDM oopmah: @Elajjaz have you practised Guardian/how to sneak hits in between 2/4 hit combos? pikachujnr: BUSTIN BBoomer whatsupmel: ElaJAM Ajahi: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP SurQ_: PepoDance Headwuend: PepoDance Killerquent: BBoomer gachiHYPER Simon_iO: gachiHYPER kaiju_boi: ElaJAMMER topdankmemer: YES SIR gachiBASS Direwolvesx: ela gym song KaitoKidShadow: BBoomer MaleFunction: gachiHYPER alucard835: gachiHYPER Deagle_TL: pepeD nicky_altosaxophoney: gachiBOP keep goin KikaiZero: this part with that low health :borderless? ComradeNerdy: unity and fine Kapp AR_Kain: ante ahliousin Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz not retweeting my tweets WeirdChamp Shrimpess: elaDM Tomowatt: monkaS MikeJewski: @derechte_iz_pz eat my ass nrdyB ArttAtack: monkaW wevie1: PepeLaugh Mads89: Same Doully92: @KrazyShark WeirdChamp SaDiablo: it will lag from antialiasing @elajjaz LUL bad_idea_jeans: 1080 pogU BruiseVein: LULW KrazyShark: FeelsBadMan KaitoKidShadow: Pog Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: PepeHands Reddinator: OMEGADOWN KaitoKidShadow: NORMAL Lim3Fru1t: PepeLaugh ISinistarI: LULW LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh TyrantZedd: elaKek xHydraaP: H A R D MartyLikesCookies: incel PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh silver6ird: PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Nopileos: PepeLaugh Jaypi3: Easy Pog demifiendll: Pog celibate gang Norttii: PepeLaugh illethor221: NORMAL NAB samsusuu: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: PepeHands chose celebacy over sex with shark z3vron: Normal DansGame rafalbrew1: PepeLaugh mizoreeee: PepeLaugh h4nfr3d: HARD Killerquent: LULW HotFireZ: !clockwise derechte_iz_pz: @mikejewski no elaMad KrazyShark: never get laid PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing Lexikun: normal Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Sloales: PepeLaugh Drrufus1: INCELA IKEALUL Abyssadin: PepeLaugh AlexAnderman1994: OMEGADOWN Doully92: PepeLaugh Deliriumi1: PepeLaugh mrcdvr: @Elajjaz just warning You, it’s heavy puzzle based. dis first chapter ;0 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Bestorio: PepeLaugh xHydraaP: H A R D D Chartalord: PepeLaugh Strikyyy1337: Hey Ela and Chat! nicky_altosaxophoney: PepeLaugh QUOTE_IF_2019: INCEL PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PerfectNoW_: PerfectNoW_ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 9 months! happy birthdaydoom Shrimpess: elaH KrazyShark: @UltraWindow oof krazys2LEWD genghisbong: This looks worse than original silent hill LUL Galer1ans: PogU Cheesehovel: that face Grandgreg13: the eyes elaKek discosong: LULW Lim3Fru1t: elaKek Jaypi3: 4Head demifiendll: Pog narnia HEIL_MODS_: PepeUff derechte_iz_pz: PogU alucard835: normies PepeLaugh akmannen: sick fake doom poseter KrazyShark: @TeenyTinyRedhead too bad he’ll never add it PepeHands Mac_Moneysac: sad like the loading screen music? PepeHands sinceremaxy: pog narn Liverpoc: 5Head akmannen: poster* ArttAtack: lidl af NotMaloony: PepeOof LickMyPretzel: elaWeird Doully92: Lame haHAA QUOTE_IF_2019: PS1 graphics PepeLaugh Nimurina: lame kids elaKek Kosmic_Eagle: lame D: Fingerlickins: Narina references are the best BroqRox: LULW lamekids Spaceforce: Chag razorxscooter: elaOk elaOk elaOk elaOk Daaarling02: annytfLUL Chess_462: akarel d3sirio: Walk cycle LULW Bra1nBug2: lame kids ela12 SiggiMcCrit: lame haHAA KaitoKidShadow: the room Sourcehunter: LIDL HILL Pog WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz shikifujin16: Nice graphics oolgzool: these controls look so bad KrazyShark: @TeenyTinyRedhead https://imgur.com/0ti1NSt if you wanna gaze no1AYAYA Drrufus1: She’s so cool and artsy LULW Astroft123: this looks lidl im srry Shrimpess: TaBeRu samsusuu: FeelsGoodMan GuitarTime discosong: Pog GOOD HOUSE benamation: Fake loading screens TeenyTinyRedhead: @KrazyShark At least we saw him in full glory now FeelsGoodMan houndthree: what a pretentious girl Ankaraws: ela1 ela2 Abyssadin: 5Head genghisbong: Silent hill 2 mod LULW Ankaraws: ela3 ela4 j0mppa: BBoomer GuitarTime Norttii: 5Head icedragon08: 5Head Jaypi3: 5Head AlexAnderman1994: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head Galer1ans: True story KrazyShark: @TeenyTinyRedhead finallly FeelsGoodMan Dyres: 5Head Doully92: ?????????? GameboySR: Quiet Hill Pepega SiggiMcCrit: 5Head KanzanZX: 5Head Zane_Within: CoolStoryBob FappyMcFlappy: CoolCat Shmoop1: FeelsPepoMan vorleser: monkaS UltraWindow: 5Head simple animegirlspitt: 5Head Shrimpess: gachiHYPER Wheels82: elaHYUK Nopileos: 5Head 5Head Jarik23: elaGa mayushi10: CoolCat DarkResonance: FeelsPepoMan Reddinator: 5Head deep xHydraaP: Abi Killerquent: PepeLaugh Lim3Fru1t: elaGa Jaypi3: Hasan? Sharkuu: Harvester 2! soul__blade: elaGa samsusuu: BBoomer GuitarTIme TeenyTinyRedhead: @KrazyShark Awww elaBlush Galer1ans: super deep gachiHYPER Tomowatt: CoolCat SirAnoobis: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP wizchiefa23: Weow CoolCat silver6ird: elaCozy shikifujin16: looks like silent hill Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: cknoorThursday vorleser: WALK CYCLE LULW JinM0: let the cat out elaMad GenuineLGN: 5Head 🍷 yes, indeed thelittledogepeasant: cet âne. PG_13_Username: that running animation kaiju_boi: Wowee xHydraaP: Abi gachiHYPER deep gachiHYPER TheGuyOnAcid: super gachiBASS LickMyPretzel: ConcernDoge dahkside: calebShad Polebegood: Wowee Kosmic_Eagle: Wowee GoAkke: she walk like she has a stick up her ass LuL Sohei4649: ConcernDoge Bestorio: What is this walking OMEGALUL Bxadd: ConcernDoge monstertugga: is this shenmue 1? DigitalZips: Pet the kitty elaB ArttAtack: kgothDUDE kgothDUDE LostFantasy352: pepe run kokosenpaai: Pog Spaceforce: DansGame The_Cursed_REVerend__: ConcernDoge Killerquent: Dirty monkaS D3rrtyD4n: wat TheH3llraiser: DansGame alucard835: monkaW kaiju_boi: monkaW QUOTE_IF_2019: D: Zecius_: Wowee Jaypi3: WeirdChamp nicky_altosaxophoney: Wowee Abyssadin: Wut silver6ird: dead? monkaS Nopileos: wat SaDiablo: i thought the same GoAkke LUL faithless_zealot:=| ISinistarI: ??????? zombie391: DansGame Wheels82: monkaW Cage_D: i hate this game already cause of the stupid text TheGuyOnAcid: rlaD Kosmic_Eagle: D: derechte_iz_pz: MILO Lim3Fru1t: ConcernDoge Doully92: monkaW Okay kefflah: calebShad jerryatric: cringe game monkaS SiggiMcCrit: monkaW Ankaraws: monkaW Killerquent: Who says that D: Woddy166: sebHi sebFace sebFace sebFace Shmoop1: how much is that doggy in the window ARF ARF Wowee NaughtyPedro: Alinity monkaW Norttii: PepeHands samsusuu: PepeHands MatthijsSam1992: how often did she eat chinese wtf Shrimpess: PepeHands Fullmetalcheese: PepeHands Doully92: PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands Killerquent: PepeHands Tomowatt: FeelsBadMan kaiju_boi: PepeHands houndthree: i wounder why TheH3llraiser: PepeHands QUOTE_IF_2019: PepeHands h4nfr3d: PepeHands discosong: PepeHands Pixel_hearts: PepeHands Nimurina: PepeHands Spaceforce: PepeHands Kosmic_Eagle: PepeHands Abyssadin: lul GoAkke: SaDiablo LuL alicerino: meowing LULW Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: LULW kaiju_boi: 5Head shikifujin16: ela do you have any pets KaitoKidShadow: TaBeRu Jaypi3: This girl is weird. razorxscooter: elaHAA QUOTE_IF_2019: PepeHands help cat discosong: PepeHands ITS TO REAL silver6ird: maoooooooooooow Tomowatt: FeelsBadMan me too Sloales: FeelsBadMan Pixel_hearts: too real PepeHands vorleser: CAT LADY LULW wizchiefa23: CarlSmile Gusyaka: MEOW lirikA kokosenpaai: how did i get sub Killerquent: Now i understand why she’s so sad Chartalord: why is the text so snarky FeelsWeirdMan Zigwad_of_Catarini: Zigwad_of_Catarini subscribed with Twitch Prime. QUOTE_IF_2019: crazy cat lady PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @zigwad_of_catarini the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Martiansam: when i was 13 i organized my birthday party , i invited everyone in my class with an invitation card i made myself….. only one came FeelsBadMan Nopileos: SUB HYPE Zigwad_of_Catarini Pog xHydraaP: Nice graphics Doully92: gachiHYPER alucard835: fill the hole gachiHYPER angryj0nes: Cat LAdy when Ela??? D3rrtyD4n: gachiBASS Sloales: gachiBASS Killerquent: gachiHYPER kaiju_boi: Glory hole gachiBASS Jaypi3: gachiBOP Bestorio: Glory Hole gachiHYPER Avunculuz: gachiHYPER ComradeNerdy: SkanskaAsiaten english only chat ekcolocke: god, her expression. is she ok? Abyssadin: Her face says enough as to why she doesn’t have friends Fullmetalcheese: gachiBOP GoldenFlame1: PepeHands LorkiStream: gachiBOP MartyLikesCookies: FILL THE HOLE gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiBOP KaitoKidShadow: there used to be a hole here Pixel_hearts: gachiBASS Jaypi3: gachiOnFIRE Screppers: glory hole gachiCOOL ISinistarI: gachiHYPER discosong: gachiHYPER mildwonder: PepeHands Tomowatt: WutFace Shrimpess: ElaCOOL SirAnoobis: gachiHYPER Avunculuz: Fill that hole gachiHYPER Woddy166: sebCute Shrimpess: elaC D3rrtyD4n: fill it gachiBASS SiggiMcCrit: writing in viking speech SkanskaAsiaten DansGame Ansdr: the what? elaHmm nevville: @Abyssadin elaD Fullmetalcheese: gachiBASS kaiju_boi: YeahBoi HYPERCLAP PG_13_Username: would breed Kosmic_Eagle: @Martiansam PepeHands i would’ve come Murika_: elaThirst Annonn140: Kreygasm zombie391: elaThirst oopmah: Silent Hill 4 RalpherZ VentusNova_: HIPS kreygasm LickMyPretzel: THICC akmannen: Hips dont lie HotFireZ: Kreygasm BroqRox: those hips dont lie MartyLikesCookies: gachiBASS KanzanZX: 5Head silver6ird: who the fuck talks like this razorxscooter: elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst QUOTE_IF_2019: text haHAA ISinistarI: ????????? Jaypi3: gachiVICTORY HIPS Doully92: 5Head discosong: WutFace HOW DO YOU KNOW Killerquent: elaThirst Hellu: 5Head Bra1nBug2: @ekcolocke she looks like elaWeird alucard835: this fuckin girl is a know it all PepeHands Paladin_Neptune: silent hill 4 OMEGADOWN kaiju_boi: elaThirst thicc xHydraaP: Socionomical>LUL Eliaplease Zifler: Welp peeps, Im off for tonight. elaOk / cya all D3rrtyD4n: wtf icedragon08: elaThirst Llyfrgell: elaHmm Teeryx: 5Head Bxadd: 5Head FappyMcFlappy: holy fuck what a dirty bathroom Fullmetalcheese: LULW Callen_SF: LUL KrazyShark: krazys2LEWD Zelphh: jesus christ she’s hung up on those hips Doully92: haHAA Cage_D: smart girl 3Head SurQ_: Ansdr ela13 / DigitalZips: elaThirst Galer1ans: Pog LickMyPretzel: Here dialogue is a bit pretentious TheBlubb95: what is this game? Sm3xy_Waffle: You go girl Martiansam: @Kosmic_Eagle thk elaHYUG Abyssadin: @nevville PepeLaugh TyrantZedd: Paladin_Neptune Sup nepSmug / SirAnoobis: SOCIONOMICAL elaHYUK LickMyPretzel: her* kaiju_boi: what hips PepeLaugh Killerquent: @Zifler Good night elaHi akmannen: You go girl LifeIsHellaYikers: ughh Sohei4649: What are these text LULW tidooh: @silver6ird people elaHmm Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: Is her personality the horrific part of this game? elaHmm Chartalord: literally what is this monologue AlcatraZ567: shrimp girl 🙂 D3rrtyD4n: dumbass dialogue LULW Streamleen: That’s a lot of words. zombie391: hips Kreygasm Kosmic_Eagle: @Zifler see you elaOk / TheSalikawood: what is this dialogue lol Norttii: DansGame kokosenpaai: LUL ChemXVX: no wonder she has no friends when she talks like that LickMyPretzel: elaPuke perrito_scottex: monkaW Shrimpess: DansGame Mr_Ramalot: What is this LULW Woddy166: sebFace Nimurina: @KrazyShark elaHi TyrantZedd: Zifler elaOk / mcgrupp: hips dont lie KaitoKidShadow: i get it xHydraaP: Does this girl have downs? oolgzool: she has black mold madness SaintNep: child bearing hips elaThirst Paladin_Neptune: @TyrantZedd nepSmug yooo noxcorvus: monkaS QUOTE_IF_2019: she is so ugly DansGame LorkiStream: can we watch under skirt? gachiHYPER Martiansam: she is not that sexy :/ KrazyShark: @Nimurina nimu no1PAT Sm3xy_Waffle: She left her wallet in the toilet to go get tongs?! MrLismos: @Elajjaz happy birthday ela, someone just won 209millions from italian national lottery, was it you perhaps? nicky_altosaxophoney: with the knife Zelphh: girl looks like a meth addict SurQ_: Zifler elaHi razorxscooter: @elajjaz Can you upskirt her elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst angryj0nes: so much references TheBlubb95: i mean, literally what is this game? darker5999: the tongs went to the thrash, the wallet didnt Pixel_hearts: wash hands DansGame Ansdr: @surq_ elaA / RhinestoneCowboy4: she looks busted af silver6ird: @tidooh yes elaHmm i too contemplate hip size in the bathroom elaHmm Jaypi3: Maybe if she cleaned her goddamn bathroom she wouldn’t need to throw the tongs away. Devx_: dirty ass gachiHYPER IndianosMexicanos: KaitoKidShadow me too POGGERS TheBlubb95: what is going on at all? VentusNova_: her face WutFace vorleser: HER WALKING LULW kaiju_boi: YeahBoi HYPERCLAP Azure_Felt: the arm walking animation elaWeird Annonn140: Kreygasm xHydraaP: does this girl have downs? KaitoKidShadow: IndianosMexicanos Pog Clap Pixel_hearts: elaThirst mildwonder: YeahBoi Brams96: looks like a game Aris could play Abyssadin: Great camera wizchiefa23: She look like she just woke up from a 5 days trip of acid MartyLikesCookies: Those legs gachiBASS GameboySR: never cleaned it as well Killerquent: Close elaThirst Norttii: PepeLaugh Dyres: her everything LULW ejvitation: silent hill 2.5 kaiju_boi: 5Head Wheels82: elaK Shrimpess: 5Head Kosmic_Eagle: Kapp Doully92: elaK Golden04: PepeLaugh Nopileos: elaK Autumn_Flare: CoolStoryBob SurQ_: elaK Callen_SF: elaK h4nfr3d: LUL Bxadd: PepeLaugh nevville: elaK Bra1nBug2: PepeLaugh Ansdr: TaBeRu MartyLikesCookies: elaK scream_of_a_thousand_cows: elaK Bra1nBug2: elaK Kosmic_Eagle: elaK kokosenpaai: elaK Killerquent: elaK Nucleoprotein: elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK kaiju_boi: elaHi MambukOo: 5Head nicky_altosaxophoney: Kapp Tomowatt: WutFace Can we play this from 1st person Screppers: there’s ghosts in them there boxes monkaSHAKE Ansdr: Kapp Golden04: !clockwise WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing princeinnovice: elaK wandering_pleb: elaK QUOTE_IF_2019: face WutFace D3rrtyD4n: monkaW Tomowatt: VoHiYo Kitty kat UltraWindow: gonyo PepeHands Jaypi3: Cat is gonna die monkaW MORFHI: Ela and puzzles PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: monkaW Sourcehunter: HUH Norttii: monkaW LickMyPretzel: CoolCat let me out bitch shikifujin16: her face is the true horror xHydraaP: LEAVE THE CAT ALONE Nopileos: monkaW Killerquent: Strolley going for a stroll elaOk Sohei4649: monkaW Bxadd: monkaW Ankaraws: elaHi Pixel_hearts: monkaS SaDiablo: socionomic? @elajjaz :>climaxbeat: monkaX AlcatraZ567: YOINK Shrimpess: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: monkaW Sloales: monkaS tidooh: @silver6ird Imagine not all people are you elaHmm Murika_: monkaW soul__blade: SOULLESS FACE MartyLikesCookies: monkaS Nopileos: monkaW monkaW AvemStercore: monkaW alucard835: monkaW Geralt_of_Syria: furry WeirdChamp myfavoriteweeb: monkaW Dyres: nymnCREB hepha1: wtf is this LIDL game DansGame Bra1nBug2: monkaW Golden04: monkaS demifiendll: monkaS discosong: monkaW LickMyPretzel: monkaW Jaypi3: monkaS SirTuttles: REEEEE billy_herringt0n_: Kreygasm oolgzool: OH SNAP Nopileos: monkaW 1mpolar: monkaW TyrantZedd: PepeS noxcorvus: monkaGun houndthree: this is so silent hill 4 Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW Because_we_said_so: Clock wise? Akytami: monkaW Myowa_: monkaX Ansdr: monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaW earthstorm10: the room kaiju_boi: monkaW Tomowatt: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW monkaW GoAkke: monkaS m0rigani: monkaW Annonn140: SILENT HILL 4 2 Pog alicerino: monkaW Eiferius: !Discord WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! SurQ_: monkaW morality___: who names the cat after a fucking shopping cart Killerquent: monkaW Lim3Fru1t: monkaW TheH3llraiser: monkaW Fadziri: monkaS mizoreeee: monkaW HEIL_MODS_: monkaW grevedarkholm: monkaW D3rrtyD4n: hips too wide to run monkaW WillyTheWorm: HOLD ME nicky_altosaxophoney: monkaW Jarik23: My knob still here tho Kreygasm Nopileos: monkaW Deliriumi1: monkaW Nimurina: monkaS vorleser: THE ROOM LULW soul__blade: DxCat DekkerDave: monkaW Martiansam: monkaW Grimesi: monkaW PanKarmelek: Dont you dare harm the kitty game caeruleusalces: that girl is soooo high HotFireZ: monkaW wandering_pleb: monkaW nymnCorn Jaypi3: DEAD CAT Pepega misterbudlo: LIDL Hill Nopileos: monkaW monkaW SiggiMcCrit: SPOOOOKY porkylog: monkaGun darker5999: why does she walk like that xHydraaP: monkaTURNVOLUME DOWN MORFHI: monkaW legendzzzzzzzzzzzzz: i stole it Annonn140: HENRY LULW K1nG_W4av3: Sh4 the room? Shrimpess: my knob gachiHYPER Reddinator: not loud noises monkaW Pixel_hearts: wtf monkaH kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh silver6ird: @tidooh she’s insufferable and i leave it at that elaOk speedycruise: this is exactly like PT monkaW Tomowatt: FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER Martiansam: elaCozy alicerino: LUL goodbye immersion javilp13: monkas Devx_: DansGame Llyfrgell: monkaS Faxxter: lobosS MORFHI: so quiet monkaW discosong: DansGame Mr_Ramalot: You paid $8 for this game? @Elajjaz LULW k4iley: if the cat dies i’ll be pissed QUOTE_IF_2019: already scared PepeLaugh dahkside: TURN OFF LIGHTS Grimesi: monkaH GenuineLGN: remember chat, licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets Ansdr: she sounds like lydia elaHmm Shrimpess: 4Shrug Kosmic_Eagle: yes 🙂 Ankaraws: Why does she always look worried elaD Abyssadin: H E C K mildwonder: monkaW jonassm1: me 🙂 discosong: TURN OF LIGHTS DansGame Killerquent: Yeah me elaThirst genghisbong: This is so much like silent hill Jaypi3: Mario 64 FeelsPepoMan mayushi10: 🙂 shikifujin16: your cat will die ela tidooh: @silver6ird That I can agree on LULW D3rrtyD4n: lets me guess, she’s actually crazy atpCap AlcatraZ567: monkaW Golden04: monkaW lindwormen: what is this playstation one game called 🙂 kaiju_boi: monkaW fanHEIBAI: monkaW shikifujin16: kailDerp Nopileos: monkaW Jaypi3: Mario 64 Pog silver6ird: don’t touch it monkaW Meximus322: monkaW StoobieGacks: Ela have you played Cry of Fear? Ankaraws: MARIO KanzanZX: mario UltraWindow: letsa go Killerquent: monkaS Tomowatt: monkaW Devx_: Mario 64 PogCHamp TeenyTinyRedhead: PepeLaugh 👉 https://giphy.com/gifs/mars-attacks-gELaRlz1KNANq Pixel_hearts: MARIO LULW rafalbrew1: monkaW kaiju_boi: Pog painted world Callen_SF: LUL Myowa_: painted world Pog silver6ird: PREGARIO Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Ansdr: D: oopmah: Aramis? xHydraaP: @lindwormen Gamboy Advanced Panthera07: painted world! alucard835: what about the cat PepeHands AlcatraZ567: MARIO Kosmic_Eagle: MARIO Pog BruiseVein: EH EGO discosong: MARIO Sm3xy_Waffle: Ariamis Pog grevedarkholm: painted world Pog Hellu: LULW misterbudlo: PERSONA TheSalikawood: WAHOO Annonn140: LULW Nopileos: MARIO nevville: Ariamis Pog angryj0nes: wee jklob: LULW kaiju_boi: PREGIGIG Cylian_The_Hollow: its ariamis all over again Amalthazad: monkaW caeruleusalces: her skin is soooo grey lol Kosmic_Eagle: TaBeRu AnubisYE: :puke: Killerquent: papapapapapp PA Streamleen: sucked into Silent Hill Tacoflavored96: moon2PREGARIO porkylog: monkaW Jamule: moon2PREGIGI moon2PREGARIO moon2PREGIGI moon2PREGARIO Jaypi3: PepoDance cheeze____: pepeJAM Bra1nBug2: yipii AYAYA jonassm1: the end? alicerino: monkaS Ankaraws: PREGARIO Shmoop1: PAPAPA PAPA PA wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp SweatyChest: TaBeRu Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Simon_iO: LULW i_wanna_be_adored: the end Kappa Pixel_hearts: pepeJAM QUOTE_ME_IF_NOHOMO: how is the game so far ? elaHmm Sourcehunter: Never do 4 tabs of LSD chat monkaSHAKE ejvitation: monkaW vorleser: ANDREW CARR PogChamp 1mpolar: title drop? LULW QUOTE_IF_2019: this game is edgy Wario_fangirl69: moon2PREGARIO ? Ansdr: pepeD Cheesehovel: is this game from 2008? hussein20: moon2PREGARIO Sohei4649: TaBeRu Drachenreiter: ELA STOP ✋ WeirdChamp Hsnaketwitch: ohhhhhh I arrived on time chat elaH Doully92: WeirdChamp Nopileos: Hsnaketwitch elaH xHydraaP: Dead NeonDeflector: #TAKE ON MEEEEE (take on me! Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: ??????????? QQQQQQQQQWWWWWWWWWWWWW: moon2PREGARIO GoAkke: huh UltraWindow: wap wap ♫ wap bada bap pa ♫ D3rrtyD4n: DansGame billy_herringt0n_: ACID TRIP Clap LickMyPretzel: Music reminds me of Cry of Fear icedragon08: That face LULW Defahgo: This game is free? QUOTE_IF_2019: WutFace wizchiefa23: Ohh yea she still trippin balls VipeJ: music seems good atleast AlcatraZ567: WutFace ArttAtack: huh ? discosong: WutFace Wheels82: elaWut z3r0wan: Silent Hill Feels Polebegood: WutFace ejvitation: dat face LULW Tomowatt: WutFace DON’T LOOK AT THE CAMERA mildwonder: monkaW MORFHI: WutFace Nopileos: WutFace NeonDeflector: TAKE ME OOOON (Take on me) Zloezlo: That face WutFace silver6ird: quality crack eliastheepicgamer: it’s so scuffed PepeHands Hsnaketwitch: @Nopileos Dude are you a bot how do you respond so quick? DigitalZips: is this Silent Hill 4: The Room Part 2 ザーンガ: WutFace mrsohta: I hope the cat is safe javilp13: Olivia Steele PogChamp GoAkke: moonwalk bioticfox1645: Is this a le horror gamee? Nopileos: Hsnaketwitch just a bot elaFeels Bra1nBug2: LULW Fuzzoidz: fleshlight SaDiablo: she’s blinking so much… Jaypi3: 5Head QUOTE_ME_IF_NOHOMO: pepeJam NeonDeflector: I’ll BEEEE THERE!!! EuphoricLemon: @Nopileos Thanks for the gift sub! SaDiablo: xD akmannen: OwO caeruleusalces: @neondeflector take meeee oooon Pixel_hearts: no me 🙂 vorleser: Why did she go in??? LULW rofIcopter: me? LickMyPretzel: to ME? monkaW wizchiefa23: DansGame DansGame DansGame Gus6gus7: !lastrun Devx_: no me 🙂 NeonDeflector: caeruleusalces yeee kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER mathis_de_nice: did the sound effect just UwU ? Mistmoore: a HOLE Jaypi3: gachiCOOL noxcorvus: gachiBASS AlcatraZ567: gachiHYPER soul__blade: gachiHYPER SaDiablo: LUL Polebegood: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER discosong: gachiHYPER Azure_Felt: monkaW TheManCalledNova: Unforgivable size gachiHYPER Doully92: gachiHYPER Tomowatt: gachiHYPER KaitoKidShadow: ????????? Shrimpess: gachiHYPER Flashforward: did john marston write this OMEGALUL Gus6gus7: ela1 ela2 HotFireZ: gachiHYPER TesthuGGer: That’s so Silent Hill 2 ArttAtack: gachiBASS blingley: A hole filled with LONGing and DESIRE Reddinator: wast Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Ansdr: elaC QUOTE_ME_IF_NOHOMO: REACT HARDER elaMad Cylian_The_Hollow: o shit abigail witches hype Defahgo: This is SOOOOOO SILENT HILL elaD elaD elaD Annonn140: it even uses silent hill font LULW k4iley: this is literally wannabe silent hill Hsnaketwitch: @Nopileos elaFeels SirAnoobis: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Killerquent: monkaW Sikodude: getting SH vibes monkaW nevville: you know what else is of unforgivable size 🙂 vyird1337: BibleThump MORFHI: our character is the scariest thing in this game monkaW Hsnaketwitch: @Nopileos You’re my bot elaH KrazyShark: @TeenyTinyRedhead don’t tell Ela but the image is actually a reskin of this that i made a while ago LULW https://imgur.com/Q6HF1U6 ddaaveee: The words of a true neckbeard Doully92: haHAA QUOTE_IF_2019: TriHard Jaypi3: cmonBruh misterbudlo: cmonBruh spike_the_space_cowboy: 😂 ArttAtack: cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh kaiju_boi: WeirdChamp Annonn140: 😂 Zloezlo: TriHard AlexAnderman1994: cmonBrother Shrimpess: chat elaWeird quincy_exe: here we go famaine21: is this game a silent hill game? ejvitation: cmonBruh Nopileos: Hsnaketwitch elaH Wheels82: elaWeird chat Ansdr: @k4iley literally? elaHmm Re_znik: he said black “cmon bro” 😀 TheManCalledNova: cmonBruh ニューハーフ: lmao this looks like font from silent hill vorleser: She had ZERO reasons to go into that painting LULW zeltaOK: chat FeelsWeirdMan spike_the_space_cowboy: 😂 OMEONBRO 😂 Martiansam: soooo … they remade silent hill in 2019 …. BruiseVein: Janifer TheBlubb95: god this game is so fucking P O E T I C C Streamleen: girlfriend noob1011: f Shrimpess: F kokosenpaai: F Autumn_Flare: F Jaypi3: Janifer? Nopileos: F TheManCalledNova: F Polebegood: F nevville: F Nimurina: F SirAnoobis: F Daxstyle: F MORFHI: F sviat93: F QUOTE_IF_2019: F Peka1: F MitsuoK: f Devx_: F Pudntoogud: cmonBruh Golden04: F Kosmic_Eagle: F Nopileos: F F discosong: F SekoSerk: F Martiansam: F Ansdr: f TheWeedBun: F Nucleoprotein: F mayushi10: F sviat93: ef Jaypi3: Who names their kid Janife soul__blade: UwU Defahgo: F singsingFe AlcatraZ567: blood there monkaW Hsnaketwitch: F randomweeb69: F Jaypi3: Janifer HotFireZ: SH Map LUL Nopileos: F z3r0wan: Damn that’s deep bro Kreygasm shikifujin16: is this a silent hill inspired game? i love the concept TeenyTinyRedhead: @KrazyShark OMG THAT LITTLE SNAKE MLEM elaBlush It still looks very diffent though elaCozy mildwonder: PogU Ilueen: F PepeHands silver6ird: not your home monkaW KaitoKidShadow: omega hill ArttAtack: nice map Killerquent: SH all over again Hsnaketwitch: FU…JOHN CENNAAAAAAAA kaiju_boi: Same source code PepeLaugh speedycruise: she walks like she’s just done leg day TheManCalledNova: Quiet Mound ? SurQ_: KrazyShark Champ / spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz LIDL HILL Pog Jaypi3: Quiet Plateau Shrimpess: monkaW Golden04: monkaS wizchiefa23: ThankEgg ThankEgg ThankEgg MartyLikesCookies: monkaW AlcatraZ567: LULW j0mppa: monkaW Killerquent: monkaW Ansdr: Silwnt Hill elaA fanHEIBAI: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Hollow_void: monkaW Devx_: monkaW Bra1nBug2: monkaW Ankaraws: monkaW Pudntoogud: cmonBruh JOY cmonBruh kokosenpaai: monkaW kaiju_boi: !clockwise WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh Deam23: @krazyshark you did a great job NotMaloony: this reminds me of that one older, really amazing horror game. What’s it called…Michigan: Report from Hell I think it was. TheH3llraiser: monkaW Roukou87: monkaS Nopileos: monkaW monkaW VipeJ: silent hill sound effects, font, movement, maps.. “inspired” LULW demifiendll: code talker SurQ_: TeenyTinyRedhead nrdyPrivet WillyTheWorm: monkaS D3rrtyD4n: dumb bitch LULW discosong: monkaW Ankaraws: monkaShake Tomowatt: LULW RIPPED FROM SH ejvitation: monkaW Jaypi3: no LULW artoflec: even the dialogue text is the same WrestlerBot2000: “Speedrunning this gives you supermuchadrenalin… yes this is a word.” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 18 z3r0wan: Piramid Head PogChamp Polebegood: 4Shrug Jakazin: actual sh2 scene KaitoKidShadow: jar of piss TeenyTinyRedhead: @SurQ_ hey elaH pepEL Hellu: monkaW LickMyPretzel: Duuuuuude this is INSANELY silent hill QUOTE_IF_2019: pepeJAM xHydraaP: rip Peka1: monkaW Roukou87: monkaW KrazyShark: @TeenyTinyRedhead LULW yeah i didnt have much time and too lazy to draw so essiSmile it does look pretty different anyways ela12 Nopileos: monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaW TeenyTinyRedhead: pepeL * Wheels82: elaWut soul__blade: @TeenyTinyRedhead Hey Teeny, Amalthazad here. I offered Ela to chose my one and only account as a birthday gift. So Here I am LULW Ankaraws: monkaSHAKE Mr_Ramalot: Jesus Christ this game LULW Sourcehunter: Dr Moriaty monkaSHAKE spike_the_space_cowboy: BBoomer KrazyShark: @SurQ_ no1PAT Istog: do you know the way? Doully92: BBoomer Tomowatt: WutFace Hollow_void: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW Hsnaketwitch: Yikes stanllley: OMEGALUL Annonn140: MALD LULW D3rrtyD4n: he looks friendly LULW Dhoulchen: so this is Silent LIDL hmm elaHmm AlcatraZ567: that hair LULW LickMyPretzel: It’s that guy from MGS 5 kaiju_boi: mald LULW benamation: This is like a Kingdom Hearts Silent Hill LEvel Killerquent: He looks bored LULW KrazyShark: @Deam23 FeelsGoodMan thanks no1AYA genericanon8: LUL discosong: LUL MALD zombie391: WutFace BulgeConnoisseur: Still better than the HD collection x3kmak: ITS CLAUDIA LULW TesthuGGer: Why is the man looking better than her LorkiStream: LULW Falact: monkaW Azure_Felt: the old guy from haunting ground monkaW WreckItVince: mozart?! Pog zaeta__: elaWut elaGun Istog: ??? Mac_Moneysac: nice hair dude SeemsGood Devx_: ???????????? TheManCalledNova: Hushed Mountain Skalextric: What a nice person J0hnnyBlade: It’s you Ela LULW Ansdr: I want to see cube head 🙂 Simon_iO: BBoomer Jaypi3: WHYH ARE YOU RUNNING ZULUL baezmejia200: pepeJAM silver6ird: go clockwise elaOk hepha1: Look its KrazyShark LULW elaThirst Sohei4649: Puzzle time PepeLaugh Istog: he said no and left LUL oopmah: this is actually pretty silenthilly. Lexikun: !clockwise WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing Ankaraws: PISS JAR LUL zombie391: elaHmm GoAkke: cotton eye joe HotFireZ: !clockwise LickMyPretzel: This is traight from the SH2 apartments BruiseVein: Claudia looked different Deliriumi1: Clockwise inc OMEGADOWN LickMyPretzel: straight KrazyShark: @hepha1 elaThirst TheManCalledNova: klok! Pog Woddy166: bday100 Because_we_said_so: its a clock?! Gus6gus7: elaWut Sourcehunter: @Ansdr Cube head LULW h4nfr3d: wrong roman 4 🙂 soul__blade: Nice clock gachiHYPER hank_the_lord: this is a bit too similar to SH imo spike_the_space_cowboy: AH SHIT HERE WE GO AGAIN TriHard Martiansam: @KrazyShark Hello>:3 pepeL Ankaraws: monkaS Jakazin: monkaW TeenyTinyRedhead: @soul__blade I guess that’s how ela knows you the most elaOk Hey elaH pepeL wizchiefa23: DansGame uhh I asked you a question MaleFunction: MaleFunction subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 30 months, currently on a 23 month streak! happy birthday man! FeelsBirthdayMan WrestlerBot2000: @malefunction After 30 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Blindfly: its the wide hips Roukou87: monkaW QUOTE_IF_2019: first silent hill had better graphics 🙂 Nopileos: SUB HYPE MaleFunction POGGERS giant_robots: bloody hole hepha1: gachiBASS famaine21: room? nikitos_boom: SH 4 vibes Pog TheManCalledNova: i hear shroud has a fat clock kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER Golden04: gachiHYPER Shrimpess: gachiHYPER TheH3llraiser: gachiHYPER mildwonder: VaN Hellu: gachiHYPER discosong: gachiHYPER I HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE SurQ_: gachiHYPER MartyLikesCookies: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: gachiHYPER Doully92: gachiHYPER rofIcopter: gachiHYPER artoflec: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER Norttii: gachiHYPER Azure_Felt: LULW Wheels82: gachiHYPER KaitoKidShadow: gachiHYPER shikifujin16: LUL Sloales: gachiBASS Deliriumi1: gachiHYPER spike_the_space_cowboy: gachiHYPER Abyssadin: LULW Petrozza7: gachiHYPER VentusNova_: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Meximus322: gachiHYPER Killerquent: gachiHYPER zaeta__: gachiHYPER KrazyShark: gachiHYPER AvemStercore: gachiHYPER noxcorvus: gachiHYPER Bestorio: gachiHYPER CirceanSin: gachiHYPER masterpotatoman_: gachiHYPER silver6ird: gachiHYPER whatsupmel: gachiHYPER faithless_zealot: lul kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP AlcatraZ567: gachiHYPER zombie391: gachiHYPER DamonDolittle225: gachiHYPER akmannen: LULW Turbulist: gachiHYPER Nazzet: gachiHYPER scirvir_: AGAIN gachiHYPER ISinistarI: gachiHYPER WrestlerBot2000: 15x gachiHYPER double digit combo Pog Nopileos: gachiHYPER ddaaveee: gachiHYPER Simon_iO: gachiHYPER Brunault_: LUL Bra1nBug2: gachiHYPER MORFHI: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER z3vron: gachiHYPER Jakazin: gachiHYPER DigitalZips: gachiHYPER hepha1: gachiHYPER Cylian_The_Hollow: gachiHYPER Drrufus1: moon2H Nichiro99: gachiHYPER TheWeedBun: gachiHYPER Grimesi: gachiHYPER BobTheDrunkBear: gachiHYPER Ankaraws: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP TyrantZedd: gachiHYPER Defahgo: KappaPride mildwonder: gachiHYPER ザーンガ: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER angryj0nes: AAAAH GachiHYPER GenuineLGN: gachiHYPER Aeonll: gachiHYPER Gaxkang0: gachiHYPER SouSousen: gachiHYPER Everest_Bound: gachiHYPER HEIL_MODS_: gachiHYPER Dyres: spike_the_space_cowboy gachiHYPER Ansdr: elaKek calgy: gachiHYPER kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Cylian_The_Hollow: UP THE BUTT Fridgieee: KappaPride alicerino: gachiOnFIRE randomweeb69: gachiHYPER baermitgewehr2: Is this for pc? Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER angryj0nes: AAAAH gachiHYPER Kevintaku: gachiHYPER MaleFunction: gachiHYPER Terra21: gachiHYPER Hollow_void: Is that the 1% sound? gachiBASS spike_the_space_cowboy: @Dyres gachiHYPER AGHHHHHH Leeegit: gachiHYPER Martiansam: gachiHYPER hepha1: AAAAHHH gachiHYPER KaitoKidShadow: dude fuck it Nandz: gachiHYPER BroqRox: gachiHYPER kaiju_boi: @baermitgewehr2 yee soul__blade: @TeenyTinyRedhead Yeah ofc elaOk how are you doing? pepeL Nopileos: gachiHYPER ornacle: gachiHYPER AlcatraZ567: clockwise LULW wizchiefa23: 4Head tidooh: @baermitgewehr2 yes Doully92: PepeLaugh Killerquent: elaBlind incoming h4nfr3d: my neighbors have little kids (not that I care) Ilueen: what’s the % chance? it happened thrice today! Shrimpess: why does it sound like it’s snake screaming? spike_the_space_cowboy: @Dyres you good MaN gachiAPPROVE ? baermitgewehr2: @kaiju_boi ty kaiju_boi: monkaW BulgeConnoisseur: FeelsGoodMan mildwonder: monkaW Tomowatt: monkaW vorleser: WutFace hpbearman: How do I see the gachiHYPER emote?? xHydraaP: 20 minute game LUL Sikodude: Is this related to SH ? TeenyTinyRedhead: @soul__blade Doing good thanks elaCozy How are you ? elaOk Xiithrian: still no gachiHYPER elaFeels TheManCalledNova: LIDL Hill? hepha1: elaHmm Shmoop1: the sound design of this game is actually quite good tho, even the voices are affected by the surroundings Defahgo: No please. No ringing NotLikeThis soul__blade: @Elajjaz You should put this song at like 10-15% Doully92: HYUKCHIHA Clap tidooh: @Ilueen 1% GoAkke: monkaS AlcatraZ567: what? Dr_Jan_Itor: edgy HYUKCHIHA jklob: Pog Killerquent: Darkness within darkness awaits you ELA Annonn140: HYUKCHIHA ザーンガ: monkaW sviat93: who’s there? Jakazin: monkaW ejvitation: monkaX Nopileos: monkaW Golden04: monkaW GoAkke: monkaS knock knock TheManCalledNova: monkaW Nichiro99: Pogu TeenyTinyRedhead: @hpbearman you have bttv? Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW Shrimpess: monkaW kaiju_boi: 🥁 ZULUL Ansdr: Of course elaHmm Wheels82: 5Head Drrufus1: CRAWLING IN MY SKIN discosong: monkaW Hsnaketwitch: elaCool Martiansam: HYUKCHIHA yes the darkness grevedarkholm: PepeS Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Kevintaku: nice legs Minn_Minn: pepeJAMMER MitsuoK: ez KaitoKidShadow: monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaW kokosenpaai: monkaW KrazyShark: damn she got nice legs shikifujin16: @Sikodude NO elaCozy sviat93: knock knock! who’s there? monkaW Azure_Felt: ElaOut HotFireZ: monkaW IbraSeinNase: SEED discosong: monkaS MartyLikesCookies: monkaW AvemStercore: monkaW Tomowatt: monkaW monkaW Nopileos: monkaW wandering_pleb: monkaW hpbearman: @TeenyTinyRedhead yep AlcatraZ567: Jebaited ? BulgeConnoisseur: monkaW Dont soul__blade: @TeenyTinyRedhead glad to hear it elaH doing good myself too. just chilling elaCozy kokosenpaai: np Ansdr: monkaS MasterMalpercio: key rooVV DidacoWolf: SILENT LIHIDLL GoAkke: monkaS Cespes: that’s very platonian, light reflects images that may be false, darkness is a given Bestorio: monkaW Abyssadin: im gonna lul if pyramid head shows up Devx_: DONT monkaW wizchiefa23: The dark can protect you from those you wish to harm you Jebaited discosong: gachiHYPER Nopileos: monkaS GoAkke: put your dick in now monkaS Killerquent: Bald of you MLG_Maker: @Elajjaz Happy Birthday FeelsBirthdayMan TeenyTinyRedhead: @hpbearman Then you probably need to enable GIFs in the bttv settings below chat BruiseVein: there’s no risk of this game getting copyrighted as Konami doesn’t care about SH anymore PepeHands h4nfr3d: in SH the arm would have been too short WillyTheWorm: monkaS KaitoKidShadow: ez akmannen: why does that sound like OwO? genericanon8: what is this running animation LUL tidooh: @KrazyShark You’d lewd her? elaThirst? TheManCalledNova: F 7oxicshadow: who says no to that option? Azure_Felt: damn door shoulda closed and cut off arm FeelsBadMan TeenyTinyRedhead: @soul__blade Nice elaCozy Ansdr: elaISee Ziazis: what if you turn it on midway? Shrimpess: turn on the light when you are on the bridge @Elajjaz soul__blade: @BulgeConnoisseur Your username makes me laugh everytime elaKek fanHEIBAI: cool map 🙂 ArttAtack: cant die in this game LULW Nuhg: monkaW KrazyShark: @tidooh i mean other than the face the rest is fine LULW SkyDC: use light in midair Pog @elajjaz WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Tomowatt: VoHiYo Yayyyy mon_dieud: wtf is this silent hill lookalike Fullmetalcheese: LULW KaitoKidShadow: LUL KrazyShark: @Martiansam hey marti no1PAT DigitalZips: YESSSSSS Golden04: PepeLaugh Reddinator: PepeLaugh Roukou87: this is literally Silent Hill Meximus322: PepeLaugh Doully92: PepeLaugh Wheels82: LULW Nopileos: PepeLaugh genericanon8: OMEGALUL Gumma: PepeLaugh sloggyx: holy shit i just saw how big my steam pile of shame is 😀 i have to play 3220 continous hours to finish my library HotFireZ: LULW Kashmirik: LUL rafalbrew1: PepeLaugh Shrimpess: PepeLaugh jklob: pepeLaugh 1mpolar: PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh tidooh: @KrazyShark LULW whatsupmel: LULW Brunault_: PepeLaugh grevedarkholm: PepeLaugh D3rrtyD4n: atpCap Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh ChaosLike: elaKek Azure_Felt: elaHmm AlcatraZ567: @KrazyShark hipon LULW Petrozza7: PepeLaugh Bestorio: 5Head Nimurina: PepeLaugh angryj0nes: !clocwise discosong: PepeLaugh Norttii: PepeLaugh Llyfrgell: elaHmm Fullmetalcheese: monkaW BulgeConnoisseur: soul__blade elaThirst Nice HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh lordmatte: oh this gonna be gud rofIcopter: PepeLaugh here it comes Nopileos: PepeLaugh jonsu: PepeLaugh thrustingdagger_: silent hill 3 ? Killerquent: PepeLaugh Sourcehunter: @BulgeConnoisseur OwO i recognize this buldge Deliriumi1: elaHmm elaHmm elaHmm elaHmm elaHmm elaHmm elaHmm elaHmm elaHmm elaHmm ザーンガ: PepeLaugh angryj0nes: !clockwise Autumn_Flare: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing DigitalZips: PepeLaugh Tomowatt: Greener pastures… death? Akytami: PepeLaugh silver6ird: dramatic reading Pog kokosenpaai: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @AlcatraZ567 HAHAHA WTF DUDE LULW how do you know that expression Fullmetalcheese: elaK Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Ansdr: elaHmm vorleser: IMPALE cirGasm HotFireZ: PepeLaugh nymnCorn kaiju_boi: FOGGERS Martiansam: @KrazyShark elaCozy hpbearman: @TeenyTinyRedhead got it! Thanks! BulgeConnoisseur: Sourcehunter UwU Hewwo Kosmic_Eagle: oh no no no PepeLaugh TheManCalledNova: Silent Evil PepeLaugh soul__blade: @BulgeConnoisseur Wanna analyze mine? elaThirst lordmatte: NotLikeThis benamation: reest Ansdr: here we go Abyssadin: oh dear Blindfly: to the window from the wall jonsu: PepeLaugh nymnCorn zaeta__: PepeLaugh lindwormen: oh no no no PepeLaugh here we go again dYnAm1c92: PepeLaugh See you in 2 hours PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: @KrazyShark pinoy 🙂 serusa94: PepeLaugh h4nfr3d: off to broadway with you! Muhmed2: Reast? 1080p200fps: elaHmm elaPlan Killerquent: Bruh, look at this riddle PepeLaugh ISinistarI: PepeLaugh nymnCorn mildwonder: 5Head ah yes MatthijsSam1992: 6/10 story telling Lim3Fru1t: PepeLaugh TeenyTinyRedhead: @hpbearman no problem gachiHYPER JinM0: elaHmm Fullmetalcheese: 5Head I’VE SOLVED IT BruiseVein: grashesly Clap soul__blade: !clockwise WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing ornacle: Story channel FeelsGoodMan 1mpolar: PepeLaugh riddle Sohei4649: PepeLaugh 👆 👇 👈 👉 ??? Simon_iO: D: Azure_Felt: elaD BulgeConnoisseur: soul__blade elaThirst All bulgies are welcome j0mppa: monkaX Norttii: PepeHands discosong: monkaW Drachenreiter: gra-to-ut-ish-ly Tacoflavored96: PepeLaugh emote only KrazyShark: @AlcatraZ567 ohh yeah your’e the pinoy one AYAYA LULW some filipino expressions are so mean elaKek lindwormen: PepeLaugh such a long riddle Streamleen: long riddle, good luck kaskelott_: PepeLaugh Chartalord: yeah this is easy 5Head soul__blade: @BulgeConnoisseur billyReady LickMyPretzel: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh mildwonder: D: Abyssadin: LULW Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: elaMad serusa94: 5Head DarkResonance: LULW TheSalikawood: lol DigitalZips: suuuuuure Nopileos: LULW AlcatraZ567: @KrazyShark haha HEIL_MODS_: LULW Azure_Felt: elaK Tomowatt: DansGame IT WAS GETTING GOOD kaiju_boi: it’s not a puzzle PepeLaugh Killerquent: Tbh, it reminds me of much I miss SH games Ansdr: elaKek Sohei4649: 4Shrug Deliriumi1: elaMad MartyLikesCookies: HE DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh kokosenpaai: elaK hpbearman: gashiHYPER Devx_: Kapp Kevintaku: elaKek Nopileos: elaK zombie391: elaKek LickMyPretzel: elaC allmother_: ah, I see we’re playing Not Silent Hill alicerino: elaHmm elaPlan commander_scheppert: Nice story, bro! PixelBob Llyfrgell: elaGa angryj0nes: lost to reading LULW Fullmetalcheese: 5Head SUPER EZ wandering_pleb: elaK Furrnox: PepeLaugh sviat93: Put something Kappa Kosmic_Eagle: we;ll figure it out he says PepeLaugh shikifujin16: REALLY YOU WERE ALMOST DONE benamation: LOLOL Reddinator: already mald PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER Malabards: BrokeBack Sourcehunter: S33d Tryedz: is this quiet mountain? Lim3Fru1t: PepeHands But it was just getting good NeonDeflector: MOIST HOLES xHydraaP: Holes Drrufus1: gachiBASS DidacoWolf: glory holes BulgeConnoisseur: soul__blade billyReady 🚿 Drop that soap boi Fullmetalcheese: gachiBASS alicerino: OMEGLOL h4nfr3d: seed of ebil kaiju_boi: PUT SEED IN THE MOIST HOLES gachiHYPER Doully92: Planting seed gachiBASS Blindfly: Eli as usual underestimating how hard it can get gachihyper Shrimpess: gachiHYPER Fullmetalcheese: gachiBOP GoAkke: gachiBASS eremiter: put seed in holes HotFireZ: gachiHYPER Killerquent: gachiHYPER morality___: YOU NEED TO READ silver6ird: gachiHYPER TeenyTinyRedhead: LULW Nopileos: gachiHYPER xHydraaP: Glory holes for the devil Silragy: gachiBASS ISinistarI: gachiHYPER whatsupmel: gachiHYPER gild0n: Oh shit here we go again Cylian_The_Hollow: dude the soul of silver Sohei4649: gachiBASS 💦 🌱 zaeta__: elaThirst seeds MartyLikesCookies: gachiHYPER BruiseVein: seed goes in hole 🙂 Devx_: gachiHYPER more holes Dhoulchen: gachiHYPER Nazzet: More hoe gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER GoAkke: TeenyTinyRedhead hello pepeL LickMyPretzel: mre seed for holes gachiHYPER benamation: mamma mia here we go again milfhunter_1992: is 3 not enough gachiHYPER Ansdr: elaYes mocaffe: PepeLaugh weeaboochan: actually pretty easy puzzle 5Head hpbearman: gachiHYPER BulgeConnoisseur: Reading monkaW TeenyTinyRedhead: @GoAkke Heeey elaWOW elaH pepeL Sm3xy_Waffle: only 4 items, just try all 256 combinations Tomowatt: AYAYA Drrufus1: Is this just silent hill but written by a 16 year old LULW Dastina: if seed means trees it is probably the east one ->most right hole genghisbong: Put your seed in the hole CleverName2: @GoAkke can you fill my holes ? gachiHYPER vorleser: AYAYA ASHIATO Doully92: 5Head MatthijsSam1992: I have plenty of seed kappa Fullmetalcheese: 8===D 💦 hpbearman: monkaS thrustingdagger_: so the underlying lore is that she wants seeds in her holes? GoAkke: CleverName2 all of them gachiBASS Sourcehunter: 5Head Gus6gus7: ela1 ela2 Ilueen: no BruiseVein: @Drrufus1 so just like Silent Hill? LULW J0hnnyBlade: 5Head KanzanZX: 5Head LickMyPretzel: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head nevville: I just got back chat, I missed KrazySharks comment on the holes in the soil, what did he say? xHydraaP: @thrustingdagger_ Stop, I can only get so erect Petacander: this guy NEEDS some SEX haha Drrufus1: Fair LUL OriPeel: Wtf is this 5Head stuff im too dumb for this LULW TheGoldenCobra: 5Head 🍷 Ansdr: I bet some edgy rock band can make a song with that elaHmm Cylian_The_Hollow: @Elajjaz seed of silver for soul of silver? the one the crow had kaiju_boi: ela1 ela2 kaiju_boi: ela3 ela4 Nopileos: Clap UltraWindow: anyone paying attention? 3Head Graphtag: hi guys much love Killerquent: Clap HEIL_MODS_: chat WeirdChamp no backseating sviat93: Clap Mister_Cozy: Yahaa Galer1ans: Clap Clap Ansdr: Clap Gus6gus7: love these emotes ela3 ela4 MartyLikesCookies: Clap nevville: Clap KaitoKidShadow: ela13 Clap Zygon___: NaM Kosmic_Eagle: Clap Fullmetalcheese: Pog Clap Leeegit: Clap speedycruise: @BruiseVein yo any good deals on gamesplanet today? LickMyPretzel: NO BACKSEATING elaREE Nopileos: ela1 ela2 KaitoKidShadow: Pog GLOD Nopileos: ela3 ela4 Sourcehunter: My seed 🙂 kaiju_boi: Pog golden seed gachiHYPER ArttAtack: CoolStoryBob Galer1ans: Close Nop Fullmetalcheese: LULW sleepyidols: So basically ghost is real WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! sviat93: HailHelix nevville: @Nopileos 🙂 Tomowatt: LULW POSTMODERNIST ART BulgeConnoisseur: FeelsGoodMan Clap weeaboochan: @Elajjaz maybe if you look at stuff with/without light there is a difference? Doully92: First time seeing a gold today PepeLaugh vorleser: WutFace BruiseVein: @speedycruise lol! haven’t checked Nucleoprotein: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Celulith: ela2 ela1 Ansdr: ppHop Falact: pepeJAM BinBaggedOsama: is this a lidl silent hill @Elajjaz LickMyPretzel: Looks exactly like Silent Hill 2 graphics Nopileos: ela1 ela2 nevville: ela3 ela4 Nopileos: ela3 ela4 Mister_Cozy: The ambiance seems nice elaHmm Rammsnake: @Elajjaz wheres kitty? BibleThump DidacoWolf: AYAYA kawaii chat AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: ElaOut|Clip No.7| https://clips.twitch.tv/CourteousCharmingMushroomPanicBasket ElaOut vorleser: “inspired” LULW Nucleoprotein: elaHmm Kosmic_Eagle: Clap ? speedycruise: @BruiseVein PepeHands Galer1ans: ammm Clap Clap? HEIL_MODS_: Clap Dastina: silent hill 2 graphics with silent hill 3 lighting vodtutor: guys has he already played this game ? Ansdr: Clap nevville: elaHmm DigitalZips: PepeLaugh Nopileos: Clap ? Reddinator: elaKek Petacander: is she italian kaiju_boi: LULW Mister_Cozy: OMEGLOL Doully92: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh xHydraaP: Clap NovaMoon: scorpio like me Pog KaitoKidShadow: lulw Auramoth: PepeLaugh genericanon8: silent hill puzzles PepeLaugh montythirdleg: Super silent hill genghisbong: They must have purposely made the graphics bad, right? LUL 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Hollow_void: Cancer thats me Pog Nucleoprotein: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Nopileos: PepeLaugh MartyLikesCookies: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: Leo is a sperm Dyres: nymnCREB Screppers: 69 gachiGASM BruiseVein: @speedycruise Metal Gear Rising is €5 FeelsGoodMan xHydraaP: Leo is a spermcell kokosenpaai: PepeLaugh Daaarling02: annaOMEGA Golden04: PepeLaugh aizawa49: !clockwise OriPeel: Libra Pog WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing Autumn_Flare: PepeLaugh He doesn’t know Ansdr: I was reading Galer1ans: PepeLaugh falzy211: isnt this just a reskineed silent hill 3? Pakekko: chrisCrab chrisCrab chrisCrab mizoreeee: ♋ sournuts1: the lobster is cancer AcEmAnNeR: BibleThump Ansdr: elaB MartyLikesCookies: Emote only when PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: 🦀 KaitoKidShadow: it really is Silent Hill, he is already exhasperated LULW Shrimpess: Play Binding of Isaac PepeLaugh sviat93: doesnt know his symbol PepeLaugh UltraWindow: should have picked easy mode PepeLaugh montythirdleg: Pisces is a fish Wazook: Wazook subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 6 months, currently on a 1 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @wazook You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM Doully92: elaS filarette: this is actually alone in the dark 1 remastered Nopileos: SUB HYPE Wazook elaA shikifujin16: do you plan to rush through this game? Ansdr: elaISee ates90: gachiBASS Screw Cage_D: there is no combat in this game btw Killerquent: aypierreCasteur1 aypierreCasteur2 falzy211: its got the same text font… Killerquent: ela3 ela4 thrustingdagger_: Still better than anything konami puts out these days Streamleen: graphics are very PS2/3 j0mppa: monkaW Streamleen: nostalgic Hollow_void: Any monster attacking you in this game Ela? Cylian_The_Hollow: poor driver, what did he ever do to you 🙁 LickMyPretzel: ME? monkaW Mister_Cozy: elaThirst Nucleoprotein: is @KrazyShark still here? monkaW DigitalZips: ResidentSleeper kaiju_boi: elaThirst genghisbong: I like the silent hill look, but why does it have to look like a ps2 game LUL citronus: monkaW NautilusV2: me 🙂 GoAkke: me 🙂 Tomowatt: monkaW Shrimpess: I did 🙂 UltraWindow: WeirdChamp MartyLikesCookies: monkaW ates90: monkaW ME? Autumn_Flare: monkaW Devx_: monkaW Kosmic_Eagle: !russianroulette Nopileos: monkaW kokosenpaai: elaS Sourcehunter: pepeL TheH3llraiser: monkaW zaeta__: monkaW Gus6gus7: actually this looks like SH 1 … elaBruv KaitoKidShadow: monkaW Ansdr: wait, is this a pc game? elaHmm Rammsnake: Kreygasm Galer1ans: monkaW AvemStercore: monkaW Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW Furrnox: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW monkaW OriPeel: Silent hill saveLUL Doully92: WeirdChamp wandering_pleb: monkaW alicerino: LUL sviat93: monkaW sliceofpye03: Wow that was a pretty cool save point Galer1ans: ela1 ela4 xTaskForce99: monkaW kaiju_boi: monkaW Galer1ans: ela2 ela3 1mpolar: monkaW nevville: @Nucleoprotein I dont think so, there were holes in the soil and he didnt comment, I hope hes ok ates90: Feeling protected by a portrait of herself which was painted while she was asleep monkaW LickMyPretzel: selts Mister_Cozy: 3Head Nopileos: monkaW MoeDaEngineer: monkaSHAKE AvemStercore: monkaW book xHydraaP: Seeds and Holes… my kinda game gachiHYPER shikifujin16: SELTS Norttii: monkaW VideoNomad: monkaS jesus_guy: selts LULW Killerquent: Ritual monkaW mizoreeee: I feel like this game is gonna get law suited to the face of Oblivion @Elajjaz shikifujin16: LULL sournuts1: so scary reading HotFireZ: monkaW Turbulist: Selts elaGa KaitoKidShadow: monkaW Abbynaire: monkaW Strawie35: ela1 ela2 Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Nucleoprotein: @nevville good one elaKek kokosenpaai: monkaW verybrowncoffee: Silent hills PogChamp shikifujin16: SELTS elaHYUK elaHYUK elaHYUK Galer1ans: monkaW ⚔️ MoeDaEngineer: monkaX nevville: ela1 ela2 Kosmic_Eagle: astrovrAYAYA8 astrovrAYAYA9 AcEmAnNeR: selts shiftChamp Killerquent: I like to read this book before sleeping elaSmile Ansdr: I see elaHmm elaPlan zaeta__: ela2 ela1 Abyssadin: @Elajjaz When is pyramid head gonna show up Hollow_void: SEEDS gachiHYPER MartyLikesCookies: F Galer1ans: Clap Clap Clap2 AYAYA MoeDaEngineer: monkaW kaiju_boi: elaBlind NautilusV2: @Elajjaz it’s kelts not selts elaHYUK LickMyPretzel: 💧 grevedarkholm: PepeS mildwonder: monkaW weeaboochan: try without light montythirdleg: elaBlind elaBlind DidacoWolf: ela1 ela2 xHydraaP: Im not looking zombie391: elaBlind Nopileos: ela1 ela2 sviat93: ela1 ela2 Nopileos: ela3 ela4 WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: The Sarge is back at it again | Fallout New Vegas Highlights Part 3 – https://youtu.be/525h4rbYDuA Pudntoogud: Three seed PogU Reddinator: maybe its square head LULW BruiseVein: in this it’s CIRCLE head LULW MartyLikesCookies: It can be “selts” as well KaitoKidShadow: try looking with light off Sourcehunter: No its octaeder head 🙂 Abyssadin: LULW UltraWindow: he’ll be a circle head to dodge copyright Mister_Cozy: !clockwise WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing Cheesehovel: is this game scary yet? Killerquent: The claucks Galer1ans: Clap Kosmic_Eagle: 🕐 Annonn140: he will be a box head for copyright reasons 5Head jerryatric: it can be both ejvitation: monkaW magicosagan: Miyazaki loves swamps Ansdr: celts? kaiju_boi: ela3 ela4 Dhoulchen: @Elajjaz triangle head you mean SurQ_: ela3 ela4 Streamleen: both are fine DidacoWolf: ela1 ela2 GluteusCortex: Lidl Hill? monkaS @elajjaz zaeta__: ela3 ela4 Semub: forsen3 forsen4 KaitoKidShadow: klokk Cheesehovel: cløks Drrufus1: Cloke Noodleneck: Isn’t this literally the school from Silent Hill montythirdleg: Have sex with lights off Galer1ans: LUL Hollow_void: Maybe he is gonna be triangle head in this game Pog Zapad_: ela1 ela2 xHydraaP: Loud Hill 3 nevville: LUL vorleser: LULW Golden04: PepeLaugh Galer1ans: ela3 ela4 Sohei4649: LULW Beard_Of_Joy: key? kokosenpaai: ela3 ela4 HotFireZ: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LUL Screppers: that sound FeelsWeirdMan MartyLikesCookies: 3Head Kosmic_Eagle: OMEGLOL Dr_Jan_Itor: ela1 ela2 don’t talk to me not_dr_jan_itor: ela3 ela4 or not me ever again 󠀀 sviat93: MercyWing1 ela3 ela4 MercyWing2 Ansdr: elaHmm KaitoKidShadow: elaK alicerino: OMEGLOL Kosmic_Eagle: Clap HiimDarven: when have you started this game? ISinistarI: Clap montythirdleg: Green door good 7oxicshadow: find a hammer. that will do the job Nopileos: elaK Kosmic_Eagle: D: Clap Galer1ans: Pog Clap Clap Kerberoh: Janitor Clap Ansdr: OMEGLOL OriPeel: You can at least open doors in this game unlike Silent Hill 2 LULW Killerquent: Clap Strawie35: ela1 ela2 thrustingdagger_: Why not just make box head instead ah no evil within already took that one LUL PoliceCarAuction: Clap Killerquent: ela3 ela4 BruiseVein: here we were thinking that Lost in Vivo was SH 1-4 but I guess this game is more blatant LUL nevville: Clap? elaD animegirlspitt: Clap 1080p200fps: ela2 ela3 ela4 ela1 MartinSawyer: SH HotPokket edition? Jebaited Galer1ans: Teamwork Clap DidacoWolf: ela1 ela2 DidacoWolf: ela3 ela4 Nopileos: Clap sviat93: MercyWing1 ela3 ela4 MercyWing2 Azure_Felt: monkaTOS giant_robots: anal worship gachiBASS Doully92: monkaTOS Galer1ans: Clap Clap Kosmic_Eagle: Clap xTaskForce99: Clap Killerquent: Clap Clap Roukou87: Kreygasm Shrimpess: Clap Hollow_void: gachiBASS DigitalZips: elaThirst zombie391: Clap sviat93: Clap MaleFunction: Clap nevville: Clap nice montythirdleg: wickeddDerpy 天使42199: Kreygasm Clap kokosenpaai: Clap SirAnoobis: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAPgachiHYPER HYPERCLAPgachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Ansdr: monkaTOS z3r0wan: Kreygasm Kosmic_Eagle: elaGa spike_the_space_cowboy: ANELE Crazy heretics PG_13_Username: cock n ball torture LickMyPretzel: 5Head alicerino: elaThirst Clap VokulZindro: Clap President20warframe: gachiHYPER ejvitation: monkaW OriPeel: 5Head words Killerquent: monkaW Teeryx: 5Head Galer1ans: Exoooodia!!!!!!!! ela13 montythirdleg: wickeddBubblebutt Mitia_k: this looks like Silent Hill. Is it made by the same devs? Meximus322: elaGa benyb96: 5Head GluteusCortex: English 🙂 BruiseVein: game too 5Head Mister_Cozy: elaK Tomowatt: gachiHYPER Screppers: big words mean me smert 3Head MartyLikesCookies: liar LULW KaitoKidShadow: it says you should fuck if you believe sournuts1: someone mentioned an afro Killerquent: elaThirst my cup of tea spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz misssionary Golden04: PepeLaugh Romanspring: larxaWut genghisbong: Anal worship gachiBASS Doully92: elaK giant_robots: ElaPls SPRING WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz BulgeConnoisseur: moon21 moon22 UltraWindow: 3Head wot MartinSawyer: yes this is unironically a SH HotPokket ed LuL BulgeConnoisseur: moon23 moon24 alicerino: reading simulator DansGame perrito_scottex: 5Head gae Devx_: 5Head Azure_Felt: elaHmm Meximus322: ah yes 5Head marshalmv: 5Head Petacander: BRUHHHHH noxcorvus: cmonBrother perrito_scottex: 5Head game VokulZindro: missionary gachiBOP Romanspring: larxaHype edenbelovv: yes i see 5Head z3r0wan: Too deep bru MatthijsSam1992: its all becoming clear artoflec: pepayja Ansdr: !clockwise ? WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing benamation: This is where those mirror hips come into play Sourcehunter: So many books Girlsmasta: its silent hill ripoff? ThewarriorONiel: trunksSmart trunksSub elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm Killerquent: So many books monkaS rofIcopter: more reading FeelsGoodMan Blindfly: Hi stuck I’m Dad, happy birthday son. mocaffe: S T U C C Kosmic_Eagle: 📚 xHydraaP: This game is too 5Head Galer1ans: Another book? dood, this is a library, not a dungeon WeirdChamp LordDynom: This is going to require 5Head levels of puzzle solving ThewarriorONiel: elaPlan Mister_Cozy: Excellent 5Head Kosmic_Eagle: nice essay 🙂 天使42199: cmonBruh AlexAnderman1994: cmonBruh OriPeel: WHOA Killerquent: ZULUL Doully92: Don’t do it chat WeirdChamp Naniyo: LULW SekoSerk: cmonBruh VaricYT: cmonBruh MORFHI: chat dont WeirdChamp Nucleoprotein: Painted Worlds Pog Nopileos: cmonBruh ThewarriorONiel: elaGa elaGa elaGa elaBlind Meximus322: WeirdChamp Petacander: bruh… BleekStone: cmonBruh Annonn140: BLACK 😂 天使42199: cmon how can I not do it Kevintaku: chat weirdch kaiju_boi: They mixed like 5 complex puzzles in one PepeLaugh OriPeel: cmonBruh CMON S_Darji: WeirdChamp Sourcehunter: I wonder if Nerdy has that many books in his dungeon. monkaS Turbulist: IMMERSION DansGame artoflec: FeelsWeirdMan hepha1: super low.. ThewarriorONiel: elaKek Emilalv: @Elajjaz Can you explain what this game is about oh and hi chat! elaH elaHi MatthijsSam1992: why is black in capital letters LUL Ansdr: 3 puzzkes already NotLikeThis LickMyPretzel: it said black 😆 Kevintaku: chat WeirdChamp giant_robots: he said black 😂 👌 eliastheepicgamer: skipped reading it LUL ThewarriorONiel: elaYA elaYA SpectatorNoX: gachiHYPER Annonn140: 🍅 Ansdr: puzzle* kaiju_boi: RED elaMad Galer1ans: 🍅 ComradeNerdy: Sourcehunter 5Head dungeon TakeItBoi Dhoulchen: elaMad Kosmic_Eagle: @Emilalv Hi elaHi elaH souldedeh: common bro 😂 Shrimpess: elaMad Splint671: Hi chat! Hey @Elajjaz Did we just start this game? Pakekko: rooIsee ThewarriorONiel: elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad Shmoop1: elaMad JackBraun: hi Emilalv pepeL zombie391: elaMad elaMad elaMad Pudntoogud: cmonBruh JOY cmonBruh Mister_Cozy: RAGING UltraWindow: chat posted the emote 😔 mongkey2man: elaMad LickMyPretzel: @Splint671 yes JackBraun: hi Splint671 elaHi kokosenpaai: elaMAD Pixel_hearts: elaMad Ansdr: elaD Kosmic_Eagle: @Splint671 pepeL Nopileos: elaMAD Killerquent: @Splint671 Hey elaHi Doully92: FeelsGoodMan weeaboochan: seems like the game is overdoing the puzzles and pretentious writing elaHmm xHydraaP: elaMad nevville: @Emilalv elaH sournuts1: blood is white before oxygen gets into it Devx_: GREEN Pog Pakekko: rooBot Sourcehunter: @ComradeNerdy Or 3Head dungeon, torturing with poems and fine prosa Galer1ans: FeelsGoodMan Green Aquila001: FeelsGoodMan spike_the_space_cowboy: ANELE WTF ThewarriorONiel: elaMad elaMad zombie391: elaOk Shmoop1: FeelsGoodMan jklob: CoolStoryBob mongkey2man: elaOk xHydraaP: elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad alicerino: what colours? elaBlind sviat93: 👁️🐽👁️ 天使42199: @Pudntoogud joy ers are weird man WeirdChamp ThewarriorONiel: elaBlind elaBlind sviat93: MercyWing2 Kosmic_Eagle: FeelsGoodMan ComradeNerdy: Sourcehunter 3Head Clap SpectatorNoX: pepeJAM Aquila001: D: Shmoop1: FeelsGoodMan 👉 📗 ThewarriorONiel: elaSneeze elaGun Galer1ans: D: Kosmic_Eagle: D: Splint671: For sures! thanks everyone. and hello @Kosmic_Eagle @LickMyPretzel @JackBraun @Killerquent !! ANIKI reqGasm reqGasm Doully92: PepeHands Reddinator: D: wtf ISinistarI: D: kokosenpaai: elaD Nopileos: D: xHydraaP: elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad Sure this game is hard to finish LUL ThewarriorONiel: elaD elaD elaD Pakekko: rooCry rooCry rooCry z3r0wan: UWot Naniyo: PepeHands sournuts1: POGGERS 天使42199: squadW m0rigani: FeelsBadMan zaeta__: mellamkolly Annonn140: HotPokket mongkey2man: elaChug vorleser: HotPokket Doully92: HotPokket Germy_ranch: HotPokket kokosenpaai: wtf Nopileos: HotPokket ejvitation: D: Killerquent: Sooo much text kaiju_boi: HotPokket ThewarriorONiel: elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm 天使42199: HotPokket grevedarkholm: HotPokket Shrimpess: HotPokket Dyres: true LULW dent_t: SEX gachiBASS AlcatraZ567: chat LULW PsyceSB: HotPokket kokosenpaai: LULW Naniyo: HotPokket LULW Jakazin: D: z3r0wan: Kreygasm Galer1ans: HotPokket Nopileos: HotPokket HotPokket Shmoop1: HotPokket benyb96: HotPocket kaiju_boi: Literally Silent Hill LULW Sourcehunter: ResidentSleeper Germy_ranch: @KrazyShark Kapp Emilalv: @Kosmic_Eagle @JackBraun @nevville elaH hi guys LickMyPretzel: huh benyb96: HotPokket Streamleen: Satanism sviat93: 👁️🐽👁️ 天使42199: you can post the women emote but not the black emote LUL sviat93: ela3 ela4 Cheesehovel: I N T E R C O U R S ThewarriorONiel: elaBruv elaBruv J0hnnyBlade: 5Head I am following Norttii: PepeLaugh Zaraji: gachiBASS SirTuttles: TriHard illethor221: HotPokket edenbelovv: 5Head its obvious yes zaeta__: OMEGLOL sviat93: 👁️🐽👁️ sviat93: ela3 ela4 Cespes: a virgin giving birth is pretty unconcievable to be honest Shmoop1: yellow is the colour of Chad cho_pin: what is this 5Head game Kosmic_Eagle: Clap joncy: WutFace Devx_: Clap Killerquent: Clap monkaW sviat93: well zombie391: WutFace Clap Galer1ans: monkaW Clap Reddinator: pepeJAM Naniyo: monkaW Clap kaiju_boi: pepeJAM Doully92: pepeJAM ThewarriorONiel: elaEZ elaGun Pixel_hearts: DansGame Clap Nopileos: pepeJAM Hank_e_Panky: Clap animegirlspitt: monkaW Clap MaleFunction: pepeJAM Kosmic_Eagle: pepeJAM ChrysaSter: Is this game some kind of silent hill kid ? verybrowncoffee: Is this silent hill 3 LULW Splint671: pepeJAMMER xHydraaP: elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad Sure this game is hard to finish LUL vodtutor: game looks good but running animation is Pepega tier Azure_Felt: LULW Shrimpess: Pog AlcatraZ567: Pog HotFireZ: LULW Galer1ans: Pog Cespes: ???? Nopileos: LULW vorleser: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: Pog LickMyPretzel: 5Head Clap xHydraaP: Pog ThewarriorONiel: running simulator elaBruv elaBruv Devx_: 5Head TheH3llraiser: Pog Killerquent: Pog alicerino: PogU marshalmv: 5Head zombie391: PogChamp Kitys: ???? vorleser: ?????? joncy: ??? legendzzzzzzzzzzzzz: oh ok xHydraaP: Pog 5Head Nopileos: Pog DukeEstrada: Pog ThewarriorONiel: elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind TucciTheBrazen: did u find the halberd yet ? edenbelovv: Pog Amazing LickMyPretzel: it just works 天使42199: silent hill 4 ? Pixel_hearts: Pog vorleser: WTF j0mppa: monkaW Meximus322: monkaW Rammsnake: @Elajjaz dont go in there wtf Mister_Cozy: Sure 🙂 Shrimpess: elaOP xHydraaP: @TucciTheBrazen Fake halber in this run Doully92: N OMEGALUL Killerquent: monkaSHAKE Kosmic_Eagle: 🐔 ? LickMyPretzel: those are not chickens Dr_Jan_Itor: ela1 atpRtsd2 I’A speedycruise: guys dont ??? this when silent hill has you use chemical on hand crowthefredrick: um where’s da MUNSTUS ? ejvitation: monkaW Dr_Jan_Itor: atpRtsd3 ela4 CTHULHU Drrufus1: not chickens monkaW vo1dapex: monkaW Galer1ans: monkaS Devx_: Pepega Clap AlcatraZ567: monkaW Sourcehunter: SH enemies LULW Nopileos: monkaW WillyTheWorm: monkaS Shrimpess: monkaW Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz im going to bed, goodnight manno seed Romanzes: ah yes 5Head FatherDagon: D: Pixel_hearts: elaD jklob: KKona bendtosquares: FeelsPepoMan Meximus322: 🐺 Romanzes: 5Head totally obvious Kosmic_Eagle: FeelsPepoMan joncy: longest puzzle ever elaKek KaitoKidShadow: eazy mizoreeee: this isn’t even hard LUL ValeckSeimu: 5Head Reddinator: is a certain sequence needed? NotLikeThis Kosmic_Eagle: 5Head child’s play Drachenreiter: FeelsPepoMan vod friends please do not bother AlexAnderman1994: oh i came back from AFK and anonymous gifted me a sub elaH thank you so much hepha1: LULW Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: silver west, gold south, bronze north? hepha1: 10 second puzzle LULW Doully92: Chat WeirdChamp DrSIurp: Sniff sniff what’s that smell AYAYA 💨 Oopsie a cute fart AYAYA 💨 It braps to me AYAYA 💨 It’s enough to make a weeb sick AYAYA 💨 Dastina: So gold and silver are paralell, they see eachother first. Must be left or rigfht z3r0wan: 200 iQ PogChamp Ansdr: ppHop Sm3xy_Waffle: Magpie comes from west bendtosquares: FeelsPepoMan difficult puzzle Shrimpess: Gold west or east WrestlerBot2000: “If this works, I will never eat banana pizza again.” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 59 Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: East silver Romanzes: 5Head Soveriegn3: @DrSIurp WeirdChamp Ganked: love you chat falzy211: Big brain time HotFireZ: @DrSIurp WeirdChamp JackBraun: distStudy FatherDagon: POGGERS Drachenreiter: @DrSIurp WeirdChamp 👉 🚪 sunshift: PepeLaugh xHydraaP: 30 minutes on a 20 second puzzle Pog Azure_Felt: elaWeird Cylian_The_Hollow: gold is east, silver is west and bronze is north right? SeeM_Villain: hayaker? Germy_ranch: 5Head SiiTHii: elaISee wandering_pleb: elaHmm 📝 AlexAnderman1994: elaHmm elaPlan Reddinator: ok elaK ValeckSeimu: 🧭 animegirlspitt: @DrSIurp WeirdChamp Jemi02: ????? PepeLaugh holdmybubble: lobosGame Nopileos: bye ela elaCozy bye chat elaH going to bed pepeL sviat93: 🐺 Awoo AYAYA akmannen: im lost chat Ansdr: elaISee bendtosquares: FeelsPepoMan Pixel_hearts: 3 possibility for glod Soveriegn3: WET FOG Dr_Jan_Itor: Nopileos bye bye pepeL BobTheJoeBob: Magpie from the west as it’s wet WillyTheWorm: or south elaGa MORFHI: @DrSIurp WeirdChamp Sm3xy_Waffle: Magpie comes from west Killerquent: @Nopileos Night ! elaHi pepeL TheH3llraiser: elaHmm elaPlan DrMong: 5Head dent_t: 5Head I see jake115: jake115 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 12 months, currently on a 12 month streak! one year wooooo WrestlerBot2000: @jake115 What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM 1080p200fps: elaK elaPlan bambino_86: cirISee JackBraun: good night Nopileos pepeL HEIL_MODS_: @Nopileos gn pepeL GoAkke: OMEGALUL Norwegian_wombat: @nopileos sleep well itzSrBOSSxx: FeelsPepoMan 📝 Mediocretes1: east is gold, west is silver, north is bronze Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: Fog is wet, magpie from east Dastina: WET! He is from the lake! Dyres: Nopileos nymnH good night hepha1: yikers scorp29_and_abyss: wet water SiggiMcCrit: 🐺 Awoo AYAYA 🐺 Awoo AYAYA Romanzes: 5Head Simple joncy: elaHmm mm sunshift: elaHmm elaPlan there is a mathematical solution to this problem sparrowlo: elaK elaPlan Listen to Ela’s plan fam Kosmic_Eagle: @Nopileos Have a cozy sleep elaCozy elaH Sohei4649: 👉 5Head 👈 El__Fuerte: big brain Kgcool: LUL Dastina: Silver is lake! It is wet! bendtosquares: FeelsPepoMan ❓ hepha1: ANTI BACKSEAT WeirdChamp Soveriegn3: fog makes things wet Frostford: feathers wet k4iley: wet from the lake? MagicMiko2: wet fog? ValeckSeimu: ded is emopty MORFHI: @Elajjaz is Nopileos bot? KanzanZX: wet form water in lake ? alicerino: wett from lake Pog legendzzzzzzzzzzzzz: lake Helvean: @Elajjaz wet=lake ??? ZergistheWord: nothing, next page HotFireZ: FeelsPepoMan rofIcopter: 4Shrug I_anti_god: yes boy, take it Sourcehunter: wet ->water Sm3xy_Waffle: Magpie’s feathers wet, so lake from west sviat93: it means the wolf is a bitch elaKek Ansdr: elaHmm elaPlan Geralt_of_Syria: 5Head Reddinator: NaM PowerPill: wet feathers=lake? GDBless: Wet equals lake DidacoWolf: feather wet, from the lake demifiendll: FeelsPepoman 10 hour puzzle FatherDagon: LULW anxiousoaky: Wet lake Blindfly: lake Ringguni: that he dies Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: Fog WreckItVince: hiker could be coming from the south (heading to the moutain) @Elajjaz , Magpie feathers wet came from west (lake), lumberjake from east (forest) Romanzes: 5Head Fog joncy: gachiHYPER no Defahgo: wet Deam23: lake is east NovaMoon: wet could be fog bendtosquares: FeelsPepoMan shadowlager: yes Nimurina: elaK elaPlan Holynugg3t: feathers wet from lake FatherDagon: 5Head Sohei4649: 👉 5Head 👈 ❓ NeonDeflector: feathers wet IT WAS BATHING Blindfly: moist like me ZergistheWord: @Elajjaz ofc fanHEIBAI: from lake Norwegian_wombat: elaHmm BobTheJoeBob: magpie west, hiker east, SeeM_Villain: wet with blood ComplexGhost: @Elajjaz WET FROM THE FOREST FOG Romanzes: 5Head WET FROM THE FOG Kosmic_Eagle: pepeJAM alicerino: 5House Sm3xy_Waffle: 5Head Ansdr: elaHYUK CrystalTeardrop: cirLost cirLost shikifujin16: yes so it came from the river Snibenn: FeelsPepoMan Llyfrgell: elaHmm maybe DrHaPa: or fog? :/ Brunault_: elaHmm Pixel_hearts: what is a magpie ? a Cake ? cyberneticz_: which studio developed this game? weeaboochan: Gold – It’s east Silver – West!!! Bronze – South 5Head chat BruiseVein: lumberjacks from forest to east? sunshift: pepeJAM shikifujin16: LUL Shrimpess: @WillyTheWorm would be strange if it came from the south, since the wolves are guarding that place NeonDeflector: WET FROM THE MOUNTAIN STREAM Romanzes: 5Head somplez LickMyPretzel: Lumberjacks from forest obviously ZergistheWord: lumberjacks from the woods @Elajjaz sunshift: TaBeRu lufterica: Silver WEST Gold NOT NORTH itzSrBOSSxx: D: Cage_D: no he got wet because he was horny lok Kosmic_Eagle: TaBeRu Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: Bronze north, silver east, gold south? FatherDagon: Sherlock “Ela” Holmes 5Head SugarGlazedUnicorn: Fake Silent Hill 1 Game LUL MitsuoK: ez j0mppa: KKona wevie1: elaHmm SeeM_Villain: magpie flies in with a wet clunge NeonDeflector: WET FROM THE WET HOLE Dudica: What woods? Darth_Umbra: elaKek Myowa_: elaHmm o 0 ( elaGa 🤝 elaBruv ) Kosmic_Eagle: LULW MORFHI: LULW Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Doully92: LULW joncy: LULW rofIcopter: elaGa bendtosquares: FeelsPepoMan goldfish weeaboochan: LULW k4iley: LOL xHydraaP: pepeHands Azure_Felt: elaGa scorp29_and_abyss: LULW nate142008: LULW JackBraun: LULW alicerino: LULW Auramoth: elaGa blingley: Reeeeee sviat93: LULW Killerquent: LULW fanHEIBAI: silver west Llyfrgell: FeelsPepoMan HotFireZ: lol demifiendll: FeelsPepoMan AlcatraZ567: LULW FatherDagon: elaKek Goldfish memory Pixel_hearts: LUL Kosmic_Eagle: elaGa Ansdr: elaKek Soveriegn3: LULE LickMyPretzel: LULW Brunault_: 5Head 1mpolar: LULW xHydraaP: HAHAHAH k4iley: hahahahaha TheGoldenCobra: LULW MORFHI: OMEGADOWN Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: elaKek Romanzes: 5Head the goldfish effect ah yes @Elajjaz the normal occurennce VentusNova_: elaGa Shrimpess: elaGa Doully92: LUL D3rrtyD4n: lul 1080p200fps: elaKek KaitoKidShadow: lol WillyTheWorm: 5Head Reddinator: nrdyKek SiiTHii: LULW BobTheJoeBob: silver west, gold east Killerquent: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: FeelsLateMan JackTheBall: LUL Audriana: LUL MagicFrogs: LUL AlcatraZ567: Kapp MonoSync: Kappa Meximus322: elaK Norwegian_wombat: no1PLS bendtosquares: blaming chat LULW Zero_Abyss: elaK WillyTheWorm: Make notes TheGoldenCobra: elaK SurQ_: LULW lufterica: Silver WEST Gold NOT NORTH ! sunshift: this would never happen in Darkwood LickMyPretzel: LULW LULW LULW LULW BruiseVein: @elajjaz gold south, bronze east and silver west? HotFireZ: Kapp TheH3llraiser: PepeLaugh sviat93: elaK ValeckSeimu: :goldfish: Streamleen: haha xHydraaP: elaK Ansdr: Kapp ZergistheWord: silver comes from lake. Gold from (?) zombie391: elaK Dastina: LUL nate142008: Kapp darker5999: write it down dude AlcatraZ567: blaming chat again LULW ValeckSeimu: 🐟 memeopry Sourcehunter: @Quote_me_if_chats_fault 1080p200fps: elaGa Romanzes: 5Head Clap Kosmic_Eagle: @QUOTE_IF_CHATS_FAULT Zealot90: LUL Dhoulchen: elaK sviat93: elaOP elaPlan Romanzes: … 5Head yes LickMyPretzel: FOGGERS ? Dr_Jan_Itor: no Reddinator: FOGGERS ? bendtosquares: LULW NO weeaboochan: yes you get kokosenpaai: yes Rammsnake: ?? Blindfly: yup FatherDagon: OMEGADOWN nevville: ye ValeckSeimu: gachiAPPROVE Gusyaka: lirikCAPPY OriPeel: yeah Pixel_hearts: FOGGERS Ansdr: 5Head sunshift: you can ZergistheWord: no Sm3xy_Waffle: 4Head yes sure TomaszHilfiger: Yes Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: Yes FailFish KaitoKidShadow: yes Valkata2200: yes Shmoop1: elaGa WreckItVince: hiker could be coming from the south (heading to the moutain) @Elajjaz , Magpie feathers wet came from west (lake), lumberjake from east (forest) mildwonder: ???? Audriana: no k4iley: you can yes Kosmic_Eagle: FOGGERS ? Wheels82: 4Shrug Ligrev07: yep Romanzes: 4Head its water angryj0nes: yes DrSIurp: yes AlcatraZ567: yes Shrimpess: no SunPraiser: FOGGERS joncy: 👈 elaGa is that one Kgcool: you can, yes zombie391: elaHmm faithless_zealot: You’re looking too hard into that, I think HoodedSouls: elaThirst nate142008: yes NovaMoon: yes hepha1: yes moist they_occur_on_ten: maybe wevie1: elaWeird kaiju_boi: elaGa mocaffe: not really troublematicc: LULW FelizD3: Lumberjack=forest Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: It’s literally water DHGCarnage: yes Sm3xy_Waffle: ?!?!?!? Dhoulchen: elaThirst souldedeh: elaGa 4Shrug SiiTHii: Yes Pixel_hearts: it is possible Meximus322: FOGGERS ISinistarI: Yes nevville: cause it’s water mate kokosenpaai: PepeLaugh kkoja: yes indeed you do 5Head I_anti_god: it’s humidity it’s water vorleser: yes cirGasm im wet cirGasm Nadashjia: omg Shrimpess: yes, and no demifiendll: FeelsPepoMan lufterica: Silver WEST Gold NOT NORTH omg mrbreadberry: 5Head AvemStercore: fog is wet air i_wanna_be_adored: VoteNay ACraine_: FOGGERS Blindfly: time to go outsised mr streamer Beard_Of_Joy: no man stop overthinking Romanzes: 5Head HE’S GOT IT BruiseVein: flown faithless_zealot: Well … maybe joncy: yes but no Simoteus: Burd has flew fanHEIBAI: 5Head Shmoop1: has flew z3r0wan: Only when is to dense. NeonDeflector: Gold NOT north, but given to north Silver to west, stays west Bronze from south I think stays south Jorstad: Sure but the lumber jacks arent coming out of the lake my dude ChaosLike: ITSA WATER MATE HEIL_MODS_: 4Shrug J0hnnyBlade: FOGGERS 💦 LickMyPretzel: elaGa yes elaGa no elaGa maybe HotFireZ: FeelsPepoMan ZergistheWord: nope. the birth took a bath King_Insane: Yes FOG=WATER Chartalord: ah yes of course 5Head anxiousoaky: LUL DrSIurp: Fog is literallt water sviat93: OWL2019200iq elaYes BruiseVein: @elajjaz gold south, bronze east and silver west? mocaffe: but lumberjacks are in the forrest Sohei4649: Is fog water elaHmm ? dead1te: fog or mist can get you wet, its water after all Killerquent: 5Head ah yes indeed Sm3xy_Waffle: wtf is this logic Ansdr: yes but kinda not Brunault_: elaHmm grevedarkholm: dont birds fly above fog? avariceeee: 2Head KanzanZX: @Elajjaz make drawing in paint 5Head totgestreamed: yes you get wet by fog montythirdleg: Fog=skinny rain giant_robots: tomatoDry moisture? bendtosquares: FeelsPepoMan Simoteus: FeelsPepoMan SapikeQc: west water feather, east forest lumberjack joncy: fog=/ mist AmberTravie: bronze is across from gold FatherDagon: A true intellectual mind 5Head 🍷 LickMyPretzel: silver west, gold south, bronze east? they_occur_on_ten: Always overthinking souldedeh: already stuck PepeLaugh infa_xd: o shit, when did you start playing this ela? elaWOW sm0kkin: lumberjacks from forest though Beard_Of_Joy: LUL 5Head bob_barker_: soggyMoist soggyMoist soggyMoist soggyMoist soggyMoist soggyMoist soggyMoist Sm3xy_Waffle: silver weast sunshift: fog=mist OriPeel: west i_wanna_be_adored: lake is more water than fog PepeHands Dastina: But the third one was OPPOSITE to the first one dead1te: magpies arent waders or swimmers, so not from lake vorleser: cirGasm im wet Corax86: So smart SiiTHii: !gameplan Geralt_of_Syria: which way is north tho? 5Head WrestlerBot2000: ♿ ELAS GAMEPLAN COMING THROUGH ♿ sournuts1: Live=eviL Zero_Abyss: weast LUL ZergistheWord: @Elajjaz silver from lake. West. Gold south. woods east anxiousoaky: Lumber jack come from a lake?? Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: S=East, G=Ssouth, B=North NeonDeflector: No the magpie sees the first wolf it comes across sunshift: @sournuts1 😮 that’s woke BruiseVein: @elajjaz gold south, bronze east and silver west? hepha1: !clockwise WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing AmberTravie: gold is across from bronze NeonDeflector: IE coming from the west, it gets the most western wolf Dastina: Gold and bronze are opposites faithless_zealot: @Elajjaz But LKumberjacks come from forest, no? Because lunmberjacks? Cylian_The_Hollow: maybe the hyker comes from south? because it says “not from the mountains” bendtosquares: PepeLaugh brute force it HEIL_MODS_: just brute force 5Head Clap Killerquent: elaHmm elaPlan Shrimpess: bruteforcing PepeLaugh xHydraaP: 45 minutes and 3 re-reads on a 20 second puzzle elaK UltraWindow: nae FatherDagon: NAY weeaboochan: NEJ DrSIurp: !clockwise WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing Doully92: PepeLaugh Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: FailFish HotFireZ: PepeLaugh Redactus: NAE BruiseVein: elaHmm demifiendll: NYE Mediocretes1: gold and bronze are opposite RonsuDE: PepeLaugh Groovage: got gifted a sub? POG Ansdr: elaOk BarghestFenrir_: STOP BACKSEATING joncy: 5Head i see the answer but i shall not tell you sunshift: OMEGALUL Azure_Felt: LULW RonsuDE: OMEGALUL Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Norttii: PepeLaugh Soveriegn3: LULW Shrimpess: LULW rafalbrew1: LULW BarghestFenrir_: elaMad elaMad elaMad hepha1: NÄE LULW MALDING Doully92: LULW KaitoKidShadow: ahahahahahah grevedarkholm: LULW Succmeister1337: sssLULW TheGoldenCobra: LULW Killerquent: LULW sunshift: classic Stnaos: LULW JackBraun: LULW Norttii: 5Head xHydraaP: elaK 45 minutes and 3 re-reads on a 20 second puzzle elaK Chartalord: LULW FatherDagon: OMEGALUL Succmeister1337: LULW Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu HotFireZ: LULW Galer1ans: LULW Pixel_hearts: PepeLaugh bendtosquares: FeelsPepoMan Clap Dastina:( ppHop ) Killerquent: Envy is green, death is black, sorrow is blue and angry red souldedeh: tired elaK k4iley: LMAO xHydraaP: Now if you would read chat hepha1: elaK SiiTHii: “tired” Kappa Sohei4649: elaK excuses Tryedz: green red black blue!!!!!!!!! Meximus322: PepeLaugh ArttAtack: this sound makes me think of that dude from stars wars xHydraaP: that would help Doully92: PepeLaugh Streamleen: LUL Shrimpess: LULW Nazzet: PepeLaugh ValeckSeimu: BRUTE FORCE @Elajjaz 1mpolar: LULW 1080p200fps: elaOk elaMad elaBlind elaChug ArttAtack: ye Soveriegn3: LULE Geralt_of_Syria: LULW xHydraaP: elaK RED GREEN BLACK GREEN elaK Local_HoBoo: green, blue, black red? rofIcopter: PepeLaugh SurQ_: LULW TeenyTinyRedhead: PepeLaugh ressa2: PepeLaugh daralick: red, blue, green, black m0rigani: LULW RunicFO: LULW weeaboochan: LULW faithless_zealot: LUl I_anti_god: Red Blue Green Black theknightkarp: GREEN RED BLUE BLACK Annonn140: LULW Kissvendor835: red blue green black you pepega Romanzes: 5Head Summer / winter / autumn / spring 5Head @Elajjaz now pick the right colour for each 5Head Justepic123: green red blue blak reverse Nimurina: PepeLaugh climaxbeat: VoteNay VoteYea D: ZULUL Tiliger79: LULW xHydraaP: elaK elaK RED GREEN BLACK GREEN elaK AlexAnderman1994: OMEGLOL tbchan: LULW Epicziemniak: CANT UNHEAR LULW k4iley: cannot unhear now they_occur_on_ten: red, blue, black green try it CaoCaoMengde: thinking chat can solve this LULW 7oxicshadow: birds north=spring? oktosink54: colorss matched with the seasons on the opposite side @Elajjaz AvemStercore: LULW BruiseVein: I’m sure the riddles will get easier Clap vorleser: chewbacca singing joncy: PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: LULW xHydraaP: elaK elaK elaK RED GREEN BLACK GREEN elaK kokosenpaai: LULW souldedeh: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: LULW HEIL_MODS_: LULW SirAnoobis: LULW ellzabit: Green Red Blue Black Reddinator: LULW CARRIED nevville: @Elajjaz it’s the age isn’t it elaK Life796: 5Head Albin_Alligator: chat is always wrong TaBeRu Komitern66: LULW Blindfly: its the Han died solo album, v sad songs AlcatraZ567: LULW kukikaika: colors and season killercatman5: red, black, green, blue Klod1991: Can’t be unheard now. LULW xHydraaP: elaK elaK elaK elaK RED GREEN BLACK GREEN elaK LickMyPretzel: summer=blue, winter=black mayushi10: white green blue black @Elajjaz Killerquent: Envy is green, death is black, sorrow is blue and angry red, it’s like the colors always associated with this ones @Elajjaz infa_xd: i know the solution elaWOW play another game ela12 Riinegan: @Elajjaz ela you are 27, just solve it bendtosquares: use your 5Head ela totgestreamed: chewbacca is in the valve Tryedz: green red black blue houndthree: green red black blue hepha1: time for geography? @Elajjaz Raijinex: just 24 combination @Elajjaz fanHEIBAI: @Elajjaz It’s Green Red Black Blue cuicui_bam: Try the same combination but in the opposit order SirAnoobis: NICE TWITCHPLAYS LULW LULW eliastheepicgamer: gets paid for other to do his job elaK Virtym: Its black red blue green, source FeelsPepoMan Clap DukeEstrada: I just suck at math ok @MikeJewski but tks legendzzzzzzzzzzzzz: red blue black green Dr_Gomez: LULW skybeaverking: Shit up chewy AmberTravie: green red black blue Meximus322: Professional puzzle solver PepeLaugh iiinid: all Black everything ;p rofIcopter: Jebaited Geralt_of_Syria: Jebaited lapoutinemogette: green red blue black Doully92: PepeLaugh kaumodo: summer=blue autumn=red spring=green winter=black killercatman5: 🙁 Shrimpess: Jebaited Bloodhit: Then quite and continue next day, stop cheating FeelsWeirdMan SiiTHii: Jebaited HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh RunicFO: Jebaited Ansdr: envious birds flying north could mean summer is top color and winter the bttom one Pixel_hearts: Jebaited AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh Broken_archangel: @elajjaz yoooooo I hope you’ve had a good birthday dood! HEIL_MODS_: chat PepeLaugh Clap Shrimpess: Pog Kosmic_Eagle: Pog nate142008: Pog faithless_zealot: OH SNAP infa_xd: Pog Clap Azure_Felt: Pog Soveriegn3: Pog kokosenpaai: Pog souldedeh: chat so dumb PepeLaugh Doully92: Pog Auramoth: Pog ZergistheWord: PogU Epicziemniak: Pog AlcatraZ567: GOOGLE LULW 1080p200fps: Jebaited Brunault_: PogU sunshift: yeah, jsut backwards Tryedz: youre welcome MORFHI: 5Head Geixo: Pog Meximus322: elaK Geralt_of_Syria: PogU Streamleen: elaK CaoCaoMengde: Pog dekkah: Pog Kosmic_Eagle: 5Head Soveriegn3: LULW MissKanna: Kapp kaiju_boi: elaK Cloudyto: LUL vorleser: POGGERS picklehome: Pog tbchan: Pog faithless_zealot: POG AlcatraZ567: Pog Dastina: @Elajjaz on the upside there is only 256 combinations. Just trying things will work in a while Annonn140: CARRIED LULW weeaboochan: HYPERCLAP Azure_Felt: elaK LickMyPretzel: ffs NotLikeThis KaitoKidShadow: elaK Doully92: elaK elaK elaK TeenyTinyRedhead: elaK WillyTheWorm: elaK nate142008: Kapp k4iley: mmmmmmmmmmhm Sohei4649: elaK wackymanpuff: Kapp Llyfrgell: elaK Shrimpess: elaK kokosenpaai: elaK Kosmic_Eagle: elaK ellzabit: Kapp tbchan: Kapp m0rigani: 5Head ZergistheWord: we told u LULW Auramoth: elaK they_occur_on_ten: I khew it Succmeister1337: Pog Soveriegn3: elaK Epicziemniak: elaK bendtosquares: LULW SURE SirAnoobis: chat Clap animegirlspitt: elaK Komitern66: Pog nevville: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK mildwonder: SURE hepha1: FIRST TRY PogU PWN3D__: Kapp faithless_zealot: elaK sviat93: elaK xHydraaP: FeelsGoodMan Clap2 Klod1991: PepeLaugh Told you. scorp29_and_abyss: LULW noxcorvus: 5Head Faddei: It’s PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Life796: elaK Spl4sH_Gaming: Kapp shadowlager: 🙂 Pixel_hearts: So easymiyazaki Nazzet: Kapp Riinegan: @Elajjaz this is not even harder than the shakespeare puzzle from SH3 CaoCaoMengde: elaK bubblegumisblue: elaK AvemStercore: elK Nimurina: elaK Chartalord: Kapp HEIL_MODS_: Kapp alicerino: elaK Jorashier: Kappa xTaskForce99: Stop pretending Ela Kapp wandering_pleb: elaK elaK elaK Lexikun: elaK Killerquent: 5Head pretending ZebraStriker: elaK FunkerHornsby: elaK Reddinator: CARRIED LULW Bloodhit: Cheating FeelsWeirdMan infa_xd: elaK joncy: FeelsPepoMan 👆 👇 DrSIurp: Pixel_hearts kaskelott_: elaK Pixel_hearts: easy luis1810: elaK elaK AvemStercore: elaK Geixo: but why tho mrcdvr: HE GONNA DIE NOW houndthree: green red black blue LickMyPretzel: IT wasn’t even hard artoflec: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp DrSIurp: PixelBob Wheels82: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK Tapio89: elaK zaeta__: elaK they_occur_on_ten: took to long Life796: elaK elaK elaK elaK speedycruise: PepeLaugh DragonflyJoe: Kapp SirAnoobis: elaK 1080p200fps: elaK elaK elaK Yomans665: Indeed 5Head MORFHI: @Elajjaz can you explain that puzzle solution please 5Head Chronikon: elaK Kosmic_Eagle: suuure elaK Streamleen: 500iq ZergistheWord: i solved it 🙂 WillyTheWorm: give that man a medal @Elajjaz Ansdr: 🙂 ok Dhoulchen: elaK nikitos_boom: @Elajjaz Pog 5Head matlej85: elaK Jesskeez: now whos lying Virtym: BACKPACKJAZZ LULW ValeckSeimu: elaKù Jorstad: thanks for letting us play mr ela they_occur_on_ten: LUL Skalextric: exaplint it then!!!! DrSIurp: PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob PixelBob VashGarland: elaK kryptoftheold: I feel bad for maral Cloudyto: elaK bendtosquares: Kapp too tired Av4LoN84: Silent Hill Vibes are strong BruiseVein: @Elajjaz and with no explanation, the next riddles will be just as easy elaGa Komitern66: elaK souldedeh: tired elaK mrcdvr: HE GONNA DIE NOW A LOT OF TIMES KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA Justepic123: I mean I answered but u didnt show me the wall LULW @Elajjaz Killerquent: Can the monster come and punish you now PepeLaugh Chronikon: elaK elaK Xiithrian: explain the solution elaREE Meximus322: Sure elaK weeaboochan: YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS TO EXPLAIN THE PUZZLE ELA kaiju_boi: AYAYA xHydraaP: aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye Sourcehunter: Next game 🙂 Autumn_Flare: PepeLaugh Clap Chat MVP houndthree: SEE I KNEW genericanon8: AYAYA sournuts1: i i i i i i kokosenpaai: elaGa chaoticLily: AYAYA Shrimpess: AYAYA kaskelott_: FLUKE AGAIN LUL SeeM_Villain: oh we know byBLC: elaK Cloudyto: AYAYA Streamleen: Ela just wanted a horror game, got puzzles instead Soveriegn3: elaGa j0mppa: Kapp tired AvemStercore: AYAYA AlcatraZ567: AYAYA infa_xd: I – I – I – I elaHYUK cuicui_bam: CoolStoryBob nate142008: aye aye aye Pixel_hearts: AYAYA zaeta__: elaHYUK PWN3D__: AYAYA rofIcopter: just bully some kids then Kappa dekkah: elaGa SirAnoobis: elaGa Kosmic_Eagle: AYAYA Brunault_: elaGa mocaffe: AYAYA shigaraki: too tired Kapp Dr_Gomez: AYAYA drkgrkn: I I I I I I forsenT Zaraji: AYAYA sunshift: cause the seasons were left to right Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, but on the OPPOSITE wall alstitch: AYAYA Ansdr: AYAYA DrSIurp: AYAYA Tryedz: Kapp Doully92: elaK shikifujin16: suuuure miggonaut: to give chat a sense of pride and accomplishment, right?! Komitern66: AYAYA Faddei: 200 IQ Chat 5Head k4iley: elaK MissKanna: Kapp Cloudyto: AYAYA AYAYA DukeEstrada: ravenC SiiTHii: AYAYA vorleser: No monsters LULW Albin_Alligator: AYAYA infa_xd: Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay elaGa Streamleen: Doubt this game has enemies Sm3xy_Waffle: no combat in this game bendtosquares: go emote only for next puzzle sviat93: AYAYA elaGun Seithek: AYAYA / faithless_zealot: Chat’s helping! Azure_Felt: no PepeLaugh infa_xd: no elaMad vorleser: 55 MINUTES=2 PUZZLES AnubisYE: GaBeN Meximus322: elaGa Wheels82: ??????? joncy: @Justepic123 knew the answer all along Lexikun: that’s why he always plays games with puzzles at night so he can use the “too tired” excuse elaKek ZergistheWord: No LULW Mothey1: dumb? Virtym: HARD=BOO LUW LickMyPretzel: I liked that puzzle tbh, it wasn’t that bad k4iley: that arent.. hard? Riinegan: @Elajjaz this is not even harder than the shakespeare puzzle from SH3 shikifujin16: elaK elaK elaK Kosmic_Eagle: AYAYA / kurikame_: Always playing the riddle-infused horror games late so that you can pretend you’re too tired to play them Snajper315: hard Martiansam: AYAYA Justepic123: welp if he doesnt want help @joncy Radausfall: ???? Killerquent: FeelsPepoMan Lionheart_Diz: riddle? Faddei: 5HEad Shrimpess: like 5 + 17 KaitoKidShadow: ?? Heksyll: ???? Tryedz: ???? LickMyPretzel: WHAT? sunshift: FeelsPepoMan nevville: Puzzles on GoW level elaK bendtosquares: FeelsPepoMan kokosenpaai: ?? Ansdr: no elaSmile Germy_ranch: elaHYUK Kosmic_Eagle: ???? FatherDagon: ??????????? Local_HoBoo: poetic? infa_xd: dont even finish the sentence. NO elaMad GoAkke: alan wake civvi: elaK Rammsnake: ? k4iley: ??? kaiju_boi: VJ Emmie ZULUL rofIcopter: ??? Sm3xy_Waffle: Lucio? WillyTheWorm: ????????// j0mppa: ??? Killerquent: What ???? cheeze____: Skyrim puzzles? PepeLaugh Meximus322: ??? annjey: ?????? ZergistheWord: OH THAT ONE LULW speedycruise: crying is not enough DAILOedz: djmax TyrantZedd: What Sourcehunter: Paraparapa? Kosmic_Eagle: ❓ ZebraStriker: parappa the rapper? MORFHI: Agony? PepeLaugh Geixo: ?????? Shrimpess: ??? Pixel_hearts: ?????????? Because_we_said_so: ??????? Kayenai: Crying is not enough Chartalord: ???? TheH3llraiser: ?????? scorp29_and_abyss: ela buggued LULW Blindfly: hes losing it chat Mac_Moneysac: crying is not enough? Ansdr: ????? Frizerrl: Crying is not enough shadowlager: ????????? TeenyTinyRedhead: cryptic? syps_: pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD BBiBsBoy: Crying is not enough CrystalTeardrop: atpTryAiming Faddei: it’s called 5Head vorleser: PAPARAPA Valtha: elaISee andyxddddddd: monkaW Tryedz: is ela insane? AlexAnderman1994: crying is not enough? KaitoKidShadow: LOL shigaraki: KaRappa Komitern66: crying is not enogh Reddinator: crying is not enough LULW Radausfall: minesweeper`? kaiju_boi: pepeD bubblegumisblue: Puzzles that arent puzzles sunshift: F vorleser: cirGasm Bootch: Pog Ansdr: oh PaviotCity: @Elajjaz banjo kazzoie VashGarland: wtf Lionheart_Diz: @Elajjaz riddles? shadowlager: WTF Life_fox1992: end naw it’s night ellzabit: F MORFHI: monkaW infa_xd: its over Pog Geralt_of_Syria: ??????????? Pixel_hearts: monkaW Turokman5896: CINE Pog Shrimpess: monkaW Justepic123: DED TheManCalledNova: F WillyTheWorm: F xHydraaP: pee pee ga tbchan: monkaW ravenholm666: ravenholm666 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 16 months! Soveriegn3: monkaW Terra21: F WrestlerBot2000: @ravenholm666 After 16 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM ValeckSeimu: FIXED CINE rsnch1ll: yeet Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW Kabr: atpTryAiming speedycruise: crying is not enough won greek game of the year FYI xTaskForce99: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: great game Ansdr: Crying is not enpugh elaKek starfoex: REMOVE Pog REMOVE Pog Mac_Moneysac: you just had to say dist VA game Kapp LickMyPretzel: inb4 worm Kitys: monkaW Killerquent: Monster ? monkaW xHydraaP: peepeega Raijinex: F infa_xd: damnit she survived PepeHands CrystalTeardrop: atpTryAiming atpClaire DaneBoiMike: is this a Silent Hill clone ?? k4iley: yo her spine is fucked mocaffe: bam ba dam dam dam OldBuckness: OldBuckness subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 13 months, currently on a 6 month streak! N1ppe: Kreygasm joncy: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: @oldbuckness After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM WITO: @Elajjaz Beethoven’s 2nd speedrun when? andyxddddddd: monkaW Spooders? AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER Lionheart_Diz: monkaW Sourcehunter: @speedycruise OMEGADOWN really? lufterica: LIGTH OFF infa_xd: :pickaxe: BruiseVein: @Elajjaz what if this has geography riddles? monkaW infa_xd: :axe: infa_xd: i tried kokosenpaai: no Tryedz: @DaneBoiMike no Kapp tumaelso: ela1 ela2 HAPPY xHydraaP: Circlehead* Radausfall: is that game good? and how far are we in ? alstitch: oh no TheH3llraiser: monkaW vorleser: 1 HR …. NO enemies ResidentSleeper Doully92: cmonBrother Larsn2k: elaK Walles90: monkaW Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh MORFHI: @Elajjaz just 6 more puzzles to go Meximus322: elaK LickMyPretzel: cheated PepeLaugh Klod1991: Chased by Chewbacks. monkaS Tryedz: wow i have never seen this before Kap kokosenpaai: elaK speedycruise: @Sourcehunter yeah it’s on the steam page PepeLaugh Tryedz: Kapp Virtym: NA LULW Marckuzz: Marckuzz subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 30 months! WrestlerBot2000: @marckuzz After 30 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM squashlord: elaK xHydraaP: 2 hours into a 20 min game elaK hepha1: elaK Geralt_of_Syria: WR holder Pog infa_xd: how long does this go on ⛏ FeelsBadMan KaitoKidShadow: big save Helvean: @Elajjaz just remembered your epic fails on geography while playing Bully LULW Killerquent: We’re doomed if it’s the case LULW Klod1991: https://clips.twitch.tv/CaringMistyFungusPanicBasket Ansdr: Kapp Aquila001: You dont even know where Sweden is though LULW shadowlager: 👽 Sourcehunter: @speedycruise PepeLaugh thats sad TeenyTinyRedhead: PepeLaugh http://gph.is/2diGj5j AgentCSim: What’s that awful horror game called where the main character holds the gun weird and looks back at the screen, where ela got glitched into a prison cell and couldn’t get out? alicerino: PepeLaugh souldedeh: epic elaChug houndthree: wrong KaitoKidShadow: do the test AlcatraZ567: Kapp rofIcopter: elaK LickMyPretzel: elaK Azure_Felt: elaK kaiju_boi: elaK Wheels82: elaK Meximus322: elaK elaK Doully92: PepeLaugh WITO: !clockwise WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing Shrimpess: elaK Rodriwastaken: elaK k4iley: HERE WE GO AGAIN Life796: elaK TheH3llraiser: elaK MeccaMaster: elaK cheeze____: elaK starlight54: elaK Killerquent: elaK hepha1: DO IT RIGHT NOW elaK Meximus322: “fluke” elaK joncy: elaK WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: The Sarge is back at it again | Fallout New Vegas Highlights Part 3 – https://youtu.be/525h4rbYDuA SiiTHii: what does Fluke mean ? RyanLovesWeed: @TeenyTinyRedhead sodaL sodaL sodaL sodaL pepeL sviat93: KKona elaPlan this country is EU right? Virtym: Prove it now CoolStoryBob King_Insane: elaK can we have the highlight for that one posted? TheLadyCharlotte: PepeLaugh duumed: PepeLaugh Rodriwastaken: elaHmm paridisc0: SURE YOU DID LUL KaitoKidShadow: SANGUINE SAAAAAAANCTTTUUUUUUUMM MORFHI: KKona elaPlan this country is EU right? Mavez0r: amen ? TeenyTinyRedhead: @RyanLovesWeed Heeeeeey elaWOW elaH elaH elaH pepeL TheManCalledNova: ark=/=arc? Tryedz: NEVER RIGHT PepeLaugh Killerquent: PepeLaugh infa_xd: ahhh my eyees elaBlind TeenyTinyRedhead: @KaitoKidShadow elaGasm Larsn2k: We all know you cheated on that geography speedtest Kadrag: missed dark souls. Did you get a new pb Ela? alstitch: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: TeenyTinyRedhead elaGasm brownbabyhands: @SiiTHii like lucky. Wheels82: elaWut vorleser: More puzzles ResidentSleeper wandering_pleb: monkaS AlcatraZ567: monkaW bendtosquares: pepeJAMMER joncy: nice painting KaitoKidShadow: pepeJAM Killerquent: monkaW Rodriwastaken: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap LickMyPretzel: pepeJAMMER shadowlager: monkaW AlcatraZ567: pepeJAM Reddinator: pepeJAM ing Nimurina: pepeJAM infa_xd: pepeJAM Kosmic_Eagle: 🕐 Tryedz: clook speedycruise: can’t even do geography test in under 50 seconds PepeLaugh djinn_94: this camerawork is kinda nice Heksyll: !clockwise WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing Pixel_hearts: pepeJAMMER Bloodhit: Why are you playing puzzle game if you are so tired, you never going to solve anything HYUKCHIHA Play worms or something HYUKAGE TheManCalledNova: pepeJAM SiiTHii: brownbabyhands oh okay, thank you ! 🙂 bubblegumisblue: The enemy is the puzzles Plated_Pangolin: @elajjaz PS2 game? It looks like Capcom style MORFHI: ANOTHER ONE PepeLaugh Ansdr: elaWut Lukasbech: Clockwise mocaffe: @teenytinyredhead elaH Rodriwastaken: elaKek Faddei: black WrestlerBot2000: “30 seconds per dollar that’s 2 dollars per 30 seconds.” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 65 GluteusCortex: hello cute chat AYAYA hello cute streamer AYAYA BruiseVein: nada Lukasbech: PepeLaugh xHydraaP: Naught Y Golden04: PepeLaugh Doully92: 5Head TeenyTinyRedhead: @mocaffe Hiii elaH pepeL MORFHI: OMEGADOWN Geralt_of_Syria: 5Head oh right Tryedz: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: ???????? rofIcopter: ??????? Klod1991: The key is Gnot? j0mppa: monkaW Sourcehunter: This game is trying too hard LULW Kosmic_Eagle: @GluteusCortex AYAYA / vorleser: monkaS shadowlager: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: monkaSHAKE TheH3llraiser: monkaW Rodriwastaken: ???? TheManCalledNova: Naught y Key billyReady 1mpolar: PepeLaugh init20: figure that one out chat TeenyTinyRedhead: @GluteusCortex Helloo cutie elaH pepeL Faddei: not reading it ? Killerquent: elaHmm elaPlan cheeze____: monkaS I don’t have anything against this game but I can’t deal with the puzzles anymore Ansdr: ????? bubblegumisblue: @teenytinyredhead henlo elaH Reddinator: time to learn a new language PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: LULW Virtym: Keltic PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: LULW mildwonder: PepeLaugh Rodriwastaken: elaKek Simon_iO: PepeLaugh Skip ahead VOD friends Kosmic_Eagle: LULW y_u_dodiz: elaGun danDead Tryedz: can konami sue the creator of this? Kapp Pixel_hearts: WTF Annonn140: svedish monkaW TeenyTinyRedhead: @bubblegumisblue Heeeey elaH pepeL brownbabyhands: @SiiTHii elaOk 👍 bendtosquares: PepeLaugh go emote only and solve ela CalCD: Just have some pen and paper ready 4Head sournuts1: MATCHES Rodriwastaken: elaWut infa_xd: stooOOoooop aaaaAaaaaa PepeHands MORFHI: LULW Doully92: PepeLaugh Heksyll: OMEGADOWN shadowlager: WTF VashGarland: elaBruv scorp29_and_abyss: LULW KaitoKidShadow: haahahh Wheels82: LULW Brunault_: PepeLaugh rofIcopter: PepeLaugh Nimurina: PepeLaugh exzerothree: Light torches Faddei: not reading it ? PepeLaugh Swedish ? vorleser: LULW ellzabit: PepeLaugh Another puzzle Auramoth: PepeLaugh Annonn140: PepeLaugh xHydraaP: skip another 2 hours VODfriends AlcatraZ567: OMEGALUL andyxddddddd: LULW n0v4flux: BRUTEFORCE IT Killerquent: Don’t break the chains monkaW joncy: 5Head easy BruiseVein: yo is that locker from SH4? Azure_Felt: f that LULW SiiTHii: brownbabyhands elaH Golden04: PepeLaugh Geralt_of_Syria: 5Head Hold on a sec mildwonder: 5Head elementary dead Ela scorp29_and_abyss: naught i_wanna_be_adored: NAUGHT spike_the_space_cowboy: AH FUCK rofIcopter: next game PepeLaugh Rodriwastaken: PepeLaugh Pixel_hearts: roman thing Pepclone: PepeLaugh h4nfr3d: just bruteforce Reddinator: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO NO Tryedz: LULW AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh Hellu: PepeLaugh MORFHI: OMEGADOWN Fridgieee: PepeLaugh j0mppa: just bruteforce it PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: LULW . hoss87: try “naught” Doully92: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW Ansdr: oh no Sohei4649: Is there even horror in this game LULW ? TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh TeenyTinyRedhead: LULW 1mpolar: PepeLaugh this is a horror game LickMyPretzel: ooooooooh i see what to do spike_the_space_cowboy: LULW Stnaos: PepeLaugh kokosenpaai: LUL y_u_dodiz: gachiHYPER KaitoKidShadow: because youi picked ‘Normal’ LULW Rodriwastaken: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Annonn140: this game is just a puzzle fiesta LULW Sm3xy_Waffle: You asked for it LUL alstitch: LULW next game vorleser: Where is the horror ResidentSleeper Meednes: Every single puzzle is just text shit Tryedz: does this game even have enemies Hellu: The puzzles are the horror LULW xHydraaP: Angel of Seed gachiHYPER WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! LimmyLammyLlama: I solved it 5 seconds ago PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: @TeenyTinyRedhead You still here Pog Reddinator: forsenWC chaban500: Easy just find the alphabets for naught infa_xd: PepeLaugh 👉 alt + F4 Turokman5896: The puzzles are the horror LUL MORFHI: TRUE HORROR GAME PepeLaugh WillyTheWorm: the key is NAUGHT Bloodhit: Did you forget SH or something PepeLaugh Jesskeez: Solved Konki: forsenWC ellzabit: EZ Puzzle Monni98: Because puzzles are made too easy these days pvpSass vorleser: NEXT GAME LULW Kosmic_Eagle: wives 💿 Clap Ansdr: NotLikeThis atomicdestruction: FeelsLateMan cho_pin: the horror is that you have to read @elajjaz 🙂 Fiend325: they key is NAUGHT hoss87: try not “naught” at the lock elajjaz bendtosquares: PepeLaugh he still hasnt solved it TeenyTinyRedhead: @spike_the_space_cowboy Yeah have been lurking for a while nrdyLurk Killerquent: They tried way too hard for this riddles PepeLaugh Rodriwastaken: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap i_wanna_be_adored: @Elajjaz NAUGHT in Keltic NotLikeThis brownbabyhands: @Sohei4649 the horror is watching ela do puzzles elaKek LoliNoleen: this one is easy LickMyPretzel: Both tablets are the same text but in different languages? Saosin_n: i know what to do 🙂 NeonDeflector: wow there is some heavy stuff there Kadrag: just decipher it elaGa elaPlan daedra2k: @Elajjaz The only HORROR in this game is the amount of riddles ValeckSeimu: WutFace totgestreamed: lucifer it was latin Da_Flanker: LULW See you in an hour bubblegumisblue: Next game elaKek ellzabit: EZ EZ sviat93: @Elajjaz Just play Secret Neighbor elaB elaB Rodriwastaken: elaHmm elaPlan Reddinator: gachiHYPER GoAkke: anyways PepeHands Rammsnake: @Elajjaz wheres the cat GoAkke: a Tryedz: none of these puzzles are as hard as the piano puzzle in sh1 5Head Ansdr: OwO Killerquent: Nothing PepeLaugh houndthree: i know the answer already 🙂 VashGarland: naught is the key it said WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz LickMyPretzel: Decipher the left one by looking at the right tablet GoAkke: opps monkaS SirDoom: So how exactly is this a horror game? AlcatraZ567: LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: @TeenyTinyRedhead This game is too 5Head for me Pixel_hearts: monkaS infa_xd: PepeLaugh 👉 Secret Neighbour TheH3llraiser: the word was NAUGH tho ela DocDex1: the night mother Pog BruiseVein: thinking about her doorknob in this setting LULW GluteusCortex: using big boy words to seem intelligent and philosophical FeelsWeirdMan tentacles_have_feelings: elaBruv nob Halisstra00: LUL VideoGameLui: is it a good gejm? speedycruise: punk elaMad hoss87: NAUGHT mr.streamer try it vorleser: @BruiseVein LULW Kadrag: Are there any symbols on the floor or something? bendtosquares: FeelsPepoMan tumaelso: ela1 ela2 HAPPY WillyTheWorm: @Elajjaz the key is NAUGHT. look up the word NAUGHT on the one plaque, look up the corresponding runes on the other plaque, and then fill in those runes on the coffin tumaelso: ela3 ela4 BIRTHDAY infa_xd: OIYEL 3Head Wheels82: ????????? Geralt_of_Syria: 😂 🔥 💯 LIT Doully92: elaHYUK joncy: the key is naught, translate that into viking runes MeccaMaster: This game is like walls just filled with text mayushi10: 🔥 scorp29_and_abyss: does the text is the same than the other side Fiend325: @Elajjaz the text is the same on each thingy TeenyTinyRedhead: @spike_the_space_cowboy I would probably love this actually 5Head I love brain teasers Da_Flanker: elaHmm VashGarland: @Elajjaz identify which runiform word corresponds with the word naught in the other text, then input that mrbreadberry: forsenJoy lit andyxddddddd: @Elajjaz Go back to the room with a clock scorp29_and_abyss: you have to see where naught is ThewarriorONiel: str8Hypers elaKek FortHype trunksCS elaK elaK Rodriwastaken: elaHmm Faddei: turn of the light ! kaiju_boi: 3Head Oi! Yell Ansdr: @sirdoom the ambience I guess elaSmile LickMyPretzel: Decipher the left one by looking at the right tablet @Elajjaz DocDex1: Hail Sithis ClappyHype Faddei: turn of the light ! the answer is dark Life_fox1992: go back to the clock frvits: ela1 ela2 Virtym: I bet the devs wrote those while rubbing their nipples and repeating how smart they are kokosenpaai: elaBruv Geralt_of_Syria: 5Head you can Umetsu_rin: @sirdoom cryptic Tryedz: you=chat Kapp Ansdr: ela3 ela4 infa_xd: ela3 ela4 nevville: ela3 ela4 Pr1nny_d00d: the cryptic is the same poem as on the other side, the key is the word naught, so look for it on the other side and read the encrypted translation spike_the_space_cowboy: @TeenyTinyRedhead except this forces you to read i’m too lazy LULW infa_xd: Clap Zimziba: @Elajjaz How is this game so far? vorleser: He cant go back. The ladder broke. Pyr0m0nkey: It’s the same text on both walls bubblegumisblue: ela3 ela4 hoss87: naught naught naught mildwonder: The clock door VashGarland: @Elajjaz identify which runiform word corresponds with the word naught in the other text, then input that Faddei: read it when the light off ! y_u_dodiz: PepeHands Anyways ellzabit: @Elajjaz This is ez if you want to know just say it btw never played this before and i am not ussing google that is for pussies joncy: @Virtym its not even an intelligent puzzle lol TeenyTinyRedhead: @spike_the_space_cowboy Well yes, laziness would be a problem elaKek Tryedz: gnot nevville: @Ansdr @infa_xd well done mates scorp29_and_abyss: the two tablet say the same text, you have to jsut count where th e word naught is mocaffe: @virtym PepeLaugh Fiend325: @Elajjaz the text is the same on each tablet LickMyPretzel: Is he pretending now? LULW Pixel_hearts: anyways PepeHands BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz This puzzle is so easy compared to the last one. Already solved, no kidding.You can do it. just think about the writing on the wall Dreeem_: ez af Geralt_of_Syria: :O SirDoom: Oh yeah, this game is so cryptic it’s scary @Umetsu_rin Kappa kokosenpaai: ?? ellzabit: YES avariceeee: same text both walls Pepega leonchroi: Hey peeps, this looks a lot like silent hill FeelsGoodMan y_u_dodiz: 5Head Ooooooh Romanzes: 5Head Sourcehunter: Clap mrbreadberry: forsenWut Sm3xy_Waffle: eeyeeeeye BruiseVein: ohhh what if the answer is what chat has been saying? elaGa terranxva4d: yeyeyeeyeye Virtym: JonCarnage which was the point of the comment Killerquent: 5Head Doully92: Pog infa_xd: @nevville elaEZ Clap spike_the_space_cowboy: @TeenyTinyRedhead so you’re a 5Head ? Tryedz: 5Head n0v4flux: @Elajjaz just turned in what did I miss ? how far are you ? could you summarize the story so far? andyxddddddd: ? shruu: 5Head smort AlcatraZ567: 5Head ? xHydraaP: 17Head TheH3llraiser: 5Head Life796: 5Head Sohei4649: 5Head ? Rodriwastaken: elaK Snosachen: 5Head faithless_zealot: Pog TheGoldenCobra: 5Head AlexAnderman1994: 5Head Tiliger79: 5Head ToBe_Gaming: 5Head Lukasbech: 5Head Wheels82: 5Head 🍷 ah yes WillyTheWorm: 3Head Kosmic_Eagle: 5Head ? AvemStercore: 5Head tbchan: 5Head bendtosquares: 5Head Ansdr: @nevville wedid it Pog Shrimpess: 5Head zachc417: 5Head edenbelovv: Pog What Pog ? andyxddddddd: 3Head ? chaban500: LULW MitsuoK: PogChamp VashGarland: kek leonchroi: 5Head alicerino: PogU BarghestFenrir_: FINALLY Sm3xy_Waffle: CBT Fridgieee: 5Head DocDex1: 5Head dekkah: 5Head Ansdr: 5Head Pixel_hearts: ?????? nateston: 5Head 1080p200fps: 5Head y_u_dodiz: elaHYUK Vithartv: 5Head Pog Tryedz: monkaW Drrufus1: TheIlluminati Azure_Felt: cpmay they_occur_on_ten: over 8000 IQ LickMyPretzel: SHHWWWW Redactus: 5Head Doully92: LULW vorleser: POGGERS Rodriwastaken: elaGa The_Grey_Hobo: whooosh Annonn140: 5Head souldedeh: FeelsPepoMan lifd: 5Head Killerquent: Actually 5Head kokosenpaai: elaGa infa_xd: ??? xHydraaP: GWUSH Gusyaka: CBT KaitoKidShadow: Pog Llyfrgell: 5Head Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh ellzabit: YES YES joncy: FeelsPepoMan pashfh TeenyTinyRedhead: @spike_the_space_cowboy I don’t know elaHmm I predict most movie endings but I don’t know if that says much LULW syps_: 5Head SnuskOlof: 5Head Nadashjia: ???? AlcatraZ567: CPMAXY Pixel_hearts: Whosh mildwonder: 5Head 🍷 of course KaitoKidShadow: no Ansdr: cpmay? VashGarland: he key is CP Da_Flanker: No 😉 Sourcehunter: PedoBear CP? MeccaMaster: CP PedoBear Brunault_: LUL SiiTHii: xDD Sohei4649: Wtf LULW BarghestFenrir_: CPMAXY @elajjaz y_u_dodiz: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Doully92: LULW LULW infa_xd: ?????????? elaKek mibutwhole: ???? xHydraaP: CPMAYR Sm3xy_Waffle: CBT? WillyTheWorm: CPMXY Dreeem_: PogChamp PogChamp Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu 5Head TaBeRu LinkG07: screenshot it LickMyPretzel: FeelsBlyatMan da shadowlager: ????? d3sirio: They’re not LULW vorleser: CPMAXY syps_: cpma SVISH y Geixo: lsjkad lasñkdnla klrema Nichiro99: LULW souldedeh: swoosh elaGa Clap Reddinator: and get TOd LULW VashGarland: CHRIS HANSEN WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Vithartv: X MambukOo: russian LUL 1mpolar: cpmaxr TheManCalledNova: CJWEA they_occur_on_ten: yes commared Lukasbech: SVUSH Tryedz: ???? houndthree: wrong MORFHI: CPMASHUISH WHY fanHEIBAI: CPMASPISHY Furious_Cookie: CPMAwushY xTaskForce99: CPMA SWISH Y Life796: ???? GoAkke: cpmay DrSIurp: CPMAXY benyb96: 5Head ???? Rodriwastaken: ????? edenbelovv: CPMASWushswai ellzabit: CP#AXR shruu: CPMYSWOOSHY Da_Flanker: Swish swish j0mppa: CPAM SMYSH Y Ziazis: CPMAXY eliastheepicgamer: just type celtic LUL Fridgieee: SWOSH leonchroi: spmuush Rodriwastaken: elaGa infa_xd: C P M A SHWEESH WHY Streamleen: CPMASWISHY LegionNya: svsh ISinistarI: ??? The_Grey_Hobo: CPMA WOOOSH Y MC_McD: CPMA SHWISH Y TheGoldenCobra: CPMA SHWSH Y Cloudyto: elaHYUG TheManCalledNova: LIDL CaoCaoMengde: CPMA swish Y GreenMicerunning: sploosh? weeaboochan: CPMA(SWUSH)Y KaitoKidShadow: CPMMSWISHY Meximus322: elaGa mezteleni: pepeD Dota_Joker: CPMASwishY Llyfrgell: CPMASZCWSY syps_: cpma SVISH y cpma SVISH y cpma SVISH y cpma SVISH y Azure_Felt: cpma swissY dekkah: ???? SnuskOlof: ???? mibutwhole: cpmaswishvive Pixel_hearts: CPMA SHWOSH Y SvalaS: blyat h4nfr3d: PepeLaugh syps_: cpma SVISH y spike_the_space_cowboy: @TeenyTinyRedhead Yup Pretty 5Head they_occur_on_ten: cpyoshi EuphoricLemon: CPMASwishSweigh shikifujin16: CPMA HELIX Y Killerquent: CPMSHFR mildwonder: CPMA SWISH Y Annonn140: sure let my type it it russian 🙂 Ansdr: CPMASVSHY DrSIurp: CPMAXY CPMAXY CPMAXY CPMAXY CPMAXY CPMAXY CPMAXY CPMAXY CPMAXY y_u_dodiz: elaHYUK elaHYUK elaHYUK elaHYUK elaHYUK syps_: cpma SVISH y cpma SVISH y Annonn140: ; angelpunch: cpma shwoosh y skybeaverking: C P M A SHWEESH WHY culsphere: asld;fjas;dfkljas;djf mo1stcookie: FeelsPepoMan Rodriwastaken: ?????? elaGa HEIL_MODS_: cpmaschwussy culsphere: weoifjasd;flj Kosmic_Eagle: elaGa lapoutinemogette: schooh wevie1: M Golden04: FeelsPepoMan culsphere: asdbv;lkwe Da_Flanker: LULW Reddinator: elaISee syps_: cpma SVISH y MitsuoK: Don’t break the chains xO Zaraji: ???? spike_the_space_cowboy: @TeenyTinyRedhead do you like Blade Runner ? andyxddddddd: NO C LULW 1080p200fps: c p m a schwsh why Tryedz: LULW fanHEIBAI: CPMASPISHY this J0hnnyBlade: elaC ? kaiju_boi: yes Jebaited TheManCalledNova: Si Azure_Felt: 4Shrug MORFHI: NO LULW atomicdestruction: LULW mayushi10: 👀 see sviat93: elaISee y_u_dodiz: Jebaited No they_occur_on_ten: kinda Turokman5896: CPMA SWISH Y Redactus: cpm swish swash leonchroi: no Doully92: PepeLaugh TeenyTinyRedhead: @spike_the_space_cowboy Chag well then, cheers 5Head 🍷 DekkerDave: 4Shrug capitanodorito: yes i see elaBlind culsphere: CPMsvishY ThewarriorONiel: trunksS trunksS trunksS Kosmic_Eagle: c c c c c elaGa infa_xd: CPM SWISH Y Rodriwastaken: elaBlind Wheels82: ELA PLS LULW ellzabit: NO Vithartv: no joncy: no LickMyPretzel: pee nevville: no it’s a shwish 🙂 shikifujin16: CPMA HELIX Y elaOk joncy: its not Pakekko: rooBlind Geralt_of_Syria: PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: 4Shrug y_u_dodiz: @Eugene_Lychany LULW Streamleen: M DrSIurp: NOT C Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh horrorfromdeep: LULW Golden04: PepeLaugh mibutwhole: nein TheManCalledNova: 4shrug Tryedz: BLIND Killerquent: The letter clearly said to NOT break the chains PepeLaugh so I have a bad feeling about this AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh Rodriwastaken: elaGa houndthree: there are two kinds of c*s bendtosquares: FeelsPepoMan Clap spike_the_space_cowboy: @TeenyTinyRedhead Blade Runner is pretty 5Head TeenyTinyRedhead: @spike_the_space_cowboy Only saw the old one long time ago, yet have to see the new one joncy: its the other C shikifujin16: elaHYUK elaHYUK elaHYUK vorleser: CPMAXY MambukOo: @Eugene_Lychany 5Head MORFHI: BLIND PepeLaugh Ansdr: elaHmm TheManCalledNova: 4Shrug Haratha: Haratha subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 9 months! WrestlerBot2000: @haratha If I had to rate you out of 10 I’d rate you a 9… because I am the one that you are missing elaDM Rodriwastaken: elaBlind KaitoKidShadow: i understand it spike_the_space_cowboy: @TeenyTinyRedhead its as good Pog Virtym: CAPSWISHMY infa_xd: 5Head elaPlan Cloudyto: 5Head Sohei4649: 5Head elaPlan Da_Flanker: elaK Jamule: 5Head Sm3xy_Waffle: 5Head its big brain time WillyTheWorm: make a fucking note ffs LUL TeenyTinyRedhead: @spike_the_space_cowboy Noice 5Head I’ll watch it then TheManCalledNova: 5Head TheGoldenCobra: 5Head elaPlan Ansdr: ppHop ellzabit: CP#AXR xHydraaP: 15 minutes for a 15 second puzzle 5Head sviat93: 5Head elaPlan ImBadS: @Elajjaz you have the notes on yourself… Chartalord: not the same c EuphoricLemon: 2 types of C. One is a C and one is two arrows joncy: yes it does LickMyPretzel: Not the same C bendtosquares: it does exist you didnt find it Vithartv: yes it does Rodriwastaken: elaHmm Ankaraws: Unless ? Tryedz: 5Head Bloodhit: Take screenshot and use paint to circle pepeL TheManCalledNova: Si !? init20: looks more like a left bracket KaitoKidShadow: different C BruiseVein: not the same C LickMyPretzel: IT’S THE WRONG C infa_xd: PepeLaugh Xiithrian: see pee em eh? svysh vai 5Head Bloodhit: PepeLaugh starfoex: swish Y spike_the_space_cowboy: @TeenyTinyRedhead you’re a woman after my own heart ❤️ DrSIurp: FailFish Vithartv: look near the middle the c is there mibutwhole: here joncy: the C is there vorleser: Its bottom to up Tryedz: theres a clean C ela jesus christ mibutwhole: theres another c VashGarland: doesn’t exist NotLikeThis EuphoricLemon: @Elajjaz That C BruiseVein: there are literally 5 correct C’s on screen TeenyTinyRedhead: @spike_the_space_cowboy Aww thanks elaCozy pepeL joncy: FeelsPepoMan TheMoltenGuy: LULW bendtosquares: ???? Golden04: LULW Sohei4649: PepeLaugh VashGarland: 3Head Virtym: FeelsPepoMan it does exist Clap Cloudyto: 5Head Killerquent: PepeLaugh montythirdleg: Ne1 4abj TheManCalledNova: gachiHYPER vorleser: bottom up! ^ eliastheepicgamer: surprise PepeLaugh infa_xd: PepeLaugh he doesnt konw MORFHI: OMEGADOWN xHydraaP: 20 minutes for a 15 second puzzle 5Head Rodriwastaken: elaHmm elaPlan 1080p200fps: LUL MambukOo: Pog LickMyPretzel: elaGa Tryedz: PepeLaugh Vithartv: NEXT ONE joncy: elaGa MORFHI: CREATING PROBLEM LULW Ansdr: elaBlind Clap Haratha: LULW Azure_Felt: a DrSIurp: CPMAXY CPMAXY CPMAXY CPMAXY CPMAXY CPMAXY CPMAXY EuphoricLemon: A TheGoldenCobra: CPMA SHWSH Y Sm3xy_Waffle: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: swish spike_the_space_cowboy: @TeenyTinyRedhead pepeL lapoutinemogette: A ellzabit: A houndthree: h xTaskForce99: A scorp29_and_abyss: CPMA>o>Azure_Felt: this music LULW atomicdestruction: EljanPls hepha1: pepeJAMMER ElaPls bendtosquares: that animation LULW Cloudyto: ElaPls Rodriwastaken: pepeJAMMER Pixel_hearts: ElaJAM Gnash97: pepeJAM nevville: elaS elaS elaS elaS elaS elaS elaS Ansdr: elaKek scorp29_and_abyss: RaregachiGASM oopmah: cheese it! kaiju_boi: AlienPls pepeJAMMER AlienPls pepeJAMMER AlienPls pepeJAMMER AlienPls pepeJAMMER AlienPls pepeJAMMER AlienPls pepeJAMMER KaitoKidShadow: pepeD ccslne: pepeD nirronova: SourPls vorleser: ResidentSleeper NeonDeflector:o>terranxva4d: THE JUKES TeenyTinyRedhead: RareEla Ansdr: PepoDance NeonDeflector:

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